The 8 Best Aviator Casinos for HUGE Instant Wins in 2023

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8 Best Aviator Casinos 2023

Cryptocurrency gamblers often want fast, efficient, and big wins. Gladly, the cryptocurrency gambling industry can entertain such players with instant-win games. Aviator — a relatively new game — has been one of the best-paying titles in all crypto casinos nowadays. Yet, which online gambling sites are the best for the Aviator casino games? ORDB has an answer to that and many more questions, so read on! 

4,9 Rank
Available in US


Winners 91 /100
Rate 96 /100
4,6 Rank
Available in US

100% up to $300 or 1.5 BTC + 100 FS

Winners 76 /100
Rate 72 /100
3,8 Rank
Available in US

On 1st deposit up to 150% bonus + 15 FS on Gods VS Titans

Winners 93 /100
Rate 91 /100
4,8 Rank
Not available in US


Winners 86 /100
Rate 81 /100
4,6 Rank
Not available in US

1st deposit 100% up to 1 BTC+ 180 FS

Winners 80 /100
Rate 77 /100
4,5 Rank
Not available in US

1500 EUR + 200 FS

Winners 75 /100
Rate 71 /100
4,4 Rank
Not available in US

up to 5 BTC + 300 FS

Winners 67 /100
Rate 69 /100
4,2 Rank
Not available in US

20% Cashback up to 10,000 USDT + 350 FS

Winners 88 /100
Rate 91 /100
4,0 Rank
Not available in US

1st deposit 100% up to 1000 EUR + 100 FS

Winners 73 /100
Rate 70 /100

What Is Aviator Game? ✈️

Aviator game created by Spribe, among other games
Here is our target…

The Aviator game has a simple principle: bet, wait, and cash out. You only win if you do the last action before the plane “flies away.”

Here is a demonstration: 

But let us dive deeper than that. Moreover, understanding the game’s algorithm is key to guaranteed gambling success. 

The origin and journey to success 

Estonian, Polish, Ukrainian, and Georgian flags with arrows pointing at the game's logo
Aviator online casino game is created by iGaming specialists from Estonia, Poland, Ukraine, and Sakartvelo (usually referred to as Georgia)

The casino game was created by Spribe, an Eastern European iGaming company with offices in Estonian, Ukrainian, Polish, and Sakartvelo (Georgian) capitals — Tallinn, Kyiv, Warsaw, and Tbilisi. The company started its game development journey in 2018. Its flagship title — the Aviator casino game — was released in 2019, supported by a solid partnership with Adjarabet, the biggest gambling brand in Sakartvelo.  

David Natroshvili, Spribe's managing partner 
Well, this casino game is defo entertaining! 

The company continued creating innovative mini-games and full games and obtained certification in 2019. It then participated in ICE London in 2020 and received more trust seals from such reputable gambling authorities as MGA and UKGC. 

The Aviator game is not only provably fair but also tested and licensed by many more gambling authorities, including 

Romanian National Gambling Office 
Ministarstvo Financija Porezna Uprava (Croatia)
Autonoma dei Monopoli di Stato (Italy)
Bulgarian State Gambling Commission 
Serbian Ministry of Finance Gaming Authority
Colijuegos (Columbia)
Spelinspektionen (Sweden) 
Georgian Ministry of Finance
Hellenic Gaming Commission (Greece)
Latvian Gambling Supervisory Inspection
Lithuanian Gaming Control Authority
Kansspelautoriteit (The Netherlands)
Gespa (Switzerland), etc. 

Given that, Spribe is among the most trusted iGaming companies that focus on casino entertainment. Furthermore, it has several RNG certificates from Croatia, Italy, Sweden, etc., meaning that this game and other titles are provably fair and has a transparent system every player can use to verify each round’s fairness. And that is more than impressive. 

The game’s algorithm  

The Aviator online casino game relies on RNG — the Random Number Generator mechanism. That algorithm creates unique and 100% random number sequences for every round and determines when the plane will fly away. 

