Gold Fever Game Review 2024

by Ed Miller
24 Feb 2023

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A person seeking water in a rainforest
Game Review 2024

Today, the field of crypto gaming is developing very quickly as NFT is becoming more and more popular among users. One of the novelties in blockchain games is Gold Fever, which we will discuss in more detail. 

So, how much can that game interest gamers and NFT fans? Here is everything to pinpoint about this NFT gaming opportunity! 

What Is NFT and What Is Its Role in Crypto Gaming?

Before starting a cryptocurrency game, you should understand the meaning of an NFT game. We discuss NFT as a digital art “object” with unique characteristics. This object is non-fungible: you cannot exchange one NFT for another fairly because they are not interchangeable as fungible tokens like dollars, euros, Bitcoins, Ethereum, etc. 

There may be many copies of that object, but the original belongs to the one who acquired the piece. For instance, you can buy a copy of the Mona Lisa, which will be cheap, but the original masterpiece is still in Louvre and costs around $100 million. Also, you cannot buy Mona Lisa even when you offer the Girl with a Pearl Earring for her portrait — both art pieces are valuable, but they are also 100% unique and cannot be equal. 

How does this principle work in play-to-earn NFT games? 

In top NFT games, you can buy/sell such an “object,” which will be 100% unique and exclusive. For example, you can buy a specific character with developed skills, unique skin, an original story, and other peculiarities that add value to them. The more unique, developed, and holistic the character or object in the game, the more expensive it is. 

Earnings in NFT games occur by making transactions. The player creates or acquires a certain object and then can sell it for real money. To access crypto games, you might have to buy its tokens and make an investment, but some might also be free-to-play. 

Gold Fever: What Can That Game Offer?

An image of a skull with a jungle in the background
Cover of the NFT game Gold Fever

The game was created in the survival RPG genre, which can attract the attention of many players. These rather popular game genres offer you a lot of freedom of action! Of course, the important point is that you can earn real money by playing.

The team behind the project
Meet the developers! 

The game was created by two developers, which is impressive, given the result. But one game one dev situations are not a rarity today, meaning we can expect amazing gaming opportunities from a team that small. 

➡️ The plot 

The Gold Fever crypto game tells a story about the confrontation between “Tribals” and “Adventurers,” which is also disclosed in the game’s whitepaper. The action takes place in the wild jungle, where adventurers and tribe members fight to claim the unimaginable riches that are hidden in the dangerous thickets.

Some strive for fame, riches, and luxurious life (Adventurers), while others want to protect the gold that belongs to their Gods (Tribals). At the same time, the gold rush can cloud your mind so much that you cannot distinguish friend from foe in the pursuit of treasures. And that is where survival begins! 

Your main goal is to get gold and survive, fighting off the invasions of the unkind. And you will have to fight back not only from representatives of the local tribe but also from their comrades who have lost their heads from greed. That is a standard approach to the main narrative of any survival RPG, but it can become quite fun as you play.

➡️ Character creation and development

Character creation info on the official website
The official website explains what is included in your character development

If we talk about character creation, the crypto game can please you with a good choice of features in the CAS (character editing) mode. You have the opportunity to choose a faction, class, and also the appearance of your character. 

Character creation room 
This is a serious-looking Prospector! 

The ability to create your unique character and the number of options in the character creation menu lets you have a sandbox where your vision of a hero can come true. Of course, in that NFT game, you can choose the gender of your character because that is an integral part. Players want to immerse themselves in the story; character creation can help them ensure they play with who they like. That helps to feel the history and the atmosphere better. 

➡️ Factions

In Gold Fever, you can choose which faction you prefer to play as. As we have mentioned earlier, there is a tough confrontation between Adventurers and Tribals in that game world. 

You can choose one of these factions and start your journey with ideals closer to you. The important point is that since the goals of the two classes differ, the experience of the first or second faction will also have differences. The choice will determine how exactly the player will be able to earn during the game and what functions will be available to their character.

  • The Adventurers are colonialists who came to foreign lands for profit. They use advanced technology to find gold in the new wildland. Their main goal is material gain as well as fame. 
  • The Tribals are local aborigines who protect their lands and what belongs to them. Strangers came to their lands and sought to defile their homes and remove what they were spiritually connected with. They are spiritually connected with the gold in the local rivers and try to protect it by destroying all modern technologies. Their main purpose is to drive out the alien party. 

