Top 9 Bitcoin Roulette Sites

Every crypto roulette game has its own set of rewards and bonuses, and you'll need to understand the rules of each before you start to make any winnings. Many roulette sites offer players new benefits, bonuses, and perks. But, having so many options, which site is the best option for you right now? ODRB will be the one place to keep coming back to learn about the crypto roulette game.
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Published: 14 Nov 2022Updated: 8 Jun 2023

Top 10 Crypto Roulette Sites to Fit Every Taste

The best Bitcoin roulette sites online are surprisingly abundant these days. While some may be scams, several provide an entertaining experience. Roulette games are a popular choice for online gambling and a good reason. They are simple to play, offer various betting options and can be played by anyone with a PC/tablet/phone and an internet connection. Here are 10 of the most popular sites for Roulette purposes!

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Roulette Rules

Before we jump into the rules of the Roulette game, let’s quickly go over what the game is for all our new players. Roulette is quite popular due to its simplicity. With Roulette:

  • You don’t need experience or have to learn new skills
  • You only have to place a bet and have luck on your side

The game’s main goal is to correctly predict which number “the ball” will land on. The roulette table numbers correspond to the numbers on the large roulette wheel that is made up of either 37 or 38 pockets. Each of these pockets is numbered from zero to thirty-six. 

The pockets are also colored.

  • Green — Zero’s (0 or 00). It is only in the American roulette wheel that you find the 00 pocket
  • Red & Black — Evenly divided between the remaining 36 (18 each).

The dealer will spin the ball on the roulette wheel when the game starts. The ball will eventually land inside one of the pockets, and the player’s task is to predict where the ball will land. Players can place bets on where the ball lands in terms of the wheel’s numbers, colors, or sections.

There are multiple types of bets that players can place. Most have varying odds and payouts, some being high-risk and high-reward, while others allow you to spend more time maintaining your bankroll.

Once the ball has landed in a pocket, the dealer will announce both the winning number and the color of the slot (pocket). Any winning bets are marked to safeguard each player’s winnings, and the losing bets are taken off the table. 

The dealer will pay any players that made winning bets. Once these payouts are complete, the next round of betting will begin.

Crypto vs. Traditional Roulette Game

Many people wonder whether roulette crypto is better than traditional Roulette. The answer is difficult to determine and will ultimately come down to preference. However, both types of Roulette have their advantages and disadvantages. Here is a closer look at both types so you can decide for yourself.

Crypto Roulette is played the same way as regular variation, except that the bets are made using cryptocurrency rather than money. The game has the same chances as regular Roulette. There is the additional bonus of the potential to win more money. Recently, bitcoin roulette sites have gained popularity as they are easy to play with any computer or mobile device.

It is a game in which players stake their bitcoin (or any other cryptocurrency) on the outcome of a random number generator (RNG). The game is played with one die, and the number that the RNG generates determines the outcome.

Like traditional Roulette, the player places a bet on the roll’s result at the start of the game. If the betted number is generated, the player wins. The player gains their stake if the number gambled on is generated.

That is a good starting place to learn the fundamentals of cryptocurrency betting. It is a simple game that can be enjoyable. 

Benefits of Crypto Roulette

More chances of winning

Normal casino games favor the house, giving them an advantage called a “house edge.” This game is far easier to win than traditional casino games. But, with bitcoin roulette sites, blockchain technology is used, which reduces the house edge without affecting the online casino’s profits.

That is mainly due to two reasons:

These crypto games are developed in-house by the casino. Regular casinos usually pay large sums to get these games from popular studios. But, if they develop the games internally, their costs will be significantly reduced.
Since these games are played using cryptocurrencies, the transaction costs of deposits and withdrawals are lower than in traditional casinos. That allows the casino to maintain profits while offering a lower house edge.

Players will benefit from this and get more chances to win than in regular casinos.

More variation, if required

There are several different versions of the game that you can find online, adding to its appeal. Some players would prefer to stick to the traditional game, even if they’re playing online or with cryptocurrency. But there may be others who are looking for something different and interesting. For example, you can play with one or two balls, or there are variations in how the ball moves around the roulette wheel.

Faster gameplay

Another advantage is that it is fast-paced and ideal for players looking to play for a short time. As a result, players have multiple opportunities to bet and evaluate their gameplay simultaneously. These games also use AI to manage each round, so the time taken between rounds is significantly lowered. You can account for the time taken for human errors and interactions between rounds.

Remaining anonymous

You can play these games from your mobile device while doing other activities, which cannot be said about traditional casino games. That is an advantage of playing online. You are not required to give the casino any personal information, and you have the flexibility to play from anywhere in the world. No one in the game will know who you are unless you choose to share that information yourself.

Best Cryptocurrencies for Crypto Roulette Sites

Cryptocurrencies are quickly becoming more commercially available for various tasks online. And while cryptocurrencies work similarly to money, some cryptos offer better perks than others. These currencies tend to have lower transaction costs, faster speeds and are more secure than credit cards online. 

You can choose whichever cryptocurrency you want to use for online gambling. But keep in mind that most online gambling sites only support certain cryptos. As such, if you’re looking for the best coins to play online gambling games, you should choose from these.

