10 Best Bitcoin Casinos – Crypto Gambling Sites that Accept ETH, DOGE and More

by Ed Miller
24 Mar 2022

Ed had dived into the cryptocurrency market before everyone got on the bandwagon. Therefore, his blockchain & crypto expertise can boast of both retrospective and prospective analyses, as well as their level-headed and well-targeted peer reviews. Ed has long realized that the online crypto gambling market would soon evolve into another investment sector for those willing to not only have some fun playing but to scale up crypto assets, too. He did online gambling market research, tested tens of crypto casinos, got a fix on trends and target users’ feedback, and is ready with his insights and recommendations on how to combine crypto business with gambling pleasure.

Online gambling has always been a big draw for many people who cannot legally access real casinos. Though it is often associated with a risk of losing your money and disapproved of by moralists, it is still just another pleasant leisure activity. Cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin specifically push the niche to the next level. Overall, they make it possible to bypass some pressing regulations for users as well as for casinos themselves. As for Bitcoin, it is quite a good solution as it can ensure your anonymity and allow the niche to get rid of authorities’ rigorous surveillance. However, the lack of clear cryptocurrency regulation can play a low-down trick with you. If you slip up in choosing a provably fair bitcoin casino, you risk losing your deposits and wasting your time with no pleasure. Thus, finding a good crypto gambling website is a tough task. Apart from the security issues, there is a range of things one prioritizes. For example, the variety of games and bonuses is top of mind for many users. Besides, to find a good bitcoin casino, you need to run through the Terms of the service to indicate possible pitfalls from the very start. 

  1. 7BitCasino
  2. Stake
  3. BitStarz
  4. Fortune Jack
  5. mBit
  6. Bitcoin.com Games
  7. Bitcoin Casino
  8. CryptoWild
  9. 24VIP Casino
  10. Bitcoin Penguin

Although cryptocurrency casinos are a comparatively new phenomenon, there are a lot of gambling websites of this type. In this regard, you can wonder which one to choose and how to know a trustworthy casino from a fly-by-night website. Taking into account the fact that crypto gambling is a gray zone in most countries, it makes the choice even more difficult. Many people consider cryptocurrency gambling websites as the fastest way to make bitcoin. Unfortunately, it is far from true. Gambling is a risky business. You can invest your money and lose it or win. How much you can gain often depends on the casino itself and its policy. Still, there are some platforms you can trust thanks to the competition. 

Thus, if some years ago the bitcoin gambling niche comes down to one average website with the only game on the list, today, bitcoin casinos pull out all the stops to attract customers. Why is it good for users? The key to success here is gaining trust. The ill fame gets known extremely fast on the Internet. Neither fake reviews nor colorful websites cannot help a casino keep afloat if it cheats on its users. That is why the initial bitcoin gambling leaders that could only boast Bitcoin dice dropped off the radar. Now, the range of games is wider than ever. Plus, cryptocurrency casino software has been improved together with the usability of websites. As a result, you can find trustworthy platforms. 

In this article, we will discuss all these things you need to know before trying a bitcoin casino and provide the rating of provably fair options.

Every Coin Has Two Sides 

Despite there being quite solid advantages in bitcoin gambling, you should also be aware of certain disadvantages. As long as you have a full picture of how the niche operates, you will be able to come up with a measured decision if it is worth your time and money. 

Yet, bitcoin itself is initially of an experimental nature. In 2021, it is considered a valid and functional cryptocurrency. Nonetheless, like any other currency, it is not immune from volatility. Of course, it will hardly depreciate in a week, month, or even year. But the element of risk is still present. If you deposit your money in any cryptocurrency casino, you will not be able to reverse your transaction in most cases. As bitcoin is mainly anonymous, it can be employed for criminal issues. In this regard, certain governmental restrictions can be imposed on it in the future. Regarding other cons, they include as follows:

  • The lack of support

As mentioned above, bitcoin falls out of regulations as you are the only owner who can use it. It is one of its main advantages. But on the other hand, it can lead to certain downfalls. For example, if your cryptocurrency wallet is hacked and your money is stolen, you will have no opportunity to request compensation. Getting your money back is also problematic as it is barely possible to track your bitcoins. The customer support of the wallet provider and the bitcoin casino makes a difference. But they are often powerless to solve your problems. The only possible way to minimize this risk is to do your best to secure your funds by choosing a reliable cryptocurrency wallet and employing modern software.

  • Problems with chargebacks

If you happen across an unreliable bitcoin casino, you may face problems with reversing your transactions. In the case of fiat currency that is kept on your bank account, you can get a chargeback in several ways. But if you use a crypto wallet, it is almost impossible to reverse your transactions. That is why you should be careful while choosing a bitcoin casino. 

  • The volatility aspect

Every currency is affected by volatility. And Bitcoin is not an exception. Today, it costs much but the situation can change at the drop of a hat. On the one hand, it is an advantage as the value of your gain can increase. On the other hand, while converting cryptocurrency into fiat currency, you can lose some money. Anyway, it goes both ways.

