Ignition Casino Took My Money — Find Out Why

by David Patterson
19 Nov 2022

Being seasoned in computer science and having surfed the entire software development stack, David has something to say about how it all works. He’s also well aware of the gambling industry's best practices for turning client-customer concepts into workable models. Additionally, David's zest for cryptos makes him precisely that guy whose comprehensive expertise can save you from unnecessary (and costly!) mistakes.

What to do if Ignition Casino took your money
Find out possible reasons and how to avoid situations when a casino seems to take your money

Did a casino take your money? The internet is full of complaints by gamblers who lost their money to an online casino. It is frustrating when something like that happens, and you cannot withdraw your earnings.

Casinos may withhold or cancel your payments for several reasons. However, sometimes they are just a scam and are out there to steal your money. In this blog, you can find out why a gambling establishment may not pay you. In addition, we will explore how you can avoid such situations. 

6 Cases When Casinos Might Take (or Steal) Your Money

6 Сases when you most likely will lose your money
Do not neglect following rules, instructions, and wagering requirements, the rest is a casino’s responsibility

Below are a few cases when you may not receive your money:

When Gamblers Breach Terms of Service

Did you know you cannot use a VPN to play poker? Every casino has a long list of terms and conditions which most of us don’t read. However, that can turn out to be a big mistake. Maybe, there were other rules you violated accidentally or deliberately? 

You may miss out on conditions that might impact your ability to withdraw funds. For example, using a VPN may make you ineligible for any winnings. Several terms might influence how you receive your payouts or don’t. So, read the terms and conditions carefully before you make your deposit. 

When a Licensed Casino Is Still Unfair

Gambling commissions are supposed to regulate online casinos. However, a licensed casino may still use unfair means to grab its users’ funds. It is a bit challenging to get a commission to act unless there are substantial complaints. So, you should evaluate the reputation of any company before you wager.

A Gambler Is Yet to Meet the Wagering Requirements

You may receive a welcome or deposit bonus when creating an account. However, you might not receive the amount right away. Instead, there can be a wagering requirement to get your bonus. Let’s say you get $50 on signing up. But you have to wager 30x to get the amount. Hence, you have to bet $50 x 30 times or $1,500 to get your $50. Read the bonus terms and check if you have completed the wagering requirements!

When Gamblers Refuse to Verify Their Identity

Gaming authorities mandate KYC on virtual casinos. They must verify your identity and address before processing any payouts. You must send copies of documents like your driving license, passport, and utility bills to complete the KYC process.

The management won’t be able to pay you unless you verify your identity or address. Your winnings will be locked, and you won’t be able to withdraw them.

A Casino Is Fraudulent

Not all casinos are legit. They don’t have any gambling licenses and are not legal. You will come across websites that are purely scams. You will surely lose your earnings if you bet on such a platform.

Technical Glitches

A technical fault may sometimes force you to lose your funds. It may be a problem with the game software or the website. However, such glitches are rare.

Ignition Casino Took My Money: 3 Loudest Cases

You may find complaints like ‘Ignition casino took my money on the internet. Some of these complaints may be legit and highlight the drawbacks of the platform. Here are a few complaints that we analyzed:

Lost Hundred of Dollars

A gambler called Jame said on Reddit that Ignition canceled his account after he won hundreds of dollars. The portal accused him of violating the terms and conditions. However, Jame was confident he didn’t go against the rules. He communicated with the support team several times but was unable to know why his account was terminated.

BTC Deposit Lost

This complaint comes from the Ignition forum. A customer deposited BTC, but the amount did not appear in the balance after 24 hours. The complainant contacted the support but wasn’t able to get any assistance. The support team kept saying they had no information on the delay or its cause. 

Winnings Not Paid

Ignition is accused of not paying the jackpot amount to a gambler several times. Whenever he hit the jackpot, the site would show, “connection lost to server.” The gambler was not able to receive any winnings or payouts.

How to Ensure Casinos Do Not Confiscate Your Money

Read the Terms and Conditions

A great gambling tip is always to read the terms and conditions. You should also read the terms of each game you want to bet on. Yes, it is tedious and time-consuming. Still, do not neglect that. 

Contact Customer Support

Get in touch with customer support instantly when you face a deposit or withdrawal issue. The faster you contact the site, the quicker your problem can be resolved. 

Provide Evidence

Take screenshots when you receive any error message or make any deposit. You can use such evidence to back up your complaints and force action from the management. 

Get in Touch With Gambling Commissions

You can contact the gambling commission a casino is licensed with. They can take your complaint forward and take action against the culprit. However, you should be ready for a long battle.

An Eternal Reminder: Play at Legit Casinos Only

Gamblers should always stick to legit casinos to get their money’s worth. You can use several ways to assess the legitimacy of a platform, like:

  • Checking for a license from a gambling authority
  • Reading customer reviews, especially negative ones
  • Searching online for any complaints
  • Testing the games on the platform
  • Contacting the support 
  • Checking for fair gameplay
  • Evaluating the speed of transactions
Why don’t casinos pay you?

Casinos may not pay you for several reasons, like breaching terms or not meeting wagering requirements. Sometimes, online casinos might not be legit.

How do you find out if a casino is legit?

Online casinos should have valid licenses from gambling authorities. Check the website to find out details about the license.

What to do if I cannot withdraw my funds?

You should contact the support team if you cannot withdraw your funds. You can also take a screenshot of the declined transaction and send it to your email.


Casinos may withhold payments for several reasons. You should study the terms and verify your identity to avoid any issues. Also, gamble only at licensed and reputable websites, so your money is safe. Moreover, read customer reviews to make a thorough assessment. 

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