9 Best Laravel Admin Templates

December 20, 2020
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What is Laravel

Laravel is a solution for fast and competent creation of web projects, which allows you to be at the cutting edge of technology in web development. This PHP framework is a complete ecosystem for web development. Laravel, an open source framework, was launched recently in 2011, but it is already practically the most popular PHP engine today thanks to its rapid development. The framework was created by Taylor Otwell for developing web applications using the MVC architectural pattern.
The authors referred to Laravel as the “framework for artisans”, meaning that developers have complete freedom to create on this platform and there are no problems or obstacles to development.

Already 2 years after the launch, in 2013, according to Laravel has been named “Most Promising Project of 2014”

Advantages of Laravel

It is not for nothing that this framework has gained its popularity so rapidly. It has a whole range of advantages:

  • Deploying and updating web applications is much easier with an easy-to-use migration system.
  • The development process in Laravel is very fast, simple and high quality due to the large number of useful features.
  • Flexible routing system is one of the obvious advantages of this platform. It allows you to compose various checks for the routes of a web application. Developers can group routes, add various parameters, configure domain routing, and more.
  • The ecosystem around the framework is another advantage of Laravel. There is a huge amount of materials that allow you to study the process of working with the framework: from courses to entire conferences, as more and more developers and investors are interested in the development of Laravel.
  • Laravel lacks complex and long constructs, but rather thoughtful and concise names of all functions are used.
  • It is possible to conduct quality testing by making changes to the functionality of the site on an additional version by supporting multiple versions of the resource.
  • One of the valuable advantages is the accessible and understandable documentation, as the developers themselves note.
  • In Laravel, you can customize the built-in authorization and authentication mechanisms to suit your personal needs.

Disadvantages of Laravel

Only two key disadvantages can be distinguished, and they are the following: 

  • Laravel lacks integrated interface templates.
  • There are huge changes observed between Laravel versions. The disadvantage is the fact that backward compatibility between versions of the tool is broken.

Best Free and Premium Laravel Admin Templates 

If you want to create a PHP software project using this technology, you should consider the Laravel admin panel templates collected in this post.
By using Laravel, companies can significantly reduce both time and cost. Before creating a software project in PHP using the Laravel service, you need to consider all the Laravel admin panel templates, their features, various options in settings, user interface components and take into account the individual goals of the project. The following will be a breakdown of the main popular Laravel administration templates available for download for individual or commercial purposes.

1. Argon Dashboard Laravel

Argon Dashboard Laravel

Argon Dashboard Laravel is a frontend for Laravel since version 5.5. It was released in 2019 and has about 20K downloads already. Thanks to it, software developers can automate the creation of web projects. Argon Dashboard Laravel was developed by Creative Tim and Updivision. It is important to note the inherent advantage of its nice user interface with Help. of this product, many teams can develop and launch high quality websites and applications. In addition, Argon Dashboard Laravel supports integration with the Laravel backend.

What does the free version of the product include? First, there are 4 built-in plugins, documentationю Moreover, about 100 interface components of various variations and Sass files. The $ 149 premium version certainly has more options. For example, already 4 times more plugins, twice as many interface components, access to sketches in Photoshop support and tutorials.

2. Material Dashboard Laravel

Material Dashboard Laravel

Material Dashboard Laravel is a free and open source Bootstrap 4 admin panel. Based on user reviews, it was rated 4.9 out of 5 points. It can be used for Laravel 5.5. and higher. Powered by Google’s Material Design, it offers free and paid versions. It is distinguished by a simple, concise and clear user interface. The upside is that it can integrate with PHP Laravel backend. The demo includes 2 built-in plugins and 60 interface components. As well as Sass files and some sample web pages. The difference between the pro version and the demo is that it provides 9 times more examples of web pages, about 15 plugins, as well as as many as 200 interface components. Like Argon Dashboard Laravel, the premium version includes support, sketch files, and Photoshop. The premium version does not differ in price from the Argon Dashboard Laravel and also costs $ 149 for a web or mobile app, regardless of whether it is client-side or personal.

3. Angular PHP Laravel Starter dashboard

Angular PHP Laravel Starter dashboard

Angular PHP Laravel Starter dashboard is practically a new product that was only released in the spring of 2020.