Take a look here: 

Aviator rounds history 
The upper panel displays the rounds’ history for all players. All win multipliers are random. Btw, the screenshot is taken from this video

These numbers indicate multipliers that were predetermined by the RNG BEFORE the round started. The program “decides” that this round will give players a 5.86X multiplier, the next ones will be under 4X, and then one of those rounds will give all players a potential win of 25.26X of their bets. All these “decisions” are made by an impartial computer program that humans do not control. No casino worker or gambler can manipulate this algorithm to decrease/increase the chances of winning money with a worse/better win multiplier. 

RTP and volatility

The crypto Aviator casino game boasts a high RTP of 97%. 

Aviator crypto game RTP % displayed on the official website 
Good RTP you have there! 

Regarding volatility, the game has a medium one. It is not super challenging, so it will not give players a good win multiplier once in one hundred takes. Yet, it does not make betting and winning super easy since the RNG ensures optimal randomness. 

Given this skyscraping RTP and provable fairness, I can say that this game is perfect for pretty much any playstyle. High rollers and advanced gamblers can enjoy this crypto money-making machine alongside casual online casino enjoyers and novices who stick to the safest options. 

Potential rewards

Aviator crypto game might give you a bet win multiplier of over 200X, but we cannot say this is the maximum. Given that a random number sequence determines this game’s outcomes, you can get 300X+ payouts sometimes. 

Yet, note that the max bet for the original Aviator online game is $100, but the maximum differs for other currencies. Players must calculate their potential win when considering how the game’s system lets them bet to the maximum. Still, even minimum bets, which are $0.1, can be okay-level stakes that may give players good rewards after lucky and long rounds. 

In addition, consider the odds! The highest ones are 200 to 1, meaning your $25 stake can become a $5K win. Of course, that is the best scenario, which is a rarity. 

Realistically speaking, this game can help you sustain and enrich your bankroll with good rewards. Gamblers with safety-centered strategies can earn $500 and more money daily in this game. 

How to play the Aviator crypto game? 

The gameplay is as simple as it can be. Gamblers have a control panel where they can choose their bet volumes. There are also the main buttons that let you cash out your winnings. Here are the steps! 

  • Fund your account  The Aviator crypto game is a real-money game, meaning you need cash and coins to access it. Deposit as much as you need for your session, and click on the game’s title to enter the room. 
  • Decide on your bets The beauty of this Spribe’s title is that you can place two bets. With that flexibility, you can ensure you get a significant % of your losses back and sustain your balance. So, you choose how much money you bet, and then the round starts. 
  • Stay alert and cash out in time! The plane takes off and flies for as long as the randomized system predetermines it. Your goal is to cash out before the plane disappears from your screen. You can do it in three seconds or wait for five minutes. The only case when you cannot cash your winnings out is when the plane disappears. So, stay disciplined, control your excitement, and ensure that you click the button at the right second! 
  • Repeat, repeat, and repeat You can do this repeatedly if you have time, energy, and money to bet. This game does not get any more complex, and its rules do not alter. After all, Aviator is a mini-game for real money controlled by a program, not an AI-boosted elaborate entertainment. 

Who is this game best for? 

The Aviator cryptocurrency game is great for pretty much any playstyle. This Spribe’s minimalistic yet engrossing mini-game has the simplest controls. In addition, the crypto Aviator casino game is perfectly optimized for PCs, tablets, and mobile phones. You can play it in any corner of the Earth with a good Internet connection. 

Regarding skill levels, Aviator does not demand any analytical skills. It requires psychological strength, though, because excitement may weaken your focus or overwhelm you. 

You might be a hot-headed high roller who loses $10K in the first hour of playing, or you can be a disciplined novice who wins $10-20 per round and leaves the casino with a $1K win. So, this game is best for everyone who can stay calm under pressure and react momentarily. 