Major Upsides of Bitcoin Casinos 

10 Best Bitcoin Casinos

Like any other thing, Bitcoin casinos have their own advantages and disadvantages. Now, we abstract away from the overall uncertainty and risks related to gambling in general. Instead, we will look into the way how cryptocurrency casinos work and what they can and cannot offer. For example, all transactions you deal with while using a gambling website are strictly regulated. Plus, it increases the possibility to identify you. If gambling is prohibited in your country, it can cause certain problems. Thus, when you use bitcoin, you contribute to anonymizing your transactions as well as your identity. Apart from that, payment processing is a very complicated task, but cryptocurrency can make it easier. Let’s look into bitcoin casinos’ main pros.

  • Decentralization

The decentralized nature of Bitcoin results in the fast processing of payments. It implies that the cryptocurrency itself is not regulated by any bank or government. That is why there is no way someone could freeze your Bitcoin wallet. Transfers are usually accepted and confirmed immediately and withdrawals do not take much time either. Although in some cases getting a withdrawal is a longer process, you will not have to wait more than a couple of hours.

  • Anonymity

The anonymous nature of Bitcoin and of some other cryptocurrencies is often questioned now. In fact, Bitcoin is based on blockchain technology. It works like a database maintaining information about your transactions. Thus, in theory, it is possible to track your operations. But in practice, if you use a nickname while managing your wallet, it is hardly possible to track your activities. In this regard, Bitcoin is considered to be comparatively anonymous and the best alternative to fiat currencies. Besides, in some cryptocurrency casinos, you can create a completely anonymous account that does not require any personal details. 

  • Worldwide accessibility

Bitcoin transfers are available around the globe. If you have a stable internet connection, there is no problem using your cryptocurrency in any possible way. Plus, there are no overwhelming fees that can reach 2-20% depending on the service. And in this regard, one more advantage stems from this fact. 

  • Low transaction fees

Bitcoin has some insignificant transaction fees while compared with other currencies. They mainly depend on the traffic which only makes a slight difference. For example, you can send $20 or even $20 000 and the fees will reach about 5-6 cents. In traditional online casinos, you can find out that fees are extraordinarily high. Hence, you lose a significant part of what you have won. But it is not the case with Bitcoin casinos. 

  • Provably fair gambling

While discussing gambling as a whole, we often avoid legal terms as it is a grey zone especially in the case of cryptocurrency casinos. Somewhere the niche is illegal at all. But we always tend to seek evidence of trustworthiness. Thus, the catchphrase users often refer to is “provably fair casinos”. It means that a particular casino has a good name thanks to its policy free of cheating. Every user can check if the result of any game is random and fair. No one cheats, and if one does, he/she gets banned. Not all bitcoin casinos are provably fair. Some can guarantee only several reliable games. Nonetheless, we will address this issue in detail below.

What Are Provably Fair Bitcoin Casinos?

10 Best Bitcoin Casinos

Not so much time has passed since cryptocurrency was employed for gambling. In this regard, there are no sufficient regulations putting restrictions on bitcoin casinos. On the one hand, it has its own benefits listed above. On the other hand, you can wonder if the niche is actually legal. As you probably know, gambling sites are not prohibited everywhere. Some countries can even boast legal physical casinos. In this case, you know that some popular gambling websites can be legal in particular regions and illegal in others. But cryptocurrency casinos concept often falls out of these terms because of the lack of regulation. Thus, in theory, some cryptocurrency casinos can be registered, but they are still in the grey zone. 

Nonetheless, as the bitcoin casinos exist, people need proof they can trust them. That is why the concept of “provably fair” cryptocurrency casinos was born. Most trustworthy gambling websites employ a Random Number Generator that provides a fair result in any online game. It is fair because you cannot predict it for 100% or change. This system ensures that nobody cheats. When cryptocurrency casinos appeared, they did not have such a system. So, using them was quite a risky business. Today, the situation has changed. There is a way bitcoin casinos can ensure the fairness of games you play. The system is based on the hashed seed numbers users get when starting a game. They can add new seeds. At the end of the game, users receive a seed selected for the bet. Providing the seed has not been altered, the outcome is random and fair. Thus, provably fair bitcoin casinos give you an opportunity to assure the fairness of this process. As for cryptocurrency casinos in general, this is basically the only way to attract new players and gain their loyalty. 

There are some signs of a reliable bitcoin casino. First of all, it cares about its reputation and provides customer support. It is usually available around the clock and implies multiple ways of contacting them. Thus, you can find a live chat on the platform, email, or even a phone number. Some casinos have social media accounts to make interaction easier. Looking ahead, all websites in this review are provably fair and can boast good customer service. Nonetheless, while choosing a bitcoin gambling site, check its Terms and Conditions. You can find some valuable information about bonuses and other benefits there. Apart from that, it is a good way to verify if the platform is trustworthy.

