10 Best Project Management Software For Startups

Guest Author
June 25, 2021

In the present day, the idea of startups is booming globally. But, with the freedom of having your own business comes the responsibility of task management. 

Startups are dynamic. Right from planning to execution, a small team is responsible for everything. In the initial days, it is important for startups to utilize every penny and resource carefully. 

But, how can you do this? The answer is simple. By deploying the best project management software. They allow you to seamlessly manage the different aspects of your organization and maintain transparency

How can I opt for the best project management software? What should you consider? Which are the top ones? Let us answer these for you. 

What to look for while selecting a project management software? 

There is no defined checklist when you opt for project management software. Rather, there are some features that will help you determine the right option. Here are some of the features you can look for:

  1. User interface (UI): How easily can you navigate through the software? Is it easy to use? Is the interface simple yet modern? Does it fulfil the company’s expectations? Know your answer to these questions before choosing the software.
  2. Usability: The software should provide good customer and tech support. Following this, it should a simplified way of learning. Make sure that the software is easily comprehensible by the users.
  3. Integrations: Check whether you can integrate the project management software with other tools. For example, Google Drive, GSuite, Dropbox, etc. If it does not provide you with the option of file sharing, the process can be a little difficult. Look for your requirements and choose accordingly.

Return on investment: Many software comes with the option of a free trial. Before you make any decision, try different software. See which one works best. Next, check the price. Is it affordable and does it provide value for money? If not, chuck it.

Best project management software for startups

Once you know the features you should look for, it becomes easier to choose the right option. Here is a list of the software which won’t cost much, but will surely make your life easier. 

1. PeppyBiz


PeppyBiz provides you with complete team management in one arena. Whether it a single project or multiple, you can manage everything under one roof. We allow you to take complete control over the projects with team collaborations. 

The various features that we offer include:

  • Plan your thoughts into real-time strategies
  • Engage with your team in healthy discussions
  • Prioritize tasks with a deadline
  • Divide your projects into workflow stages through the Kanban board
  • Time-specific Gantt charts
  • Multiple calendar views
  • Integration of files and documents
  • Assigning customer roles and accessibility
  • Quick chats and interactions
  • Fasten up reviews
  • Create a timesheet to track time spent on projects
  • Go multilingual with the interface
  • Project report and analysis
  • Qualitative project information

Along with this, there are several other features you can explore. Based on your startup needs, you can equip the suitable ones. 

2. Proofhub


This one is quite reliable software for all your startup requirements. Its pricing is a little high but surely worth the money. Along with basic task management, it provides add-ons including email project management, multilingual interface and even remote collaboration. 

The other key features are:

  • Flexible kanban boards which define the workflow
  • Time tracker which helps in digitally logging the hours of work
  • Assign the custom roles to team members
  • Get an analytical summary of tasks through an infographic board
  • Switch and move tasks in various stages
  • Change language interface
  • Provides capabilities of resource management

You can avail of its free trial to understand the software better.

3. Trello


It is hands down one of the best project management software. It is actually synonymous with task management. Whether it be simple projects or complex ones, the Trello boards help you organize everything seamlessly. It provides an interactive drag and drops capability. This one is surely in the limelight for small businesses as well as startups. 

The features it offers include:

  • Flexible kanban boards
  • Email to board feature
  • Create checklists through cards
  • Add comments on the board for team collaboration
  • Assign tasks with deadlines to the team

The best part about this one is it is free of cost. It provides unlimited users and boards in their free plan. However, for additional integrations, you can opt for the business plan. 

4. Asana


Asana is another popular name on this list. You can quickly create the tasks for your team. Further, it allows you to take follow-ups through different devices. It provides ease of collaboration to the team members, and even share information. 

