8 Best Bootstrap Admin Template 2021

December 20, 2020
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A few words about Bootstrap

Bootstrap is a framework used by developers for coding sites and applications in JS, HTML and CSS. The framework helps to quickly create responsive pages for websites and applications. Bootstrap is very popular all over the world, not only individual developers use it, but also entire companies. The main area in which Bootstrap is applied is the creation and development of site interfaces, namely the front-end. The framework itself is an open source project that can be found on Github, in addition, Bootstrap has an MIT license, which allows it to be used free of charge in open source and commercial projects.

What explains the popularity of Bootstrap?

First, it is the speed of the layout. It’s much better with Bootstrap than with CSS and JavaScript alone. Time is a very important resource, which is why Bootstrap is so popular. Secondly, the popularity of Bootstrap also lies in its accessibility, because any novice developer can figure out how to use this framework and typeset sites, which would take a lot of knowledge and practice to create without Bootstrap. If you want to hire a frontend developer ask him this question and 99 out of 100 will answer that it is true. Therefore, the entry flaw for using this technology is quite low.

A short bootstrap tutorial explaining how to get started if you are already interested. 

Pros And Cons of Bootstrap

Bootstrap, like all technologies, has its advantages and disadvantages.

  • As discussed above, the first advantage is the speed of creating responsive pages using ready-made classes and components.
  • Low entry error – no need to have deep knowledge of JS, HTML and CSS. Developers will only need to have a basic understanding of these technologies.
  • The development speed is due to the availability of ready-made components. These components are reliable because they have been tested by many developers and are supported on many devices.
  • All components and development results are perfectly displayed in different browsers on different devices, so cross-browser and cross-platform is another advantage of Bootstrap.
  • Bootstrap is a technology that has tremendous support from other communities. Bootstrap has a variety of tutorials to help you find answers to all your questions easily.

Right below you can find information on the best free Bootstrap Admin Dashboard Templates for web applications. 

1. ArchitectUI – Angular & Bootstrap 4

ArchitectUI dashboard

ArchitectUI has a wide range of possibilities, which is why it is considered a truly professional tool. It is a Bootstrap 4 admin panel template. When launching a project or application, ArchitectUI is an Angular 9 tool that is definitely worth installing. With it you can create the most convenient admin panel. ArchitectUI has a whole collection of 9 modern and stylish designs, each of which can be individually further customized to meet current needs and wishes. In addition, ArchitectUI offers over 20 different widgets, shapes, diagrams and color settings.

2. AdminLTE 3

AdminLTE 3 dashboard

AdminLTE is also an administrative template with which you can quickly find the right design for your project. This template has over 33k stars on Github. AdminLTE has a simple and straightforward structure that facilitates fast loading of the final product. AdminLTE is compatible with all browsers, so it is very convenient to use. In addition, it has a number of usable components that can be customized. It contains over 1000 icons, 6 different templates, customizable plugins, etc. Even the free admin template is impressive in the number of different features. AdminLTE has as many as 18 plugins!

In fact, you can only understand how good it is to use by downloading and trying this template. It is not for nothing that it is considered the most popular dashboard template ever released.

3. ArchitectUI HTML

ArchitectUI HTML dashboard

ArchitectUI HTML is another quality Bootstrap admin dashboard template that also provides many components, widgets and various elements. ArchitectUI HTML has as many as 10 different dashboards, so the user will definitely be able to choose something really necessary for his purpose. In addition, ArchitectUI HTML allows you not only to use ready-made and suggested templates, but also to modify them yourself in accordance with your own goals. Let’s note how ArchitectUI HTML is so different. First, there are about 150 components, 30 different options for graphic blocks, ready-made pages, forms and tables. And also 50 different elements. Thus, using the entire arsenal of graphic units, you can come up with exactly the template that suits your request.

4. Material Dashboard

Material Dashboard

Material Dashboard is an admin template that features Google’s best practices in user interface design. By installing Material Dashboard, you have access to a whole set of tools, thanks to which you have everything you need to create a custom dashboard for developing your project, website or application. Material Dashboard provides as many as 60 handcrafted components, statistics from social networks, tables, charts in various formats, and many other parameters. All components provided by this template are in accordance with Google Material Design. In addition, Material Dashboard provides an excellent set of fonts that will surprise even the most demanding typography fans. You can see what exactly is offered in this Bootstrap admin template in the control panel demo.

Speaking of the Pro version of Material Dashboard, it adds more features and functions. However, for beginners, the free version of the admin template is the perfect choice.