Things to Consider before Starting with a Bitcoin Casino

10 Best Bitcoin Casinos

There are a lot of bitcoin casinos and not all of them deserve your attention, time, and money. Gambling websites in this rating are also different. For example, some of them provide not only classic casino games but also poker, betting, dice, etc. Plus, bonuses and free spins can vary significantly. Nonetheless, there are a lot of options that can seem identical. Thus, to select the best one, you need to prioritize the criteria that matter for you. Besides, some casinos do not accept users from certain countries. So, before trying any platform, make sure you can actually play there. Otherwise, some problems with withdrawals could arise. Apart from that, there are other things to keep in mind while choosing a bitcoin casino:

  • Safety issues

Cybersecurity is a matter of importance when you deal with something requiring your personal details and payments. Cryptocurrency such as bitcoin is a comparatively safe way to enjoy gambling as it provides a certain level of anonymity. However, to make a transaction you will have to pass the two-step verification leaving your login details. 

  • Prioritizing trustworthy platforms

Before opting for a particular bitcoin casino, make sure it has a good online reputation. Today, all scammers get unmasked on the web. Thus, you can check Sitejabber, Trustpilot, or Reddit to find out if a particular bitcoin casino is trustworthy or not. It will also give you an idea of how it communicates with its players if it lives up to its Terms and Conditions, etc. By doing so, you will be able to identify some problems you can face in advance. 

10 Best Bitcoin Casinos
  • Using strong passwords

When you create an account on any gambling site, you should make up the strongest password. It may seem obvious, but some users still neglect this issue. As a result, you can be hacked and lose all you have gained. When you deal with an online casino, you should secure your transactions. And the first thing you need to do is to choose an appropriate password. Use as many types of symbols as possible including lower and upper case letters, numbers, special characters, etc. Herewith, do not copy your password from other platforms. It is also recommended to change your password from time to time. If you are not sure it is strong enough, use Google Password Manager or other software. Never reveal the account details even if you get an email from a casino. It can be a phishing scam that has nothing in common with the gambling site you use (except for the name or anything else). In this case, if you have any doubt, contact customer support.

Top 10 Bitcoin Casinos in 2021

10 Best Bitcoin Casinos

As underlined earlier, I have selected only provably fair bitcoin casinos to include in this rating. Nonetheless, there were some other criteria. For example, I emphasized the variety of games, bonuses, free spins, customer service, and some specific features. But before reading the review itself, you should take into account that despite the anonymous (or rather pseudo-anonymous) nature of crypto casinos not all of them are trustworthy and provably fair. Reputation means a lot in this business. So, I have run through the reviews on Trustpilot, Sitejabber, Reddit, and some other platforms to check it. Aside from that, security issues are of great importance. Thus, if you seek a bitcoin or crypto casino to test by yourself, check if it is licensed. A legit casino cannot exist without a license. It ensures that a particular platform comes up to scratch and does not cheat on you with bonuses. As a rule, trustworthy bitcoin casinos also provide reliable encryption (such as AES-128), SSL protocol, two-step verification, and other security measures. 

Besides, it should be mentioned that most casinos in this list accept not only bitcoin but also other cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum and Litecoin. Most platforms do not limit their users to one or two cryptocurrencies accepted. They usually provide three or more options you can pay with. Plus, to stay competitive gambling sites have to offer bonuses and promotions of different kinds. It allows you to extend your user experience and enjoy the game without sufficient deposits. In this regard, we will touch upon this issue in the reviews for each particular platform.

1. 7BitCasino

10 Best Bitcoin Casinos

7BitCasino was licensed and registered in 2014, in Curacao. It offers a variety of provably fair games and is not to stint bonuses. Thus, they reach 1.5 BTC including free spins for newcomers. Besides, there are different combinations of bonuses you can use. For example, you may opt for a 100% bonus when starting a game and then get a 50% bonus plus 200 free spins with the 2nd and 3d deposits. This is a cryptocurrency casino that accepts Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, and even fiat currencies. Unfortunately, this platform will not be suitable for players from such countries as France, Israel, Italy, the US, the UK, and some other regions. So, before making a deposit, check if you can actually play there. Of course, you can use a VPN, but problems with withdrawals are not excepted in this case. Aside from that, the casino may require some identification data that can ruin your anonymity. As for a range of games, you can enjoy table games, races, virtual slots, live games, and many others. In general, you can find about 4000 games available for crypto players.

The most specific and amazing feature of 7BitCasino is the demo version that makes it possible to test the website without spending your money. At the same time, the “Gambling Limits” feature allows setting limits on the amount of money you can afford to lose and overall activities. Despite the liberal policy, the platform sets several rules you are obliged to follow. Thus, you can only have one account on the website that implies that your family members cannot use your credit card or IP address to join the casino. Otherwise, your bonuses and deposits will be disaffirmed and your account will be blocked. One more advantage of this casino is that you do not need to pay fees while making deposits or getting withdrawals in cryptocurrencies. However, if you deal with fiat currency, fees will vary between 2.5-5%. 

There are also some limits for minimal sums of deposits and withdrawals to be emphasized. As we are primarily interested in cryptocurrencies, we will only touch upon them: 0.0005 BTC, 0.015 ETH, 0.015 LTC, 0.003 BCH, 1000 DOGE. 


