The Top Best 5 Antivirus for Your System in 2020

November 11, 2020


With the latest trends and development in the domain of information technology- protecting your valuable data has become an important task. The need for protection has gained much more importance in this internet age- as users have to worry not only about computer viruses, but also various malicious content such as Trojans, malware, spyware, backdoors, rootkits, fraud tools, and adware. There are also increased risks and chances of online identity theft, scam and phishing attacks, advanced persistent threats(APT), botnet DDoS attacks and many more. The work role of modern antiviruses has increased manifold- compared to their predecessors. 

What is an antivirus? How do antiviruses Work?

Essentially, the work of anti-virus is to avert, detect and eliminate malware- programs/software that does not specific tasks in your system other than damaging it. It is similar to medical diagnosis in a human patient- where the doctor does an initial inspection- asks to run some medical tests/diagnosis- and treats the patient with medications/procedures. 

In earlier days, computer viruses used to spread from one device to another by means of infected floppy disks, CDs or other forms of corrupted storage- acting similarly to the real-life virus. With the rise of the internet- they began to spread via online means.

The origins of the antivirus can be traced back to The Reaper– a worm, which was specifically designed by programming pioneer Ray Tomlinson to identify and delete another worm- the Creeper worm in the primitive ARPANET operating system. With the passing of time- the functions of the archetype antivirus have evolved and branched out into multiple sectors- including:

  1. Multiple OS operations– Modern Antivirus software can operate for a large variety of devices and Operating  Systems(depending upon the purchaser’s option selection). For example, the Norton LifeLock can function on Windows, Mac, iOS and Android devices.
  2. Online protection against malicious and harmful content: Check out the features provided by any updated best-selling antivirus software. Most of them provide online protection in the virtual world- from malware, bad links and other entities that steal your information- or try to lure you into buying objects online. Some of them also provide VPN(Virtual Private Network) protection from prying outsiders.
  3. Regular systematic updates: A system user does not have to worry about regular updates anymore. With internet facilities available in most of the places- antivirus software updates automatically, whenever necessary. 

How do we score antivirus software?

There have been huge developments and a large number of players in the antivirus software market. While the big names like McAfee, Kaspersky, Norton, and Avast are still the major players in the game- a lot of the smaller companies are gaining popularity over others- owing to the quality products and several innovations in their software. Modern antivirus software is ranked and rated on the basis of the following:

  1. Protection against prevalent malware, worms and viruses.
    As mentioned earlier, the primary work of anti-virus software is to protect and prevent the spread of malicious content, virus or anything that happens to act in the interests of some unknown party- at times damaging your system data. So Retention of malicious content is a good parameter for grading antivirus software. The same can also be said for Virus Detection.
  1. Online security, Password protection, Resource Consumption.
    Many experts suggest using the default antivirus protection provided by the Windows Operating System- the trustworthy Windows Defender. In combination with an antivirus that provides good online protection(for example Malwarebytes), Windows Defender is known to be one of the most resourceful antivirus software available- that too for free.
  1. Charges/Expense
    An important catch-point for almost all PC/device users- the service charges for an antivirus company can greatly affect the rating and popularity of antivirus software.

Best Antivirus 2020

With several players in the market- the hunt for the Best Antivirus in 2020 has to be divided into 3 to 4 segments depending upon compatibility with the popular Operating Systems of computers and other devices. The best antivirus for an Android device will/might differ from the best Windows 10 antivirus. There are, however, several manufacturers that provide multiple OS compatibility.  On a general note, here are the 5 best antivirus for 2020.

