Phone Monitoring Services That Are Safe to Use

April 1, 2021

5 Best Cell Phone Tracking Apps

Recently, the topic of phone surveillance is becoming more and more relevant. Children’s lives are no longer safe, cheating in marriage has become more frequent, and thefts from homes and apartments are more common. All this can be prevented in some cases by establishing surveillance. But does a phone monitoring service that is safe to use meet its functionality? What are the most productive ones?

Types of Surveillance via the phone

Surveillance of a person over the phone can be illegal and official. People wishing to use this service should remember that collecting information about a person from closed sources becomes a direct interference in his private life. Such interference is considered a violation of the law and is punishable by penalties of varying severity.

How can you follow a person legally? It is necessary to obtain his consent. Surveillance without permission is illegal. If a person has given permission to collect information or provides it himself (for example, location data), then such surveillance is considered official and does not contradict the norms of the law.

What information can be tracked

With the help of surveillance you can get the following information:

  • the contents of the subscriber’s call log;
  • the text of messages along with the exact time and date of receipt;
  • the content of emails coming to the user’s email account;
  • the user’s current location.
  • photos from cameras.
  • recordings from a voice recorder.

Best apps for phone tracking

The Android and iOS platforms provide an abundance of apps that help you track another device. They are easy to install, work in the background, and are efficient to use.

1. TrackView

The leading app in terms of functionality. By installing it, in addition to location tracking, you get access to audio, viewing information from the video camera in real-time. Have you been out of contact with a tracked subscriber for a long time? TrackView has the function of remote control of the device. You can turn on the front or back camera on a smartphone with the app installed. Then you can make sure the person is okay.

Once installed on your phone, you will have the ability to:

  • activate the microphone for recording or listening;
  • track the location through the GPS beacon (must be turned on);
  • monitor through the camera, take a screenshot;
  • receive notifications about changes on the device.

TrackView has silver and gold subscriptions. Which one you choose depends on your goal.

2. mSpy

This is a great spy app with over 25 features. Once installed, you will be able to hide the program icon. This way, no one will know about the installation of the software. Immediately after installation, mSpy starts working in the background, transmitting all information from your phone to your control panel. mSpy uses the internet network to send the information. Thus, the main target or selected device must be connected to the Internet. The information will be transmitted regardless of the location of the monitored device.

You can view and manage the information remotely:

  • lock the device in case of loss or theft;
  • remote blocking of applications;
  • tracking text and SMS messages;
  • monitoring of messengers and social networks (WhatsApp, Viber, Facebook, Line, Skype, Telegram);
  • phone and address book. Ability to view and block contacts and calls;
  • all Internet activity. Web sites, bookmarks, calendars, etc.;
  • GPS location and much more.

3. Neospy

The simplest program for tracking your phone. You can install it on your computer and your phone, for smartphones you need to download NeoSpy Mobile. This is legal software that you can download for free, but some of the features will not be available. To get the full package of services, you will have to pay. There will be no problems with the installation.

Surveillance software can:

  • hide the operation of the application on the device;
  • track the phone’s keypad;
  • copy pictures from the camera;
  • track the subscriber’s location.

4. Talklog

This is a more advanced spy program, but be sure to disable antivirus software before installing it on your phone. In the security settings, you’ll need to activate the installation of applications from other sources. Talklog service is a full-featured spy that collects all the activity from the wearable gadget (calls, texts, photos, and videos). You can download a trial version with limited functionality to familiarize yourself with the functionality. You will need to pay to use all the options of the application.

5. Flexispy

A full-fledged activity monitor on a mobile phone. Flexispy is distributed only on a paid basis. Depending on the functionality, you can buy one of the following packages: Premium or Extreme. To install it on a smartphone, you must have root rights (developer access). After that, there is no system file in the database and there is a possibility of the remote upgrade of the program.

Tracking apps have the following functionality:

  • wiretapping your phone in voice recorder mode;
  • recording of telephone conversations;
  • interception of SMS, MMS;
  • reading dialogs from popular social networks and messengers: Skype, Viber, Facebook, Telegram, WhatsApp;
    call interception and more than 140 more functions.

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