Best Marketing Collaboration Software for 2021

January 18, 2021
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Top 10 Marketing Collaboration Software You Should Know. The Best Marketing Collaboration Tools for 2021


In an era of widespread digitization, it has become particularly important for the use of the union of all the team members. In marketing, collaboration software is a must in 2021, especially in a pandemic. Such software plays the role of a collaborative online workspace.

Teams that manage to keep the focus on the most important things do better. Time spent on alignment and communication is more valuable than ever in a competitive environment. When working remotely, it is very important that processes do not slow down. The right collaboration software will ensure the well-coordinated work of the entire team and the success of the business. Collaboration tools allow you to distribute tasks, prioritize, keep track of the schedule. All these contribute to increased productivity, regardless of where customers and employees are. Such platforms are used for project management. Also, they help to schedule with calendars and get information about daily responsibilities. 

This article provides you with the best collaboration software and describes its advantages and disadvantages.

What is marketing collaboration software?

Marketing collaboration software is a tool that helps bring people together. It helps to ensure they follow projects in an integrated system.

Marketing collaboration software is a tool that makes it easy to bring employees into teams. Such platforms are so-called “Software as a Service” (SaaS), which is hosted in the cloud. Such tools guarantee a clear structure of the company and the coherence of processes. Using such tools, company employees can access the same information. On platforms, marketers keep track of job responsibilities. The convenience lies in the fact that the platforms can be used from any device over the Internet. All you need is a username and password. Besides, such platforms help to organize collaborative online workspace.

A few key benefits of marketing collaboration software:

  • access to the same information for everyone
  • remote use
  • exchange of information on one portal
  • task execution control
  • ease of access and use
  • optimized communication

Best Tools


Example of Notion dashboard

Notion is an application where you can control your personal and work affairs. The intention of the developers was to prevent Notion users from having to use third-party applications. All necessary functions are available to users. This is what makes Notion a powerful application. Notion solves the problem of organizing notes in one place. So, everything you need is always at hand in one place. Notion is a flexible tool that helps you manage any business.

Notion has the following features:

  • project and task management
  • database storage
  • maintaining tables
  • taking notes
  • work with documents
  • saving links from the browser

Notion is organized like a multifunctional notepad. On the pages you can not only write, you can draw etc. The possibilities are very wide. For example, you can add tables, pictures, video, audio and more than 30 types of content. With this function, you can collect on the page everything related to this task. Pages can be organized, combined with each other, moved. As a result, you can get an organized space where everything is in its place.

Minuses of Notion:

  • Complexity due to a large number of functions
  • Limited functionality for working with tables
  • Poor typography


Slack dashboard

Slack is a group chat for teamwork. It was created to replace the instant messengers that companies use to communicate between employees. Slack is one of the best marketing workflow software. The advantage of Slack is the integration with many services. Integration includes DropBox, GitHub, Trello, Google Drive, etc. Users can create separate chats for each topic. This way, users receive notifications only about messages that are specifically addressed to them. Slack has a basic version. It includes integration with 10 applications, 5 GB storage, and search for the last 10 thousand messages. The standard version already offers unlimited integration, storage of up to 10 GB, and group conferences between two. Plus version has 24/7 support and 20 GB of storage.

Slack was essentially created by accident. It happened when one of the creators of the Flickr (photo service) launched Slack as a service where the team could exchange messages. Now the service is recognized as the most dynamically developing business application in the world.

Slack features:

  • Messaging between users or within groups
  • Receive content notifications
  • Ability to share ideas, collect feedback
  • Search
  • Upload and share files such as documents, images and videos
  • Create and edit documents with other users in real time
  • Track the history of document changes
  • Co-authoring documents
  • Creating polls and polls
  • Adding tasks to calendar and scheduling
  • Organization of tasks

Cons of Slack:

  • Expensive upgrade
  • There is no possibility to use your own hosting
  • There is no built-in video chat
  • Syntax highlighting function is missing


Zoom dashboard

Zoom is a service where you can conduct video conferencing, remote meetings, webinars, and more. Using Zoom, users can quickly communicate with other users and their team. The service supports up to 1000 members. You can sign in to Zoom using your Google, Facebook or registration. The program interface is pretty simple. There are only 4 tabs: chat, home, conference and contacts. Zoom has many marketing collaboration tools.

On the main page, the user can create a new conference or connect to an existing one using a special key and password. The chat displays the message history, received files from broadcasts. In contacts, you can find recently added users and those with whom you can start a video or text chat.

