Best Crypto Betting Sites

Self-help is the best help. Yet what if you just want to enjoy the online crypto betting adventure? Where to start? What to expect? Which sites to eschew and why? This is where the ODRB comes into play. Our gambling experts and crypto enthusiasts do a great job of researching and assessment of the best Bitcoin betting sites so that you could start enjoying your gaming experience straight away!

ODRB – The Unbiased Explorer Of The Crypto Betting World That You Can Trust

Self-help is the best help. Yet what if you just want to enjoy the online crypto betting adventure? Where to start? What to expect? Which sites to eschew and why? This is where the ODRB comes into play. Our gambling experts and crypto enthusiasts do a great job of researching and assessment of the best Bitcoin betting sites so that you could start enjoying your gaming experience straight away!

Top-Tier Crypto Betting Sites

The emergence of OTT and entertainment online venues has modified the consumption of media as they proved gigantic potential at the dawn of origin and led to their prevalence skyrocketing throughout the following years. The coverage of these entertainment portals kept growing due to the multitude of entertainment genres to get involved in, along with the specific platforms’ indefatigable promotions and easy account sign-up process; people were unquestionably enthralled. It didn’t take too long for the extremely competitive online casino and crypto betting site industry to take notice of the prospects the entertainment industry now had; and together, they had a lot to offer to bitcoin gamblers, wishing to wager their fair share of crypto coins on their favorite platforms. So, here’s the list of the most upmarket options that have already proved their reputation: 

Methodology Scheme We Follow While Assessing Crypto Bettings Sites

Given that, in all our reviews, we stay unbiased, we highly recommend you follow the same evaluation scheme that we use so that your choice of a bitcoin gambling site was impartial and equitable. Just as we aspire to enhance your gaming experience, so might you feel free to apply the following scheme once encountering a new platform. Сheck first whether or not you could trust a BTC gaming site and here’s how to do it:  

  • Comprehensive Research

This is the first and foremost thing that everybody should do. Our experts explore all the information available out there first. Then check out websites, existing bonuses, and promotions, accepted cryptocurrencies, libraries of gaming titles, software providers and their expertise, etc.

  • Reputation Check

This point might seem obvious but this process can contain some controversial points. On the one hand, customer reviews reveal a lot about bitcoin betting sites. Yet, on the other hand, it is crucial to delve into the users’ feedback deeper so that mere resentment due to gaming failures of others didn’t mislead. The most well-known and trustworthy platforms like AskGamblers, Reddit, TrustPilot, and SiteJabber come in handy in that regard. 

  • Legitimacy Confirmation

Another key component required for defining whether or not a crypto gambling platform deserves your time is confirming its legality. Our researchers check the legal terms, find out where the company was registered, if it holds an official license (and if yes, then from which authority), we compare country restrictions, etc. Also, our research fellows figure out cases of probable scandals or illegal activities that a BTC gambling site could have ever been involved in. Defining possible scams at this stage is critically important. 

  • Gameplay Testing

Once we confirmed the legality, our crypto betting enthusiasts move on to testing the gameplay. They do so with several games in various categories, both on desktop and mobile. What they pay attention to in the first place is UI, the selection of titles, quality of games, other particular features, etc. 

  • RTP and Provably Fair Gambling

Provably fair games, although sounding like a must, are not present ubiquitously. Some online casinos ensure just a few provably fair gaming titles, thus it sometimes could be not that easy to check the entire catalog. Whereas defining the approximate RTP is a bit easier for us as we’ve got our own methodology for that. Hence our selection of the best bitcoin gaming sites is actually argumentative and does reduce gaming risks.  

  • Transactions Speed

Fast and trouble-free deposits and withdrawals compose another key element of what pushes casinos to the highest gaming-industry layer. If one wants to be there, they should guarantee instant transactions, without taking more than a few hours or a max of a day. For our reviews, we do a withdrawal check to figure out how long one is to wait to get their winnings.  

  • Customer Service Analysis

And the last yet not least stage of our methodology scheme is to determine how responsive the customer support service is and whether or not it is capable of resolving possible issues of its users. As a rule, all best crypto sports betting sites state they’re available 24/7 via live chat or other communication channels. Hence, we reach out to them and check if their statement coincides with reality.

Top 7 Crypto Betting Sites

Bad Luck with Crypto Sports Betting Sites?

Do not rely on luck! Trust online bitcoin gambling experts instead. 

