Review of the Best Interior Design Rendering Software

January 18, 2021

If you want to run your business calmly and without strain – this review of the best accounting software for interior designers is what you need to read. Here you will find the best software for interior design description, pros and cons.

Interior design rendering software


This article is perfect for those who want to design their own interior design. And also for novice designers looking for suitable software. And he wonders which tool is the best to use for this.

Everyone knows the situation when you save tons of pictures with beautiful interiors in the hope of bringing them to life. And then, if possible, you don’t know how to use them with your footage. Everything would be much easier if you had a reliable and understandable design tool at hand. Very often it is impossible to create a beautiful interior and design project since there is no necessary tools and knowledge. And the ability to create 3D visualizations of a project is a great way to clearly see layouts and ideas.

Thanks to this article, you can choose the most suitable tool for you.

What is interior design rendering software?

Virtual design software is a program designed for architects, planners and interior designers. This type of software provides computer-aided design, ease of use, quick setup and speed of work. You can quickly view all the details about your projects. Virtual design software is very popular not only among professionals but also among the owners of houses and apartments. With its help, they can independently design the interior. All objects are easily transferred, edited. That is why it is very easy to make changes to the project. With the help of interior design programs, you can easily see how this or that object will look in the interior. This will save you from unnecessary spending and frustration.

In addition, interior design rendering software provides you with a wide range of decor examples. You can try them and choose what is best for the project.

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To better understand interior design rendering software, you need to take a look at the overview of the best design tools.

Autodesk Homestyler

Autodesk Homestyler project example

It is an excellent rendering software that allows you to accurately visualize all the details of your interior. Browse a variety of countertops, materials, fabrics, and furniture textures. All these is available in Autodesk Homestyler. Before making big purchases, you can use this wonderful tool. In addition, you can change the scale, represent the entire area. This will help maintain harmony between different spaces. In addition, you can save the projection in the snapshots. They can be shared with customers or family. Autodesk cooperates with some well-known brands so users can upload their products to their projects. Autodesk Homestyler keeps pace with the times. That is why this tool can be used not only from a computer. It can also be used with an iPad or iPhone, for example. This is very convenient if you want to share your work on social networks. Or take a project with you for making purchases.

Benefits: Available on tablets and mobile phones. Easy to install and use immediately. Doesn’t take up much memory space as it is available on the Internet.

Disadvantages: Not ideal for professional interior designers. Limited features due to the free version. Not enough features to create a complete interior design.

Minutes Matter

This is one of the best solutions for an interior design according to interior design renders. This interior design 3D rendering tool helps users make space design decisions. In it, you can visualize the future interior in detail. Choose fabrics, materials. See different processing options for each object. This rendering software has a lot of tutorials to use. Even on YouTube, you can find useful videos that will help you understand the functionality of the program.

Benefits: You can upload your photos, drag and drop images onto this photo. Besides, you can select furniture, textures, colours and fabrics separately for it.

Disadvantages: high cost – $ 497, 3D models will need to be created separately.


Blender is another great design rendering software. The functionality includes realistic animation up to the creation of the simulation. And also 3D rendering. With the help of these functions, an effect of real presence is created. With this program you can see the layout of the space. Blender practically moves users into this space. Blender is very easy to use. Special functions add effects to images. But it is important to note that it probably will not work for interior design. It’s great that Blender is free to use. If you would like to use additional features, Blender will ask you to pay between $ 11.50 and $ 17 per month. This 3D rendering interior design tool is very popular on the Internet. Many people use it to add effects to images. For example, you are designing a nightclub. Then Blender will help you visualize the effects of colour lamps, flickering lights and smoke machines. It is important that Blender does not solve the problem of space design. This home rendering software is suitable for adding effects. This tool is great for aspiring designers. It is not technically loaded.

Benefits: Accessibility, ease of use, adding effects and immersive detailed visualization

Disadvantages: not suitable for interior prototyping.


