Published: January 27, 2023

Top Super Bowl Crypto Betting Sites — Super Bowl Betting Guide [2024]

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February 13, 2023
Super Bowl
Philadelphia Eagles - Kansas City Chiefs
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Best Super Bowl Bookmakers for Today 🏅

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June 13, 2024
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Super Bowl - February 13, 2023
Philadelphia Eagles
Kansas City Chiefs
Philadelphia Eagles - Kansas City Chiefs







Total points/ Over 49.5


Total points/ Under 49.5


Odd or Even/ Even

Top predictions

Either Team to Score 3 Unanswered Times/Yes

Prediction score: 4.9

First Team to Score/ Philadelphia Eagles

Prediction score: 4.6

Last Team to Score/ Kansas City Chiefs

Prediction score: 4.8

Find the Best Super Bowl Winner Odds 🍀

No need to play a waiting game anymore, looking for new bonuses from your favorite gambling hubs manually all around the net.
Super Bowl Winner
Kansas City Chiefs
4 3.8 3.95 4.1 4.2
Cincinnati Bengals
8 8.2 8.57 9 8.5
Jacksonville Jaguars
36 29 32.12 30 29
Miami Dolphins
43 42.5 44 43.5 44
Baltimore Ravens
47 47.5 48 47.3 49
Los Angeles Chargers
29 30.5 29.5 31 31.1
Philadelphia Eagles
5.5 5.7 5.87 5.75 5.4
San Francisco 49ers
5.5 4.75 5.23 4.8 4.7
Minnesota Vikings
41 41.2 42 42.5 43
Tampa Bay Buccaneers
29 26 29 26.5 27.5
Seattle Seahawks
46 46.5 47 47.2 46.5
New York Giants
46 26 26.59 29 25
Dallas Cowboys
14 19 10.25 17 15

Super Bowl Conferences Details

Kansas City Chiefs
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Buffalo Bills
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Cincinnati Bengals
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Jacksonville Jaguars
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Miami Dolphins
check odds
Baltimore Ravens
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Los Angeles Chargers
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Philadelphia Eagles
check odds
San Francisco 49ers
check odds
Minnesota Vikings
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Tampa Bay Buccaneers
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Seattle Seahawks
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New York Giants
check odds
Dallas Cowboys
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Super Bowl Contests: Schedule ⌚

Super Bowl
Philadelphia Eagles - Kansas City Chiefs
February 13, 2023
2:30 am
State Farm Stadium

Best Super Bowl Crypto Betting Sites: Must-Know Facts 🌟

Placing Super Bowl bets might seem easy, given that everything can be done in several clicks. Still, only some Super Bowl betting sites can ensure your betting experience is positive. Moreover, every fan deserves a high-quality Bitcoin sports betting website to bet on the Super Bowl events.

Sports bettors can find the best Super Bowl sportsbooks here. The following picks offer many betting options, risk free bets, football betting boosts, and other perks sports bettors can use to their advantage.

Make your Super Bowl wins immense with these Super Bowl betting sites!

