5 Best WordPress Themes for Artists

March 13, 2021

Reasons Why WordPress Is For Artists

WordPress is a very popular website building platform. It is favored by technophobes and designers, people who need to showcase their personal brand, business, or create a blogging platform. People in creative professions rarely want to understand the code, but it is necessary to have a digital portfolio. With WordPress, you can easily create such a portfolio without much IT knowledge. Another reason WordPress is so popular is to save on budget as there is no need to pay a designer separately. All you need to purchase is a WordPress theme, which will be discussed in more detail below, hosting and domain name.

The most basic thing to take care of is the best WordPress templates, each of which uses a perfect and clean layout, which is definitely artist-friendly and visually appealing. What else is worth noting is the simplicity in functionality, ease of interaction and clarity, ease of installation. The templates have a built-in blog that you can add or delete. 

Artists and designers know that the visual is very important. Undoubtedly, the works themselves, which creative people present as portfolios on their site, attract a lot of attention, but the design of the web page itself should show them in a favorable light. Without thinking about website design, many works can go unnoticed and visitors can quickly leave the site. It is important to realize that the site theme should have harmony between settings and functionality, making it possible to create the most beautiful design for your site, perfectly highlighting the creative portfolio.

1. Wright Minimal Portfolio Theme

Wright theme

The Wright template was created specifically for people of creative professions, such as, for example, photographers, who need to be able to present their work as a portfolio on different devices and have an additive layout at the same time. The Wright theme is great for this task. It has built-in navigation, the ability to control the color scheme and typography to tailor the theme to your personal style, and a thumbnail gallery in a lightbox. This minimalistic theme by Wright is a great choice for those looking to present their work and products in a quality manner. Wright is characterized by free space for all objects, white background, so it seems that the images are just floating in the air. With the right typography, you can give a web page a unique character and make it stand out from others. Minimalism does not mean limited creativity. On the contrary, a wide range of settings and functions of this theme provides simply endless possibilities.

Here are some of its features:

  • WordPress 5/Gutenberg Block Editor ready
  • Google® Fonts Integration
  • 100% Mobile Responsive
  • Personal One-to-One Email Support
  • Crossfade Galleries
  • Vimeo® Support
  • Inline Navigation
  • Cascade Sub-Menu

2. Art Gallery WordPress Theme

Art Gallery WordPress Theme example

The Art Gallery theme is specially designed for artists. With its unique functionality, this theme is great for websites dedicated to various exhibitions, galleries, museum exhibitions. The Art Gallery theme is great for a wide variety of artwork, from photography to sculpture to fine arts. Using this theme, they create attractive websites with many stylish elements: carousels, slidebars. Everything can be traced lightness, since there are spacious headers and footers between the objects. Since the theme is mainly focused on art galleries that involve physical exhibitions, the developers have provided the ability to add an event schedule, timeline, collection grid, etc.

Here some of its features:

  • 30+ clean, modern, multi-purpose Premade templates
  • Custom Social Network – social network link on header and footer(with hide/show options)
  • Page loader option
  • SEO Optimized – compatible with SEO by Yoast
  • Custom Social Media link and Share buttons
  • 3 kinds of menu mouseover effect
  • Adaptive images: detects screen size to deliver another image size 

3. Workality Plus Theme

Workality Plus Theme

Workality Plus Theme is a combination of great design, a huge selection of fonts, with which you can highlight the most important thing on your site – your portfolio and unique works. This theme has the ability to make multiple snippets on the home page slider. This way you can fully show the scale of your work and your creativity. The Workality Plus WordPress theme is different in that using the WordPress Visual Composer Page Builder plugin, you can easily create websites quickly. The intuitive drag-and-drop editor plays a huge role in this. It is very easy to work with it even for the most active IT users. Everything is designed to make it easy for you to post your art online.

One of the useful features is Custom Post Types. It allows you to create different types of messages: news, publications, articles, etc. Portfolio posts have as many as 10 different types. That is, the choice is huge, which even in creating a website gives you creative freedom.