  • A lot of bonuses (including ones for second and third deposits);
  • A variety of games to choose from;
  • Several cryptocurrencies you can use;
  • Around the clock customer support;
  • Provably fair and licensed casino. 


  • In some rare cases, they may require your personal details;
  • Limits on the number of accounts for the household.

2. Stake

10 Best Bitcoin Casinos

Stake combines a lot of great features and characteristics that result in a multifaceted gambling experience. Like many other licensed bitcoin casinos, it operates from Curacao where gambling is legal and easily managed. Unfortunately, the platform does not deal with players from the Czech Republic, USA, Curacao, and Australia. On the other hand, it is one of the most full-fledged cryptocurrency casinos where you can experiment with various cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, EOS, XRP, and TRX. The bonus system is pretty remarkable. Thus, they provide the starting balance as well as generous prize pools on a weekly basis. Stake does its best to earn the loyalty of the users. Thus, you can benefit from a VIP program, some exclusive games, and regular promotions. Plus, not only classic casino games but also sports betting is available on Stake. One lifehack to be mentioned is that if you join the Stake Community, you can access even more bonuses and special offers. The only thing you need to do is to stay active on their forum or in a chat.

Every player who starts with any casino is interested in taking maximum advantage of the platform. And while comparing with many other gambling sites, Stake gives you a lot of opportunities. So, let’s take a closer look at what they basically offer. Stake Races allow you to challenge other users to win some special prizes. The casino has its own Telegram channel where you can find various promotions, additional bonuses, new features, and games. Thus, this is a nice touch for those who are willing to step their gambling experience up a notch. On the other hand, they provide various special offers that others cannot boast of. They are regularly updated and available within a limited period. For example, there was a feature letting you test a new gambling strategy supported with a money-back guarantee. And the last (but not the least) thing to be highlighted is the VIP program that gets available for the most active and loyal players. All in all, the longer you use this casino, the more diverse and luxurious offers you receive.

The live chat is the fastest way to contact customer support that is available 24/7 and is up to the mark. The casino cares about your anonymity. So, you can even conceal the details of your account such as a user name. As for the gaming portfolio, the platform offers diverse casino games from top providers such as NetEnt, Push Gaming, Yggdrasil, Big Time Gaming, and many others. When you start playing a game, you might easily check the house edge to power up the gaming process. Besides, you can monitor wins and losses in any game. The reputation of Stake is backed up with a Crypto Gambling Foundation seal that ensures the trustworthiness of the casino. Plus, all of their games are probably fair and you can check this fact in the Terms and Conditions. 


  • Not only casino games but also sports bets are available;
  • A variety of special offers, regular promotions, bonuses, etc. 
  • Strong customer support team as well as the community features;
  • A lot of games including exclusive ones;
  • A great many cryptocurrencies to choose from. 


  • Some countries are restricted;
  • You will need a KYC check.

3. BitStarz

10 Best Bitcoin Casinos

In Bitstarz, you can find over 3000 bitcoin games. It was also registered in Curacao being provably fair and upholding its online reputation. That is why they monitor and react to negative comments on Reddit and alternative platforms providing guidelines to enhance user experience. Besides several cryptocurrencies, there is a variety of fiat currencies accepted. You can make deposits in Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Dogecoin, and Ethereum as well as pay by MasterCard, Neteller, and Skrill. Some cryptocurrency casinos provide customer support via social media. And BitStarz is one of them. Apart from that, you can contact them via live chat and email. Plus, their website is user-friendly. So, it is really easy to get started with it. The casino is quite generous for bonuses that reach 150% for bitcoin deposits.

BitStarz won the Best Online Casino Award in 2018 and the Player’s Choice Award in 2019. And for some users, it can be a real argument for giving this platform a chance as it does much to deserve the attention of the audience. As for bonuses, here is the deal. After making the first deposit, you will get a 100% bonus and 180 free spins. The second and the third deposits make you eligible for a 50% bonus, and the fourth gives you a 100% bonus. Plus, you can test the casino for free right after signing up. In this case, you will get 20 free spins to evaluate the platform. Thus, if you are lucky, you can win some bitcoins without the threat of losing your money. However, to get a withdrawal you need to complete the KYC process. That is why it is necessary to look through Terms and Conditions carefully. 

Nonetheless, the advantages of this platform outweigh the disadvantages. Thus, there is a weekly promotion called Welcome Freeroll that gives you a chance to win $1000. Among other promotions, there are additional free spins that can reach 5000 weekly and extra bonus credit. You can also benefit from “Table Wars” allowing you to win $3000 or “Free Spins Friday”. Their website is adapted for both mobile and desktop devices and comprises over 30 game providers. The casino regularly updates the list of games that includes slot games, live games, and table games. One more thing to be emphasized is their adherence to user data protection. In this regard, the platform provides 2-factor authentication, SSL encryption, fraud protection, and RNG certification to enhance your user experience. 


