13 Best Places to Buy WordPress Themes in 2021

December 19, 2020

WordPress is an effective and accessible tool for website development. Regardless of the category of the site you’re forging, the process is simplified by handy plugins that are effortless to implement and modify. There are tens of thousands of templates fit for download on various websites right now.

If you require a good quality theme, it is a better solution to pay up and buy WordPress templates. If you make the appropriate decision, such an investment is worthwhile, but there are dozens of marketplaces on which you can buy WordPress themes. Some specialize in certain website types (like online stores), others offer an expanded assortment of choices for various websites.

Before you spend money on the item, you should preferably be aware of the best distribution platforms in the field. So, let’s take a look at the list of trustworthy places you can purchase WordPress themes and gain the highest value for your money.

15 Best WordPress Theme Marketplaces


ThemeForest WordPress themes

If you Google “Where to buy WordPress themes?”, ThemeForest will probably be the first search result. It ranks first among the prominent WordPress theme sites, with close to 50,000 templates. You will certainly discover something that suits your budget as well — the prices range from tens to hundreds of dollars.

The items on this WordPress theme market are the work of the community. Namely, the community of active WordPress web designers, and the same community is rating and sorting said frameworks. This results in the fact that no matter what the specifics of your project are — there probably is a theme appropriate for it.

On the other hand, it is not the best site for WordPress themes due to relatively low requirements. Practically any theme will be accepted and sold here, even if its quality is subpar. Another problem is the lack of constant support. Some great templates are abandoned by their creators and are not updated to the current WordPress versions.

2. MOJO Marketplace

MOJO Marketplace WordPress themes

MOJO Marketplace is another one of the WordPress themes sites. It offers thousands of templates made by various creators. However, unlike with ThemeForest, MOJO delivers a much more leveled experience in terms of quality. The difference between prices is also smaller, with a median theme value at around $60.

MOJO Marketplace provides not only a huge set of templates. They also implement an array of other professional services, helpful for website development. There is even live support and education on WordPress by trained professionals.

However, as it is with ThemeForest, some items from the huge MOJO Marketplace library are abandoned. Others are lacking in terms of support, or can’t even be tested in a demo mode. In some aspects, they focus too much on the additional services rather than on improving the marketplace itself.

3. Elegant Themes

Elegant Themes WordPress themes

The third on the list of the best WordPress theme sites is Elegant Themes. This marketplace is well-known for its Divi Builder, and all-encompassing Divi theme. They provide an opportunity to assemble customizable structures with an intuitive, yet complex editor.

With the help of the Divi Builder, the Elegant Themes community offers hundreds of affordable and impressive templates. What’s great about it is that the basis behind the templates is the same, which allows better technical support from the Elegant team.

Their pricing system is different from the previously mentioned platforms. $89 will buy you a year-long access to their products, and $249 will bring you a lifetime license. Their products work well with most other plugins, so if you want to bring in something new — you can rest assured that your website will work fine no matter what.

4. StudioPress

StudioPress WordPress themes

StudioPress is a one more example of a WordPress themes market with a single foundation — namely Genesis. Genesis is a potent system. It assists creators to build webpages of any category — from an article to a complex marketplace.

With Genesis Pro, you can put together a site from square one, build it from prepared blocks, or find a whole template that suits all your desires. The framework is often praised not only for its flexibility but also for being well-optimized and secure.

At this marketplace, WordPress theme can be bought as an isolated object for a certain price. On the other hand, you’re able to pay for a membership, which provides you with access to all of them for around $500. Overall, the more websites you wish to create, the better this deal seems to be.

5. TemplateMonster

TemplateMonster WordPress themes

If your goal is to find where to get WordPress themes made solely by experts, TemplateMonster is the place for you. They showcase around 2,400 templates with a high standard of quality, continuous support, and made for various site types.

If you’re having trouble finding the right theme, there is a comprehensive filtering system that will assist you with theme sorting. They also offer extra features, such as a full-on website creation with a theme of your choice. You can also pay extra for a limited license so that no one else would be able to use a certain template after you.

The downside of such a professional approach to the marketplace setup is the higher price for each separate theme. Fortunately, you can use their Live Demo feature to check the theme out and make sure that it is worth the investment.

6. Theme Palace

Theme Palace WordPress themes

Theme Palace is a smaller scale marketplace with around 100 premium structures presented on it. However, it definitely deserves its place here with some of the best WordPress marketplace themes and templates of other varieties.

The templates on Theme Palace are business-oriented and made mostly in a slick minimalistic style. The frameworks for various enterprises are divided into categories to make it easier to find the right option for you.

