How to Maximize Your Winnings with Progressive Jackpot Slots

by Stephen R. Tabone
19 Jul 2023

Stephen is a high roller. However, this was not always the case. First, he was a brick-and-mortar denizen. Then, he shifted to online gambling (and we all know why, don’t we?). With the rise of cryptocurrencies, Stephen realized how much more it could help him get the most out of his gambling experience. By trial and error, through multiple losses and seven-figure winnings, he finally has tremendous sway with high rollers. Learn wisdom by the follies of others as it will save lots of your time and thousands of your money.

Many dollar bills 
Max wins on jackpot slots

Gamblers want to enjoy the slots they play, but winning while playing remains a priority. In online slot machines with progressive jackpots, you can win twice, thrice, and more of your usual wins, and many players are looking for a way to achieve this. 

Your search for the strategy to get the biggest wins has finally come to an end! I will share all the proven tricks and tips to help you fill your wallet.

Understanding Progressive Jackpot Slots

A gambler thinks about how progressive slots work
Knowing how a machine functions can help you adjust your strategy 

Before starting to play for real money, the player must clearly understand what they are doing and what opportunities they have in the game. Here we have to start from the beginning. What is a progressive slot machine, and how to play progressive slots? 

Online slot machines are a game of luck, deciding your outcome with an RNG. The presence of a jackpot allows you to achieve victory relying on not only your luck. A progressive slot is a prize fund that deducts a small percentage from each bet. Each reel rotation means that a certain share is credited to the jackpot. 

Since the probability of winning such a large amount is initially low, some developers mean to rank the jackpots. An example is the software provider NetEnt, which equips games with several types of jackpots at once. 

Players must also understand what they are playing for and what they expect from jackpot slots. That rarely happens if you want to start the game and get an incredible prize. You must understand that such casino games require patience and interest. The slot machine with a progressive jackpot must arouse your interest because this will bring you closer to victory.

Choose the Right Progressive Jackpot Slot ⚖️

The gambler made the right choice
An optimal choice gets you closer to the best win!

Players should choose at least something other than the first available slot games that pay real money with a progressive jackpot. Choosing whatever you see first is a reckless decision that can not only result in you not being able to get the maximum prize but also losing your money. 

You must start playing a slot that hooks you with its animation, mechanics, or theme to concentrate properly and wait for a win. The gameplay will not be interesting enough for you, so you can spend a small amount of money and get nothing. Therefore, I suggest you choose the progressive slot that attracts and interests you first.

Ensuring the progressive jackpot slot machine is suitable for your level is also important. There are different progressive jackpots; each finds their player depending on their preference. In total, there are three types of progressive jackpots:

  • Stand-alone progressive jackpots: They have a fixed jackpot, with a portion of each player’s bet contributing to the pot. The reel counter allows players to track their proximity to the jackpot, but the rewards are usually lower than other progressive slots. It is well suited for beginner gamblers thinking of becoming progressive jackpot winners.
  • Local progressive jackpots: Such progressive machines are a group of related slots owned by the same casino. Of course, they do not offer players multimillion-dollar payouts, but they can please you with impressive winnings. This type of jackpot may be less popular, but it gives a good chance of paying out jackpots simultaneously. They are also called proprietary or proprietary progressives. A good option for intermediate-level gamblers who are no longer beginners but not yet professionals. 
  • Wide area network (WAN) progressives: These are linked to each other through various online casinos. While the operator regulates them, third-party software companies usually create them. You must have high skills and a clear understanding of placing bets to win in these online progressive slots. In short, your skills should be closer to professional ones.

Players must evaluate their skill level and abilities to choose a slot with a suitable progressive jackpot. Of course, if you are a novice gambler, you should choose something other than progressive slots online with the WAN jackpot. You should gain some experience and start by playing slots with stand-alone progressive jackpots. 

