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Have you ever racked your brains, trying to find a decent crypto casino to gamble with Bitcoin? Have you ever wished you never chose a particular gambling site? Have you ever searched for ways to secure your funds while gambling? We’ve all been there – that is why we’ve launched ORDB. 

ORDB is a team of crypto enthusiasts who do enjoy online gambling and strive to share expertise, tips, and lifehacks to secure and drive your gaming experience. What is the motivation behind it? The world of Bitcoin gambling is fraught with danger – along with joy and thrill, we’ve faced the flip-side of the industry and started to seek justice and nemesis for players like us. 

Initially a small community of crypto gambling fans, ORDB comprises over 20 experts now who test, research, and review cryptocurrency casinos and betting sites. Maybe you are one of us?

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What ORDB focuses on during trying, testing, and trialing a casino for review.

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