The key features are:

  • Assigning tasks to the team
  • Project planning
  • Add updates automatically to the inbox
  • Create custom calendars
  • Email bridge
  • Provision of focus mode
  • Tracks tasks
  • Notifications and reminders
  • Parallel team management for multiple projects
  • Get real-time updates on projects
  • Set goals and project permissions

They provide you with free, premium and enterprise plans. 

5. Zoho Projects

Zoho Projects

This software helps you maximize your efficiency. The core functionality is to get things done. It provides the users with a rich toolset and collaboration channels. This allows the team to stay in the loop. Alongside, it has extensive built-in reporting capabilities. 

The key features include:

  • Task management
  • Visualize workflow through Kanban boards
  • Project scheduling
  • Client invoice management
  • Milestone tracking

They offer 4 plans to their users. These are free, express, premium and enterprise. 

6. Teamwork


This software provides an impressive option of features for project management. It strengthens the various aspects of your work. 

The main features offered are:

  • Multiple task creation
  • Tracking time activity individually with digital timer
  • Logging in the billable and non-billable hours
  • Import tasks from an excel sheet
  • Team communication using chat features and comments
  • Managing notifications for the team
  • Linking milestones to project boards
  • Setting priority status and labels for each task
  • Adding work progress regularly

They offer both free and pro plan to users. The free plan provides 100 MB storage for 5 users. While the pro plan provides $9/month, with 100 GB file storage. You can opt for the one based on your requirement.

7. ActiveCollab


As their tagline suggests, they make the real work happen. With smooth and flexible usage, you can organize all the tasks in one place. Right from time tracking to finance management, you can overview all aspects of your project. This is a cloud-based software that works across multiple browsers. 

The key features are:

  • Organize the tasks on a single board
  • Make a team for all tasks and even attach files
  • Sync your calendar
  • Generate reports for open tasks
  • Organize project schedules
  • Tracking the total hours of team members
  • Assembling the tasks in Gantt chart view or column-view
  • Project tracker

The pricing of this software is $25/month, allowing 5 users at once. 

8. Wrike


With a multitude of options, it works well with all industries. From basic to enterprise-level, it offers one-in-all solutions. Without much effort, this software allows you to stay updated with the project. You can easily work and collaborate with just a few clicks. 

The features offered are:

  • Comprehensive task management
  • Set the recurrent tasks
  • Task organization
  • Member engagement
  • Interactive timeline
  • Workload management
  • Email integration
  • Real-time newsfeed updates
  • Management of meetings
  • Availability of Android and iPhone apps
  • Project timeline tracking

You can choose from multiple programs including free, professional, business, marketers and others.

9. Jira


This software comes with ample features for the implementation of an agile workflow. In the beginning, you can choose from a scrum or kanban board. 

The key features include:

  • Customizable scrum boards
  • Workflow visualization with Kanban board
  • Project dashboard to measure the KPI
  • Workflow mapping 
  • Powerful bug tracker
  • Functionality for multiple projects
  • Integration with other tools like Harvest, Microsoft Teams, etc. 

You can avail a free trial of 7 days for Jira. Following this, you can avail of paid plans starting just from $10/month. 

10. Nifty

With the diverse features, it has to offer, it is becoming the most opted for software. It allows both project management and team communication. The aspect that makes it stand out is its affordable pricing. For startups looking out to start small and effectively, this one is a winner. 

The key features they provide include:

  • Kanban board splits the task into three parts, new tasks, in progress and completed. 
  • Visual overview of tasks and milestones
  • Separate file storage 
  • Manage notifications for team members
  • Task filtering
  • Organization of project schedules

The basic pricing of this software is just $8/month. It allows the users to manage unlimited projects with 5GB storage. 


To summarize, if you have been looking for the best project management software, this list sums it all. You can choose the suitable one based on your startup requirements. After all, project management software is a necessity for startups. It not just helps with the organization but also allows real-time tracking. This further allows remote working for the startups. 

Sara is a content writer at PeppyBiz, a platform that enables you to do project planning, scheduling, resource allocation, and change management through project management software.