The platform provides quality support for customers. This means direct customer support and organized community forum. Here buyers can discuss the advantages and disadvantages of certain templates. Plus, they can help each other with installing and managing them.

7. CSSIgniter

CSSIgniter WordPress theme

CSSIgniter is a platform where people were able to buy a marketplace WP theme since 2010. It does not offer a gigantic set of templates, but the platform gets a new premium theme each month.

The marketplace prides itself on providing structures that are:

  • mobile-friendly;
  • constantly updated;
  • easy-to-set up.

They supply detailed documentation and active customer support to every buyer. And if they are still not satisfied with the product — there is a 30-day money-back guarantee.

The items are adaptable and easily accessible by beginners. but they also work great with various page builders, editors, and plugins. Furthermore, if you’re new to WordPress — there is a handy set of tutorial articles on how to work with it.

8. Themify

Themify WordPress themes

Themify is another marketplace that focuses more on the quality of their templates rather than on their quantity. Over 40 of Themify templates on the website are made to be responsive and multiplatform. Every part of them is easily customizable with a drag-and-drop builder.

All of this can be accessed through the Master Club for $89. This includes even multiple helpful plugins that extend the functionality of the website. Furthermore, there is a money-back guarantee if you’re unsatisfied with the product.

9. ThemeIsle

ThemeIsle WordPress themes

This pirate-themed marketplace will shiver your timbers with quality templates. As is the case with Themify, these templates can be tweaked however you like with the drag-and-drop editor, flexible in terms of platforms they work on. Also, ThemeIsle provides quality support by a team of professionals. They will help you to install your theme and answer all your questions about it.

What’s also great is the frameworks’ affordability. You can get year-long access to all the premium themes for only $60. And some of the items are already available for free, so you don’t need to steal them like an internet pirate.

10. HappyThemes

HappyThemes WordPress themes

HappyThemes marketplace showcases beautiful items. They indeed look as beautiful as happy little trees from a Bob Ross painting. Such little masterpieces work great for blogs, but they can be used for any other purpose as well.

The inclusion of great widgets makes the framework more interactive and attractive to the visitor. Although developed for a big screen, HappyThemes templates work great on small ones as well. The pricing also depends on your needs — you can either pay $39 for one item or $99 for unlimited access to every item for a year.

11. iThemes

iThemes WordPress themes
iThemes WordPress themes

iThemes provides a huge set of free tools and the ones you need to pay for for webpage design. Also, its creation, protection, and management. They possess their own template builder with detailed customization and premade WordPress themes.

Over the years, iThemes have changed, and now they put a lot less emphasis on the items themselves. However, they’ve managed to perfect their builder, so much so that it is often used in training. So, if you’re looking for a wide support network with your frameworks — this marketplace is the right choice for you.

12. EngineThemes

EngineThemes WordPress themes

Templates from EngineThemes are developed in a similar slick modern semi-minimalistic style. They suit great for any business, from a real estate company to a restaurant. What’s more, the marketplace guarantees ease of installation. In addition, they provide great mobile compatibility, and multilingual website support.

Because the templates are well-produced, constantly improved, their price is rather high. For the ability to design an unlimited number of websites using the templates, you would need to pay at least $199 per year.

13. Thrive Themes

Thrive Themes WordPress themes

Thrive Themes presents itself as a conversion-focused marketplace. So, the templates they provide work the best with businesses where conversion matters the most — for example, online stores.

Thrive Themes combines low prices with effective marketing strategies to put their items on top. For exclusive members, they also offer access to additional tools. They assist in tuning the theme, boost user engagement, and better monitor user and page statistics.


At the end of the day, you should pick the appropriate marketplace based on what you want from the final project. Various platforms have various features, so before you look for the right platform, you should determine what is the result you’re looking for.

While the list above doesn’t begin to cover all the sites you could purchase a quality template at, it is a pretty good starting point in your search. So, make your project unforgettable, unique, and successful. Pick the right WordPress theme marketplace just for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What you should know before selecting the WordPress theme?

    The minimum info you should know is:

    The website topic;
    The website objective;
    Basic marketing plan.

  2. How to pick the applicable WordPress theme?

    Before stopping on a certain option, you need to double check that it has certain parameters, like:

    Operating systems and web browsers compatibility;
    Simple to start using and change;
    SEO friendliness.

  3. Which WordPress plugins are helpful?

    The examples of great WordPress plugins to employ in a project are:
    PushEngage, etc.

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