ODRB is a gamers-oriented review platform that delivers unbiased overviews of the best online platforms to bet with cryptocurrency. You will find here neither ads nor paid-out feature articles. We love crypto betting and would like to enhance your gaming adventure, too. Years of gambling experience and tons of cryptocurrency expertise encouraged us to compile a decent and trustworthy list of high-end BTC gaming sites that we play at with pleasure ourselves. The key components of our trust and recommendation include checking and assessing legal licensing, respectable odds and worthy bonuses, a rich library of gaming titles, and prompt withdrawals. 

We stay tuned for more news on bitcoin gambling, hence our list of reviews is constantly updated with regard to the current situation. We steadily watch the casinos, we regularly follow gamblers’ feedback, hence our list of the major BTC betting market players for the moment starts like this: 

4,4 Rank
Available in US

Deposit Bonus, Free Spins, Weekly giveaways

Winners 90 /100
Rate 84 /100
4,5 Rank
Available in US

Massive 5 BTC Bonus, Tuesday Free Spins

Winners 86 /100
Rate 81 /100
4,2 Rank
Available in US

Welcome Offer, Free Spins Wednesdays

Winners 80 /100
Rate 77 /100
4,3 Rank
Available in US

5 BTC bonus, Free spins, and other

Winners 76 /100
Rate 72 /100
4,0 Rank
Available in US

Welcome Bonus: 15000 EUR + 200 Free Spins

Winners 75 /100
Rate 71 /100
4,0 Rank
Available in US

Welcome Bonus 1000 USD + 100 Free Spins

Winners 73 /100
Rate 70 /100
4,0 Rank
Available in US

100% match up bonus up to 1.5 BTC – promo code: FIRST

Winners 68 /100
Rate 67 /100

How to Select the Best Crypto Betting Site

As long-term gamblers and crypto enthusiasts, we have developed a system for reviewing, assessing, and ranking bitcoin online sports betting sites. For good or for worse, years of our experience have proved that many casinos do not always keep their promises. So that you don’t rise to the bait, we share our step-by-step guide on how to choose the top bitcoin gambling platform:

  1. Step 1: Check the Casino for Licensing and Security 

    Even though BTC gambling sites are generally safer than most traditional casinos, it doesn’t mean that all of them out there are to be trusted. To bet with bitcoins on a credible and trustworthy site, such must have adequate security measures as well as licenses by gaming authorities such as the UKGC, Curacao, MGA, and others. Make sure that a license is verifiable and legitimate. Other key points to pay attention to include additional safety features (like SSL 128-bit encryption, two-step verification, and a safe payment system) and gaming titles for being provably fair.

  2. Step 2: Explore Bonuses and Promotions

    Using the site’s bonuses is an excellent way to increase your bankroll and play at higher stakes, especially for those who wish for a head start in their gambling career. Cryptocurrency gaming is held to a higher standard when it comes to bonuses and promotions. Therefore, make sure that to bet with bitcoin, the platform offers a substantial incentive for new players. 

  3. Step 3: Browse the List of Accepted Cryptocurrencies

    A diverse range of accepted cryptocurrencies is a must for our list of the best crypto betting sites. Limiting players to only using Bitcoin, Ethereum, or other well-known coins doesn’t captivate. The same goes for you: ensure that a website offers an increasing number of cryptocurrencies as new coins emerge and gain popularity.

  4. Step 4: Research Players’ Feedback and the Casino’s Reputation

    Online gambling requires the use of your hard-earned money, thus the entire gaming experience should be secure and enjoyable. You need to be certain, though, that the site’s image is not based merely on one or even several players’ experiences but rather on the entire picture. Not sure about feedback posted in public? Check the ODRB reviews – some of our research and evaluation methods are hidden from the public eye. 

  5. Step 5: Review Sports, Lines, and Odds

    Most common sports are usually available to bet on at the majority of BTC gambling sites. And yet, only the best of them offer exclusive sports to get involved in. The same goes for lines and odds: not all bitcoin sportsbooks provide the same depth of lines and odds competitive edge for every event. Do your own research first or check the ODRB reviews for expert opinions.

Crypto Betting Sites Bonuses

These can be divided into three parts: the initial signing-up package, other loyalty promotions, and a VIP Program.

The initial signing-up package includes bonuses for the registration and welcome bonuses. This part may seem like you’re getting a great deal. However, keep in mind that there is a catch: such bonuses have sometimes rather heavy strings attached. Some of them entail wagering requirements (usually it is about 30x to 60x your deposit) and impose restrictive terms.