Bitcoin is by far the most popular cryptocurrency. It was the first digital coin, making its appearance in 2009, and has grown dramatically. The 3 main advantages of using bitcoin in online casinos are its availability, liquidity, and security. It is now one of the most widely accepted cryptocurrencies in the world. As of now, it is not backed or issued by any institutions or governments, making it an excellent gambling option. Almost all online casinos accept Bitcoin, which is why it’s so popular for gambling. BTC has also defied all odds and continued to show growth amidst all the market influences.
Tether is a stablecoin considered one of the most fluid currencies, allowing people to make simple and secure online transactions. In the blockchain, it is denoted as USDT and has the same value as the United States Dollar. As it is pegged to the dollar value, this coin is typically used for conversions. USDT has become popular due to its flexibility and compatibility. The fact that it is a stablecoin means that it is not extremely volatile and is, therefore, suitable for gambling. As a result, more gamblers use them, and more online casinos accept them.
Ethereum is another well-known cryptocurrency around the world. Based on market valuation, it is the second-largest crypto asset. It employs smart contracts and is an open-source cryptocurrency. Ethereum is considered a direct competitor to Bitcoin, which is encouraging. It is also among the most widely accepted cryptocurrencies in various industries. Ethereum transactions are extremely fast, making them ideal for online gambling. You will find many Blockchain and NFT games that use Ethereum.

Types of Crypto Roulette

Similar to traditional Roulette, there are various types of games that you can find online. These are different ways you can play the game. They each share a similar set of rules, but with changes to how bets are placed or the odds of winning.

European vs. American

One of the main variants you may have already encountered is between the American and European Roulette styles. The European version is typically used worldwide and is what you will find in most online casinos. The biggest difference between these variants is the number of pockets on the wheel. As mentioned previously, the American version has an additional pocket with two Zeros (00), meaning there is another Green colored pocket in play.

Due to this extra pocket, the odds of winning in the American version are worse than the European. The house advantage is much higher (5.2% for the American version) than the European (2.7%).

Players are typically better off playing the European version. Still, in some instances, you’d play the American version simply because it is the only one available to you or it offers better bonuses for new players.

Mini and Lightning Roulette

Both of these variations are derived from the European Roulette game. They are simply different versions of the original game and are played only because they are faster to complete or to gain a different experience.

Mini Roulette follows the same game but only has 13 pockets or slots. That is broken down into 1 Zero (0) pocket and 12 other pockets evenly divided between the two colors. The game is much shorter but has an added disadvantage — a higher house edge of 7.9%.

Lightning Roulette has the same number of pockets as the European version. The difference here is that two new elements are added to the game — Lucky numbers and payouts. Once the gamblers have placed their bets, the AI will determine five lucky numbers, and each of these numbers will get an assigned payout value. For example, let’s assume the AI assigns the number 10 to a 500x payout. If you place your bet on that number, your payout will be 500 times your original bet. But, the downside here is that all other payouts (aside from the lucky numbers) are only 29x, which is way lower than the standard European Roulette game.

How to Choose the Best Crypto Casino to Play Roulette?

Now that you understand the game, let’s look into how you will find the best online casinos to play on. It is not advisable to select the first one you see. You must do your due diligence to ensure you get the best casino experience.

  • Identify what cryptocurrencies are accepted Only some online casinos are capable of accepting a variety of cryptocurrencies. Most of them are limited to a select few, and you must ensure that the cryptocurrency you’re hoping to use is accepted. If the main cryptos are available on the site, then it’s a potentially good casino to join. That should not be your sole criterion for choosing the best online casino.
  • Learn about their reputation The best way to identify whether a casino is legit is by reading what other real-world players say about it. If you get a sketchy vibe from the casino, you’re better off choosing a different one. You can read online reviews on trusted review platforms as they will give you a good perspective on what to expect, any potential advice, and tips to use.
  • Identify the perks Almost every crypto casino will offer bonuses and rewards to entice players to join their platform. Some offer better bonuses than others, making it more worthwhile to join. If you are still looking for bonuses, you would be better off looking at other options to make the most of your time and money.

Playing Roulette On The Go: 3 Best Crypto Casino Apps

The advent of mobile-based online casinos means you can now play your favorite casino games while on the move. You don’t have to be rooted in one location, and you have the flexibility to play with any handheld device that has an internet connection.


Joo is a great casino app for playing Roulette with crypto with a wide selection of live dealer games. The games can also function as intended merely in any browser convenient for a gambler. 

It has a large variety of live dealer casino games
Many Roulette tables
Games from reputable providers


mBit is a casino app that offers many games to choose from and is well-known for making quick payouts. You get a welcome bonus of 110% up to 1 bitcoin and 300 free spins. You will find both American and French versions on this app.

Enlists popular game creators for the best game selection
Accepts a wide variety of cryptocurrencies
Fast payouts


7Bit is considered an outlier in the roulette crypto market due to the impressive selection of games that include Mini Roulette. It offers over 5000 games to choose from, with various variations. New players can expect a bonus of up to 1.5 bitcoin and 100 free spins on their first deposit.

