How To Add Social Media Icons To Your WordPress Site

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February 24, 2021

Being a regular blogger on WordPress, audience exposure is the primary thing you can crave for. However, it might not be possible if you do not add social media icons to your WordPress post. WordPress is a platform that provides you with all the conveniences of writing blogs, and you can earn a reputation as a blogger and make a profit in terms of views.

Moreover, adding the social media icons on the WordPress site can help you attract the audience of Facebook, Twitter, and other top social media sites to your posts on WordPress. It can automatically increase the number of views.

If you are a new blogger and unaware of adding the social media icons on your WordPress site, go through the techniques mentioned here. All procedures show you the way of adding social media icons at different positions of the site. 

Procedure 1: Adding social media icons at the sideline of every post

To add the social media icons on the sideline of every post on the WordPress site, you need to download either of the two apps named Widget by WPZoom and WP Social Widget. The details of both the widgets are available on the Plugins section of the official website of WordPress. 

The installation process is mentioned below:

  • Activate the plugins after you have downloaded them
  • Access the ‘Appearance’ and choose ‘Widget’
  • Under ‘Widget,’ you can find the WP social widget or WP Zoom and add it to the sidebar
  • Input the URLs on the boxes 
  • Click on the ‘Save’ option

Every social media icon remains noticeable on the sidebar of the post once you install any of the widgets, and it changes according to the sizes of the screen.

Procedure 2: Adding icons of social media on WordPress site pages

If you are a new user of WordPress, adding the social media icons on WordPress pages is the most straightforward task to do.  All you need to do is download a theme that allows you to add the social media icons on the page. 

WordPress allows you to support the ‘Customize Screen’ option and add the appropriate URLs. 

Another way of adding social media icons on the WordPress pages is to take the coding approach. If you know how to code, you will only need to write a few code sets and install the Facebook, Twitter, and other icons on the WordPress site. 

Procedure 3: Adding icons of social media at the bottom/top of every post

As a WordPress user, you can add the social media icons at either bottom or top of each post. It is the best you can do as the audience can directly reach the post and go through it. The most convenient way to add the icons on each post is by installing the Social Warfare plugin

Like the others, this is also available in the plugin section of the official website of WordPress. The installation process is mentioned here briefly:

  • Get access to the directory of WordPress and upload the social-warfare directory
  • Active the Plugin
  • Gain access to Social Warfare and add it to the menu from the admin sidebar

Procedure 4: Adding the social media icons on the WordPress Menus

Adding social media icons on the menus of WordPress can help you with proper audience exposure.

Installation process:

  • Gain access to the zip file of Social Media Shares and extract it
  • Reach the directory option
  • Click on wp-content and then plugins and finally a directory
  • Activation of the plugin can be done from the plugin page
  • Reach the plugin settings and follow all instructions to activate the plugin
  • Finally, reach the widget and place  it on the sidebar

You must make sure the version of the PHP version on your server is advanced else, you might not be able to use this plugin. However, the only way to resolve this matter is to make a call to the hosting provider.  Otherwise, you can also call the server admin and request them to update the server version. 

Procedure 5: Sharing links on images and icons with videos

While writing blogs on the WordPress platform, you can also add images and videos along with social sharing links. With the help of these links, anyone can reach your image and see it. There is a plugin named WWM Social Share that you can install on your WordPress site.  The plugin is available on Image Hover.

On Image Hover, you can add the social media icons for the videos too. As images and videos are quite different from text posts, you should always download the right plugin. 

Adding social media Icons to WordPress site: The best place

When it comes to the best place for adding the social media icons on the WordPress site, it may seem that the procedure of adding them to every post is the best. However, it is not right. You can add the social media icons either at the top or bottom of the post, and the audience can finally reach your WordPress site only. 

Remember that your exposure depends on the quality content that you upload on your WordPress site. Moreover, the content you create is also responsible for the development of your audience base. To enable more audience exposure, you need to study their behaviour and understand when they are active on social media.

The best you can do is post the time of your upcoming WordPress blog from your social media handles and allow the audience to see it and react to it. Furthermore, to enhance your blog post’s reach on WordPress, you can share it in the groups. 


At present, social media platforms are the places where every individual is present with their virtual identity, and everyone acts as the consumer of digital content.

In such a scenario, all you need to do is remain at the best of their recognition. If you want to become a blogger, make sure you have enough time to write blogs regularly. Always choose your field according to your knowledge as it can ensure the excellence of factual presentation in your content. 

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