  • Users’ approval confirmed by multiple gambling awards;
  • A variety of bonuses and weekly promotions;
  • Regularly updated games;
  • Solid security measures;
  • Various cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies options. 


  • Some limitations on withdrawals.

4. Fortune Jack

10 Best Bitcoin Casinos

Fortune Jack has been around since 2014. Although it cannot boast the widest range of games, it is definitely one of the most trustworthy platforms in the niche. The number of games exceeds 1 500 available options. It is licensed, reliable, and resides in Curacao (what a surprise!). The set of currencies is more or less standard. Thus, you can use Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Litecoin, Dash, and some others. There is one interesting feature that fans of the Jackpot game favor. While playing this game you can opt for your individual lucky number. Fortune Jack is ranked as one of the most popular Bitcoin casinos in 2021. The customer service is truly remarkable. In this regard, you can contact them via social media, live chat, or email. As a newcomer, you can get 20% cashback or a 110% bonus for the first deposit providing you have verified your account. Plus, on their social media accounts or within regular promotions you may access up to 250 additional free spins. In comparison with many other Bitcoin casinos, this one does not deal with any fiat currencies. When you get started with Fortune Jack, you can benefit from the generous welcome package that includes 250 free spins and up to 6 bitcoins. Apart from that, there are ensured bonuses for the first four deposits coupled with regular special offers. So, let’s look into the state of things.

From the very start, you are eligible for 250 free spins and a 110% bonus plus 1.5 BTC for the first deposit. For the second, third, and fourth deposits you can get a 100% bonus plus 1.5 BTC for each. However, there are some standard wagering requirements to get bonuses. On the other hand, you can benefit from the aforementioned 20% cashback that implies that 20% of your net losses will be compensated without any wagering requirements at all. After signing up, you receive 50 free spins. Nonetheless, you can withdraw your money only if your account has been verified. Besides, you may get up to 15% of cashback during certain months. Fortune Jack also provides Weekly Reload bonuses which depend on the loyalty level. Hence, you can receive a maximum 50% bonus and 3.5 BTC. As for the loyalty program itself, it is called the Miami Garage and allows you to accumulate loyalty points that shape your final bonus.

The range of available games will depend on your country. Among the most popular options, you can find there Blackjack, slots, Video Poker, Jackpot Slots, Roulette, Scratch Cards, Dice, Live casino, as well as sports and even esports betting. Plus, they regularly announce new releases from numerous providers such as Elk Studios, NetEnt, iSoftbet, Quickspin, Play’n Go, etc. Most games are probably fair and you do not need to worry about your security as the casino provides a solid privacy policy. The platform has mainly positive customer reviews. However, as it operates from Curacao, there are still some restrictions for the residents of particular countries. They can seem less critical while compared with other casinos of this kind and often depend on the game providers. Although the platform will probably ask you to pass a KYC check, it is a necessary step to maintain the security of your funds. 


  • Licensed and has provably fair games;
  • Remarkable bonus system;
  • The loyalty program, special offers, and promotions;
  • The list of games is regularly updated;
  • Ensured security. 


  • Some geo-restrictions;
  • Has only 2 languages;
  • Does not accept fiat currencies.

5. mBit

10 Best Bitcoin Casinos

mBit was registered in 2014, in Curacao. It is a cryptocurrency casino that does not accept any fiat currencies. Although you can enjoy a great many casino games there, sports betting with a certain degree of anonymity is to be emphasized. The number of available games exceeds 2000 options. Your journey with this platform starts with an alluring welcome package. It comprises a 110% bonus for the first deposit and 300 free spins. There are also bonuses for the second and third deposits that are 50% and 75% respectively. All bonuses are converted to Bitcoin. In this regard, you have a chance to get up to 5 additional bitcoins with your deposits. However, if you prefer another cryptocurrency, you can switch it to maintain your bonuses. The casino has a lot of features that can be really helpful for newcomers. For example, there is the “Get Started” pop-up feature that informs you about available bonuses, balances, and new games. Most games on the website are provably fair and provided by the most popular studios such as Betsoft and Pragmatic Play.

While on the subject of bonuses, promotions, and other benefits, there are some core points to highlight. In this regard, you can take part in the VIP Friday Reload that gives you a 100% bonus (up to 0.25 BTC). Or you can benefit from Reload Mondays with a 25% weekly bonus. There is also an opportunity to get daily 20% cashback (up to 0.1 BTC). Apart from that, if you join mBit Races, you can receive some additional free spins every day. Finally, if you are keen on more specific bonuses, you can take advantage of their VIP program. It gives you redeemable loyalty points, personal VIP manager, exclusive bonuses, and personalized rewards. Plus, the mBit website is really mobile-friendly and provides a player chat where you can interact with other users. However, there is at least one downside. You will not find games from such providers as Quickspin, NetEnt, or Yggdrasil there. On the other hand, there are over 70 jackpot slots, more than 50 table games from top providers, and various types of poker.

