Top 15 WordPress Travel Blog Themes For Your Website in 2020

December 23, 2020

15 Best WordPress Travel Blog Themes in 2020

As traveling safely during the pandemic has become a challenging task, the rise in popularity of travel blogging cannot be denied. Over a third of US tourists have reviewed a travel blog for information, you can without a doubt attract them with an excellent blog.

However, creating a high-end travel blog is a challenging process. For it to be attractive and illustrative, you should pinpoint your whereabouts, have a quality image gallery, and add some sort of a monetization option.

If you’re not sure how to implement it properly, you can always craft a web page with WordPress – it does not require any programming skills at all. However, out of hundreds of options, what is the best WordPress theme for travel blogs? Let’s take a look at the most beautiful WordPress blog designs and find out.

15 Best Travel Blog Designs in WordPress

1. Essence Pro

Essence Pro Demo

Essence Pro is a theme from StudioPress based on the Genesis Framework. While it can be used for any type of website, it is most suitable for lifestyle-oriented pages. It is rather minimalistic, there is no unnecessary clutter, and it is perfect for big high-quality images.

Genesis Framework is known for its security and SEO-readiness. Thanks to it, the theme is also easy to customize, it is adaptable to any platform and works well with any plugin you need. Essence Pro also comes with eCommerce components, which will help you to monetize your travel blog.

2. Trawell

Not sure how to create a travel blog with WordPress? Try out Trawell. It takes less than 5 minutes to set up, and there is an abundance of helpful features and customization options that will make your blog unique and fun to follow.

Trawell offers easy integration with Google Maps, using which you can mark your destinations on a stylized map of your choosing. There is also an abundance of fonts to choose from, and a great image customization tool with which you can even choose an aspect ratio of the photos you post. Multiple monetization options will also help you to gain the most from your blog.

3. OceanWP

OceanWP Demo

The next WordPress theme for travel blogs is among the fastest-growing in popularity themes for the platform. It is designed to supplement multiple plugins you might otherwise have used with a single solution. What’s also important is that it is a free theme that looks and feels like a premium one.

OceanWP is a light-weighted theme – its loading times are impressively fast. It was built with SEO in mind, and there are also extensive eCommerce solutions built-in. Additional extensions will help you to customize the theme even more and make sure it has all the features needed for the success of your blog.

4. Publisher

Publisher Demo

If you’re not going for a traditional travel blog at look with your website, you might want to try out Publisher. This theme will bring out more of a magazine or newspaper feel to your blog, which will allow you to frame your stories in a different light.

Publisher has been the most popular theme on various theme marketplaces several years in a row. And it’s no wonder – it is one of the best SEO optimized themes ever, with built-in Google AMP and Facebook Instant Article solutions. It is also equipped with great content editing options and several helpful monetization solutions.

5. Divi

Divi Demo

While not created specifically for travel blogs, Divi is one of the best and most used page builders in WordPress. This means that with the help of its great visual editor, you can craft the travel blog you’ve always wanted.

Divi provides limitless customization options, with a variety of visual effects and possible layouts to boot. It also is equipped with various helpful options, like a social media sharing system, forms to fill out, and various eCommerce solutions. Using its intuitive tools, your website will be ready in no time.

6. Insight

Insight Demo

Insight is another minimalist travel blog sample with no over the top visual features. If you want the main focus of your website to be the photos you post – this is one of the best options that will help you to showcase the visual aspect of your adventures.

Insight offers a fluid and adaptive layout on your page. This means that the site will look great on any device in any resolution. Furthermore, it adapts to how you want to place your articles – the images will display accordingly to the way you place the widgets on the page.

7. Travelog

Travelog Demo

Unlike some of the previous examples, Travelog is designed to provide a balancing approach between visual and textual parts of the content. The customization options for both aspects are developed to a great degree, so you can express yourself in any way you see fit.

Besides, Travelog can be integrated with Google Maps, which provides an opportunity to map out your path or simply mark the places of interest. You can edit each checkpoint to contain additional information to aid your readers in their travels.

8. Peak

Peak is one of the best themes to visually tell the story about your adventures. It is elegant, graceful, and perfectly minimalistic. Peak is also easy to implement thanks to the carefully crafted detailed manual and other documentation that comes with it.