Best Betting Offers

Cloudbet Sports Betting Site Review
Your Super Bowl wager is 100% safe with this online betting site. NFL Super Bowl betting with crypto here means accessing all Super Bowl betting markets, enjoying top competitive odds, and guaranteeing your Bitcoin deposit is safe and encrypted. All bets you can place using football betting sites are transparent at Cloudbet. That means the Super Bowl bettors can check that there are zero manipulations with wagers and betting odds. So, that is the #1 safest option to bet on the Super Bowl clashes. Bitcoin betting with Cloudbet is secure, anonymous, and convenient. Your crypto wager on Super Bowl will also give you more profit, given that there are always promotions and perks on this website. Also, Cloudbet is the #1 for live betting! The sole downside is that it does not currently have any free bet offers, but that might change. On the other hand, its first deposit boost can give you 5 BTC, which is more than sufficient for success with Super Bowl betting.
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Stake Gambling Website Assessment
What gambling sites take Bitcoin from players worldwide? Super Bowl bettors might never find Super Bowl betting sites as good and versatile as Stake. The mentioned Super Bowl betting site can give you everything for exciting Super Bowl contests and provide other entertainment. This Super Bowl sportsbook offers competitive odds and a comprehensive betting line, which covers the issue with its welcome bonus. It also has many great casino games!
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N1 Bet World Cup Betting Website Details
N1Bet is another number one for big game plays and high stakes on NFL playoffs. It has above-average betting odds, live betting, football betting boosts, and other positives to utilize for better outcomes. Also, its welcome bonus is the best for beginners among other betting sites, given that it has a free bet on top of a no deposit bonus. Bettors may place bets using a stationary computer or mobile device; N1Bet's Super Bowl sportsbook has top-notch optimization and works perfectly with a stable internet connection. Can I use Bitcoin to bet at N1? Yes. Can I use other cryptocurrencies for football betting at N1? Yes. Moreover, this sports betting website enhances the crypto odds for Super Bowl. Hence, you can expect the Super Bowl betting odds to be better here, in contrast to other Super Bowl betting sites.
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play NOW Sports Betting Site Facts
BetOnline is another VIP online betting site that lets you place bets on Super Bowl events. Also, BetOnline is among those Super Bowl betting apps that have been functioning for over two decades. That is a tested, trusted, and transparent gambling site with an okay welcome bonus, competitive odds, and all the necessities for Super Bowl betting online. BetOnline is optimal for moneyline bets and point spread opportunities among other offshore sportsbooks. You can also expect the best Super Bowl betting bonuses from it!
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play NOW Sports Online Sportsbook Overview
Super Bowl props bets? Live Super Bowl betting? Good Super Bowl odds? Bovada guarantees that. The biggest betting event will be more enjoyable, given that you can be tuned 24/7 with the mobile betting opportunities Bovada provides. Among offshore sportsbooks, Bovada is a 10/10 betting site for a spread bet and some other wagers that require expertise and deep analysis.
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The Comprehensive Super Bowl Crypto Sports Betting Guide: Use the Best Super Bowl Sportsbooks Wisely 👇

Super Bowl betting sites can have the best odds, betting options, and sign up bonus offers. Yet, the Super Bowl online betting websites will not change anything If a bettor is irrational.

Here is everything to pinpoint about the Super Bowl betting games, Super Bowl betting necessities, Super Bowl bet strategies, and tricks that help gamblers get 300% from Bitcoin betting sites!

Super Bowl Overview: Will This Be the Best Super Bowl Ever? 😮

Preparing for betting options and seeking high-quality Super Bowl betting sites with the best odds is essential. You still have time to find your ideal Super Bowl betting site before the tournament begins. Nevertheless, let us remind you that Super Bowl gambling should not make you forget about the epic nature of this event.

So, what can we anticipate from Super Bowl 2023?

Essential details: Date and location

Its date is Sunday, Feb. 12, 2023. The epic battle will unveil in Glendale, Arizona, the home of the famous Arizona Cardinals and, of course, the National Football League.

Glendale can boast two amazing venues: the Desert Diamond and the State Farm Stadium, and the latter lets the most demanded championships happen.


Given that the Super Bowl will be brought to us by the Fox NFL channel, we will see the following announcers:

  • Play-by-play — Kevin Burkhardt. We will hear our stellar US broadcaster yet again, but this time, he comments on NFL, not MLB. He is now the lead NFL on Fox Sports, replacing Joseph Francis Buck.
  • Analyst — Gregory Walter Olsen. Sports fans have all the reasons to expect 10/10 analytics from this sportscaster, given that Gregory Walter Olsen has played for fourteen NFL seasons as a tight end. With Kevin Burkhardt, Gregory Olsen also replaces Troy Kenneth Aikman, who used to be the NFL announcer with Francis Buck.
  • Reporters — Erin Andrews and Tom Rinaldi.
  • Rules analyst — Mark Pereira.

The halftime entertainment is a golden surprise!

What makes this Super Bowl special regarding the entertainment component? On Sep. 25, NFL fans discovered that the halftime show would feature Rihanna, the pop, R&B, and hip-hop legend.

While that seems like a great pick for the entertainment part, there is more story to Rihanna’s choices.

