How to Choose Accurate Attendance and Time Tracking Tools for Your Business

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December 23, 2020

Employee productivity is the essential power that an employer looks for in a candidate. It becomes the major duty of an employee to give their best to the projects. But again, the human mind can divert outside the window due to the upcoming weekend, meeting old friends, mental stress, or family problems. This can cause increased absenteeism or delay in work or a decrease in working performance. This is when employers unwillingly seek an option to choose a tool for measuring accurate attendance and time tracking of the employees.

According to the reports, out of the total time given to work in a day, 80% is spent on tasks with little or no value, while only 20% is given to the essential functions. This gives a clear idea about how crucial it becomes for a company, from small to large-sized, to invest in attendance and time tracking tools. But again, it comes with the inbuilt turbulence of how to choose and what features to look for in such technology.

Here are some steps that can help put your finger on the right product.

What are the steps for choosing accurate attendance and time tracking tools for your business?

It is true that while finding any essential product or service, you come across many that put you into thought as to what to go with. But there are steps that you can go for to analyze various market solutions.

1. What is the need for time/ attendance tracking software?

Before going into deep and screening websites for various software, it is essential to understand what is the need for attendance monitoring for your company. Unless you are sure about the use, you cannot identify the right fitted software for your company. Not only it gives you the reasons for such digital transformation, but it helps to narrow down the list of your search.

There may be many reasons, as shown in the figure, that show you the inherent need for time tracking software to keep your workforce stick to their routines.

Your lists may further include many reasons like:

  • Analyzing the costing of the project when you bill your clients based on time and services provided.
  • Calculating the billable and non-billable hours.
  • Monitoring your employee’s work which may be the prime need due to overhead projects and time management.
  • Observing the attendance of the workforce.
  • Tracking work and presence of employees, especially while working remotely, to avoid time theft.
  • Avoid unnecessary wastage of hours in between work.
  • Improvising the workflow of teams.

Despite the reasons, the main thing is to prioritize the objectives of the company. With a broader range of products to choose from, it assists you in narrowing down the search for such tools.

2.   What features do you need the most for your organization?

Having a list of requirements in your hand, you can refer only to particular required features from the narrowed down list, eventually saving time. Creating such a list helps you stay focused on your needs and avoids getting impressed by the convincing salespeople. That way, you can choose the right tool that highlights and helps you reach your goals.

Some of the prominent features that a company looks for in time tracking solutions may include some of these:

Integration with the biometrics:

This is the most sought feature where the company already has its biometric installed. Integration with the biometric devices directly helps employers in gathering attendance information at the centralized servers. The solutions are also integrated with the payroll to minimize the human interventions and errors in calculation.

Time tracking reports: Generating reports and analyzing the employee attendance and time given to the projects is essential to determine the performance of employees. Automatic report building can be much time saving as compared to the manual data entries.

Analyzing the product costing and profitability:

The timesheet options help analyze the time given to particular projects along with the calculation of profitability to the company. This eventually is used to estimate the billable and non-billable hours of the client’s project.

Remote employee monitoring:

Many companies have felt it challenging to monitor the attendance and work of employees working from home. This led to the rise of using technologies like geo-punch, selfie-punch, and geo-tracking during the coronavirus outbreak also. The combined solution of remote monitoring assists the managers to check whether employee’s attendance is authenticated with time and location tags.

Online punch-in/ out:

This feature helps the most where employees are required to travel, often related to meetings and other work. Employees while traveling find it hard to submit attendance prioritizing the need for such an online punching tool through the web or mobile application. Moreover, due to the break in the communication, while traveling, the manager may not always identify the actual place of the employees giving rise to time thefts and other advantages.

The most looked at features including the ones that can reduce time thefts and buddy-punching that may arise due to lack of monitoring in the workplace. According to statistics, it annually costs a company approx $373 million in buddy punching and approx $11 billion in time theft.

3.   Shortlist the software that meets your requirements

With such a varied range of options to choose from, it is challenging to find the one most preferable. But there are consultant and review sites that can be used to determine benefits and drawbacks, compare the products, and user applicability.

The most looked-at factors among the readers circle along these:

  • Customer Support & training
  • Features
  • User interface
  • Price

Being affordable, price-wise, and feature-wise is any company’s priority. However, the cheapest may not suffice the requirements of the company. Thus it is essential to pick a solution offering the best value with higher ROI.

Most of the solutions offer a free trial usage period to the customers making it more convenient for them to choose the fulfilling one.

Ending Notes

Finding the right tool for digital transformation in a vast ocean can be more challenging if you are barefooted. Having proper planning is essential in almost every field. With an understanding of the need and application of technology in the workplace, it becomes easy to find out the best suitable option. Eventually, such tools help companies bring down the rate of buddy-punching, time-thefts, false time records, and human error during the calculation.

Divyang Metaliya is a Business Consultant working with factoHR. Apart from managing and improving business processes, his hobby is to spread his vast area of knowledge to the people out there. He loves to create content that is innovative and engaging for the readers.