Like 7BitCasino and BitStarz, mBit is the part of gambling conglomerate “Direx N.V. group”. It means that it has a Curacao license and ensures your safety. Hence, the casino employs the SoftSwiss gaming platform that allows enhancing your gambling experience and secures your payments. Besides, mBit has an SSL certificate and AES-128 encryption. Nonetheless, your anonymity is the blind side of the casino as a KYC check is necessary. One more drawback is that users from some countries such as the US and UK cannot sign up. 


  • Solid VIP program;
  • A variety of bonuses and promotions;
  • A wide range of games;
  • Provably fair, licensed;
  • Security is ensured. 


  • The necessity to go through a KYC check;
  • Restrictions for some countries;
  • Some providers are missing.

6. Bitcoin.com Games

10 Best Bitcoin Casinos

“Bitcoin.com Games” is the platform supported by Bitcoin.com. It offers a lot of provably fair Bitcoin games as well as anonymous registration. Thus, you can enjoy video poker, roulette, slots, Keno, Craps, blackjack, other casino games including some exclusive ones. In this casino, you can make deposits in only Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash. Plus, there are bonuses for the first, second, and third deposits. One more specific characteristic of this website is that it is available for US players. This is a full-fledged Bitcoin casino. Thus, it does not accept fiat currency deposits. Apart from various bonuses and promotions, it gives 15% cashback for newcomers as well as weekly (and even daily) cash prizes. Bitcoin.com Games has a large prize pool of around $2M that its competitors can hardly boast. Besides, with the Progressive BTC Jackpot, you have a chance to get up to 10 free spins on a regular basis. As the platform strongly adheres to the principles of anonymity and security, players from almost every country can access it. And it is really easy to withdraw your winnings to your crypto wallet in no time with the “fast withdrawal” feature.

First of all, I would like to look into some games and interface features. For example, if you opt for playing Roulette, you can choose a progressive option that allows you to get tips during the gaming process. It is quite useful for those who try casinos for the first time. Or if you are a fan of games like Blackjack, you can choose the Lucky 7′ or opt for the individual bet size. All in all, it helps to minimize your risks and gives you a chance to win more. Craps is one of the most popular games on offer. While playing this game, you can bet on dice rolls using helpful tips from the casino. If you are interested in the lottery games, Keno is worth trying. Before playing any game provided by Bitcoin.com Games, you can test it by the means of a free mode. By doing so, you minimize the risk of losing your money, and can easily figure out how to play. Many cryptocurrency casinos out there provide some provably fair games. Herewith, not all of them have this basis that guarantees your safety. However, Bitcoin.com Games offer only provably fair options without any exception. That is what I like about it the most. 

This platform is licensed and registered in Costa Rica. It only deals with reputable game providers. So, there is no need to worry about the fairness of the gaming process. Apart from that, this is one of the safest options in the niche as the security measures are at a very high level.

They include identity protection, encryption tools, additional privacy features, etc. In terms of safety, it is what most crypto players are searching for. While for some users the fact that only two cryptocurrencies are accepted may seem disappointing, this is one of the best Bitcoin casinos out there. On the other hand, it lacks numerous bonuses and promotions others can boast of. But as for me, the platform compensates it with enhanced security and ensured anonymity. And the last thing to be mentioned, Bitcoin.com Games has a fixed fee for withdrawals that is 0.0001 BTC.


  • Ensured anonymity;
  • Fast transactions;
  • Registration is not obligatory;
  • All games are legit;
  • Around-the-clock customer support. 


  • Lacks bonuses;
  • The only language is available (English).

7. Bitcoin Casino

10 Best Bitcoin Casinos

Bitcoin Casino combines all aspects that matter for players when they select a crypto casino. It provides provably fair games and bonuses, ensures your anonymity, and has a team of customer support managers ready to answer your questions 24/7. Bitcoin casino does not scrimp bonuses giving you up to 1 BTC with your first deposit. Plus, your second and third deposits are coupled with a 50% bonus. But this is not the end of the story. The platform also offers daily and weekly reload bonuses that reach 30% and 50% respectively. This is a great and safe choice for those who favor table games, slot games, roulette, or poker as there are a lot of options to choose from. The casino deals with not only Bitcoin but also allows deposits in ETH, BCH, LTS, and DOGE. As for withdrawals, they are fast and available at any time.

While using Bitcoin Casino, you can benefit from cashback in some cases. Herewith, free spins are also available. For example, if you make a deposit of 0.003 BTC or more, you can get up to 100 free spins during a week. There is one interesting feature called “Alter ego” that mixes up your gaming experience and brings additional benefits. Besides, you can take part in tournaments and win prizes. Another good feature to pay attention to is the loyalty program. It has certain levels such as Coin Village, Treasure Oasis, Freespin Mines, Jackpot Dungeon, and Fortune Island. Each one gives you a chance to win additional rewards and prizes but it might be difficult to take it to the next level. One more nice characteristic of this platform is that it is possible to test games without registration and deposits by using a demo mode.