List of the Best/Most Popular Antivirus available

AntivirusLinkRating(Out of5.00)ProsConsOS CompatibilityPrice
Windows Defender by Microsoftmicrosoft.com3.9Low impact on system resources. Improved virus detection and protection against virus and malware. Microsoft assistance and support. Easy to use and free.Limited additional features. No adware prevention, email protection, or spam-ware protection. Available only for Windows Devices.Compatible with only Microsoft Windows. Free
Bitdefender Antivirus Plus bitdefender.com4.5Loads of added features. Reliable malware detection and blocking. Unlimited VPN Usage (For an added price). Compatible with multiple OS.Tracking facilities for portable devices.Minor Performance lagging issues.Rare false positives. Ransomware clean up issues.Compatible in all the popular OS- Windows, Android, Mac, iOS.                $15.99                 To                  $39.99                   for 1 year.
Norton 360 AntiVirus nortonsecurityonline.com4.5Best overall performance and protection against virus and malware using patented SONAR technology. VPN facilities, Dark Web Monitoring and Cloud Backup. Advanced Password manager. Full Refund Under “Virus Protection Promise”. Superior Parental Controls.Lower performance against ransomware- compared to the other top-level antivirus companies. Compatible with iOS, Windows, Android and Mac.                  $24.99                  To                   $34.99                  For 1 year. 
McAfee Total Protectionmcafee.com4.00Unlimited VPN. Identity Protection. Performance Optimization. Firewall and Password Manager.Not very User-Friendly. Takes time to run a full-scan.Compatible with Windows, Mac, iOS and Android devices.                $17.99-                 $39.99                   for                  1 year                    subscription.

Windows Defender

The default antivirus application software preloaded in the Windows devices- Windows Defender has come a long way from being just a useless gimmick to one of the best antivirus that you’d find in the market today. Sure it does not have a ton of cool additional features like the Norton 360 or McAfee. The Windows Defender is also not compatible with Apple or Android devices. However, it does its primary job extremely efficiently. Within a few years, it has quickly become one of the best antivirus for windows 10. It has ranked among the top positions in virus malware detection- scoring 100% malware attack detection rates in recent AntiVirus Test. One of the main highlights of the Windows Defender is its integration with the Windows 8.1/10- Operating System- which allows it to perform superfast scans and much more reduced rates of resource consumption – compared to other Antivirus applications from the leading companies. Another big positive- it is available absolutely free of cost- making it the best budget antivirus available. All of these makes the defender by Microsoft probably the best free antivirus software for Windows 10.

Bitdefender AntiVirus Plus

Bitdefender is a consistent achiever. Regularly featured as one of the best antivirus for Windows, the company has begun offering its superior security features for users of Apple and Android Devices as well. The Antivirus Plus is the starting range of its paid services. There are a ton of supercool features stuffed into the Antivirus Plus- starting with added security and protective layers against ransomware. The user can perform a Wi-Fi Security Scan to check the network problems, avail the benefits of banking protection. For people who tend to forget passwords- there is a password manager feature The negative points can be summed up to slow booting during the virus scan run throughs- compared to Trend Micro AntiVirus. However it is still a solid antivirus and is one of the best Windows 10 Antivirus available. The latest versions are also available in Android, iOS and MAC devices. . 

Norton 360 AntiVirus

One of the most reliable names in the antivirus software segment- Norton launched their latest venture- the Norton 360 with a view to steer clear ahead of the competition. Available in the Standard, Premium and Deluxe versions- the primary difference between these 3 are in the number of users. In addition to providing arguably the best antivirus protection among all its competitors- Norton provides a set of features that is really hard to beat by. It features an excellent parental control- which prevents the kids from accessing adult sites and further allows different setups  for monitoring the sites they access. Norton also offers excellent Cloud Backup Options with over 50 GB and 75 GB backup storage in the higher-priced packages. Norton has its signature antivirus technology called SONAR(acronym for Symantec Online Network for Advanced Response)- which uses heuristics to monitor and analyze files. The overall ease of access makes it one of the best antivirus applications for beginners and experts alike.

McAfee Total Protection

Among all the softwares launched by McAfee, the McAfee Total Protection packs the largest number of features. It has all the features of the Internet Security- which scored high in the AV-Test Criteria and reported one of the lowest number of false-positives among all its competitors. In order to secure its place as the best Windows 10 antivirus, McAfee has loaded the package with a large number of cool added features- including the much needed unlimited VPN. It does not consume a lot of resources and rather focuses on performance optimization. McAfee also provides high-security identity protection online and includes a password manager. Compatible with multiple OS, including Windows, Android, Apple- Mac and iOS- one of the only drawbacks of the McAfee is it’s not so user-friendly interface. However that does not stop McAfee from being one of the best antivirus available- with superior phone tracking abilities as an added feature.