➡️ Classes

Also, for each faction, there is a good choice of classes. 

For Adventurers:

  • Prospectors. These scouts have good stamina but might need help defending themselves. A Prospector with a good firearm is imba. 
  • Medic. Aka healer. They are more important than some gamers might think! Supports are greatly appreciated among pro gamers, and this role can carry a team. 
  • Hunter. This is the most optimal character to snatch that gold. Hunters usually have stamina boosts and good health. 

For Tribals:

  • Shaman/Sorcerer. That might be your best choice if you choose Sorcerers in challenging games like Dark Souls. This long-range damage class can be an amazing sub-DPS for the team. 
  • Forager. Foragers are your scouts that bring food and work as heralds. You ask a Forager for food politely when you need provisions. 
  • Warrior. Self-explanatory. Doom music intensifies. 

By choosing your character’s class, you will determine their role in the team and the skills they can develop. Some will go to the thickets to explore, and some will stay in camps guarding what you have acquired. 

Also, each class earns 

  • Reputation. Your reputation is better when you have a high “body count” (wins in fights that are fatal for your opponents), the volume of your treasury, etc. The richer and more dangerous you are, the higher your reputation. 
  • Experience. XP grows if you do quests. 

All that gives you boosts for fighting, mining, movement speed, and other necessities that can guarantee you survival. 

➡️ Opportunities in the game

Once you have created your character, you will access an open world to explore. Gold Fever invites you to plunge into lush jungles and rocky landscapes. The map’s scale resembles the map in the game TES: Skyrim. It is not very big, but it is enough for long explorations. 

Territory that can be explored playing Gold Fever
Gold Fever game map

You can explore the world alone and with friends or meet new people online. It all depends on your preferences. You can play as a lone hero, which is standard for new players. That will allow you to better explore the map and your capabilities in the initial stages of the gameplay. You can also purchase rights, and NFTs recommended by the community. 

Gold Fever players can join a guild to help them achieve their goals faster. You can learn how teamwork works here and develop for the common good. However, it will be challenging if you are a beginner since only some guilds are ready to accept newcomers. New players will have to spend some time finding a guild that is friendly to new players and willing to help them through the process. 

You can also create your guild, which will not look like in most online RPG games. The game map is divided into regions, and each region has a governor. The player can purchase the Governor’s Pack, including additional features. That is one of the expensive and rare rights or NFTs that can benefit you in the form of real money. You can keep it until it’s all sold out and then sell it for a lot more.

➡️ Crafting system

Crafting info on the official website 
Gold Fever NFT game has a unique crafting system 

Crafting is affordable in most blockchain games, and Gold Fever is no exception. How can a survival RPG game exist without crafting? Moreover, crafting is an integral part of that game, affecting a large part of its economy. Players can craft many items that will be useful to them during the game. That is a must since most items you need are not just lying there waiting for you to grab them. Accordingly, you will have to create them yourself and improve. There are two types of craft here:

  • Production construction (players craft items in buildings)
  • Survival crafting (players craft essential items on the go while exploring the jungle)

You have access to many different crafting materials that you must extract differently. Some materials you can find in the open world, and some you will have to make yourself from what you have already found. Having collected all the materials you need in one way or another, you can create the item you need. 

Crafting is necessary for survival, so it can be your salvation. Without it, you will not last long in the game; therefore, you must craft many different items throughout the map exploration. 

You will not be able to create many items you need from what you find in the jungle, but that will be enough to survive. And even those materials that can be obtained in different locations are not always easy to find. That makes the game’s crafting system difficult for beginners and will take some time. However, it makes Gold Fever more realistic, as surviving in the jungle is always challenging.

➡️ Graphics

Two Adventurers in their camp 
The graphics are not bad and remain easy for weak PCs to process

If high graphics and cinematic quality are important for you in video games, then that will unlikely be something that will please you. Still, this play-to-earn game has good graphics that many players will like. 

It is a 3D game that has good detail of the landscape and characters. However, expect something other than incredible graphics like Red Dead Redemption or the new Hogwarts Legacy. The graphics in that game is of an average level and is not something that can impress. 

