All You Need to Know About Stake Level 2 Verification

by Ed Miller
19 Nov 2022

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Ultimate guide on Stake Level 2 Verification
Security measures are a must for legit and credible casinos like Stake, hence learn more about Stake Level 2 Verification in particular

Many casinos ask you to prove your identity before you can gamble. The same applies to Stake, a popular destination for gamblers to try their luck on slots, poker, blackjack, and sports betting.

Today, we will present Stake level 2 verification instructions to make the process easy for you. You will find all the steps and information to complete the casino ID check and age verification. 

So, let’s start without any more delay!

Why Must Gamblers Complete Verification?

Even no verification casinos ask you to provide a proof before you can spin the wheels of a slot. The process ensures you can enjoy gambling safely. It also allows casinos to meet the legal requirements of gaming authorities. 

Other reasons include the following:

Age Proof

Gambling is legal for people over 18. You need to prove your age so that you can gamble legally.

Prevent Money Laundering

Criminals can use online casinos to launder money for illegal activities. Even terrorists might fund their operations using cash from gambling. 

A casino can prevent such criminal activities by asking for your personal information. It protects them from legal hassles and ensures no money is spent illegally.

Avoid Problem Gambling

Many players depend on problem gambling organizations to gamble safely. They exclude themselves from different platforms, so their hobby doesn’t become an issue.

Casinos can prove your identity and help you stay away from problem gambling. It is also a legal requirement and can lead to heavy fines due to non-compliance. 

Prevent Frauds

Many people try to trick online casinos and perform fraud. They may open several accounts on a platform to get welcome or deposit bonuses. It brings a loss to the casino and lands them in trouble.

You can help a casino prevent fraud by getting verified. It will always count you as a reliable gambler who doesn’t commit fraud or scams. 

Is it Worth Completing a Verification at Stake?

You know the benefits of getting verified in an online casino. It gives you access to all the games and features of the gaming platform. You can join any betting option and deposit funds instantly.

Moreover, you can enjoy reliable service as you are a verified patron. Additionally, you may withdraw your funds quickly, especially if you are into crypto gambling.

So, among all the top tips for crypto gaming in online casinos, getting verified is definitely one of the most crucial ones. 

Stake Level 2 Verification Requirements

You will need a few documents to verify yourself. But first, you must open an account. Next, you must prove your age, identity, and address. 

You can provide several documents for the process, like:

  • Driving license
  • Passport
  • Government ID cards
  • Utility bills
  • Bank statements

3 Steps to Get Verified at Stake

Below are the steps to follow to establish your credentials:

  1. Register Yourself

Visit the Stake website and create your account. Click on “Register” and provide a user ID and password details. 

You will now have an active account. However, you may not be able to bet on any games yet. 

  1. Send Your Documents

You will need to send documents to prove your age and address. They may include an ID age checker and address proof like a passport or driving license. You may also provide a copy of your national ID card.

Additionally, you may send copies of utility bills or bank statements for the previous three months.

  1. Wait for Approval

The casino will go over your documents and verify their validity. You may have to wait 1 or 2 days for the process to complete. 

You can get in touch with customer care in case of any delays. Also, check your email, as the support team may ask for any additional information. 

You can start gambling as soon as your details are verified.

Is it necessary to get verified before playing at Stake?

You should prove your credentials before you can gamble at any casino. It is a legal requirement for a safe experience.

What documents will I need to provide?

You will need to give documents that contain your age proof. Due to the gambling laws, you may also be asked for documents like a verified passport to prove your address.

How long does it take to get verified?

It can take 1-2 days to get verified. You can contact customer support if there is any delay.


You should always complete the verification process before you spend your money. It allows the casino to meet legal requirements and offer reliable services. You can also enjoy a great gambling experience and never face trouble withdrawing your earnings. 

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