Best Delivery Management Software 2021

December 20, 2020
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Delivery management software is a program that is widely used in various industries to be able to track dispatch and delivery to buyers. In simpler terms, it connects delivery people to your back office staff. This means that the carriers have all the information they need to complete the delivery, your back office has an overview of all deliveries.

1. Onfleet

Onfleet is the leading shipping management solution. The goal of his work is to help businesses from different parts of the world keep track of their local deliveries, be able to contact customers and drivers, and quickly scale in delivery operations. The package of services provided by Onfleet currently includes the following parameters: reporting dashboard, reliable PI-interfaces to support any type of integration, web dispatcher, clear iOS / Android mobile apps for drivers. Onfleet is a reliable solution that handles any serious delivery, including e-commerce food, furniture, retail, pharmacies and more. Using a route optimization engine, the company was able to increase customer satisfaction rates as delivery improved by as much as 50% and real-time visibility was introduced. 

Onfleet provides a starter pack starting at $ 149 per 1,000 tasks. It has a very modern user interface, which is important for usability. Onfleet is suitable for companies whose business is related to fleet management and delivery. The product has been designed specifically for high speed and high speed delivery operations. It can be selected for both on-demand and scheduled use.

The pricing policy is determined based on the following principles: the creators believe that users should pay only for the value that they get from using their software. Therefore, no customization, integration or training fees are charged. The total cost of your package is based on the number of call and delivery tasks performed monthly. As the volume of delivery increases, you can expect to reduce the number of tasks performed, this will help you lower your marginal costs.

2. Deliforce

Deliforce is one of the best shipping management and tracking products. This solution has some great features that every shipping tracking product needs. First, with Deliforce it is very easy to assign tasks to delivery agents. Secondly, it is possible to track agents in real time. Thirdly, the fastest delivery is ensured by optimizing the route of delivery agents. Moreover, customers receive information about the estimated delivery time by e-mail or SMS. Deliforce has a functional dashboard that allows owners to manage the business remotely, as well as use analytics tools and a performance tracker to evaluate the work of delivery agents.

Deliforce is committed to offering the best possible working solution for logistics and shipping tracking. Deliforce is suitable for a variety of industries from manufacturing, logistics, retail, education, finance, beauty, banking to healthcare and on-demand services in an affordable and user-friendly way. Deliforce’s goal is to be a one-stop logistics and management solution.

3. Bringg

Bringg motto

Bringg is a worldwide technology provider that helps companies improve their customer service. Bringg is working to make shipping fast, cost effective and convenient by offering a wide range of shipping management and tracking services. The company has already built a reputation and trust with leading global clients, working with leading brands in the grocery, logistics, healthcare, retail and other industries to develop optimal execution and delivery operating models for them based on their individual business needs and goals.

Bringg has an entire global network of suppliers and partners. The service offers customers access to an integrated logistics network. This network enables every company to grow and scale in the digital age.

Organizations that use the SaaS platform provided by Bringg will be able to automate and optimize processes and supply chains in order to develop the right logical models based on personal requirements and business goals.

Bringg not only works with existing technologies in the company, but also implements the latest digital solutions to seamlessly manage logistics.

4. Tookan

Tookan on different devices

Tookan is a turnkey workforce management and tracking solution that delivers on-demand delivery, service and customer acquisition. Tookan offers features such as dashboard, route optimization tools, real-time agent monitoring, analytics tools, and all together it provides delivery tracking. The personnel management system is engaged in distributing delivery tasks among available couriers. The delivery scheduling system works to assign employees to delivery tasks based on their location and employment. In the delivery management system, you can create and modify various types of employees. This will depend on the rights they need to access the system. The location tracking system allows you to see in real time all the agents and the tasks they are currently working on. And finally, a route planning system that helps to build the most optimal and fastest route for delivery.

One of the challenges for shipping management businesses is user-friendly technology and tools, which is why Tookan is working to maintain a user-friendly interface that’s easy to use.Tookan is an application that is also easy to use for agents. They can plan delivery, be aware of delivery details through notifications, and can also optimize the delivery route. Tookan allows companies to take control of operations and track delivery times and processes. The service offers a two-week trial package for 300 tasks and 2 agents every month.