Best Antivirus for Windows 2020

The main competition among manufacturers of antivirus softwares falls in the best antivirus for Windows 10 Category. In earlier days, just having a basic antivirus with regular systematic updates would have worked perfectly. In modern times, the majority of the security threats and issues come from outside sources- through the web browsers and internet services. Here is a short list of the best antivirus for windows:

  1. Malwarebytes Premium.
  2. Bitdefender Internet Security.
  3. Windows Defender.
  4. ESET NOD 32.
  5. Norton Security
AntivirusLinkRating (Out of 5.00)ProsConsPrice
MalwareBytes Premiummalwarebytes.com4.3Excellent malware detection and removal. 60 days money back guarantee.Additional features not included.US$39.99
Bitdefender Internet Securitybitdefender.com4.5VPNPrivacy FirewallMicrophone ProtectionWebcam protection. Parental ControlsSlightly costlier than Norton and McAfee.US$ 23.99
Windows Defendermicrosoft.com4.5Windows IntegrationPerformance optimisation. Excellent protection against malware. No 3rd party installation.No added features. No VpnNo parental Controls. Free
ESET NOD 32eset.com4.3Performance Optimisation. Lightweight. Hassle-Free.NO added features. NO Passwordmanager. No VPN$29.99.
Norton Securitynorton.com4.3SONAR heuristic malware detection. Loads of added features. VPN And Cloud Backup.Expensive$22.99 + $28.75 shipping

MalwareBytes Premium

MalwareBytes Premium- the full paid version of the popular Malwarebytes freeware has made significant improvements over the past few years and is now a serious competitor in the battle for the best antivirus for windows 10. The company offers a free 14 days trial and a 60 day money back guarantee- which gives you ample amount of time to check out the antivirus software. 

Excellent for scanning and cleaning the computer of malwares, Malwarebytes Premium removes all sorts of malware which can damage your devices. It is capable of removing trojans, ransomwares, worms and uses heuristic analysis to offer Real Time Protection. Extra features like parental controls, spyware protection etc- are however not included in the Malwarebytes Premium. 

BitDefender Internet Security

Rising rapidly through the ranks in the past few years, BitDefender has been praised by analysts for superb virus detection. It offers the best value for money compared to the other heavyweights of the antivirus industry. It also packs a ton of cool features like added VPN, Safepay, anti phishing,  Webcam protection, Spyware protection, parental controls and many more. One of the plus points over other competitors of the Bitdefender Internet security- it does not slow down the PC while offering excellent cyber security. It is truly one of the best antivirus for Windows 10. The only downside- Bitdefender’s malware detection abilities-while still good, has been surpassed by other leading competitors, including Microsoft.

Microsoft  Windows Defender

Preinstalled in Windows 10, the compatibility of the Windows Defender Antivirus with Windows 10 OS is truly remarkable. The default integration allows it to use the minimal PC resources- without any type of hogging. This has led Windows Defender capturing the crown for the best Free Windows Antivirus. However, it is not just the sheer performance speed that attracts people towards the Defender. Over the years, the Windows Defender has slowly become one of the best Windows antivirus due to superior quality malware protection and no additional need for 3rd party software installations. It has offered protection against all threats in tests conducted by 3 independent organisations. On top of that- the entire thing is absolutely Free. 


ESET NOD 32 is best suited for the people seeking higher PC performance with negligible signs of slowing down. Over the years., ESET has developed its antivirus system to a level that it performs all the functions smoothly and efficiently- from blocking phishing attempts, providing malware protection, attacks on PC and ransomware. However, unlike some of its competitors , they do not offer added benefits like parental control, VPN, password manager, cloud backup, file shredder- which are recently being offered by the other companies to increase their consumer appeal. 

Norton Security

Norton has been one of the oldest antivirus software manufacturers. Starting early in the 90s, Norton has repeatedly upgraded their virus-slaying technology to remain at the top positions of the best antivirus software for Windows 10. There are the standard, deluxe and  premium versions of the Norton Security Version– the basic difference lying in the number of users. The Norton suite has one of the best user-friendly interfaces- in addition to excellent parental controls, VPN services, and a large Cloud  backup storage. It also houses the famous SONAR- Norton’s patented technology for malware detection.