The singer turned down the previous chance to be the headline of the Super Bowl. Rihanna’s motivation for that was quarterback Kaepernick’s support, who boycotted the event due to blackballing by his team for being against racial injustice. According to the Guardian, the singer prioritized solidarity with Kaepernick and said she was not a “sellout” for events that were held for not her people.

So, Rihanna will be the NFL headliner after five years of the NFL boycott.

How to Start Betting on Super Bowl LVII? 📲

Betting on the Super Bowl event should bring zero issues when you find high-quality online sportsbooks. Here is how a bettor ensures that betting on the Super Bowl event is successful.

Step 1: Know the necessities about Super Bowl

That means pinpointing information about the event, how it works, what Super Bowl bets are the safest/most rewarding or low-risk/challenging, etc. Researching Super Bowl bets, live Super Bowl betting opportunities, and other significant things is necessary.

Given that the big game is officially confirmed, there is information about the betting lines of different Super Bowl betting sites. So, you can start looking for the best odds right now. Still, a pro bettor also spares hours analyzing all information about teams’ performance, tactics, offense potentials, defenses, traumas, and other facts that can change the big game.

Step 2: Determine your bankroll

Both fiat and crypto betting on Super Bowl require wise and careful money management. A bettor should determine how much money they can spend. In the end, even if every bet loses, you must remain cool about how much you still have for life and daily challenges.

Moreover, it is wise to spare money for different bets, including Super Bowl prop bets, final score stakes, and alternative betting lines on other Super Bowl betting sites (if they have more competitive odds).

Step 3: Focus on Super Bowl bet types that are optimal for you

Both fiat and crypto betting on Super Bowl require a strategy, and you should choose the most optimal bet types beforehand. If you are a novice, prop bets might be your finest choice. Bettors with more experience, in turn, focus on online sportsbooks that prioritize accurate betting predictions.

Step 4: Evaluate several betting sites

The Super Bowl betting websites offer different betting lines and Super Bowl odds. Some sports sites might also have greater live betting options for placing a Super Bowl bet.

For example, one site will give you a 1-2 BTC sign up bonus; another site, even with the best odds, might have zero perks except for the 0% margin sports bets. So, you must remember what you prioritize, be that a Bitcoin deposit boost or something else.

So, all sports betting and online gambling websites have their positives and negatives. Using two to four online sportsbooks is advisable to maximize profits from different Super Bowl bets.

On top of that, you might want specific payment methods. For instance, some online sportsbooks combine fiat and crypto betting Super Bowl deposits; there might be several crypto options like Bitcoin Cash, BTC, ETH, LTC, and other stablecoins. If you prioritize cryptos, Bitcoin Cash sportsbooks might be insufficient, and you need a Super Bowl betting site that accepts only crypto coins, including rarer options like SOL and TRON.

Step 5: Use bonuses before betting

Your crypto bet on Super Bowl can be more solid with bonus offers from good Super Bowl betting websites. Some deposit bonuses will be small but enough for the Super Bowl props; in the meantime, massive deposit bonuses and extra perks for high-stakes bettors allow them to make more bets with more narrowly-focused predictions.

An extra step to take: compare the Super Bowl betting odds

Of course, a gambler can bet on Super Bowl on one website. Still, betting on the Super Bowl can be more effective when you have at least two best Super Bowl sites with enhanced odds.

Try finding several websites with strengths regarding some bet types to bet online successfully.

How do you bet on Super Bowl with crypto?

The action plan is identical to fiat bets. There are only three extra things to pinpoint regarding crypto betting Super Bowl opportunities.

First deposit bonuses are better when you bet on Super Bowl with crypto. Since crypto revenue networks are more profitable, NFL sportsbooks give bettors greater deposit bonus offers and boosts. So, your Bitcoin deposit can be twice better than an identical deposit with fiat.

Zero margins are entirely possible. The best Super Bowl websites usually have zero-margin sports bets. That means your game wins go to you without commissions and hidden fees.

Staking on the Super Bowl with crypto is safer. Since blockchain is 100% transparent, all bettors can control their resources without intermediaries and challenges banks usually create.