Other loyalty promotions, although less attractive and not that widespread when it comes to bitcoin betting sites, still can add a lot to your balance. 

As for the VIP Program, it is usually designed to keep you entertained and considerably boost your level of enjoyment.

Things to Consider Before Trying Crypto Betting

Your particular location, financial situation, and other details may signify that the top bitcoin betting site may not necessarily be the best option specifically for you. Indeed, you might need some particular conditions to make your gaming experience enjoyable or even possible in the first place. 

If you wish to bet crypto, consider the factors below. Define what exactly you are looking for, find the answers to your questions, and figure out how those answers apply to your needs. 

  • Restricted Countries

It is important to consider whether or not you can even place bitcoin bets on sports from where you’re currently located. Different countries and regions have different laws and regulations concerning both cryptocurrencies (although currently accepted in most countries) and gambling. 

  •  Trust and Reputation

Once you’ve got the best bitcoin gambling site, that is legal and available for you to play in your region, you then should look into the platform’s reputation. Customer care and other players’ feedback would contribute to the entire reputation picture which, in its turn, could affect your own enjoyment and any profits you’ll win. Also, pay attention to how the site resolves public disputes. You can research whether or not the bitcoin sportsbook you picked works with a third-party organization to monitor their behavior (like an ADR – Alternative Dispute Resolution – service). Such kinds of services help the user ascertain the platform is really focused on a great reputation.

  • Anonymous and Secure Sports Betting with Crypto

The ability to play anonymously is probably the top advantage of bitcoin sports betting. If you deposit and withdraw in crypto only, then you’ll be able to stay anonymous to the best bitcoin sportsbooks. The benefits of remaining anonymous include keeping you in control of your identity, more financial privacy, and keeping your bitcoin sports betting from anyone who might condemn or prohibit you from gaming. 

  •  Deposits and Withdrawals Speeds & Terms

Ensure that your selected gaming platform has the payout terms and speeds the way you need them to cash out your winnings. Swift withdrawals are indispensable concerning the frequent fluctuating of cryptocurrencies as, once you win big, you might wish to cash out to stable coins or even fiat with no risks of losing value. Remember to check maximum withdrawal limits, though, as some bitcoin casinos tend to put a cap on them. 

  •  Bonuses and VIP Programs

Most bitcoin sportsbooks provide their new, as well as existing, players to benefit from various bonuses and promotions. Remember to check the terms and conditions of multiple reward systems to ascertain whether or not your betting strategy and needs align. Do not forget to meet the depositing needs, that certainly could enhance your crypto sports betting experience.

12 Signs of a Good Crypto Betting Site

Sometimes, to decide on the best bitcoin gambling site, you just need a checklist to go through and start your gaming experience. The ODRB did that thing for you, check it out:

  • Official license
  • The ability to bet on being in your local area
  • Quick registration
  • A wide range of accepted cryptocurrencies
  • Decent promotions and reward systems
  • Anonymous online betting availability
  • Instant deposits and withdrawals
  • High odds on top leagues
  • Live betting options
  • Positive other players’ feedback
  • Live 24/7 customer support
  • Lots of updates and innovations


Is crypto sports betting safe?

Yes, it is. Placing bets with bitcoin or other cryptos is the same as placing bets with fiat currencies. Most platforms may even convert the value of your coins into fiat so that once you place bets, you’re doing so in the current fiat value. Sportsbooks often use cryptos primarily for deposits and withdrawals. This is where you indeed should be careful and double-check the address you are sending and receiving from, provided that crypto transactions cannot be reversed.

Is bitcoin sports betting legal?

Yes, it is. Placing sports bets with cryptocurrencies is no different from placing sports bets with fiat ones. If traditional sportsbooks are legal in your local area, then online crypto options will be legal, too.

How to select the best crypto sportsbook?

First and foremost, the best crypto sportsbook for you is the one where you can play legally. Having found such a one, answer the following questions: does the platform allow deposits and withdrawals in your preferred crypto? Do they offer bonuses and promotions to keep you entertained? What are the withdrawal limits and do they meet your needs?

Why do players admire crypto sports betting?

Sports betting with cryptocurrencies allows punters to move their funds with better speed, lower costs, and more often than not – benefitting from bonuses and enjoying the entire gambling experience along the way. 

How to place crypto sports bets?

It is easy: find a platform where you can play legally. Deposit your funds (remember to double-check the address!). Enjoy your gaming adventure and, as soon as you win, withdraw the funds to your crypto address. 

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