8 Best Crypto Casinos to Play Aviator for Real Money

The Aviator online casino game is available in several gambling hubs. Still, gamblers should stick to a tested and trusted site that WILL pay them out. Based on ORDB’s experience, the best crypto casinos that let you play Aviator for real money are…

#1 Cloudbet 

A plane flying over a city 
Cloudbet logo 

The full Cloudbet review is here.

Cloudbet is a legit cryptocurrency-centered gambling website with games that come from certified developers only. It has been providing top gambling services for ten years and does not show a sign of becoming a worse choice. 

Also, Cloudbet has generous bonus offers. Its welcome bonus gives you a great boost you can use to get five Bitcoins for the top games. Moreover, the gambling service has a unique wagering system that does not require a traditional rollover but gives you points for playing. You have two months to wager the welcome bonus — more than enough and more than other best casinos usually offer! 

And, of course, it has the Spribe’s Aviator crypto game: 

The original Spribe game at Cloudbet
Cloudbet’s game in the FUN mode 

Another significant feature of this site is that it works with many altcoins. Sure, Cloudbet focuses on BTC, ETH, and LTC gambling, but…

Cryptos Cloudbet accepts: Algorand, Avalanche, Binance, Binance USD, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Cardano, Chainlink, and others
Cloudbet accepts over thirty cryptos, including choices like PAX Dollar, Stellar, Polkadot, USDC, STETH, etc.

This online casino accepts at least thirty cryptocurrencies, including those usually neglected in online casinos. While most gambling hubs accept BTC, ETH, LTC, and maybe DOGE, Cloudbet has no issues letting you play for XPR, SOL, TRON, and other cryptos rarely used for gambling. 

Also, you can filter the options like this: 

Cloudbet crypto payment filters: Most Popular, Fastest Transactions, Lowest Fees, Stable, and Staked 
Hey, that is quite convenient! 

So, Cloudbet is the #1 cryptocurrency-centered online casino. In addition, it offers cool bonuses, apart from its welcome deposit boost. Given that this online gambling hub also has an extensive game collection, ORDB says it is 100% worth checking out. 

#2 Bitstarz 

Bitstarz logo and clouds in the background
Bitstarz is 10/10 according to many reviews

Learn more facts about Bitstarz in its review

Bitstarz has a LEGENDARY reputation that must really feel like heaven. This legit, certified, tested, trusted, and merely amazing real-money gaming website has numerous games and bonuses for gamblers. 

AskGamblers website. Bitstarz page. The casino rank is 10
AskGamblers gives this online casino ten points despite some country restrictions

You know? No comments. 

ORDB recommends this gambling site over many other options. Of course, there are still drawbacks, but they are nothing when you get maximally profitable opportunities and are protected by solid guarantees. 10/10 from Askgamblers and 10/10 from ORDB if you are at Bitstarz for Aviator online. 

#3 7Bit 

A person waiting for his flight in an airport 
7Bit itself is like an airport to a digital gambling country 

The full 7Bit review is right here

7Bit Casino deserves praise for its immense gambling game collection. The website hosts over 7K games, and Spribe’s Aviator online is one of them. 

This online casino is great for bonuses and tournaments, especially given the stable collaboration between the brand and many reputable game providers. In addition, 7Bit has special high-roller promotions! And there are also no less useful bonuses for regular and casual gamblers. BTW, you can discover more facts about 7Bit promotions here

7Bit is 100% recommended by ORDB for its reliability, fast transactions, and good games. 

#4 mBit 

mBit logo with a plane
mBit logo

Learn everything about it in the mBit review

mBit casino is the best choice when you want Bitcoin-centered entertainment. The gambling hub has over 3K games and offers helpful boosts in parallel with friendly customer service. 

mBit bonuses 
The promo page has many perks for players! 

The only thing that stops all gamblers from sticking to this casino is that it does not accept fiat money. Yes, mBit is 100% a crypto gambling site, and fiat options are not an… option here. 

Another issue is its country restrictions. Still, you can access great, provably fair games and good bonuses if you are lucky to be in a country that gives you access to this online casino. 