This WordPress travel blog theme is perfectly optimized and ready for use on any device. It comes with multiple widgets that will help you to customize it to your taste, and it is compatible with dozens of external plugins.

9. Travelista

As you might’ve guessed from the name, Travelista is a theme specifically designed for travel bloggers. As a result, it features one of the best content systems for a travel blog out there. All posts are divided into 9 formats, each delivering a different value to the reader (this includes Standard, Gallery, Video, Image, Link, Quote, Status Audio, and Aside).

For your customization, for this theme, there are 3 layout options, 3 header styles, and multiple footer column options available. Overall, the theme works well with various plugins and is compatible with various eCommerce solutions.

10. TheGem

TheGem Demo

TheGem is less of a WordPress theme and more of the multifunctional toolbox for WordPress website creation. The amount of design elements in this box is astounding – and they are great for crafting great visual websites, including travel blogs.

TheGem is both easy to use thanks to a perfectly designed GUI and is highly customizable. With so much creative control, you’ll be able to build a page that fits your needs, assists your target audience, and reflects your artistic vision.

11. Backpack Traveler

The next item on the list has also been specifically designed as a tool for travel bloggers. The elements it includes work great with various post forms, including audio and video. Furthermore, you can use page building capabilities of Elementor or WPBakery to create a blog that is decidedly your own.

Backpack Traveler has great and flexible destination layouts with Google Maps integration. Also, you can set up your online store to monetize your blog. Each element is well thought out and highly customizable.

12. Travelmatic

Travelmatic Demo

The most notable feature of our next item on the list, Travelmatic, is its extensive use of Google Maps integration. For example, a Google Maps element can be used as a header on the front page. The other posts are displayed as destination points and their descriptions. Besides the custom map styles, you can implement, there are even map drawing elements to highlight your path.

Even if you choose not to utilize the Google Maps functionality, Travelmatic is still a solid theme for your travel blog. It provides great typography and layout customization tools, and it works well with posts filled with images.

13. Indigo

Indigo Demo

Indigo looks and feels like a more traditional travel blog/magazine website. Here, beneath the site logo and a menu, you will find a featured slider that will allow you to showcase your best and most recent adventures.

While the theme is a classic example of a travel blog, it has a modern look to it, with sleek effects as a bonus. You can also make use of unique widgets, like the ones for social media integration. Overall, the theme is easy to install and customize, so if you’re new to WordPress – it’s just for you.

14. Travelbiz

Travelbiz Demo

Travelbiz is a theme that was designed for travel businesses, hence the name. However, you can use it to build a travel blog as well. The travel agency website usually focuses on a place people would love to visit – that’s your goal too!

The theme contains an image slider on its home page and a custom search bar on top of the menu. It is easy to implement, but the customization options included are minimal. It synergizes with most WordPress plugins, so if you want to add some flair to your webpage – use one of them.

15. NovaBlog

NovaBlog Dem

NovaBlog was created with various types of blogs in mind. Fortunately, travel blogs were one of them. Overall, Nova offers over 550 different options for you to choose from and adapt to your needs. So, if you’re planning on using the theme for another website, this is the best way to get the most for your money.

Nova travel blog comes with various area sliders, a live search option, custom header style, and any translation you need at the ready. It also supports various plugins and has built-in social media integration.


At the end of the day, the best WordPress travel blog theme for your project depends on your preferences. Each one of the templates mentioned above can be effectively utilized to form a great blog, it is your job to make it unique and adapt it to your wishes.

Selecting the WordPress travel blog theme is an important task, but it is not the only thing you need to perform. Enjoy your journey, be creative, and you will see the results of your efforts in no time.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Should I choose a free or a premium theme?

    Some free themes can seem much better than other premium ones, so the general answer is that you should review the themes and pick the one you like, no matter whether it’s free or paid. However, premium themes often come with additional services, like full customer support.

  2. Which plugins do I need to install?

    Some of the most popular and helpful plugins include:

    Yoast SEO;

  3. How do I make money from travel blogging?

    There are numerous monetization options you can choose from, some of them are:

    Google AdSense;
    Sponsored posts;
    Audience donations;
    Paid content.

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