Best Antivirus for Mac 2020

There are a lot fewer viruses aimed towards the MAC Operating System. However it is not that they are non-existent. Your precious Macbook also needs a good antivirus program- for reasons similar to its Windows counterpart. The Mac also needs real time protection against malwares, virus and other ransomwares targeting to breach the security and cause damage to the system. The attacker may also be interested in stealing your digital identity- employing phishing and scamming methods or spywares. All things accepted- here is a list of the best antivirus software for MAC

  1. Bullguard Antivirus. 
  2. Intego Antivirus. 
  3. Norton Lifelock AntiVirus Plus.
  4. MacKeeper Antivirus.
  5. BitDefender AntiVirus Plus.
AntivirusLinkRating(Out of 5) ProsConsPrice
Bullguard Antivirusbullguard.com4.5Easy to use and install. Optimised PC Performance- No resource hogging. Competitively priced. 25GB Online Backup Storage.Not a lot of added features.$23.99 to $40.00
Intego Antivirusintego.com4.5Doesn’t slow down the MAC system. Easy-to-use, controller menu. Scan And Cleanup tools can be used to free up space in your Mac. Firewall.
Expensive. Not Compatible for other OS devices. Unable to properly detect Windows Malware.$24.99
Norton Lifelock AntiVirus Plusnorton.com4.6Multiple device Protection- including different OS. Easy installations. User friendly interface. Loads of added features- Identity and Financial protection, Password manager. Excellent Parental Control Features.Average malware detection rates.$19.99
MacKeeper Antivirusmackeeper.com3.9Several Features. Easy-to-use interface. Anti-Theft- I-sight Thief Tracking. File Recovery.Not an exemplary performance on lab tests performed.$14.95-$118.80
BitDefender AntiVirus Plusbitdefender.com4.0Easy to UseSeveral work modes, including AutopilotHeuristic Monitoring for malware and suspicious files.Additional features.A full scan may consume a lot of time. Average Cost- Not too economical. However it is not too costly.$39.99-$199.99

Bullguard AntiVirus

One of the main reasons behind the rise in the popularity of the Bullguard AntiVirus is the extreme ease-of -use. Suitable for both beginners and experts- BullGuard also allows you to protect multiple devices with a single install. Bullguard also provides 24/7 Customer Support via live chat in several languages. Easily one of the best antivirus for Mac, Bullguard also offers some additional benefits depending on the package- starting from e-mail and spam blocking, password manager, PC optimization and many more. The company also offers a 30-day money back guarantee. 

Intego Antivirus

Intego is one of the few antivirus companies dedicated exclusively to the MAC OS. With two decades of experience- they have come forward to be forebearers of MAC-exclusive antivirus softwares. Rightly touted by many as the best antivirus software for MAC, Intego is renowned for its flawless performance- including 100% malware detection(according to several tests conducted by independent A-V testing organisations). It also boasts of a series of MAC optimisation tools- allowing the user to organise the hard disk storage more effectively and, if required, cleaning the storage. Intego is competent enough- with features such as Virus Barrier, Net Barrier, Washing Machine, Personal Backup,Parental Control, full protection against cyber threats.

Norton Lifelock- Antivirus Plus

One of the veterans in the world of antivirus- Symantec’s Norton brand has proven time and again that you do not need to shelve out extraordinary bucks to obtain the best and most reliable virus protection services, With a killer malware-detection that regularly ranks in the top positions of several A-V tests(undertaken by separate independent organisations) – Norton is suitable for both beginners and experts. An easy to use interface, loads of attractive features(VPN, Firewall protection, Cloud Storage, Anti malware, ID theft Protection)- there are several reasons why Norton may be seen as one of the best MAC antivirus

Mac Keeper Antivirus

Mac Keeper is the perfect antivirus application software for Mac Users looking for a complete suite dedicated to MAC OS. There are a lot of features available within the suite- starting from data encryption(to protect your data from potential hackers), file recovery options, anti-phishing and anti-theft tracker options, PC Optimisation features including cleanup, Online technical support  and many more. The varied pricing is made according to the package and the number of features available. All things considered(including the money-back guarantee that the company offers)- it can easily be considered as one of the best antivirus for mac 2019.

