Top 10 Best TorrentDownloads Alternatives And Proxy Of 2020

January 19, 2021

Quick intro

Torrent downloads are among the top 10 best torrent sites on the Internet. The popularity is due to the fact that the site provides access to entertainment content. Namely movies, music, TV shows, books, etc. This is a storehouse of accessible information. The site has a wide selection of content that is updated every minute. Millions of users around the world use Torrent downloads to access entertainment content for free. This article will introduce alternative sites. Each of them has its own advantages and it is not in vain that it got into the list of the best for 2020.

Let’s start not with alternatives but with clones. 

Proxy sites are clones of Torrent Downloads. They are needed so that you can always get access. With clones, you can get rid of any access problems. They have the same functionality and interface as the original. That is why there shouldn’t be any difficulties with understanding.

Here is the list of safety ones:


Troubles with using TorrentDownoads and Proxy

We choose proxy sites when we encounter obstacles with TorrentDownoads. However, what if there are errors with the use of proxy sites? Unfortunately, TorrentDownoads has a lot of crashes and problems. Nevertheless, this service is essential for millions of users every day. To solve this problem, users sometimes have to look for alternative methods. They are based on the principles of TorrentDownoads.

One of the solutions is using a VPN. A virtual private network is a mechanism that routes all Internet traffic through a virtual IP address. So, the provider or your network will not be able to understand which site you are visiting. This method is very popular and not only in the context of TorrentDownoads. When passing through the VPN, it encrypts user data. This again speaks of the maximum security and secrecy from prying eyes.

Algorithm for unblocking torrent downloads via VPN:

1. Install VPN software on your PC

2. Turn on VPN and select one of the proxy services

3. You will be redirected to the TorrentDownoads main page

Before you start working with torrents and alternatives, you need to know that torrents are illegal in some countries. Torrent distribution can be subject to high fines or even arrest. Sometimes there are viruses in torrent files, malware that can harm your computer. That is why it is important to use only trusted sites.

We also recommend that you always use a VPN when torrenting.

In case your ISP blocks torrent sites, there is a way to get around this limitation.


First in the list of alternatives to the classic site.

This project had a predecessor Torrentz, which was closed in 2015. However, the developers released Torrentz2, which meets the needs of millions of users around the world every day. It provides them with new torrent downloads. The Torrentz2 library includes over 61 millions torrents. This is a huge figure. You can find almost everything here. Users still choose Torrentz2 because of such an extensive library of files.


LimeTorrents is a relatively young torrent site. He is not very famous. However, it deserves to be high on the list of recommendations. A small problem is that there are many fake sites that pretend to be LimeTorrents. In fact, they just download virus software for you. is a real site that is included in the recommendation. The site design looks pretty dated but there are no annoying pop-ups or ads. LimeTorrents has been providing many verified torrent files to users for over 10 years. It can rightfully be considered a good alternative. Since in terms of quality, efficiency and productivity remain at the same level.


1337x is currently one of the best torrent indexers in the world. This service serves millions of users every day, providing quality torrents. The advantage of the 1337X lies in its interface. It suits users who are annoyed by colourful ads and constantly pop-up windows. When entering the site for the first time, any user will be able to understand its functionality. The site is designed to be intuitive for a child or even a senior citizen. 1337x previously had security issues but these have already been fixed.


RARBG has been in the industry for over 10 years and during this time has managed to gain many users around the world. 25 millions users a month use this service. It is included in the top services recommended by users. RARBG may have a narrower selection and not as a rich torrent library. However, the reputation of the service is built on safety and quality. On the platform, you can always find high-quality torrents of popular TV shows that have just appeared on the network. You can also download popular games and software here.

The Pirate Bay

This site has been impressing users with valuable content during its fifteen-year history. Surprisingly, The Pirate Bay has never been challenged by the authorities. It never had problems with content authorship policy. The site is constantly changing the domain name. Perhaps this is why he manages to avoid being banned. Regardless of what domain name is used on this site, you can easily find an endless variety of torrents. Such as downloading games, movies and your favourite TV series.


This site is one of the best alternatives to torrent downloads. It is specified mainly on films. Torrent updates are very fast, which certainly leads to positive reviews. This site is considered by many to be the best torrent provider for movies. It provides quality and free new items, and users love it for that. Please note that some countries prohibit it. The same is with the other listed websites.


Extratorrent is the name of the site that is known to many torrent users. He has been serving torrents for over 13 years. On the site, anyone can find TV shows, famous films and music. Sometimes users have problems registering. However, most say it is the best torrenting service for them.


This site is also one of the best alternatives on the list. On it you can find a variety of movies, books, favorite music, software and much more. Users note that the site is very user-friendly. Also, the majority always find what they ask for. The service has thousands of users all over the world. This suggests that it is reliable and many people trust this service.

It offers a selection of alternatives to the classic torrent. It contains many TV shows, recordings of concerts, serials in the original voice acting. Users not only search for specific content but also discuss their favorite shows and movies in the comments.

On this site you can find a huge number of torrents. It provides access to popular films, discussed TV shows, and new series. The service has a convenient search, and it is simple and clear to use. It is not for nothing that it is included in the list of the best alternatives. Many people advise paying attention to it.

Summing up

All in all, this article presented a list of the best alternatives to the classic torrent. On long-standing sites, you can find all the latest films, series and entertainment content. However, before using any of them, check if it is legal in your country. In no way are we calling for breaking the law. Copyright must be preserved. Check the sites, some of them may be available for use. Also, don’t be fooled by questionable copies. In this way, scammers collect information and spread viruses.

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