Tips & Strategies for Betting on Super Bowl 2023 📌

How do I place a bet for the Super Bowl successfully? Various strategies can help you enhance your profits from NFL Super Bowl betting with crypto. Here are the top three strategies for betting on the Super Bowl event.

Strategy 1: Sticking to the safest options

Prioritize the big game’s favorites and go for bets that do not demand 99.9% prediction accuracy. Prop bets can be the best option here because those do not require determining the final score. Instead, a bettor focuses on events that influence the result.

For example:

  • Which team is likely to score first? You pick a team that you believe will score the first goal.
  • Who will have more rushing yards? Yet again, pick one team you think will have more rushing yards.
  • Over/under bets are in this category as well.

Research diligence can carry you here!

Another tactic is finding good sportsbooks that are novice-friendly and offer double-chance bets. That is when you stake on two outcomes simultaneously. For instance, you believe that Green Bay Packers will either win against their opponent or, at least, there will be a draw. Of course, such bets are rarely rewarding, but having an extra $20 is more than having zero profit.

Please note that you should not expect life-changing wins from such crypto odds Super Bowl options. Still, that can help you remain safe during NFL super bowl betting with crypto.

Strategy 2: Time to appreciate the underdog

Crypto odds for Super Bowl are always rewarding when you pick the underdog. Your crypto bet on Super Bowl may boost your bankroll significantly when you make several bets on the underdog with realistic chances of being the winner at the end.

Of course, that should not encourage you to bet on underdogs solely. Some teams are objectively weak. So, please ensure you know the maximum details about each team before you bet on the underdogs.

A sneaky tip: prioritize underdogs with great offenses! Favorites might play more loosely after some scores, which is when an underdog’s offense shines. If there are other weaknesses the favorite has, bet on the underdog that has the potential to use those weak points to their advantage.

Strategy 3: Place two safe bets and make one risky stake

Remaining mostly safe with undemanding bets, accumulate some resources for a riskier bet. Let that venturous stake be average. If it wins, you will get a significant payout; but if it does not bring you any positives, you can still ensure that your finances are okay!

Super Bowl Predictions 🔮

The undeniable favorites

Kansas City Chiefs, Buffalo Bills, Philadelphia Eagles, and San Francisco 49es are the favorites many bettors prioritize. Their coaches and skills are sufficient to suppose that the named teams have the best chances of getting the laurel wreaths of victories.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The Buccaneers are a solid choice for now, given that they have great offensive potential with Tom Brady. Another team star is Michael Lynn Evans III, who has some significant records. Nevertheless, the latter sports star has had several injuries. Also, he is notorious for aggression problems, especially after fighting with an opponent Marshon Demond Lattimore.

Still, the good offense carries this team. The defensive component is much weaker, but a team can only be strong in some things. Still, the Buccaneers are less prioritized than Cincinnati Bengals and Dallas Cowboys. They share a place with the Los Angeles Chargers regarding being the favorites.

LA Chargers

That team with a solid winning streak. But again, we see a good offense that covers defense problems. Overall, they have room for enhancements and improvements, but one average bet on them will not hurt if you have extra money to stake and will not sweat over that loss.

Minnesota Vikings

Some bettors pass on this team, but there is potential to make solid money out of bets on them. Given serious weaknesses and “tired” performance, if the team is not merely lucky, no wonder fewer bettors make them a focus. Nevertheless, the Vikes might surprise us with brisker decisions, especially if we pinpoint that they have lost two seasons straight.

Green Bay Packers

Mediocre offense and even weaker defense make this team… a valuable underdog! The odds for it are high, and they can beat an opponent that loses focus. Especially given that the Packers will play against the Vikings, Detroit Lions, and some other teams that need more improvements, this choice can be rewarding.

Still, the Packers are expected to lose to the Lions. While that is debatable, the chance of that remains significant and relevant.

Other teams

Pittsburgh Steelers, Seattle Seahawks, New England Patriots, Tennessee Titans, etc., are not on the list of favs to bet on. Bets on those teams might not be rewarding, but learning more about their performance is still advisable.

Super Bowl 2023 Betting Markets 🪙

Can I use Bitcoin to bet on NFL? Yes, and many betting markets exist to let you get a reward! Here are the markets to bet on the Super Bowl event.