BitDefender Antivirus Plus 

Suitable for use both in home and business computers- the Bitdefender Antivirus Plus has won several awards and accolades for its world-class malware detection. One of the major plus points of the BitDefender- it does not consume high amounts of PC Resources. No worries about your PC slowing down during a scheduled scan. One of the best antivirus software for Mac, the BitDefender Antivirus Plus also offers a 24/7 online support, in addition to several features that are unavailable in the competing products. There are additional security features in the higher packages. The highlights of the BitDefender AntiVirus Plus package includes Safe Browsing, protection from malwares and ransomwares, WiFi Security, Online banking and Financial Protection, Password Manager, several performance modes(game, work, movie etc) and many more.

Best Antivirus for Android 2020.

With the increasing dependence on smartphones- it has become essential to consider antivirus and cybersecurity options for our devices. With so many options available to choose from, finding the best 

Antivirus for android may seem to be an uphill task. The following antivirus apps have secured a perfect score in the tests conducted by in January 2020.  

  1. Avira AntiVirus Security 6.3
  2. BitDefender Mobile Security 3.3
  3. Kaspersky Internet Security 6.6
  4. GData Internet Security 26.6
  5. Norton Mobile Security – Antivirus & Anti-Malware
AntivirusLinkRating(Out of 5.00)ProsConsPrice
Avira AntiVirus image, media and document protection. Prevents data tampering. Helps save the device battery life. Options for blacklisting unwanted calls and apps from unwanted sources.. Mobile tracking device location.
App lock functions  do not work properly at times.
Free. Contains ads and Offers. In-app purchases.
Bit Defender Mobile Unlock and Anti-Theft. Snap Photo- The device captures the picture of the person trying to mug/steal your android device. WearOn- Compatible with the popular Android Smartwatches. VPN- Unblock geo-restricted content.No call-blocking facilities. App keeps crashing at times.Free. Contains Offers. In-app purchases.
Kaspersky Internet tracker and anti theft services.App LockWeb filter and background monitoring.Difficult to disable Cloud Services.Free. Contains Offers. in-app purchases.
GData Internet SecurityFree:
Full version:
3.9Excellent malware and virus detection and removal. Tuner- helps to optimise the device performance- including cleaning up of temp files. Parental Controls- Allows to set restrictions. Data Encryption to protect personal data.No options for multiple devices.Free version.

Full version costs $16.00
Norton Mobile Security Features- protection from both virus, malware and cyber threats. Anti-Spyware and anti-surveillance features.App Advisor. Loaded with a lot of cool features.Subscription needed after 30 days free trial. Yearly subscription charges are expensive.$29.99
(Yearly Subscription) 

Avira AntiVirus Security 6.3

Avira is a popular antivirus software manufactured by the German company Avira Operations GmbH &  Co. KG. Steadily gaining popularity in the cybersecurity world for providing excellent virus detection- including malwares and ransomware- the mobile Android version also includes features like Device Optimisation, anti-theft features, forceful shutdown of malicious content. The Identity Safeguard notifies your contacts if your email gets compromised. The Avira Antivirus also allows you to monitor the sensitive data that the device apps may be collecting- and force shutdown- if you decide so. All the features make Avira one of the  forerunners for the Best AntiVirus for Android Devices.

Bit Defender Mobile Security 3.3 

Bit Defender is one of the the best Android antivirus apps availableoffering full PC-level features in the android format. The popular antivirus app won multiple accolades each year starting from 2015 and scored a perfect score in the recent tests conducted by A-V tests. Some of the advanced features include Autopilot- with regular systematic updates, 100% malware detection, VPN services, account protection, parental controls and applock, anti-theft, web protection and smartwatch compatibility. 

