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Best Crypto Poker Sites — Complete Guide on Blockchain Poker and Top Platforms

Online bitcoin poker opens the floodgates of unlimited gambling accompanied by fast payouts, lucrative bonuses, and anonymity.

ORDB — Your Superlative Guide in the Front-Rank Poker Sites 

Relevant and up-to-date information about top-notch crypto poker sites you’ve been searching for so long is over here. All those who want to pick up peachy bonuses and straight-of-the-ice promotions are welcome abroad! We will make your gambling experience frabjous! 

Top-Flight Crypto Poker Sites 

It’s not a big deal to go astray in blockchain poker, especially if you are a first-timer in gambling. We know how it feels when an avalanche of questions covers your head — Where to search for bitcoin poker sites? How can I trust them? Which one to pick? We’ll become your sliver of light for you to find your way towards superior gambling platforms effortlessly.

Methodology: Key Steps to Take While Evaluating Crypto Poker Sites 

Each platform has gone through facings elaborated by ORDB. That involves several crucial aspects of the gaming experience needed when choosing the platform. You can stick with the ORDB methodology because it is well-laid-out and well-tried. 

Doing Research

The first thing to consider is the information available on a particular bitcoin poker casino. Our experts look through the gallery of games and the list of providers that feature them. The study terms and conditions, check available bonuses, accepted crypto coins, payment methods, and fees. 

Reputation Check 

Unblemished reputation is a wonder of wonders in this niche. A vivid pointer of reputation is customer feedback that reflects the true picture of the service quality. We delve into multiple real user reviews on AskGamblers, TrustPilot, SiteJabber, and Reddit to get down to bed-rock. 

Legality Verification 

This stage concerns the legal issues of a particular crypto poker site. The primary objective here is to prove if the platform is a scam or not. We must investigate the registration country, license availability, list of restricted countries, etc. On top of that, it’s critical to exhume information about illegal activities or scandals a company was involved in. 

Gameplay Testing 

If we consider the bitcoin poker site noteworthy, our crypto gambling experts test its gameplay in different categories. Summing up their experience, they bring to light the platform’s UI, quality of games, their selection, any specific features, and so on.

Provably Fair Gaming and RTP

To identify the fairness of gaming, our experts test the Provably Fair Gaming (an algorithm that combines 2 ciphers, user and casino one, and creates the third unique cipher). Besides, they determine the approximate RTP based on ORDB methodology for you to push your luck with minimum risk at the best bitcoin poker sites. 

Speed of Transactions 

Another feature that helps us to distinguish the best platforms is the speed of transactions. Concerning bitcoin poker, casinos are likely to ensure instant transactions within a day or even an hour. As for withdrawal time should be short enough for the casino to enter the top. 

Customer Service Assessment 

The best bitcoin poker sites always have 24/7 customer support and often a live chat. Here we test a platform’s capability to resolve problems quickly and orderly. We contact the support team and check out customer feedback. 

Benefits of Bitcoin Poker 


Poker is under the sway of strict and harsh government laws that constantly interfere with the gambling industry. The golden age of unhampered gaming has passed; users must circumvent restrictions. Blockchain poker is the easiest way out, as blockchain is decentralized and ungovernable. Hence, bitcoin gambling is beyond the pale of law and is accessible to gamblers. 


Anonymity is something undercover players hawk at — and which online bitcoin poker can provide. The ability to raise money without declaring data is a big customer draw that gives an edge to blockchain gambling. 


One of the safest methods to deposit funds is paying with cryptocurrency. Thanks to many levels of encryption and advanced verification systems, cryptocurrencies have earned their name. They became the most reliable and secure means of transaction. 

Lower fees

Cryptocurrencies are decentralized digital assets, meaning no intermediary is involved in processing transactions. Since players and crypto poker sites transfer value directly, fees taken for transactions are lower compared to real money casinos. 

Lucrative bonuses

In our experience, most casinos provide generous bonuses and promotions, mainly for bitcoin players. To a certain degree, the insufficient popularity of this digital currency has caused platforms to implement that strategy from which we should benefit. 

Easier games 

To acknowledge up front, bitcoin poker is not likely to boost your gaming skills — it is a skill game that requires practice. Nonetheless, we should not miss that the best gamblers are the biggest sites that haven’t implemented cryptocurrencies yet. Since cryptocurrency is still far from common, it is easier to be ahead at bitcoin poker sites. 

Provably fair

The Provably Fair is a widespread algorithm in the crypto industry used for generating odds and verifying fairness. Thanks to blockchain technology, this feature has become possible and is integrated into the top gambling sites to reassure their gaming is transparent and fair. 

Top 10 Crypto Poker Sites 

Tied Yourself into Knots Searching for the Best Crypto Poker Sites? 