5. Shipday

Shipday graphics

Shipday is founded by Adem and Moin, friends who met when they were graduate students at Georgia School of Technology. The idea behind the project is to help small businesses seize supply opportunities and help their businesses scale and grow effectively. The founders had a huge mission. It is to make delivery technologies for small businesses and entrepreneurs who are just starting out easier and more affordable, and thus stimulate the growth of local economies around the world.

With a real-time shipping tracking service, Shipday keeps its customers up to date with their order information. Customers are provided with information about their supplier, so they have the opportunity to contact him, ask questions or warn about changes. Once the delivery has been successfully completed, customers receive an SMS or email confirming the delivery and can evaluate the delivery service themselves in just a few clicks. On the other hand, drivers will have information on delivery details, changes and route.

The Shipday mobile app provides drivers with the following information:

  • Pick-up address and destination
  • Navigation
  • Delivery queue
  • Information about order
  • Delivery instructions
  • Contact phone numbers

6. GetSwift

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GetSwift was founded in 2013 as a small delivery company in Melbourne, specializing in shipping management and tracking software. The company offers customers options such as route optimization, online feedback, automatic sending and providing real-time tracking alerts. All of these functions greatly simplify the delivery.

GetSwift’s goal is to make the most innovative and easy-to-use software to manage delivery and improve the supply chain by opening up new opportunities. Teams located around the world create solutions for clients in over 70 countries. GetSwift is a leading provider of logistics software. GetSwift provides order management, delivery, and routing support to help reach people in need of daily food delivery.

GetSwift is a web-based solution for transport and logistics management. It helps companies manage their fleet, drivers, shipping products, etc. The solution provided by GetSwift assigns tasks to drivers, tracks orders in real time and optimizes shipment. The software is suitable for companies with five or more delivery trucks. GetSwift has its own batch processing algorithm that automatically assigns orders to agents based on distance, lifting capacity and performance. The service has routing functions that optimize the route and thus save fuel and reduce delivery times. Using GetSwift, users can create a customer database and add detailed customer interaction records. Business managers can track shipments in real time while working to reduce missed shipments and negative customer reviews. GetSwift has a good solution for evaluating the performance of managers by collecting feedback from customers. The service also has special applications for drivers through which managers can contact them and share information about delivery. Conveniently for drivers, they can save a detailed delivery confirmation in the application in the form of a photo, for example. Thus, the solution is suitable for companies operating in the field of transport, logistics, long-distance cargo transportation.

7.Loginext Solutions

LogiNext Solutions is a company founded in 2014 offering software for efficient delivery management and monitoring. The software developed by LogiNext Solutions integrates seamlessly with various platforms. The company’s goal is to help businesses that deal with logistics and supply chains. LogiNext Solutions uses software solutions based on disruptive technologies such as big data analytics and smart technologies. The company focuses on analyzing orders, both delivered and awaiting delivery, and applications for transport analytics and automation. In addition, returns and delivery receipts are recorded. Thus, LogiNext Solutions is a company that provides logistics companies with optimization and analysis solutions in various segments.

8. RoadWarrior

RoadWarrior app

RoadWarrior is one of the best multi-stop route planning and control software for teams and individuals. By optimizing the route, travel time and fuel consumption are reduced, as well as costs. Dispatchers get to use the RoadWarrior Flex web application to create assignments, optimize routes, and submit assignments to drivers. So dispatchers can monitor the process and update routes throughout the day. Drivers can download the RoadWarrior app for free on Android and iOS devices and log in with their credentials. Drivers receive information about the order, pick-up point and delivery details (route and contact details). The site is very user-friendly, you can find information on pricing policy, a guide for drivers and teams. RoadWarrior has developed an excellent delivery monitoring solution and made it as thoughtful as possible.

Summing it up

Delivery Management Software is a whole platform that digitizes basic logistics operations such as distribution and task setting, dispatching, vehicle tracking, route planning, delivery analysis, working with customers and their reviews, etc. There are many available tools on the market right now, each of which can attract you with something special. The choice is yours, customer reviews can help in the decision, which undoubtedly should be read in advance. Many solutions also offer a free trial period of service, which can be a great way for potential customers to test the product.

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