Kaspersky Internet Security 6.6 

Kaspersky is one of the most reliable names in the virus protection and cybersecurity sector. The free version of this app provides several features that are usually available in the full paid versions- including superior protection against malware, virus and other harmful outer entities from damaging your system. Kasper also provides one of the best android antivirus web-filters- blocking out malicious contents, preventing scam and phishing attempts. The Kaspersky aso offers real time scanning and background checks- ensuring that your device remains safe from attacks. There are a load of additional features.

GData  Mobile security 

GData is a relatively new name in the North-American antivirus segment. The company prides upon German precision and strict adherence to rules. The safety features offered by GData has allowed it to ace all the segments in the test conducted by in January 2020. There are two variants available in the android play store- the free version, or the “Lite” version, and the fully paid version- which costs $16. The highlights of the G-Data Mobile Security system include excellent virus and malware detection and removal, parental controls, anti-phishing and a dedicated web-filter that prevents malicious attacks from harmful URLs. The Lightweight version allows efficient checking for viruses and malware including memory cards-making it  one of the best free antivirus for android.

Norton Mobile Security

The free version of the Norton Mobile Security is the best free antivirus for Android. Norton offers a huge list of additional features to attract potential customers. The major market competitors of Norton do not do so. In addition, it boasts of some of the best virus and malware detection abilities ever heard of for an Android Device. It has scored 100% detection rates for more than 2 years straight- a feat no other company has managed to do. Among the slew of features included- a trademark App Advisor(checks app risks before download), Wi-fi Security, Surveillance App Protection, Web Protection, Safe Search, Call Blocking/Blacklisting, Privacy report Interactive map. 

Best Antivirus for iOS 2020

Many users have a wrong notion that iOS does not require a proper anti-virus. iOS can also be the subject of phishing attacks. Invaders can attempt to steal your password, launch malwares to steal identities or personal sensitive information. Several companies have caught on to the fact and there are now enough options to choose from and select quality antivirus for iphone/ipad. There are several free antivirus app for iphone nowadays and here are some of the best ones to protect your device:

  1. Avira Mobile Security. 
  2. McAfee Mobile Security.  
  3. Lookout Security & Identity Protection
  4. Trend Micro Mobile Security Rating 
  5. Phone Guardian Mobile Security 
Antivirus LinkRating(Out of 5) Pros ConsPrice
Avira Mobile a good job against phishing. Useful Phone-Tracking Options- in case your iphone gets stolen. Cool Additional features for free.
Occasional software bugs and crashes.Free
McAfee Mobile Backups Wi-Fi Scanner for detecting unsecured networks. Easy to use interface.Anti-Phishing Features and VPN require paid subscriptions.Contains Ads.Free with in-app Purchases.
LookOut security verification. Identity theft protection.Large number of features are reserved for premium users. Does not provide Apple Watch integration any more.Free with in-app purchases.
Trend Micro Mobile of features. Several free features available even after end of trial period- including Device Access Status and Secure QR Code Scanner. Reliable Quality.Expensive.Free with in-app purchases.
Phone Guardian Mobile Web Browser.Online Protection for passwords and bank details. Easy to use attractive user interface. VPNHeating issues are observed at rare instances. Slight Lagging Issues.Free

Avira Mobile Security

The German antivirus company provides a lot of features that are unusual for a free antivirus for iphone. It has strong anti-phishing properties- ready to protect your device from malicious URLs. This is especially useful for people who make a lot of digital transactions. The Avira Connect is a handy interface which can be used to utilise your iphone’s anti-theft properties- in case it gets stolen- from another device/PC. Features like tracking your phone or sending out an alert are possible using the Avira Connect. Other nifty features include- Contact Backup, Device Analyzer/Optimizer, Call Blocking. Identity Protection.

McAfee Mobile Security For iOS

McAfee has been a veteran in the world of antivirus – producing excellent products dedicated to malware detection, virus detection, cybersecurity and possible breaches. Like its other products, the McAfee Mobile Security for iOS does an excellent job of setting up standards to what the best antivirus for iPhone should be. 

McAfee provides a list of cool features too- including the Media Vault- which protects your device gallery photos, audio and video. One of the standout features of the Mobile Security package is the superior phone tracking and anti-theft- which is very helpful. The CaptureCam takes a snapshot of whoever enters the wrong password three times. The Remote Alarm is another cool feature to track your missing iPHone. 