The PHP Laravel template is characterized by high quality, it gives developers  a working solution with a functional PHP backend. Based on Angular version 9, it can integrate with ngx-admin. Angular PHP Laravel Starter dashboard gives access to 100 interface components, the ability to write code in TypeScript, API autotests using Swagger, as well as ACL and Role management, docker configuration and MySQL database. Finally, it provides documentation and access to the ability to update for free for the first 3 months. Such a package of services costs only 49 dollars, and for this money the product makes it possible to create CMS, CRM, ERP solutions, develop e-commerce products and create IoT projects.

4. Craftable

Craftable dashboard

Craftable is a Laravel-based product that brings together the tools that allow programmers and designers to work on building admin interfaces.

Craftable 5 has a very simple and straightforward interface built using CoreUI and Bootstrap 4. It is an open source template that developers use to create web projects such as CMS or back office systems. Users have access to features such as a media library, CRUD generator, Translation and localization manager, Authorization, my profile and CRUD users, as well as materials for further study. Demo version can be viewed here

5. Star Admin Laravel

Star Admin Laravel dashboard

It is a template built using frameworks like Laravel and Bootstrap 4. With Star Admin Laravel, you can create clean, user-friendly interfaces that are fun to interact with. This is an open source project with a huge amount of customization. Moreover, it is freely available.

Star Admin Laravel has rich interface components and provides components such as tables, lists, typography, charts, and more. It also provides access to a significant number of helpful guidance and implementation recommendations. In addition, the template comes with custom pages. Programmers develop software much faster with the Sass compiler.

6. Laravel Black Dashboard

Laravel black dashboard

Black Dashboard Laravel is a free template. It enables developers and designers to work faster and more efficiently to create new software. With this panel, prototyping and programming itself becomes much easier. Plus, this template is completely free.

Black Dashboard Laravel provides access to 3 plugins and 16 fully implemented components. This allows us to make the development process much faster, and the final result is of high quality and pleasant for the user, both visually and functionally. Beautiful data visualization is possible thanks to perfect graphics and typography, well-chosen color schemes. SASS files allow you to configure all components in a minimum of time and with the least effort. In addition, 7 sample web pages and tutorials are provided. As for the premium version called Black Dashboard Pro Laravel, it contains twice as many sample web pages, as many as 200 user interface components. It can be purchased for between $ 149 and $ 799.

7. Dashmix

Dashmix dashboard

Dashmix is ​​a solution designed to make it faster and easier for developers to create and launch their projects. Today it can be installed for $ 28. The admin panel template supports version 7 of Laravel. With its help, using just one layout, you can create various configurations of web pages, web applications, sites, complex information or administrative panels, platforms for working with content and its management, sites for companies. Dashmix provides users with some very useful features – Gulp 4, Babel 7, and webpack 4. In addition, users will be able to use a wide variety of interface components. For example, animation, navigation, buttons, etc. Cross-browser compatibility is done using the HTML and PHP version.

8. Theta

Theta dashboard

Theta allows programmers, software engineers to work faster and more efficiently on the creation of their projects. You can purchase this template for $ 22. By purchasing it, users get the opportunity to use both basic and advanced functions. You can use this template to create social media platforms, advanced analytics platforms, enterprise platforms, and e-commerce sites.

Users have access to a myriad of components to create the perfect website. The package includes more than 75 widgets, icons, various forms and elements, 5 pre-designed and built-in pps. For example, e-mail or the currently popular function – chat. Theta offers a choice of 4 different design combinations – two light and two dark at the user’s discretion.

9. Bordash

Bordash dashboard

Bordash Laravel PHP admin is a template that was built using Laravel 5.8, Bootstrap 4 and languages ​​like CSS3 and HTML5. Bordash PHP has an excellent dashboard that suits administrative solutions, platforms designed for CRM solutions and server applications like nothing else. Now you can purchase this template for only $ 18. With Bordash, you can work to create high quality, efficient, and user-friendly websites. Users are given access to a large number of components to create a high-quality user interface. For example, the package includes charts, plugins, tables, various shapes and elements. It is also possible to use ready-made applications – file manager, applications with a to-do list, mail or chat. There are also 13 web pages, including password recovery, pricing tables, registration lock screen, etc.


Before creating a PHP project directly in the process of choosing an admin panel template in Laravel, there are several aspects to consider. First of all, it is worth considering which template functions are best suited for your business, perhaps you have some special functionality or even special requirements. Since some templates are available in both free and paid versions, you can install a free trial and test it. Also, pay attention to the type of project. Simple websites are usually developed using easy-to-use and concise interfaces, while for data analysis systems, CRM systems, templates with access to numerous functions are best suited. Many templates are great for e-commerce systems, IoT, etc.

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