David Patterson

David Patterson developed an interest in technology, software, and programming while he was very young. Witnessing the dawn of the internet, computers, and smartphones created a unique fascination for the industry and tech. Today, he-s accomplished his dream of becoming a programmer. He now wishes to help others access the knowledge and tools they need to do the same. That’s the foundation for the Ordb.org magazine.

January 13, 2021
A Clear and Simple Explanation of Open Relay

The Definition An open relay is an SMTP mail server. It allows you to receive and transmit mail from an unlimited number of people….

December 23, 2020
Top 15 WordPress Travel Blog Themes For Your Website in 2020

15 Best WordPress Travel Blog Themes in 2020 As traveling safely during the pandemic has become a challenging task, the rise in popularity of…

December 20, 2020
9 Best Laravel Admin Templates

What is Laravel Laravel is a solution for fast and competent creation of web projects, which allows you to be at the cutting edge…

December 20, 2020
Best Delivery Management Software 2021

Delivery management software is a program that is widely used in various industries to be able to track dispatch and delivery to buyers. In…

December 20, 2020
8 Best Bootstrap Admin Template 2021

A few words about Bootstrap Bootstrap is a framework used by developers for coding sites and applications in JS, HTML and CSS. The framework…

December 20, 2020
Eduardo Saverin Net Worth: Success Of Investment Intelligence

Eduardo Saverin is an Internet entrepreneur, one of the shadowy co-founders of Facebook. Today, with a fortune of $10 billion, he is one of…

December 20, 2020
Larry Ellison Net Worth: Success In The Shortest Possible Time Is Real

We have provided general Forbes statistics as of 12/4/20 and Wikipedia so that you can verify the reliability of our data. Let’s start in…

December 20, 2020
Top Best Programmers In The World: Who Are They And How Did They Achieve This Success?

Richest Programmers in the World The United States has long been a hotspot for tech wealth. That holds true on Forbes 2020 list of…

13 Best Places to Buy a WordPress Theme
December 19, 2020
13 Best Places to Buy WordPress Themes in 2021

WordPress is an effective and accessible tool for website development. Regardless of the category of the site you’re forging, the process is simplified by…

December 19, 2020
Genesis vs Divi: Pros and Cons and How to Make Right Choose

The two most popular WordPress solutions today are the Divi theme and the Genesis framework. It is these solutions that users prefer. These two…