Top 7 Accounting Software for Interior Design

by David Patterson
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Entrepreneurs who are starting or already running an interior design business should think about accounting. The obvious solution that many come to is to hire a professional accountant. However, his services can be a serious expense. There is an easier solution. There are many simple and reliable accounting solutions on the market in interior design. Modern interior design software solutions offer you control over your accounting. Simplicity, complete control, confidence and peace of mind – this is what modern software offers its users.

What is interior design accounting software?

Interior design accounting software is a program used by accountants to record financial transactions and generate reports. Accounting has different functionality, which depends on the project itself. There are many different offers on the market. From turnkey products for small businesses to personalized solutions for large businesses.

Accounting includes the following aspects:

Interior design software has 3 main advantages:

Mobile options

An obligatory criterion for the ideal software today is mobility. It is critical to be able to access information on your system anytime, anywhere. The best accounting software for interior designers provides continuous access to any device. Mobility is the ability to update the report at any time or check the project status when needed. You don’t need to be in the office for this. Sometimes employees have many appointments and tasks. Mobile software is a convenient upgrade option, regardless of physical equipment. State-of-the-art software also helps you track opening hours. Besides, it is possible to update customer information and manage accounts from your smartphone. All data can be synchronized. The best accounting software for interior designers has fast-running features.


The best accounting software for interior designers saves you staff time. The software is built on automated features to eliminate errors and duplication. You don’t need to update information in multiple documents or invoices. The software automates changes across all platforms. That is why you do not need to worry that the data in different sources will differ. When creating new accounts or reports, the software is easily customizable. There is no need to start from scratch. This personalized workflow does not involve creating large reports or repetitive forms. Users only need to customize the report once and transfer it when ordering. Interior design accounting software does not force users to enter the same information over and over again. The software does it by itself.

Centralization and simplicity

Full financial management is required in the accounting process. The software must control the ledgers from start to finish. This software is also intuitive and does not have complex functions. Despite this, it covers all the required aspects. Professional accounting software for designers helps to spend less time looking through documents and. The best software will combine all accounts and supplier management into one program. Instead of wasting a lot of time, users can easily work in such software and provide access to it. Third-party programs are an additional headache. Ideal software offers ready-made templates and schedules for deadlines. All this does not require a long setup. Thus, all the functions you need are in one place.

What programs do interior designers use?

Studio Designer

Studio Designer is the leading accounting software for interior design for over 30 years. Studio Designer is a very popular tool because of its ease of use. It can be used to perform tasks such as accounting, project management, and logistics accounting. The original name of Studio Designer is Studio Webware. The instrument does not stand still and continues to improve. For example, Studio Designer 2.0 was recently released. The monthly cost is $ 35.

Advantages: it has a wide functionality with which you can completely run a business.

Disadvantages: Possibly expensive product depending on the number of team members added to the program.

Design Manager

Design Manager is a tool that can rightfully be considered a veteran of interior design software. In this program, you can completely complete all the tasks required by the business. Accounting management is one of its main strengths. That is why it is very easy to carry out accounting of interior design in this program. For new users, Design Manager can be quite challenging to master. However, after spending a little time to rejoice with its functionality, you will not want to use something else. The Design Manager is a favorite among users. Many have remained faithful to this program over the years. The cost is $ 39.99 per month.

Benefits: Design Manager has excellent, responsive support. It is very easy to manage all functions in one place with this tool.

Disadvantages: It will take time to figure out how to fully use the program. That is, users need some time to study the interface and how it works.


Ivy is a very popular tool that offers innovative accounting solutions for interior design. The functions of this program are used by many users around the world. QuickBooks Online is a service that Ivy integrates with. This is how credit card payments work. Accounting and financial information are generated. Ivy costs only $ 29 per month.

Benefits: Ivy doesn’t charge extra for every new user. Integration with QuickBooks allows you to build and plan your business strategy. The Ivy mobile app allows you to keep records anywhere and not necessarily in the office. In addition, you can plan and agree on schedules with contractors.