Surprisingly unpopular- Lookout offers complete security features for your iphone and ipad. One of the best free iPhone antivirus,  Lookout provides enhanced 4 layers of protection. As the name suggests, the software also regularly looks out for security vulnerabilities and performs real-time monitoring of apps for signs of suspicious activities. The anti theft properties include device location tools- based on the default iOS app, Find My Device. The user can also raise an alarm on the misplaced/lost iPhone(even if the phone is silent)- or maybe set a custom message on the lock screen. 

Lookout provides backout options for contacts, photos. Added paid features also include the Wallet Recovery, $1 million identity theft insurance and enhanced technical support.

Trend Micro Mobile Security

Trend Micro Security aims to be the one-for-all solution regarding virus protection for iPhone. Well compatible with the Safari Browser, it protects the user device from accessing malicious URLs and phishing sites.

The antivirus features include integrated ad blocking and tracker blocking- which safeguards your privacy. It also has an extra option for Social Network Privacy – informing the user in case of any privacy-related concerns in social media sites. Anti-theft features include locating missing iPhone/iPad using cell towers, GPS or Wifi. If you are one of those not willing to compromise and seek the best virus protection for iPhone– Trend Micro Mobile security is a good choice.

Phone Guardian Mobile Security

There is something distinctly cute about this wonderful antivirus from Distimo and App Annie. It does all the tasks that are asked from an iOS antivirus with flair. The highlight of the app is the distinct and extremely adorable User Interface. Who doesn’t love dogs(the dog is named Max the Husky). Beneath all the cuteness, lies an actually great antivirus app which provides Safe Web Browsing facilities, along with a ton of cool features like Monitoring of online activities, privacy protection, phone protection with VPN. And all of these absolutely free of cost. Now isn’t that the best antivirus software for iphone?

Conclusion and summary

The quest for the best antivirus solution depends on various parameters. It is largely dependent upon your needs and expectations about the services your chosen antivirus software should offer. The top tier companies offer more or less similar levels of security. The primary difference lies in the number of additional features offered by the company. 

Another important parameter is the budget. High quality antivirus services and protection are mostly available in the paid versions of the softwares. Sure are the rare free versions that work just as fine- case in point- Windows Defender is one of the Best antivirus for Windows OS. But that’s available because the service provided free of charge by the makers of the OS i.e. Microsoft themselves. If you are looking for the best budget antivirus- the following list  will help you 

  1. Best Free Antivirus for Windows- Windows Defender.
  2. Best Free Antivirus for Mac- Bitdefender.
  3. Best Free Antivirus For Android- Norton Mobile Security.
  4. Best Free Antivirus For iOS- Avira Mobile Security.

If you are looking to spend- you might be willing to look for the additional features like VPN, Cloud Backup Storage, Parental Controls. Both BitDefender and Norton provide you with a lot of these features. Norton provides more storages, easy to use interfaces, the legendary SONAR virus & malware detection. Bit Defender, on the other hand, provides you much more features like microphone protection, protection against spyware and other ransomware. Almost all of these companies offer VPN services, identification theft prevention, banking protection, anti-phishing services and many more in their paid versions. You can look for the highest rated antivirus that suits your budget. The choice is entirely up to you. 

If high speed and less system device lag is what you demand from your antivirus-the best choices would be probably Windows Defender, Norton 360 or ESET Nod 32. The antivirus programs do not hamper the performance speed of the powerful Macs or iOS devices by much. 

One more deciding factor is the yearly renewal charges and discounts offered for a large number  of devices. This is necessary in the office or organisation scenario- where data protection is very crucial for proper growth and development. Both Norton and BitDefender offer good package deals along with McAfee and Kaspersky. The renewal charge of Norton is a bit on the higher side. 
The main need for keeping an antivirus for the iOS is to prevent phishing from malicious URLs, banking safety and device tracking(in case the device is lost/stolen). The best options are mentioned above. In the case that you are opting for a paid version- look none other than Norton Mobile. It is hands down the best antivirus for iphone. In a similar fashion, Intego is the best option for your MAC.

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