A river in the game 
The graphics are acceptable 

Sometimes character movements may seem unnatural and similar to old games such as TES: Oblivion. However, the graphics create the right atmosphere and may appeal to players who are fans of titles like The Forest or RAFT.

However, if graphics are not your top priority, that might be good news! That means you do not need a powerful PC or laptop to play it. It makes Gold Fever accessible to most players who do not own gaming devices but still want to have a good time. To play that game, you must have a video card no less than an Nvidia GTX 1650 or equivalent. Accordingly, you can play that Gold game NFT without errors, even on your office laptop. 

How to Make Money

NFT aspect explanation on the official website 
Everything in this game is an NFT!  

➡️ NFT creation 

First and foremost, everything — EVERYTHING — in this game is an NFT. Your MC is an NFT. Their pants are an NFT. Their pet, horse, boat, house, land, gun, and everything else is an NFT. 

Other NFTs you can create and buy/sell in this game 
You can sell and buy everything here 

➡️ Gold mining (obv)

No matter which faction you play for, the main goal of each player is to mine gold. Players can extract and re-fix their finds by mining in different places. No matter how it is obtained, gold is later traded for NGL tokens. 

An Adventurer in the rainforest
Explore the map to find resources

Each area on the map has several conditions for gold mining on its territory. They will symbolize the location where the PVP Arena mode is on. Each mining application has its limited amount of mined gold. As soon as the application for gold mining ceases to be valid, it will no longer be available to you. 

➡️ Arenas and PVP

NFT gaming is fully revealed here in Arenas, a PVP event. The goal of each faction is still gold mining, and here you have the opportunity to fill your wallet. In the Arena, adventurers are trying to extract gold from the rivers while the main goal of the tribe is to stop them. They may try to stop the gold mining or kill the adventurers who have already mined some. 

That is an interesting NFT gaming crypto experience and an opportunity to earn money, making that process even more exciting. The unverified version of the area is still available to players; the only difference is that they cannot collect gold from it. Players are prompted to join the mining claim when they cross the event area. 

➡️ Obtaining licenses and creating spaces 

Players can also purchase a gold mining license. With a license, players can discover several useful features, such as ownership of a mining claim or rights over the gold.

You can also place PvP Arenas for other adventurers to extract gold. That is quite useful as a portion of any recovered gold goes directly to the owner of the mining claim. The distribution of gold between players depends on any trades made during the formation of a group. That only happens after the gold has already been deposited into the bank. 

➡️ Trading 

At the same time, nothing prevents players from sharing gold among themselves. If you want to share the gold with your teammates, you can toss them a gold nugget or even trade it for the right goods. Gold Fever has a commodity feature that can make survival much easier for players who have already mined some gold. 

Optimization for Different Devices and Accessibility

It is a free NFT game that all interested gamers can play. That is a big plus for the game since your earnings depend only on how well you navigate the game and your gaming skills. Over time, each player can get used to it and start receiving NFT tokens. The most important thing is that the start of the players does not require any financial effort, making gaming NFT easy. 

Unfortunately, that crypto game is only available for PCs or laptops. That may change in the future and will be adapted for other devices, but it seems impossible now. The game has complex mechanics, unlike games like Walking Dead or Tales From The Borderlands, which are adapted for all devices. It will take a lot of work and effort, so even if it happens, it will not be soon.

NGL Tokens

The NGL token is around $0.2454, which is a solid result. Yes, the token has been in the negatives for a while. Moreover, users report that the dev team must demonstrate how they work more because there is a lack of updates, which makes this project less trustworthy. 

NGL to USD chart 
NGL price fluctuations in seven days 

Please also note that most facts about the token are self-reported. Coinmarketcap (NGL) has yet to verify that data. So, it is advisable to play this game for free now and not rely on the coin. 


It is not a bad game for gamers and those interested in NFT. It perfectly combines good survival gameplay and the ability to earn real money. The main factor is that the players will be able to enjoy the gaming process, which is the most important thing in any video game. 

Ways of earning NFT tokens are presented as entertainment, so they will be easy for players to get. It has certain disadvantages, which are mainly system limitations. However, it can still be a great way to earn crypto games experience. 

You need to understand how NFT works and how to use it after you get it before entering play-to-earn games. If you understand NFT, like video games, and do not have strict graphics requirements, that crypto game can be a great option.

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