#5 BitCasino logo and a plane's wing in the background 
BitCasino is another top destination for gamblers who want to play Aviator online 

All site features are covered in the BitCasino review offers a great game selection. In parallel, this casino site is the #1 option for using USDT to gamble. In addition, has a vast game collection with titles that offer live RTP, and those functions sometimes make this RTP leap over 100%! 

Live RTP at BitCasino 
Excuse you? 103% RTP? Cool…

Apart from Spribe’s Aviator crypto game, which you can find here, ORDB recommends some other profitable gambling games. You see, BitCasino gathered numerous crash games and instant-win titles. ORDB would not recommend those, given that Aviator ripoffs tend to be unfair, but BitCasino’s gambling offers come from tested providers. Look: 

BitCasino games
BitCasino games

For instance, one of those providers — TurboGames — stands firmly with those companies that promote fair RNG usage and are accountable for their developed projects. BGaming, in turn, is one of the most recognizable game creators; you instantly know this title is good when you see that BGaming has created it. All of those iGaming companies are legit, transparent, and responsible. So, ORDB recommends this whole section if you want Aviator-like instant-win games. 

#6 N1 Casino

N1 casino logo 
N1 logo 

Read more about this gambling website in the N1 review.

N1 Casino is the best online gambling website when you reside in the US. Perfect for Italian, French, German, Greek, and Eastern European players, N1 is literally the number-one stop when you want a good no-deposit bonus in €€€. Of course, it also works with cryptos, but only the most-used ones (BTC, LTC, ETH, DOGE, and some others). 

N1 often becomes the only gambling site for regular players. Most often, if this site is your first gambling game provider, you do not seek anything else. It has good bonuses, interesting tournaments, big prizes, high-RTP games, and… Aviator online! 

ORDB highlights that this casino receives some hate. For instance, many Trustpilot N1 reviews about it mention issues with withdrawals. In ORDB’s experience, nothing is terribly wrong, regardless if you use fiat money or cryptocurrencies. Sure, the casino might delay your fiat payout, but you eventually receive your money. We recommend this site for cryptocurrency gambling mostly, but using fiats should not bring any unresolvable challenges. 

I also recommend checking the AskGamblers N1 review independently. Moreover, the website has updated its N1 review. 

Overall, this casino deserves at least four stars for its good mobile optimization, great games, amazing new arrivals, and good promotions. 

#7 Joo

JooCasino logo and a plane flying 
Joo is a safe gambling site for Aviator online 

Check Joo review to find more info! 

Joo is an international online gambling site with numerous games from the top providers. It is a great option for Australian players and those who seek enhanced bonuses to make their gambling sessions even more rewarding. 

After all the tests, ORDB appreciates this online gambling site’s fast withdrawals, high-quality games, and cryptocurrency payment options. Verbal overdoses aside, Joo is 100% recommended when you want a legit mobile-friendly casino with fair games and good perks for gamblers. 

#8 Punt 

Punt casino logo and a plane 
Punt gambling brand logo

Learn everything about this site in ORDB’s Punt casino review

Punt is good for most players and the best for some. I can only say that this casino brand is too young and needs more time to demonstrate its features’ usefulness. Still, the online Aviator casino has amazing bonuses and offers good games from several reliable providers. 

Punt Casino is better for mobile gamblers because its PC version has a confusing structure, and you might struggle with finding some important information. 

After trying this website’s withdrawals, ORDB confirms they work just fine. We have not experienced any delays when withdrawing crypto and fiat money. 

This game hub is your best gambling site when you play using Bitcoin and want good deposit bonuses. Punt Casino offers %% that gives you up to six Bitcoins, which WORKS (and yes, I used to think this was a scam; I mean, it was a no-name casino once, come on!). In addition, Punt online gambling site has interesting entertainment, apart from Aviator online. 

Trending games at Punt Casino: Parisian Dreams, Gods VS Titans, Mariachi Party, Aviator, etc. 
Of course, Aviator is trending! 