Outright winner

Simple as that! Pick a team that you believe will take the trophy.

Such a bet gives you less than a 50% chance of winning if you focus on teams with resembling tactics and skill kits. The outright winner bet is still a 10/10 choice if you find good crypto odds for Super Bowl and focus on a team with more resources and capabilities to win.

Moneylines, aka Straight

Prioritize the favorite or the underdog and predict who will win in a match. Note that betting on favorites tends to be less rewarding, but that is a safe option. The underdog is your choice if you are okay with risks and want a great ROI.

Point spreads, aka Handicaps

A point spread bet on the Super Bowl event is when Super Bowl betting sites put various teams against numbers they must win or lose by. That is more complex than a mere “they lose/win” bet. There is a wider range of results that might happen!


That is when you focus on the game’s numbers rather than a team. Super Bowl betting sites set numbers, and your task here is to predict if the game goes over or under that number. That number is calculated by combining the points of the two teams; it does not matter who contributes less or more.


That is when you put a stake on two things simultaneously and tie your two predictions in one bet. Therefore, you make several bets and link them into one wager that can give you a better payout.

Bonus Offers Available for Super Bowl 2023 🎁

How can I wager on the Super Bowl online with boosts? Use bonuses for the Super Bowl clash! Here are the promotions you can find.

Deposit bonus offers

Deposit multipliers or boosts are the #1 thing to claim. Some Super Bowl betting sites can boost you, especially for crypto betting Super Bowl activities. For instance, Cloudbet has a massive bonus offer that gives you up to 5 BTC for crypto betting on Super Bowl.

No deposit bonuses

Sports fans can claim free money that lets them make one or two bets for free. The ROI here will not be stellar, but you still have chances to make more!


Several replenishment bonuses let you get more resources for an average deposit. SportsBetting sportsbook has the best reload promotions.

NFL-focused promos

Only some betting websites like Stake can give you narrowly-focused perks that let you double your winnings. For example, you may get alternative bet reward offers that can give you an extra $100 if your bet wins. Another scenario is bonuses that cover your expenses if your bet loses.

Zero-margin bets

Only the best online sportsbooks offer zero margins. That means you will not lose a cent of your winnings because there are no hidden fees to gorge a part of the sum you have won. No commissions, no issues.

Super Bowl Bonuses Comparison 🤑

Websites for crypto betting on Super Bowl Exclusive bonus Perks to claim
Cloudbet 100% Welcome Bonus of Up to 5 BTC Cloudbet gives the best deposit bonus for players, regardless of what they choose to deposit with. If your choice is Bitcoin Cash, ETH, or any other cryptocurrency, you will still get an equivalent of BTC you can get depositing with Bitcoin. That massive boost can carry you, regardless of how many crypto bets you want to place.Cloudbet’s zero-margin bets let you have 100% of your winnings.
Stake 10% Rakeback While Stake’s exclusive bonus does not help NFL bettors, other promos are available!NFL-specialized promotions — several promos focus on NFL specifically and double your winnings of up to a specific amount.Daily races — the daily race lets gamblers win prizes of up to $100K daily.Weekly giveaways — another regular promotion that can significantly help crypto NFL betting.
N1Bet Welcome package 100 euro + 2 Free Bets The second-best bonus overall is N1Bet’s exclusive perk for NFL super bowl betting with crypto or fiat. Regardless of your currency for a deposit, you can get an equivalent in euros and use that free money to bet. Free bets are also safe options for novices and casual gamblers.
BetOnline 50% sports welcome bonus or a 100% crypto bonus BetOnline gives extra boosts to crypto bettors. Hence, this Super Bowl betting site can be the #1 for those who prioritize NFL super bowl betting with crypto.
SportsBetting Sports Reload and Crypto Reload SportsBetting betting site is perfect when you need to reload bonuses with low wagering requirements. Its sign up bonus is also nice.
Bovada $750 BTC Sports Bonus Bovada has enhanced crypto promotions for those who choose NFL betting with crypto.