Take a load off! Each platform included in our rating is licensed, completely legal, and generous in Top crypto bonuses. They are sure to accept multiple coins for all tastes and feature an extensive game selection and swift withdrawals. It is the bare bones to consider a platform one of the best. The ORDB fundamental principle is a user-centered approach. All reviews are created by seasoned gamblers and are easy enough for novice gamblers to understand. We never publish paid-out reviews and never include platforms in our ratings due to high commission (i.e., we do not place ads). 

The current situation in the blockchain poker market is constantly changing. To be on top of modern development trends, we regularly update the list of top platforms according to new customer reviews and market dynamics. In this respect, we do our best to make your gambling with bitcoins safer. 

Here is the rating of the top 10 crypto poker sites that coped with our serious challenge: 

4,6 Rank
Available in US

Welcome Bonus: 100% Bonus + 100 FREE SPINS

Winners 76 /100
Rate 72 /100
4,6 Rank
Available in US

260% + 100% Cashback

Winners 0 /100
Rate 0 /100
4,5 Rank
Available in US

250% welcome deposit bonus up to $8250

Winners 0 /100
Rate 0 /100
4,2 Rank
Available in US

280% up to $14000

Winners 68 /100
Rate 66 /100
4,7 Rank
Not available in US

Welcome Bonus: 10% Rakeback Using Code ‘GET10BACKBONUS’

Winners 90 /100
Rate 84 /100
4,6 Rank
Not available in US

100% Welcome Bonus Up to 5 BTC

Winners 86 /100
Rate 81 /100
4,6 Rank
Not available in US

Welcome bonus: Double Deposit + 180 FREE SPINS

Winners 80 /100
Rate 77 /100
4,4 Rank
Not available in US

Welcome Bonus: Up to 5 BTC + 300 FREE SPINS

Winners 67 /100
Rate 69 /100
4,4 Rank
Not available in US

Daily CashBack Up to 20%

Winners 0 /100
Rate 0 /100
4,1 Rank
Not available in US

Verify your phone (10 free spins)

Winners 0 /100
Rate 0 /100

How to Select the Best Bitcoin Poker Site? 

Step 1. Have a look at the gambling site

Security of funds and reputation takes center stage beyond the shadow of a doubt. Nevertheless, it would help if you acceded that the first aspect to consider is the gallery of games and providers covered by the platform. There is no point in picking a casino that does not present desired games. 

Step 2. Check out the platform’s licenses and reputation

To play poker with crypto securely, you should understand check out the following:

  • License availability — it guarantees the platform is trustworthy and regulated by third parties;
  • Reputation — indicate whether the platform has dark chapters in its history or not;
  • Fees — each platform charges different fees, so read terms and conditions to escape possible pitfalls;
  • Payment options — the more payment options the casino provides, the more trustworthy it is; 
  • Withdrawal time — all elaborated platforms proceed with fast transactions;
  • Privacy policy — privacy is the key point in secure gambling;
  • Affiliates — the presence of affiliate companies contributes greatly to the company’s performance and is a hallmark of a highly reputed platform. 

Step 3. Read user reviews

User reviews often assess the quality of customer support which is also a feature of top-level platforms. It’s great if the bitcoin poker casino is licensed and looks unblemished concerning terms and conditions. Equally important are real user reviews that specify whether the company fulfills the stated conditions or not. 

Step 4. Look through bonuses, available promotions, and loyalty programs

The choice of bonuses also determines the quality of services provided. Do not neglect bonus offers and loyalty promotions; they are a cherry on the cake that can vary the gameplay. Choose only those platforms that do not begrudge lucrative offers. 

Bitcoin Poker Bonuses 

Here is a brief explanation of what bitcoin bonuses are and how to claim them. 

First Deposit Bonus

The first promotion you will likely encounter on almost all crypto poker sites is the first deposit bonus — a bonus percentage of the deposited amount. Experience has proven that this offer mostly starts from a 100% bonus and is limited by a maximum bonus amount — say, 5 BTC. Concerning that pattern, your deposit sum will become doubled. So, the 1 BTC deposited will turn into 2 BTC, one of which is a bonus. As for the condition “up to 5 BTC”, the bonus amount can’t exceed this sum — even if the deposit sum is 100 BTC, you will receive only 5 BTC. 

Studying the first deposit bonuses, pay attention to wagering requirements set on all casino bonuses: 

  • The maximum bonus amount one can receive;
  • The amount of money required to receive the bonus;
  • Period of bonus validity; 
  • Games required for wagering the bonus;
  • Whether this bonus is bounded in parts or only completely;
  • Additional Rakeback you will get from the bonus; 
  • Restrictions on the withdrawal of funds. 

