Genesis vs Divi: Pros and Cons and How to Make Right Choose

December 19, 2020

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The two most popular WordPress solutions today are the Divi theme and the Genesis framework. It is these solutions that users prefer. These two solutions were created for different purposes. Divi is a solution that can be used by absolutely anyone (both beginner and professional) to create their own individual design. While Genesis simplifies WordPress theme development by being its minimal structure. This article will help you figure out which solution is right for you.

What is Genesis

The framework is developed by Studiopress. Although it was developed relatively recently, it has already become quite popular all over the world. There are a number of explanations for this. First, the developers are constantly updating the framework and adding new functionality. Second, they support and develop auxiliary plugins individually for Genesis. It is important to note that the framework is not free, but you only need to pay for it once, and then you just get unlimited access to its use.

According to studiopress Genesis already has more than 260 thousand satisfied customers, more than half a million sites created on its basis and more than 390 thousand people in an active community:

Genesis infographics

Going back a few years ago, frameworks were used by developers. The frameworks had relatively few easy-to-use features and had a base theme enabled by default.

Now everything has changed. Genesis now has a simple panel to use and many options available. The theme is a clean and minimal design with beautiful fonts. It doesn’t take much to create a professional website: just change some colors, update your logo and add some charm.

Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of Genesis!

Why Genesis?

Genesis web-page

Low cost

Many vendors charge a fee for upgrading functionality and technical support every month or every year, while purchasing Genesis, you pay a one-time fee of $ 60, which includes access to the free theme and base files. You get this access forever. The cost of child themes ranges from $ 20 to $ 50. A special Pro Pack for developers, with a $ 400 purchase you get access to over 70 current themes and more to come. It is important to note that a developer license is included with any purchase (of the framework itself or child theme)

The bottom line is that for about $ 80 (depending on your needs) you can get access to ongoing support and the latest version of the framework forever. That is, there will be no need to pay extra for already purchased functions again.

What does a developer license mean? This license gives you the right to use the framework itself and its themes that you have purchased on an unlimited number of sites, and have support and documentation of the framework.

Clean code and qualified technical support

Genesis developers always follow the latest updates in their programming and improve the code taking into account advanced technologies. The StudioPress developers provide support for Genesis. Users don’t have to worry about code quality and WordPress compatibility because the developers constantly maintain code quality. It is also worth noting that Genesis developers took part in writing the code for WordPress, so users can be sure of full compatibility.

What should you do if you have questions?

First, you can always ask a question to StudioPress support. Secondly, you can always contact the active Genesis community and ask a question on the support forum. In addition, there are many educational and informational materials about Genesis on the Internet. Be sure to find the answer to your question for sure.

Thus, when purchasing Genesis, you can be sure that you will always be surrounded by support, as the StudioPress team is focused on a quality Genesis product and support has been one of their priority goals since 2007.

By purchasing genesis, you gain endless possibilities

In the context of website creation, this heading carries exactly the right meaning. This means that any of your undertakings, any needs can be done using Genesis: if you want to change something, move it, add – absolutely everything is available. It is important to understand that Genesis is not a website builder, it will not always be clear to you how to implement this or that idea, however, Genesis has a very strong community and support that with the help of information on the Internet or the help of developers, designers have no problems finding an explanation what you want to translate. However, if the user does not want to customize anything, Genesis gives access to over 70 child themes that look laconic and professional without additional settings.

Updating the framework without losing basic settings

How does this principle work? For example, a user installs one of the child themes and Genesis itself. After that, it makes changes to the files of the child theme. Then, on the admin panel in WordPress, the user is notified that there are Genesis updates. Is it worth worrying about the update breaking the settings? Absolutely not. This is precisely because the settings made by the user are stored in the files of the child theme. Thus, any changes and updates that Genesis makes will not affect either the site itself or your settings in any way, but will only add new functionality.

What is DIVI? 