Although there are a lot of advantages, some downsides are unavoidable. Hence, you cannot play some games with a particular cryptocurrency. For example, there are games only available for Bitcoin, while you can access others with Litecoin, Ethereum, etc. Though the casino operates under the Curacao license, it is still available for users from most countries around the globe. 


  • A lot of bonuses;
  • 24/7 customer support;
  • Many unique features;
  • Demo version;
  • Numerous cryptocurrencies are accepted. 


  • Some games are not available for particular cryptocurrencies.

8. CryptoWild

10 Best Bitcoin Casinos

CryptoWild accepts only cryptocurrencies, provides a variety of provably fair games, and prioritizes your security. You can find over 1000 games from almost all top providers. Bonuses are the first thing that draws our attention when we come across a new online casino. Thus, your very first deposit will give you a 150% bonus and 150 free spins. At the same time, the second, third, and fourth deposits go together with a 50% bonus. All in all, you can receive up to 4 bitcoins as bonuses. And it makes a difference for many players who opt for CryptoWild. Nonetheless, higher bonuses result in higher wagering requirements that reach 60x. That is why this casino does not hold the first position in this rating. 

On the other hand, there are a lot of promotions and interesting features that can improve your user experience. In this regard, every Wednesday you have a chance to get up to 20 free spins. Plus, you can win some additional free spins on the weekends. And 20% cashback is available on Sundays. There is also a VIP program that gives you even bigger bonuses and rewards. It has three ranks – Silver, Gold, and Platinum. 

In terms of security, the platform takes several measures to be emphasized. There are AES-128 encryption, 2-factor authentication, and trustworthy games. However, it is necessary to verify your identity by passing a KYC check. At least, the casino claims it holds your personal information protected. While there are no limits for the minimal deposit, you will face limits on withdrawals. Hence, you can withdraw 0.001-3 BTC at a time. And all the cryptocurrencies have particular withdrawal limits. 


  • A great many bonuses and promotions;
  • The VIP program and regular special offers;
  • Over 1000 provably fair games;
  • No limits on deposits;
  • Enhanced security. 


  • Wagering requirements above average;
  • Limits on the withdrawals.

9. 24VIP Casino

10 Best Bitcoin Casinos

Although 24VIP Casino operates under the Curacao government, it does not have restrictions for users from the US. The maximal BTC bonus reaches 275% or $2 750. Apart from cryptocurrencies, it accepts fiat currencies. The casino was established in 2017. It collaborates with such top game providers as BetSoft and Rival Gaming. Hence, you can find a great many casino games to fit every taste from poker and other table games to slots of any kind. The well-developed interface makes the gaming process more comfortable. Many players emphasize the great quality and diversity of slot games. There are over 150 options that have different stylistics such as iSlots, 3D and video-slots, or even basic 3-reel slots. All they have various features, for example, different pay lines, multipliers, free spins, etc. Once you have signed up, you will get a 100% welcome bonus plus 240 free spins for 10 days (24 spins a day).

If you plan to use Bitcoin for playing games, the welcome bonus will be maximal – 275%. Unfortunately, there are no bonuses for further deposits. However, you can benefit from regular promotions. For example, if you try betting and do not succeed to win, there is 10% daily cashback. Besides, the platform has a solid privacy policy and provides strong security measures. In this regard, 24VIP Casino can boast the most reliable 256-bit encryption. To ensure the fairness of available games it employs the Random Number Generator. The website is mobile-friendly, so you can enjoy favorite games even when you have no access to desktop devices. Plus, despite some wagering requirements, withdrawals do not take much time. 


  • Reliable encryption and other security measures;
  • Available for users from all countries;
  • Fiat currencies are accepted;
  • Games from top providers;
  • Generous starting bonus. 


  • No bonuses for the second, third and fourth deposits;
  • More wagering requirements in comparison with other platforms.

10. Bitcoin Penguin

10 Best Bitcoin Casinos

Bitcoin Penguin does not set any geo-restrictions for players from most countries. The list of games includes more than 400 provably fair options such as Roulette, Slots, Minesweeper, Blackjack, Keno, Video Poker, and many others. Among game providers, there are SoftSwiss, BetSoft, Amatic, Nolimit City, Belatra, Pragmatic Play, etc. Plus, it offers some bonuses. For example, when you sign up, you get a 100% bonus for the first deposit including up to 30 free spins and up to 0.2 BTC. Additionally, they give you a 75% bonus after your second deposit. 

Apart from Bitcoin, you can make deposits in Litecoin and Dogecoin.  There is an opportunity to monitor the live table games section to observe the gaming process before getting started. One more advantage of this casino is the prompt customer support that is always there to address your questions. Thus, you can contact them via live chat, email, or phone at any time. And the last thing to be emphasized is that BitcoinPenguin does not put any limits on the amount of money for deposits or withdrawals. In other words, you can spend any comfortable sums for your hobby and withdraw everything you have won at any time. 


  • Bonuses for the first and second deposits;
  • Responsive customer team;
  • Three cryptocurrencies accepted;
  • No limits on the transactions. 


