Storm Proxies Review: The Leader in the World of Private Rotating Proxies

November 10, 2020

Storm Proxies is one of the leading proxy providers in the world. You can get high-quality, anonymous proxies that keep you unidentified on the internet. You can use storm proxies to scrape data, protect your brand, verify ads, or just to access geo-restricted content. 

But are the proxies any good? Do they work as they are supposed to? Is Storm Proxy a reliable proxy provider?

We know you have many questions about Storm Proxies. Today, we are going to answer all of them in our Storm Proxies review and see how the proxy service turns out. But first, let’s share a few words on the proxy platform.

What Makes Storm Proxies Stand Out

Alt- Storm Proxy

Desc- Storm Proxies is a leading rotating proxy provider

Storm Proxies is your home to rotating and dedicated proxies. The provider is a pioneer in proxy technologies and sells unique residential and reverse rotating proxies exclusively. You will have to search very hard to find such proxies with superior technology- simply because no one else makes them!

Storm Proxies hosts and owns all the proxies sold by the platform. They have an expansive server network encompassing the US and EU that provides the highest uptime. 

As Storm Proxies owns it proxies, you can get them at much affordable rates than other providers. 

The platform also has great customer service. They reply to 45% queries within 1-hour, and the maximum it can take is only 24-hours. Storm Proxies is always dedicated to its customers and aims to provide more than satisfactory service. 

Alright! That’s all about the company. Now let’s get straight down to the proxy services in our Storm Proxies review.

Find the Best Proxies at the Best Rates

Storm Proxies offers two categories of proxies-

  • Rotating proxies
  • Dedicated proxies

We will take up each in detail,

Rotating Proxies

Rotating proxies from Storm Proxies is the best way to stay anonymous. The proxies switch IP every 3 minutes and 15 minutes. Each new HTTP request you send also gets forward with a new IP. You can get access to 70,000 IPs from the proxy pool for your online tasks. 

Rotating proxies are great for your SEO tasks, scraping data, protecting brands, verifying ads, and registering accounts in bulk.

Storm Proxies offers 4 types of rotating proxies-

Dedicated rotating proxies: Ideal for people who need dedicated IPs. You can enjoy over 70,000 rotating proxies that use proprietary data center addresses.

Residential rotating proxies: Highly anonymous proxies that come with a 24-hours money-back guarantee. The proxies are suitable for bots, data verification, and crawling.

Sneaker sites residential proxies: If you work with sneaker bots, this package will surely fit your bill. The sneaker proxies from Storm Proxies also rotate IPs to support sites like Adidas, Footlocker, Nike, Eastbay, and more. 

Tickets sites residential proxies: Get special proxies meant only for ticketing sites only from Storm Proxies. Your proxy gets a new IP every 5 minutes from over 40,000 IP addresses.

Dedicated Proxies

Alt- Storm Proxies

Desc- Dedicated proxies from Storm Proxies are a great choice

Dedicated proxies are great for browsing the web and doing general activities. You can use the proxies to play games, listen to songs, access restricted content, and so on. The private and dedicated proxies are exclusive, and you will not have to share them with anyone.

Storm Proxies has a range of dedicated proxies-

Ticketing proxies: You can always expect a great performance from the dedicated ticketing proxies. High-speed and anonymity are few of the perks of Storm Proxies.

Social media proxies: Do you need private proxies for social media? Storm Proxies has ultimate dedicated proxies for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and more. You can even get private proxies for use with your Pokemon Go!

Next, let’s take a look at some of the perks of Storm Proxies.

Awesome Features of Storm Proxies

Alt- Stormproxies

Desc- Among the features, Storm Proxies provides a stellar customer service

Rotating IPs Always

You get a new IP with randomly-picked proxies for every new HTTP request you make. In the case of other rotating proxies, the IP changes every 3 to 5-minutes. You always get clean IPs that work 100%.

No Limitations

You will never have to restrict yourself with bandwidth. Everyone can take advantage of the high-speed Storm Proxies network with full freedom.

Two Locations

For now, you can get proxies from the USA, Asia, or Europe to stay anonymous. All proxies are updated so that you don’t come across redundant ones. 

Non-Sequential IPs

If you are into SEO, the non-sequential IPs are surely a big help. You can use them for link building and other SEO tasks.

Great Customer Support

Your queries will be attended within 24 hours. In some cases, you can even get a reply within 1-hour of sending your support email. 

Next, we will see how easy it is to use Storm Proxies.

How to Make the Most of Storm Proxies

Alt- Storm Proxies

Desc- Check out how Storm Proxies work

Using Storm Proxies is really easy, and even a child can do it. You don’t have to worry about changing IPs or rotating proxies- everything is done for you automatically. 

To use Storm Proxies, just copy your proxy gateway and paste it in your proxy tool. This will connect your device to our servers that automatically switch IPs with time or HTTP requests. 

Final Verdict

Storm Proxies is a great place to buy your rotating residential and dedicated proxies. You can always expect high speeds, instant responses, and full anonymity. Most plans come with a 48-hours money-back guarantee to remove all risks. 

Give Strom Proxies a try today and see how it turns out for you!

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