Bet Wisely: Managing Your Bankroll

A gambler calculates how much money he can bet
Being careful with money is the golden key to success in gambling 

That is one of the most important conditions for getting a big win and avoiding losses. Online slot machines can not only bring your winnings but also lead to significant losses if you do not control your budget during the game. Accordingly, gamblers need to bet wisely to always stay in the black. Players who do not set limits on their bets and play until they win most often lose just that large amount from their wallet. To win, you must use bets wisely: know how much to bet and when to change the bet amount. 

In my experience, setting specific limits is the first step to success when playing slot games that pay real money. You need to determine the amount you can spend on casino games that will not harm you financially. 

It is also very important to set such limits before the start of the game in online slot machines and not during this. Before the start of the game, the established betting limits will be a rule you cannot violate. You can think of it as part of your path to victory. If you set limits after the game starts, this will not benefit you. You will desire to soften the strict rules, and in the course of the game, you will increase your limits; therefore, they will not give the effect they should.

I have some tips to make it easier for you to take control of your bets. That may seem simple, but it becomes challenging during practice. 

Do not try to win all the time.
It is important not only to set limits on your bets but also to set certain limits on your winnings. If you start to get lucky, then greed can take over, and you may not have time to stop and lose big, and we do not want this. 
Determine your ideal bankroll.
Before playing in any progressive jackpot slot, you should know your limits. Depending on the size of your pocket, the bankroll can be small or large. I recommend having a bankroll of 1,000 times the estimated stake in the game. 
Do not withdraw all your winnings to the regular account — leave some for your gambling bankroll.
It sounds simple but is much more difficult in practice than it seems. Most casino players remember to withdraw whatever they have used as a wager when lucky, which can be a mistake. It is better to cash out an amount equal to 1-2 initial deposit amounts, no more. So you can continue to play online slot machines after some time without making new deposits. 

Timing is Key: Playing at the Right Moment

The player chooses the right time to gamble
A specific mood, time, and other circumstances can influence how your game goes 

First, you must be ready to play any progressive jackpot slot. If you are only here to win and do not enjoy the game, it can increase your stress levels and distance you from your goal. You must always remember that luck is very important in slots games that pay real money; therefore, you must be patient.

The playing time in online slot machines with progressive jackpots also depends on whether the machine is “cold” or “hot.” 

  • If it is hot when you start playing, your chances of hitting the jackpot are much higher. 
  • If the progressive slot is cold, then, accordingly, your chances are not so great. 

Unfortunately, predicting when the machine will become hot is impossible, as this is a random game function. However, you can check this with one little trick. John Patrick, in his book “John Patrick’s Slots,” called this a bare spin restriction. You can make from 5 to 10 spins in a progressive slot, and if these times you are unlucky, then it is not hot at the moment, and you should choose another one. 

If you are tied to a specific time of day, then you can get a big win thanks to the progressive jackpot at any time. Therefore, I suggest that you concentrate on the time when you are free and in the mood for the game. However, there is one interesting algorithm that will help you identify the time in a quality online casino when your chances are greater:

  • Visit the official website of the casino;
  • Many gambling platforms have a ticker with real-time winnings;
  • Analyze player winnings, progressive jackpot slot, and provider;
  • Repeat this after 1-2 hours.

That does not guarantee a big win but can increase your chances. Thus, you can calculate at what time of the day, according to statistics, you have a high chance of winning a big prize. 

Utilize Bonuses and Promotions

The gambler decided to take advantage of bonuses
Bonus offers boost your chances of winning! 

Online casinos often offer bonuses and promos that can boost your bankroll or provide additional opportunities to play progressive. I especially advise you to pay attention to bonuses and promos where you can get free spins. That is a lifesaver for players wanting to win big in any progressive slot. Thanks to FS, you can wait for a hot game and get a well-deserved prize, exactly the one you are waiting for. You can spend more time playing, so your chance of winning will get closer to you with every spin! At the same time, you do not have to make new deposits to continue the game, which means you will not harm yourself financially. 

