Ways To Construct Premium Snapchat

January 19, 2021

How to sell content for money to subscribers? Or another simple way to make money online

What is Premium Snapchat

Premium Snapchat is the same application as the usual Snapchat we all know. That is, it is not a standalone application. The difference between the premium version is that there is a button “follow”, not “add”. Subscribers pay for stories and content posted by premium account owners. They can post 18+ content and whatever they want. For views, subscriptions and screenshots, owners of premium accounts receive money. A premium account in Snapchat can be a powerful tool for passive income. If you know how to properly build monetization.

Usually, famous models or media persons have such accounts. But even an ordinary user can create such an account for himself, post interesting content to nothing.

To start running Snapchat premium you need:

1) Be over 18 years old. It is illegal for minors.

2) Have a phone and the Snapchat application itself

3) Not a prerequisite, but good advice is to turn off the display of your location.

How to set up Snapchat Premium account

Let’s take a look at how to create a premium account in Snapchat.

As mentioned earlier, premium Snapchat is the same app as regular Snapchat. To change it to premium, you need to edit your account settings. Your content is made more private and only visible to certain users. For example, many models use a premium account to get subscribers to pay to access premium content. So, a premium account is a regular personal account with some changes in the settings.

Let’s figure it out step by step.

Step 1: download Snapchat from the App Store or Play Store

Step 2: Create an account, come up with a username and password

Step 3: Go to settings and set access to stories only to your friends

Step 4: Allow only friends to contact you

Step 5: Charging Premium. Here you can set any amount you want to receive for viewing your content.

The easiest way to attract audiences to a private account is to have a public account as well. In it you announce the premium account. Sometimes you intrigue your friends or followers to visit the premium account to access the content.

A few words about payment

Premium Snapchat is not an official development of the application, but an invention of users. The fee that is paid for the use of the content is transferred through PayPal directly to the owner’s account. That is why there is no guarantee that you will see some exclusive content after the payment is transferred. Be careful and only subscribe to verified accounts.

How to promote your premium account in Snapchat

Suppose you are not a media person, a famous person. You will not get 100 thousand subscribers as soon as you announce the account in Instagram Stories. What to do to attract the audience in this case?

1. Synchronize your contacts. Then you can add people from the phone book as friends.

2. Tell friends about your premium account in various social networks and attach a link. Place your ad on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook. Tell us about the launch of your premium account.

3. Ask your friends to share the link to your account with others.

The main idea in the first step is to get a warm audience interested in your content. If they followed you on other platforms, then they will be interested. Tell about your private account to have more content from your personal life. Something that can only be told and shown to the closest friends.

Audience acquisition strategy

What if you are serious about promoting your premium account and making big money on it? You need to think over a strategy and use the following tips:

Firstly, start blogging on other social networks. Attracting followers from other social networks is a great way to build an audience. Especially if Snapchat is not popular in your country. use those social networks that are used by the majority. And through them, advertise your premium account.

The point of a blog is that your subscribers are interested in your life. They get used to receiving a portion of content from you every day. A premium account provides access to the most recent and private information about you. It will be interesting to a number of subscribers.

Secondly, consider a strategy with a premium account manager. Such a person knows everything about advertising. He is a guru in gaining attention and engaging an audience.

Thirdly, interact with the owner of premium accounts. Their audience is people willing to pay for premium content. This means that mutual advertising will only work in your favour. By interacting with premium account holders, you can significantly increase your audience. Pay attention to your partner’s blog topic. After all, if your blogs are from different fields, then it is unlikely that new subscribers will be interested in you.

Third-party resources for advertising a premium account on Snapchat

By posting content on these sites, you can share it in premium Snapchat. Or, on the contrary, on these platforms, link to a premium account on Snapchat.


This platform appeared several years ago. Despite this, the service already has thousands of users around the world. They target online celebrities, adult content.


Another good way to make money with premium content. Fancentro is a platform where users can post exclusive content. To make money on this platform, you just need to share your account on other social networks.


A fairly well-known platform that is used for donations. Media personalities, bloggers, YouTubers use Patreon for donations.

To get promoted on each platform, you better study its potential users. For example, explore the top accounts that make the most on the platform and their content area.

For example, here is the result of statistics for popular accounts on Patreon:

The most popular accounts on Patreon


Snapchat Premium is a great way to earn extra money. Of course, it won’t bring you millions of dollars in the initial stages. However, as in any other business, the most important thing is persistence and regularity. Well-thought-out promotion methods, high-quality content can lead you to a decent income pretty soon. It is also important to note that usually creative people use this way of making money. For them, creating interesting and engaging content is a hobby. Therefore, the goal of earning should not be the main one.

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