Revit is another interior design solution from AutoDesk. This rendering software is suitable for experienced designers. Especially for those who have experience using design tools and software with CAD and CAM experience. For collaboration, it’s best not to use Revit unless everyone is familiar with how Revit works. This program is more aimed at Windows users, however, it will work for Mac IOS users using an additional application. Revit has different prices depending on the feature set. They start at $ 200 per month. If you are using teamwork, then the subscription will be $ 325 per month. Revit is great for professional designers. Within 30 days, you can test Revit and see if it is right for you.

Benefits: user-friendly interface, a wide range of professional features, free trial

Disadvantages: Difficult for beginners.

Foyr neo

Designing in Foyr Neo

Foyr Neo is one of the best 3D rendering software. It is suitable for both professionals and beginners. In Foyr Neo, you can view a 3D view, select materials, create layouts of spaces, plan the arrangement of objects, choose colours, and much more. Foyr Neo offers a two-week free trial. During this time, you can fully test the functionality of this program. You can then purchase a subscription for $ 49 per month. It is very cheap compared to its counterparts. This tool is ideal for those with no prior CAD or CAM experience. It does not require any special skills or additional knowledge. Anyone looking to design space can take advantage of the Foyr Neo. The feature of this program is that it has a built-in library with 50,000 models ready for 3D rendering.

Benefits: Takes up little storage space, powerful tool, easy to use

Disadvantages: less developed support community


Planning in SmartDraw example

This is one of the simplest rendering tools. It is suitable specifically for 2D rendering. With SmartDraw, you can create diagrams and plans for floors, rooms and spaces. This rendering software can be used not only on a computer but also on a phone or tablet. The first 7 days there is a free trial period. You need to subscribe for $ 99 per month to continue using. Unlike other tools for teamwork, the subscription price is lower. It is $ 5.95 per month for a team of 5.

Benefits: Inexpensive and simple application

Disadvantages: lack of 3D planning


SketchUp is another popular interior design tool. Its interface is clear and simple. It is easy to get used to and pleasant to use. SketchUp can create 3D visualizations. With its help, you can get a complete picture of the layout of the space. A free trial is offered to see if SketchUp is right for you. But to get access to all the functions you will have to subscribe. She’s not expensive. Only $ 10 per month with limited internet use. However, there are options for up to $ 1,199 per year with full functionality. May require a separate tool or plugin like Revit to get the renders. In addition, there are wonderful courses that may help you to master SketchUp. 

Advantages: Probably the best and most intuitive interface

Disadvantages: not suitable for beginners, additional plugins and tools may be required, expensive


All of the tools mentioned have a free trial. Therefore, when choosing, you can not be afraid of wasting your budget in vain. Each instrument has its own characteristics. There are some functions in one, and some in the other. Some programs are focused on solving specific problems.

However, each of these tools helps to align designs and layouts. This simplifies the process of interaction between the customer, designer and contractor. In addition, there are a huge number of videos on the Internet that teach how to work in these programs. On the websites of the programs themselves, you can find training tips. The most important thing is to save time and budget. And this problem is solved by all the tools described in this article.

  1. Do I need to take additional courses to use interior design rendering software if I'm not a professional?

    Most of the rendering interior solutions are suitable for beginners. They do not require special education and special knowledge. The list of rendering software also includes 3D rendering programs for professionals. In this case, you will need to study the video materials on the program's website or on the public domain on YouTube.

  2. Can I use the software on the road or out of the office?

    Most solutions support use on tablets and phones. This is done thanks to cloud technology. Therefore, it is very convenient to use such programs while out of the office.

  3. Why would an ordinary user need an interior design program when it is easy to draw a plan on paper?

    Programs for 3D visualization of interiors help to accurately embody the conceived idea. On paper, it is difficult to draw all objects in volume, to represent them in space. In addition, in such programs, you can think over textures, colours and much more to the smallest detail. So, realistic 3d rendering is quite useful. There are interior design rendering solutions that cooperate with well-known furniture companies. Therefore, you can immediately choose furniture and design and make interior modelling.

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