When you create layouts, you can manage them with the Layout Manager, which helps you manage your layouts through the Grid Layout Manager. Each layout has several modification options. It is also important to note that the theme is fully compatible with WordPress 5.0 / Gutenberg, with a new editor. Continuous updates do not break compatibility.

This theme has a special feature that allows you to reorder your portfolio posting to create the design you want and highlight specific works. You can sort your work by date, in random order, and by title. The theme has a built-in slider that can be placed on the page or in messages using the sliders menager. There is also a built-in lightbox, which is a great and very useful plugin. It can be used for photo editing and scaling.

4. Simfo Minimal Responsive Theme

Simfo Minimal Responsive Theme Responsive Layout

Simfo is a theme that brings together all the features for creative people and their ideal website. This theme has a white background, high quality typography and concise images. This means that the focus will be on the portfolio. This theme has been described as minimalistic and responsive. The design pays a lot of attention to the details due to the balance between the white minimalistic photo and unique typography. The creators paid great attention to how the theme looks on different devices. Thus, it is very functional, as it works at any screen resolution, with any browser. The theme has a very useful feature – it is navigation through messages, they can be sorted. Simfo is a theme that is used not only for showcasing portfolios, but also for blogs.

One of the features of this theme is responsive layout. Using this function, you can see how the page will look on different devices and make the necessary settings. There is also a great ability to sort posts, which has a separate navigation. This is how the user can create categories and sort posts by category. Also, a lightbox link is available to display an enlarged image or video. In the footer, you can customize a short summary menu or text.

5. Photocrati Artist Showcase Theme

Photocrati Artist Showcase Theme example

Photocrati is a theme suitable for both artists and photographers to create stunning websites. This theme has over 60 different design options to choose from. Limitless possibilities are about Photocrati, as users have access to built-in galleries, the ability to blog, as well as limitless settings. The theme itself includes high quality web templates for artists and photographers. Feature of Photocrati are layouts that are designed for websites related specifically to photography and visual arts. The 60 starter designs have built-in galleries and a flexible user interface. Themes are responsive, which means Photocrati provides a responsive user interface and the theme will look great on different devices and different screen sizes. For example, if the site is open on a mobile phone, then the theme is automatically adjusted and displayed in the resolution for mobile phones. This is very important because a non-customized and non-responsive layout can appear too small or too large. And then, the site becomes inconvenient for the user and if there is a commercial basis in it, the user will be repelled by it. Photocrati has opportunities to work with more than just photography. For example, setting up and building an SEO optimized website is a very useful feature. It is very important that there is a right-click protection function, which ensures that your work is not replayed without your knowledge. Photocrati theme has several different galleries: blog style, e-commerce gallery, thumbnail gallery, slideshow, etc.

The types of galleries offered by Photocrati include: thumbnail galleries, slideshow galleries, filmstrip galleries, blog-style galleries, and e-commerce galleries. E-commerce galleries can be used to sell photographs as it is possible to integrate services such as Paypal. This feature allows artists and photographers to sell their art online. To see if this theme is right for you, you can watch a demo on the Photocrati site, where you can test various features.


Summing up, it can be noted that for people of creative professions to have a beautiful and attractive website is very important. Essentially, a website is a site for posting creative work. How accents are placed, how the design is thought out, what typography is used, the impression of the user and his involvement depend. Photographers and artists will create websites not only to announce an exhibition but also for commercial purposes. Also, often creative people need an online portfolio. The role of a well-chosen theme is very important here, since the work should be displayed in such a way that the site visitor is impressed, attracted and sees only the positive aspects. Another important point is that it is very easy to create web pages with WordPress. That is, creative people will not need a whole staff of IT specialists to create their site. This can be done in just a few minutes, because the interface is very user-friendly. But this at the same time does not mean limited choice. Many artist themes offer 60+ initial designs that you can modify and create your own unique. So even in the creation of a website there is a moment of creativity, and this is another opportunity for self-expression.

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