Divi is a unique website building platform released in 2013. Its peculiarity lies in the fact that it is vastly superior to the standard WordPress editor. Divi is suitable for both beginners and professionals. The WordPress community values the platform very highly. Divi is a truly multipurpose theme with an arsenal of features. Divi gives you the ability to work on every aspect of your site, design it, and load specific pages and posts. By downloading Divi, users have access to one of the best web page creation and design devices, testing capabilities and WordPress Customizer. Divi offers over 20 ready-made layouts that can be used for projects and quick launches. In addition, you can also create layouts yourself using the Divi Builder, save them and use them in the future, which certainly saves you a lot of time.

Let’s figure out  what makes Divi so special.

DIVI’s pros


Like Genesis, DIVI theme works great on all devices. The modules are adapted for different devices, so when using the site it will always look perfect, no matter how the pages would be created. The design changes automatically when using different devices.

Message format

Back in 2011, post formats were introduced for the first time in WordPress 3.1. And according to many users, this is one of the best features, as it can be used to add any type of post to the blog, such as videos, images, quotes.

All of the recently released standard WordPress themes also support the post format, and therefore not all developers have added the post format to their themes. This format is found in specialized WordPress themes that are built for blogging.

That is why Elegant Themes made the Divi theme special and also included the message format. This means that when developing a blog for any purpose, Divi is perfect.

Often updates

Divi is an important part of Elegant Themes‘ strategic development, so they have released many significant updates already, which proves that the developers are working on improving Divi and are not going to stop.

While at Genesis in the past three years, only 1-2 new functions were presented. However, it’s pretty clear that this is intentional, since Genesis is a minimal WordPress framework.

Easy Page Builder

Divi constructor

An important aspect of Divi is the Divi constructor. The visual designer makes it very easy to create web pages by moving modules to the desired positions. This approach guarantees quick design and project launch. Also worth noting is the high speed of setup. In just a few moments, you can customize any module. Currently there are 32 modules available in Divi, including videos, images, contact forms, maps, tables, etc. These modules are easy to move and customize.

What is also important to note, having created a layout, you can save it and use it on other pages, or even export and use it on another site.

Thus, the Divi Designer opens up endless possibilities, which is why this is one of the main advantages of this theme.

Helpful layouts

Layouts are huge helpers in web page creation that save you when you’re out of ideas. so Divi provides as many as 18 ready-made layouts, each of which looks concise and professional. They can be individually customized to suit your requirements and requests.

According to most users, layouts are a huge advantage, as without them, many users, especially beginners, would not find it easy, so Elegant Themes has prudently included them. Many people use layouts as presented by Divi, while others use them as a starting point for their project.

Nobody is perfect

It’s no secret that even the most popular and best solutions have their drawbacks.

Let’s start with the fact that working with Genesis for users who had no previous knowledge and experience with HTML and CSS will be quite difficult. This will make it harder to make changes to the website. There are some claims to the work of the theme customizer in Genesis. For example, in the Genesis Child Minimum Pro theme, changing the background color for users does not change anything in their design.

From the good news, as already described in the benefits, Genesis offers many tutorials and forums that will help you understand and answer all your questions.

As for Divi, some developers point out that there is not enough documentation. Although the Divi documentation is very comprehensive, it is designed for beginners and explains how you can use Divi. Also, for Divi n so many in comparison with Genesis individual solutions are created. This is due to the fact that difficulties arise when changing the initial settings, especially for beginners who prefer ready-made layouts.

Summing it up

All in all, Genesis and Divi are each good for different reasons and should only be chosen based on your personal preferences. In short, Genesis will be the easiest choice for you if you are a developer and create an individual and unique product. Divi is for you if you want to quickly and often create clean, well-designed websites. So, especially if you are just a beginner in website development, it is better to opt for it on Divi, it will be easier for you. In general, both solutions allow users to work on creating various interesting websites, to show their creativity without any restrictions. Both instruments are quite popular and have earned their fame for a reason. You can also be sure that you will find answers to any questions related to creating web pages using these solutions, since there are so many forms, technical support and documentation on the Internet.

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