ORDB recommends this casino if you want a positive Bitcoin gambling experience and like high-volume bonuses while not minding X40 wagering requirements. 

The Best Aviator Strategy in ORDB’s Practice

An Aviator strategy can help you manage your bankroll and enjoy greens on your profit chart. The action plan is as follows:

⚠️ Place one big wager and a small one simultaneously. For instance, let your left bet be $5-10 while the second is $1-2. 

⚠️ Claim your winning with the bigger bet almost instantly. As the plane reaches an X3-10 multiplier, cash out the bigger bet, but let your smaller bet “fly further.”

⚠️ Trust your guts and keep your hands on the second button with your smaller bet. Claim the winnings even if you are unsure if the plane will fly away immediately. It is better to stay safe than lose a potentially big win. 

⚠️ Keep your eyes on the board with round outcomes (the panel at the top). Analyze RNG results and try to predict the approximate round result. Cash out three-eight seconds before you think the plane will fly away. For example, you think that it will disappear at X15.5. Claim your money at X9-11 — that is a better profit than winning nothing. 

⚠️ Control your excitement. Sometimes, Aviator’s plane flies over X50. Cash-out at that second, even if it seems like the flight will continue for another minute. 

⚠️ Increase your bets as your bankroll grows. Place one small and one big bet, but make them double. That lets you get better rewards and remain in the safest position. 

⚠️ Do not hide your emotions entirely. Building irritation/happiness up and not letting it be expressed is a recipe for a breakdown/overwhelming. Leave the gambling room, scream, use some foul words, drink water with lemon, make a stretch, and come back to the game. You will do much better after five minutes of pure relaxation. 

⚠️ Set a goal of how much you want to win, and finish your session as soon as you get that. So, you wanted to make $2K today and succeeded. Gambling games aside! You have already earned what you wanted! Play something else that is not a gambling game!! Kiss your cats or dogs!!! Come back later!!!

After trying this and two other most popular methods, ORDB advises this one as the best, but only if you consider the following! 

⚠️ Do not play when drunk. Any substances that alter human perception will NOT help you win and make bolder decisions. You can only become irrational when gambling drunk. 

⚠️ Manage your bankroll. The best way to do that is by setting a strict limit on how much you can lose and determining a goal of how much you must win. Do not go over or under those numbers, even when luck is on your side. 

⚠️ Only play when your mood is good or neutral. Emotions are great when you have fun with friends, hold your loved one, enjoy your favorite movies, etc. Emotions are usually odd when you gamble because you must be entirely chill about whatever happens. So, ensure you feel alright and have the mental energy to control your reactions. 

⚠️ Stop as soon as you achieve your goal or see that your plan has failed. Strive to make as much money as you have planned for the session. Yet, do not hesitate to leave when you have a hint of feeling that everything is not in your favor. 

3 Best Casino Bonuses for Crypto Aviator Online

Some boosts can help you win much more than usual. Straight to the point! 

⚠️ The welcome bonus. This standard casino promotion is the biggest jump-start you will get. As a rule, such bonuses have amazing deposit multipliers and add other complimentary perks like FS or cashback. Use it to double and triple your crypto bankroll and get straight to the game! 

⚠️ Reload. Those regular promotions give you deposit bonuses of 30-80%. These are not as big as the welcome deposit bonus, but they can still be helpful. Yet, many casinos have high wagering requirements for this promo. So, strive to play in online casinos that offer bonuses with X25-50 wagering only. 

⚠️ Cashback. This regular promo is useful, regardless of what you play. Do not forget to claim! Most casinos offer it weekly. Sometimes, you can claim it daily, though (but that is usually for high rollers). 

Final Words 

Aviator is a risky yet rewarding gambling game with amazing chances for you to make a lot of money. ORDB reminds you that it is advisable to play the legit Spribe’s game only and try other Aviator-like games only when they come from certified providers. Also, stick to the safest casinos with fast payouts, use your bonuses wisely, and have fun! 

May your plane rise above the clouds! 

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