7 Best Cydia Impactor Alternatives

January 19, 2021
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Ways to install IPA files on iOS without using unavailable Cydia Impactor

Cydia Impactor is a program that helps to install an IPA file on iOS devices. However, everyone knows that Cydia Impactor no longer works. Therefore it is necessary to use alternative methods. The article is about them.

There are two methods:

The first is to sign the IPA file using Xcode. This will require an Apple account and Xcode installation on the device.

Second method – installing IPA files

Let’s take a closer look at all of these methods.

In order to sign an IPA file via Xcode, you need a free or paid Apple Developer account. The free version is subscribed for 7 days, and the paid version is for a year.

Here is a list of the best apps to download IPA files on iPhone.

AltStore iOS

AltStore app

It is an application made famous by the Delta emulator. It allowed you to play the Gameboy through your device. There was no need to jailbreak the user’s device. Alt Store iOS has released an update that allows you to install any IPA file via AltStore. The only step to take is simple. You need to import the IPA file into AltStore. It is then possible to sign the IPA. Of course, this algorithm assumes that the user has already installed AltStore iOS on his device. Here is a guide to help you install the app. 


Singer App IPA file installation

Signer is an alternative to Cydia Impactor with which you can download unpublished IPA files. To do this, the user must have macOS. Either a Mac or a virtual machine. Files will be signed with Xcode.

So, let’s look at the process step by step.

  1. Download any IPA files. For example, ++ files of applications such as Spotify ++. You can download it from the official site or any other.
  2. Download the iOS App Signer ZIP file to your computer. This is necessary because the application will be used as an alternative to Cydia Impactor.
  3. Open XCode or install it if you haven’t installed it before.
  4. Create a new project in Xcode. Save the project to computer storage. It is important that you sign in to Xcode with Apple Id
  5. Choosing a personal project team. This will create a signing certificate and an iOS App Signer provisioning profile for signing capabilities.
  6. Click on the build button. Close Xcode after the build completes successfully.
  7. This step must be performed if everything was completed successfully at step 6. Repeat step 6 otherwise.
  8. Open the iOS App Signing Tool. In front of the Input File field, click the browse field and select the IPA file.
  9. In the drop-down list, select the phone ID. From the provisioning profile drop-down list, select a unique identifier. One that shows the ID of your package (added when creating the project in Xcode) or with a provisioning profile is needed.
  10. Click “Start”, “Save”. Then replace the existing file in your computer storage with this file.
  11. Use the phone and make sure that there is no jailbreak on the device.
  12. Connect your device and go to Xcode. Click on the + and select the IPA file. Once selected, it will be installed on the device.
  13. The downloaded file must be opened on the device and placed on the home screen via the iOS App Signer.


AltDeploy IPA file installation

AltDeploy is another Cydia Impactor alternative. An updated tool that was released not long ago. Its role is to sign IPA files. The advantage of AltDeploy is that you don’t have to log in with Apple Id from time to time with it. Unfortunately, this tool is only available on macOS. However, as in the examples above, you can use a virtual machine.

So, here are the detailed steps for working with this tool.

  1. Download AltDeploy
  2. Open the app and login with Apple Id
  3. Move the IPA file to AltDeploy. Start the process. Registration and loading of materials occur automatically.

Please note that a free Apple Id subscription is only valid for 7 days. There is also a paid one for a year.


Sideloadly is one of the Cydia Impactor alternatives. The app was released quite recently. Sideloadly is used to upload unpublished IPA files. You can also install these files on your device.

Let’s figure out how to install it.

  1. Download Sideloadly software from the link.
  2. Open the downloaded file as administrator and install it.
  3. Connect your device to your computer after sideloading appears. Find the IPA file and select it to install.
  4. Place the Apple Id in the Apple account section. Click Start and enter your Apple Id password. The application will be downloaded to the home screen of the device.
Sideloadly Apple ID

Thus, any side-loading IPA file can be installed. Also, this tutorial might be helpful. 

Super Impactor

Super Impactor app features

Super Impactor is a project developed for Windows. The app is pretty handy. It can be used to install any application on an iPhone or iPad.


– installation of any IPA file without hacking

– there is a built-in directory of configured applications

– there is a built-in tool with which it is convenient to manage certificates

– anyone can use this app

vShare Helper

vShare helper app

vShare Helper is one of the convenient alternatives that has been around for a long time. It evolved from an application to install modified applications. And now it works without jailbreak.


  • help recover lost data on your phone
  • easy system update
  • the ability to restore to factory settings
  • easy installation and removal of applications, games, books, etc.
  • transfer media files between phone and computer


LightiningSign app

LightiningSign is a free alternative. It can be used to install and sign the IPA file via the phone. There is no need to use a computer for this. All you need is your phone. The signed files are very easy to install on the device. The app works with any IPA file. Unlike many solutions on the market, LightiningSign has 100% installation efficiency. You must have iOS 10.0. Also, the application works with iOS 13. using a corporate certificate, you can not abandon installed applications every 7 days.

Finally, this article presented the best alternatives for Cydia Impactor. As you can understand, installing ++ applications on a device is quite easy. This article provides some detailed instructions and links to tutorials. Thanks to them, you can figure out how to install IPA files on your device. This is pretty easy to perform, so do not be afraid to try installing IPA files via your computer and Cynda alternatives.

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