No Deposit Bonus

Although you don’t need to deposit money here, you should play at specific rooms to wager the No Deposit Bonus. These offers are not so generous as welcome but are a pleasant gift for regular players. 


Freerolls are regular tournaments open to all players. Everyone can participate in the Freeroll and push their luck to win a guaranteed prize pool. Skills and correct strategies can help novice players start an outstanding poker career. Almost all main rooms provide crypto freerolls! So, it is a great opportunity for beginners to build up significant seed funding and start playing with existing bankroll for real money to increase the number of crypto assets. 


Rake is a commission paid by players online and offline. Rakeback is a percentage of the paid rake the player gets back, usually 20-40%. The Rakeback size depends on the VIP status in the loyalty program, but sometimes it also includes an element of chance. Anyhow, it is a nice bonus you can find on the majority of crypto poker sites. 

Reload Bonus

Reload bonuses allow rooms to express appreciation and reward players for depositing more than one. Generally, gamblers get it straight after the initial welcome bonus. That also provides a free spin or match bonus for the next deposit. 

6 Steps to Take Before Trying Blockchain Poker 

Before you try bitcoin poker, you should take care of a crypto exchange, e-wallet, and a site you will use. Each of them should be trustworthy and reliable for you to entrust your money. Check their reputation, licenses, and reviews to make a final decision. 

Steps to take before trying bitcoin gambling:

Step 1. Register on the crypto exchange.

To exchange fiat money for cryptocurrency, you must create an account on any crypto exchange. Mind that the exchange platform should be trustworthy and large enough for you to purchase any crypto you like.

Step 2. Purchase cryptocurrency.

There are two major ways to purchase crypto: stock exchanges and P2P services. Both variants are commonly used, so it’s up to you to decide which is more convenient. 

Step 3. Create a separate e-wallet.

Most exchanges provide their wallet. But keeping funds on a separate crypto wallet will give your coins a supplementary security layer. 

Step 4. Transfer crypto assets to your wallet.

Decide on the amount of money you want to transfer and fulfill the balance of your crypto wallet. 

Step 5. Create an account on the crypto poker site.

Choose the platform you like most and create an account or log in if you have one. If you still have difficulties choosing a site to adhere to, follow our complete guide on the top 10 crypto poker sites — a detailed review of the best sites in this niche. 

Step 6. Transfer your crypto assets to your gaming account.

To proceed with playing, deposit funds on your gaming account. Visit the cashier and choose any cryptocurrency as the preferred payment method. It is the most private, secure, and fastest way of deposit that is so beloved by advanced gamblers. 

7 Features of a Good Crypto Poker Site

  1. 1. Availability of license. The license shows the platform has gone through facings and is under regulation by third parties. 
  2. 2. Splendid range of poker rooms. The richer choice of rooms is, the more companies collaborate with the platforms. Hence, it is more reliable. 
  3. 3. Lucrative bonuses. The platform’s generosity in bonuses and promotions is a key sign of a concerned company taking care of its customers. 
  4. 4. A wide choice of accepted crypto. The choice of digital coins is vital and reflects the platform’s current state-of-the-art. 
  5. 5. Diverse payment options. The same goes for payment options — the richer they are, the better site is. 
  6. 6. Clear Terms & Conditions. If the company is user-oriented, the Terms & Conditions will be reader-friendly. 
  7. 7. Bitcoin poker app. Since most gamblers play on the go, gambling sites must provide an app or a mobile-friendly version. 


Are crypto poker sites legal?

Bitcoin poker sites mentioned in our rating have no legal problems, but you should pay much attention to local laws. Even though the platform you choose is flawless, local restrictions can turn any of it into offense. Digital currencies are not commonplace. Hence, you are not likely to face prohibiting crypto use — most countries do not suppress them. We cannot say the same about bitcoin poker — governments tend to prohibit all casino games, including poker. Gamblers do not anticipate it being a problem since proxies and VPN services lift restrictions. 

What coins are mostly used for online bitcoin poker?

The most spread cryptocurrencies are BTC, BCH, ETH, DOGE, USDT, LTC, ADA, TRX, EOS, and XRP. Anyhow, check the list of cryptocurrencies accepted by the platform you choose. 

Why do gamblers prefer blockchain poker?

Online bitcoin poker opens the floodgates of unlimited gambling accompanied by fast payouts, lucrative bonuses, and anonymity. Fiat gambling can’t boast such features. 

How long do crypto withdrawals usually take?

It depends on the platform you use. Some providers take up a few hours or days to complete your request, while others skip validation and proceed with transactions as fast as deposits. 

Can I deposit on bitcoin poker sites using a smartphone? 

Sure! Cryptocurrencies and gambling sites are mobile-friendly. As a rule, gamblers can access them from almost any mobile device. Besides, there are bitcoin poker apps designed by top platforms to ease the gaming experience. 

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