  • Lack of unique features;
  • Fewer bonuses in comparison with other platforms.


Bitcoin gambling can be a lot of fun but one should be aware of the fact that it might lead to addiction. Thus, you should not overindulge in Bitcoin casinos no matter how many bonuses and benefits they offer. Turning back to the rating, most casinos provide almost the same lists of games and promotions that seem to be really alike. In this regard, while choosing a good Bitcoin casino, you should pay attention to other factors. 

First of all, you should prioritize legit Bitcoin casinos. If you cannot find sufficient evidence of fairness, you’d better opt for another platform. Otherwise, you risk wasting your time and money. Secondly, pay attention to the specific and unique features of a particular casino that can drive and improve your gambling experience. If you cannot figure out how and where to play, or how to make a withdrawal, you should probably try other websites. Third, check the security issues and privacy policy. While playing games in crypto casinos, your privacy and security should be protected. In this regard, the preferred platform should have at least reliable encryption (128-bit or 256-bit), 2-factor authentication, and a clear privacy policy. Forth, some Bitcoin casinos give you an opportunity to test it before making any deposits. Thus, if a platform has a demo mode, it is definitely a good omen as you can look into the gaming process and evaluate the product.

On a final note, while trying a Bitcoin casino (or any online casino at all), you are the only person who is responsible for the safety of your funds. Thus, select a reliable crypto wallet to ensure that your money is safe and sound at any given moment. Plus, always check customer service because if something goes wrong you need someone to address your questions.  And never neglect the Terms and Conditions section. Overall, cryptocurrency casinos have more advantages than classic online casinos. They are safer, more anonymous, and impose minimal fees. But you should choose wisely to avoid major failures.

How to find out if a Bitcoin casino is provably fair?

Reputation means a lot in this industry. Thus, every casino should make efforts to prove that it is trustworthy. The main evidence of trustworthiness is the fairness of results. In this regard, reliable Bitcoin casinos always give you an opportunity to check that the result of the game is random to avoid any cheating. Various platforms may provide different ways to ensure fairness. They often employ math algorithms or systems. Here is an example of such a system. It is based on the hashed seed numbers users get when starting a game. They can add new seeds. At the end of the game, users receive a seed selected for the bet. Providing the seed has not been altered, the outcome is random and fair.

Does a license make a difference?

Yes, if the casino is licensed, it is registered and operates on a legal basis. Hence, it is more reliable as it makes efforts to meet the industry standards. As a rule, legit casinos are licensed. In the meantime, the kind of license also matters. For example, if a particular casino has a Curacao license, it probably imposes restrictions for users from particular countries (such as the US, UK, Australia, etc.). On the other hand, it is not always the case.

How can I make a deposit in the Bitcoin casino?

It depends on the casino’s payment terms. They also define wagering requirements, payment methods and cryptocurrencies accepted, etc. Every platform places information about payment terms in various sections of the website. As a rule, you can find it on the FAQ page, on special payment pages, or in the Terms and Conditions section.

Do bitcoin casinos have customer support teams?

Unfortunately, not every cryptocurrency casino provides customer support. In theory, you can contact them via some support channels such as email, phone, or live chat. But in practice, you can wait for the answer for hours. However, bitcoin casinos that care about their reputation have a customer support team that operates around the clock. They also provide multiple ways you can reach them out. If you deal with a trustworthy and reputable casino, you will probably be able to contact them even via social media. In this regard, it is recommended to avoid platforms that cannot provide high-quality customer service. And remember, live chat is a must for such websites.

Are cryptocurrency casinos legal?

In some countries, cryptocurrency casinos and Bitcoin casinos specifically are legal if they are registered and have a license. However, if you play from a country where gambling is banned, in terms of your government, it is illegal. Plus, like many online casinos, bitcoin casinos operate on the same legal basis. In other words, it is not less or more legal than any other platform of this kind. Nonetheless, while choosing a crypto casino, you should prioritize licensed options as it minimizes the possibility of being scammed or cheated.

What games can I play in Bitcoin casinos?

Today, in most Bitcoin casinos you can play the same games you usually see in standard online casinos. They include slots, roulette, blackjack, video poker, craps, lottery games, and many others. Some cryptocurrency casinos even allow sports and esports betting. Besides, some game providers develop exclusive games for Bitcoin gambling sites. Thus, the range of games mainly depends on a particular casino. 

What advantages do Bitcoin casinos have?

When compared with standard gambling websites, bitcoin casinos have some advantages to be emphasized. First of all, Bitcoin is decentralized that results in the fast processing of payments. This cryptocurrency is not regulated by any bank or government. That is why there is no way someone could freeze your Bitcoin wallet. Secondly, bitcoin can ensure a certain degree of anonymity. Though it is possible to track how you use your bitcoins as they are based on blockchain technology, they are considered to be comparatively anonymous. Thirdly, Bitcoin transfers are available around the globe. If you have a stable internet connection, there is no problem using your cryptocurrency in any possible way. Fourthly, Bitcoin has some insignificant transaction fees in comparison with other currencies.

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