If you have found a quality online casino with several progressive online slot machines, you should consider its welcome package. Online gambling houses offer new customers a welcome bonus that includes free spins (usually around 150 FS). Use them in the progressive slot you have chosen and think will bring you victory. It is especially nice when the casino provides free spins as a no deposit bonus. But I do not recommend spending free spins on learning the rules of the slot machine. It is better to try its demo version and not waste FS for nothing. 

Bonus money will also be very useful and have the same effect as free spins — you can play longer without harming your wallet. Therefore, I advise you to ensure that the online casino you play does not skimp on bonuses and has generous offers. Before choosing a casino where you will play, check what bonuses it offers its players to stay in the black (this will help you a lot). 

Of course, you should not lose sight of the wagering requirements. Ideally, an online gambling hub should not provide wagering requirements, but this is extremely rare. Ensure the wagering requirements are achievable and the casino does not overstate them. Standard wagering requirements should be no more than 25-50X. If they are higher, the players risk not completing them on time, thus losing the bonus and even the winnings they received using bonus resources. 

Progressive Jackpot Strategies

The player chooses the right strategy to win
Yet another important step to victory

And although slots games that pay real money are based largely on the player’s luck, there are also very useful strategies that bring your winnings closer. And although slots games that pay real money are based more on the player’s luck, there are also useful strategies that bring you closer to winning, playing at the right time, and so on. These strategies should not be ignored if you are firmly on your way to winning big. However, this is not all that you should consider. Here are a few more strategies that I find useful:

Strive to find slots with clear information on their technical peculiarities.
Jackpot slots are ALWAYS aggressively volatile. Nevertheless, even these machines can be more merciful or aggressive. While this technical peculiarity is more important for regular online slots, I still recommend checking the info on probability. Additionally, pay attention to the number of reels and rows, as well as analyze facts on extra features that can change the gameplay.
Play the maximum bet (at least once in a while).
You must make a max bet to win the full jackpot on a progressive slot machine. That is necessary for some progressive slot games to qualify for the jackpot. Therefore, you must always read the rules of the selected progressive jackpot slot to avoid missing it and not wasting your time. 
Play progressive slots with must-drop jackpots.
Must-drop jackpot gamblers win before it reaches a certain value or within a certain period. The advantage is that the Jackpot amount gradually increases as players place bets, and once it reaches a predetermined threshold, it is guaranteed to pay out randomly.

You can also try online slot machines with a must-hit-by progressive jackpot, which differs from a must-drop jackpot. Its first difference is that it is less profitable for the player. If the size of the must-drop jackpot increases with every bet you make, then the must-hit-by jackpot has a deadline by which you need to win it. If no player wins the jackpot naturally by that time, it will be awarded to you randomly. It is also very useful and can bring a large amount, but I see the must-drop jackpot as more affordable because there are fewer restrictions here.

Know When to Stop: Playing Responsibly ✨

A gambler is perfectly in control of himself and does not give in to obsessive desires
Inner balance and great self-control are musts for such games

Please do not forget to control yourself and do not forget that you need to be able to stop in time when you play slots games that pay real money. It determines whether you receive a large payout, and your life outside the game also depends on it. Setting betting limits relates to this because it saves you from unwanted waste. Failure to stop in time can lead players to major financial losses and harm their life outside of gambling. If you cannot get the desired result in the game, your stress level is raised, and you are approaching your betting limit, then postpone the game until the next time. 

The time you spend playing progressive jackpots is also of great importance. If you gamble too much or it takes too much place in your life, you should stop yourself from gambling for a while. Luckily, quality online casino sites support responsible gambling, and you can set your time limits and stakes on your account. If you find that casino games take too much place in your life, you should ask for help from family and friends. In this case, I recommend contacting organizations that can provide proper assistance.

Of course, everyone wants to win big in progressive slots, but remember that gambling is primarily entertainment and not the #1 source of income for 95% of players. 


Playing jackpot slots is the most challenging yet rewarding casino entertainment. What we’ve mentioned are the most important aspects that should not be missed and will bring you big money. And do not forget about responsible gambling since gambling addiction has never brought anything good to anyone. I hope these tips have been helpful to you and wish you huge wins!

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