A feature of Zoom conferences is quality. During conferences, broadcasts are made in HD quality.

Zoom features:

  • Scheduling and launching conferences
  • Screen demonstration
  • Screen sharing
  • Setting a custom background
  • Private or group chats
  • Conference monetization opportunity

Disadvantages of Zoom: 

  • Since Zoom does not position itself as a messenger, it lacks features such as group chats, chat-bots, emoji.
  • There is no way to call landline numbers
  • Group conferences are available for only 40 minutes, then you need to activate the paid version


Example of Trello dashboard

Trello is the simplest online project management tool. Trello is very popular and is hugely popular with small companies and startups. Trello is based on the Japanese Kanban board methodology. The tool was created in 2011 by Fog Creek Software.

Trello’s structure consists of boards divided by cards into lists. Boards can be allocated for specific tasks and work processes or departments. Trello is completely free to work with. Unfortunately, the functionality will be curtailed. The number of integrations and the number of uploaded files will be limited, there is no way to make a personalized background.

Main advantages:

  • Free access
  • Simple interface
  • Ease of integration with other services


  • There is not enough functionality for large companies;
  • Trello becomes less convenient on small screens


Markodojo is a marketing platform that aims to concentrate all work requirements in a single environment. It helps to organize collaborative online workspace. The platform is designed to centralize everything you need in your daily work. Markodojo users can manage online advertising, sales, content strategies, online advertising, PR. Markodojo is great for collaboration, sharing information among the team. In the program, you can plan and make a marketing strategy.

Markodojo features:

  • Sharing links, files and notes
  • Creating tasks
  • Demand tracking
  • Notes in layouts
  • Control of access to projects among participants
  • Adding third party


  • Responsiveness of work improves with increasing tasks
  • No reminders about the due dates of tasks
  • Improvements required in calendar view


Brightpod dashboard example with tips

Brightpod is a marketing project management tool. It is one of the best collaboration software. Brightpod has an intuitive and easy to use interface. With Brightpod, you can ease your administrative work. And as a result, focus your attention on strategically important tasks. The user can create a custom workflow. Also, manage the project with the required level of detail. Brightpod offers ready-made templates to which users can add their tasks lists. All of these features make work faster and easier.

Brightpod features:

  • Event planning tool
  • Scheduling calendars with project and client filters
  • Ability to exchange files of different formats
  • File exchange of a wide variety of formats

Disadvantages of the tool:

  • The inconvenience of the user interface
  • Projects are not organized in a hierarchical and easy to view format
  • No bouncing around from page to page
  • Hard to navigate links dashboard example is a cloud-based project management solution. Another example of company collaboration software. With it, teams increase productivity. It is a great tool for marketing collaboration. On, users plan using simple charts and templates. This tool is very handy for basic marketing workflows. It is very convenient to manage client projects, events, draw up a calendar of events and much more. helps marketing companies fully implement their strategies.


  • Intuitive and easy to use
  • Colored clues
  • High quality of support team
  • Allows to measure project timelines


  • No backlog
  • Native integration with other software
  • Pricing too high for a smaller team


If you use quality project management software, your team will be more organized and productive. There are a huge number of marketing collaboration tools on the market. All that remains is to choose the one that will best suit your requirements. When the team clearly sees its tasks, deadlines, then productivity increases significantly. Everyone knows exactly what to work on at the moment and focuses on specific tasks. All project documentation and necessary materials are collected in a single place. Therefore, it reduces time and optimizes the search. Collaboration marketing is being improved now since it is a trend. Web-based collaboration software solves much more tasks than offline meetings.

  1. What to look for when choosing a company collaboration software?

    Pay attention to whether the functionality of the tool meets the requirements. Will you be able to fully perform most of the workflows with this tool. Also, pay attention to the cost and the packages offered.

  2. Why is collaboration software important in the workplace?

    COLLABORATION stands for: Communicate, Obtain, Locate, Learn, Assist, Build, Offer, Resolve, Ask, Transfer, Innovate, Onboard, Network.
    If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” African Proverb. This means that by ensuring team interaction, you can achieve much more. When everyone is sharing knowledge, giving advice and noticing mistakes, the project develops. In connection with digitalization, interaction processes are transferred online. That's why Marketing collaboration software is very relevant now.

  3. How can you use collaboration tools for corporate marketing?

    Using collaboration tools improves communication with both employees and customers. You can always connect clients to a project in the tool of your choice.

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