Many games to choose from, even the obscure
New players have a chance to earn up to 5 BTC over four deposits
Accepts a wide variety of cryptocurrencies

Roulette Strategies

Even though most casino games are partially up to chance, there are strategies you can incorporate to minimize losses or maximize potential profits. Here are 3 time-tested strategies that have worked for other players. However, remember that all gambling strategies still carry a reasonable risk, and nothing is ever concrete.

Disclaimer: Gambling can lead to addiction

James Bond Strategy

James Bond, in the movies, was an avid gambler who often played the game, which is where this name is derived from. Players should keep in mind that this strategy has a high risk-to-reward ratio.  

You will have to place 3 bets. Let’s take an example with $200:

$140 — Place a bet on high numbers between 19 and 36
$50 — Place a bet on numbers between 13 and 18
$10 — Place bet on the number 0

You will win with this strategy if the ball lands on any other number than 1 to 12. But the biggest risk here is the chance of the ball landing between 1-12, which will make you lose your money.

Fibonacci Strategy

That strategy is based entirely on a mathematical premise by the mathematician — Fibonacci. It involves following a number series discovered by Fibonacci that can become a winning strategy. 

Number series: 1-1-2-3-5-8-13-21-34-55-89-144-233-377-610, etc

This series is created by adding the last 2 digits of the sequence. For example, 13+21 = 34. 

For this strategy to work, you must start at the beginning of the series (1×1 = 1). If you lose, you move on to the next number for your next bet (1×2 = 2). If you lose again, you move on to the next number (1×3= 3 coins), and so on. If you win a bet, you have to move two steps back and then bet that value.

The risk here is that there is no guarantee that you will win enough to cover your losses if you lose too many times in a row.

Martingale Strategy

That is the most well-known strategy according to bitcoin roulette strategies trust dice. It can be used in almost any crypto-gambling game but has seen considerable success in roulette games. And it is quite a simple strategy to incorporate where you only have to watch how much money you’re willing to expend.

You start by placing a 50/50 bet of your choosing. For example, you place a bet on the red pockets. If you lose the round, you must double your initial bet for the next. You will have to place your initial bet back into the next round if you win. 

That is widely regarded as a good strategy because you can win back your losses with the double bet if you win. But, there is a serious risk here if you lose, as you will lose double your original bet amount. 

Online gambling is still a much-debated topic around the world. There are some countries that have no restrictions on it, while others have outright banned them from the country. To ensure a risk-free online gambling experience, you need to be aware of the following two areas:

While there are many crypto casinos, only some of them are licensed or regulated. A casino has been thoroughly checked and audited by a governing body when it is licensed. With a proper license, you can rest assured that your transactions are secure and protected on the site. Would you not want to make a deposit only to find out you were being scammed?
Country Laws
You should identify ‘what and what not’ you can do in your area. You should also look into your local country’s stance on gambling. You’ll be taking a much greater risk if you’re gambling in a restricted zone. Some casino sites allow you to use a VPN to access the site, which is one workaround.
While there are many crypto casinos, only some of them are licensed or regulated. A casino has been thoroughly checked and audited by a governing body when it is licensed. With a proper license, you can rest assured that your transactions are secure and protected on the site. Would you not want to make a deposit only to find out you were being scammed?
Country Laws
You should identify ‘what and what not’ you can do in your area. You should also look into your local country’s stance on gambling. You’ll be taking a much greater risk if you’re gambling in a restricted zone. Some casino sites allow you to use a VPN to access the site, which is one workaround.


Is it legal to gamble with the Tether cryptocurrency?

That will depend on whether or not gambling brings no law problems in your country. It is legally safe if gambling with Tether is allowed and you’re gambling at a licensed casino.

Do I need to create a USDT wallet to access Tether casinos?

If you have an existing wallet that supports USDT, you won’t need to create a new wallet. But you should also check the casinos’ requirements, as some may require you to create a specific wallet.

Will I be charged extra fees for using Tether?

Most casinos will not charge extra for using a specific cryptocurrency if that casino accepts it. However, you should keep an eye out for deposit or withdrawal fees from your wallet transactions.

Can I claim bonuses if I use Tether to deposit?

The cryptocurrency you use to deposit will not affect your bonuses if it is an accepted cryptocurrency. You should be able to claim bonuses if your wallet is active.

If I deposit with Tether, can I withdraw winnings in another cryptocurrency?

The answer depends on your online casino site. You should check with their support team or look in the FAQs to identify if this is possible. Though, this will likely be an uncommon practice.

Can we play live dealer games with the Tether cryptocurrency?

Keep in mind that only some software accepts USDT. That will depend on the software used by the live dealer games and is not determined by the casino itself. It will not be an issue if the software accepts Tether as a bet.

Is Tether a safe cryptocurrency to bet with?

Tether is a stablecoin and is pegged to the value of the USD. It is backed by real money, making it safe and secure, and it has good growth potential. Being the second-largest cryptocurrency in the world, you can trust Tether with any of your online transactions.

Is there a withdrawal limit for Tether casinos?

The withdrawal limit will depend on the casino of your choosing. There is no general limit to withdrawals.

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