Upsides and Downsides of Betting on Super Bowl with Crypto 🧐

Can I wager on the Super Bowl online with cryptocurrencies? Yes, and that is 100% easy. But should you place a crypto bet on Super Bowl? That is debatable. Here are the positives and challenges of the crypto betting Super Bowl choice.

Good stuff

  • Better bonuses, especially the deposit and reload boosts for crypto bettors.
  • Crypto odds for betting on the Super Bowl are usually enhanced.
  • More ROI, given crypto volatility (in times of positive dynamics).
  • Sometimes, there is wider access to sports betting markets.
  • More exclusive promotions.
  • Better VIP membership opportunities for more perks.
  • Safety and security (SSL + blockchain technology).
  • Full anonymity.
  • Zero problems with the law, taxes, intermediaries, and supervision by alien parties like banks.
  • Greater mobile optimization.
  • Instant deposits/withdrawals.
  • No fees (if there is a commission, it is usually so low that you do not even notice it).

Problems to be ready for

  • Lack of regulation sometimes leads to unsolved problems between bettors and sportsbooks.
  • Only some cryptocurrencies are accepted. For example, you should not have any challenges with Bitcoin Cash and other popular cryptos. Yet, it might be challenging to find a site that accepts SOL, TRON, etc.
  • Many websites only mimic legit sportsbooks that accept cryptocurrencies for betting.

Discovering the Best Crypto NFL Betting Site 👍

How should I bet on the Super Bowl online? You need a top-notch betting website for that. Here is what to pinpoint to ensure a fair and enjoyable NFL betting experience!

1. Check the license

Legality checks are the #1 step to take. A website must provide clear information about which authority licenses and controls its activity. As a rule, you will see the Curacao license, which is sufficient. However, some sportsbooks still have unfair rules and get away with that because the Curacao authority tends to neglect many disputes between gamblers and sportsbooks.

Be attentive to rewards. For example, an AskGamblers trust seal guarantees you will enjoy your betting journey!

2. Read reviews

Use professional reviews from ORDB, Etheremon, and other crypto-betting specialists. Also, focus on what other sports fans share on Reddit, AskGamblers, Trustpilot, etc. Combine what you have discovered to have a fuller picture of a crypto betting platform!

3. Check for payment methods you need

Fiat, crypto-only, and combined sportsbooks exist. Given your preferences and betting style, choose an option that lets you stake with a currency you use the most.

If you use stablecoins like BTC, Bitcoin Cash, ETH, LTC, DOGE, etc., some fiat-crypto sportsbooks can work well for you. You may also use crypto-only sites, which will accept Bitcoin Cash, BTC, etc., in parallel with rarer crypto options.

[I recommend avoiding fiat sites because they demand your data, which might create additional issues].

4. Check bonuses

Bonus offers can carry you! Pinpoint online sports hubs that give you significant boosts. Be attentive to wagering requirements, though.


How do I place a bet for the Super Bowl at a particular site?
Find a tested, trusted, and transparent crypto-betting platform and register to place a bet. As a rule, you must provide some information (if that is a fiat site) or give your crypto wallet address to receive money. Select all the essentials like the bet type, team, and other necessities that let the system understand your wager. If you cannot place a bet, you will find instructions in Help Centers. Another way to achieve a bet placement is by asking a support manager to help you.
What gambling sites take Bitcoin for NFL betting?
The best gambling websites that take Bitcoin for NFL betting are Cloudbet, Stake, SportsBetting, BetOnline, N1Bet, and Bovada.
How do you bet on Super Bowl with crypto?
When registering, click on the "preferred currency" tab and select a crypto you want to stake. Some websites let you have multiple cryptos in one account! All other actions are the same as when you bet with fiat.
Can I use Bitcoin to bet on the Super Bowl at Bovada?
Yes, Bovada accepts BTC, and you can bet on the Super Bowl games with BTC there. Also, this sportsbook option gives you extra perks when you choose BTC for NFL super bowl betting with crypto!
Is betting on the Super Bowl event safe?
Online betting sites can be scams, and you want all the bets to be protected. To avoid challenges with fake sports betting sites, choose tested and trusted options like Bovada, Stake, Cloudbet, etc. They have SSL and guarantees that protect you as a sports betting site user.

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