5. Now UI Dashboard

Now UI Dashboard

The Now UI Dashboard is a template that provides a whole combination of colors and fonts to go with each other. The free version has everything you need to get started. You can watch the free UI Dashboard demo and explore what graphs, charts, and many other features of this Bootstrap admin template look like. The UI Dashboard features include tooltips. They are available by hovering over areas in templates. This feature can be used when working with graphs and charts, as it makes it much easier for users to explore information charts. In addition to charts and graphs, the UI Dashboard provides the ability to add tables that can be easily formatted, add interactive elements, and maintain a to-do list using checkboxes in task lists. In addition, using Now UI Dashboard Bootstrap, you can add maps to administrative pages through integration with Google Maps. Now UI Dashboard gives you access to 16 elements, 3 custom plugins, and 7 pages that you can use as a basis for creating your own custom layouts. From the free version, you can switch to the paid version at any time and get access to an even greater set of functions. In conclusion, the UI Dashboard is fully documented so that users can make the most of this admin template.

6. Argon Dashboard

Argon Dashboard

Argon Dashboard is a free and open source administrative template. To date, this template has more than 17 thousand downloads, which speaks of confidence in it. The modern design of the template on the Bootstrap 4 platform guarantees a professional and high quality interface. Argon Dashboard features a modern design that is perfect for SaaS products. Argon Dashboard is a popular template that provides access to over 100 components, 6 pages and 4 custom plugins. The Argon Dashboard has the ability to preview, which is a huge plus as it gives users the ability to decide. If you have a need to present data using graphs and charts, then Argon Dashboard allows you to apply animation and various effects to graphs and charts. The panel allows you to easily display maps, tables, and other information panels. In addition, a huge selection of icons will be available to you, with the help of which you can make pages the most understandable and visually attractive.

For those who want to get even more functions, the Pro version is available, in which the number of components increases dramatically by 2 times, and the number of plugins – 4 times. The number of pages with examples increases almost 5 times. Nevertheless, even the free version is completely sufficient for comfortable work, and it seems that with the obvious advantages of the update, they may not be necessary at all.

7. Star Admin

Star Admin dashboard

Star Admin is a free Bootstrap admin template that really is a great product, even a premium one. It is adaptive, so it can be used not only on a computer, but also on a phone, which is definitely a huge advantage. Star Admin has tons of different widgets ranging from weather widgets, sales widgets to productivity history widgets. In addition to widgets, Star Admin provides an excellent set of charts, tables and various buttons and forms. Separately, it is necessary to dwell on the diagrams in Star Admin. There are 6 of them to choose from. Charts are configured to display real-time information. The customization process is clear and easy to use. For example, commented code helps for template design. In addition, you can add a variety of notification icons to display alerts to users. Ease of customization is an undoubted advantage, however, the design of Star Admin templates is so well thought out that you hardly need to make customizations. As such, the free Star Admin template suite is perfect for creating admin dashboards, project management and e-commerce applications.

8. Xtreme Bootstrap Admin Lite

Xtreme Bootstrap Admin Lite Dashboard

Xtreme Bootstrap Admin Lite – Provides you everything in a free package to get started right away with documentation that gives instructions on how to customize the workflow and the templates themselves. Xtreme Bootstrap Admin Lite has all the features to create a user-friendly dashboard using UI components. In addition to a set of templates, you get access to useful user interface components and ready-to-use widgets to enhance the toolbar itself.

Xtreme Bootstrap Admin Lite also provides a set of forms that are easy to edit and customize to fit your project. And of course, there is an opportunity to use tables that reflect all the necessary data in a tabular format.

If you want to decorate your pages, you can take advantage of the available icons, of which there are over 100 in Xtreme Bootstrap Admin Lite. The templates themselves have a great color scheme to save customization time, however, you can change the colors to match your personal brand.

To access an even greater set of functions, you can upgrade to the Pro version, which provides access to various dashboards, e-commerce. In addition, the pro version has the ability to add applications for email and chat, analytics templates. Xtreme Bootstrap Admin Lite is considered a good option due to its good core functionality and the sheer number of additional features available upon upgrade.


With a collection of Bootstrap administration templates, you have the ability to create a truly personalized and professional dashboard for your application or website. In the process of customizing the panel, you can select the available elements, cards and components that are offered in a separate template.

All of these tools include at least one pre-built dashboard home page template that you can customize and use as a basis for your own project. When creating a custom toolbar, you can select the components, items, and cards available in the template packages. With online demos, you can try these templates for free and test if their functionality suits you. Many templates also have pro versions with a wider range of services, which can come in handy in the long term as your product needs grow and scale.

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