Disadvantages: Since Ivy integrates with QuickBooks, this means users pay for both services at the same time. In addition, after the merger of Ivy and Houzz problems with the data protection and privacy began to appear.


Fuigo is the youngest interior design accounting tool. Despite this, Fuigo already has many users around the world. This is due to the software’s unique approach to the market. Fuigo is a Japanese word that refers to quality of work. This tool has a very modern approach. For example, there is an entire physical space for Fuigo to work in New York to come to. In order to master the product and improve, Fuigo offers a range of resources to explore. The price per month of use is higher than in the previous examples reviewed. It is $ 65 per month.

Advantages: It is very easy to download pictures from any site on the Internet, and even from social networks like Pinterest. The tool has a clear and beautiful user interface. This certainly attracts users.

Disadvantages: Users will have to pay extra for payroll integration.

QuickBooks Pro

QuickBooks Pro is accounting software for interior design. The name states clear that users are mostly professional accountants. QuickBooks Pro users can access work content from any device. QuickBooks Pro has an online application that stores all data in the cloud. This creates great usability. And it doesn’t tie employees to a physical machine in the office. QuickBooks Pro features include expense tracking and financial management. In addition, it has invoicing creation and sending, and payment planning.

Advantages: it is very convenient to set up an owl budget, track it and always keep it under control. It helps to analyze the expenses and income of the company. There are a lot of reports for various purposes. These reports are easy to customize. Just enter suppliers and pay bills.

Disadvantages: Requires to print, sign and mail paper receipts, failures to update from earlier versions.


FreshBooks is an easy interior design software for small business accountants. With this tool, you can keep track of company expenses. Also, send invoices and monitor clients. Freshbooks works like a cloud service, so you can easily access it anytime, anywhere. The creator of FreshBooks strived to develop a unique and user-friendly software. The software should cover all the essential functions. He was disappointed with Word and Excel and therefore created his own product. Indeed, it can be called such, because in 15 years FreshBooks has attracted more than 10 million customers.

Benefits: Excellent customer support and service, user-friendly applications, and great user experience.

Disadvantages: Limited options, such as the number of users. The cost per month is quite high.

Mydoma Studio

Mydoma Studio is a project management software for interior design. With Mydoma Studio, you can accept contracts from customers and make sales. Also, keep track of expenses and income. This software is the ideal software for project management and control. With its help, you can perfectly manage employees and their tasks. This software is made for interior designers, landscape designers, interior decorators, and more. Mydoma Studio offers a free trial, and paid prices start at $ 59 per month.

Advantages: ease of use, the ability to use online through any device. Just share project details and resolve work issues.

Disadvantages: No shopping list for projects from subprojects. For some users, the interface seemed not always intuitive.


There is a number of software for interior designing on the market. Each tool offers some kind of individual solutions, different functions. However, the purpose of all interior design business software is the same. Just to free companies from accounting problems and focus their attention on creativity. All tools are aimed at ease and speed of use. The information often needs to be entered only once, then it can be constantly updated. The system, which has all the necessary functions, helps to efficiently use time and resources. With this interior design software review, it will be easier to choose the best solution.

  1. Should I worry about the privacy of cloud-based tools?

    There is certainly no reason to worry about privacy. Only those users to whom you provide it will have access to accounting data. Some solutions even have restrictions on the number of users. For some, you need to pay separately for each user who gets access to information. All cloud solutions have a high degree of security and data protection.

  2. Can I test the services for free?

    Some tools (like Mydoma Studio) offer a free trial. During this period, potential users can use the functionality of the program. This time (usually a month) is given for testing the program. Users analyze the platform and decide if it meets their requirements.

  3. What if I realize that the functionality of the program is not enough for me?

    Some tools have both a standard version and a pro version. You just need to change your tariff plan. Then you will have access to a wider range of functions. In addition, you can always familiarize yourself in advance with the set of functions that the program offers and make a forecast. Analyze what you might need in the future. Or just move on to another tool that was originally made for professionals, not beginners.

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