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Gambling Dice Games Fully Explained by ORDB Casino Research Team

Gambling dice games are all about randomness and Fortuna’s will. ORDB believes every gambler can alter fate by making wiser choices. So, our experts research crypto dice websites to ensure your gambling session’s fairness and more positive outcomes. Here a gambler may find all up-to-date facts about the best crypto dice websites. 

Perfect Your Dice Gambling Strategies with ORDB

Gambling dice games are all about randomness and Fortuna’s will. ORDB believes every gambler can alter fate by making wiser choices. So, our experts research crypto dice websites to ensure your gambling session’s fairness and more positive outcomes. Here a gambler may find all up-to-date facts about the best crypto dice websites. 

Seeking Fair Casinos with Only Excellent Crypto Dice Games? 

Gamblers venture to the Internet thickets to find the best dice games. Unfortunately, the informational jungles we have to wander have many dangers. Unlawful casinos mimic fair websites and lure players in with unrealistically profitable bonuses.

Yet, crypto dice game fans still find fair trust dice websites. They unite, test, and share their experience. And here are some of the recent top-notch findings: 

  • Stake Casino
  • CloudBet Casino
  • BitStarz Casino
  • mBit Casino
  • 7Bit Casino
  • Crypto Casino
  • WildCasino
  • Casino
  • Rich Palms Casino
  • CoinSlotty Crypto Casino

The Methodology to Single out the Best Bitcoin Dice Casinos

Every gambler is an expert with different experiences. Notwithstanding, remember that expertise always means remaining impartial during evaluation. Moreover, every expert has a model plan they use every time there is a new object of analysis. Our team shares its methodology for free so that you may use it during your individual dice websites research: 

Phase 1: Start with general research

ORDB gathers the maximum facts a gambler may find on the surface. We scan the website from the top to the bottom to see its offers. Remember to stay unbiased even when the dice site looks attractive when you do that independently! And never jump to conclusions, as your evaluation only starts here. 

Phase 2: Reputation analysis

This part of the check is one of the most challenging stages. Yet again, an expert must muffle their furnace of emotions even when they see many negative comments. There are more materials than reviews from unlucky gamers raging over unsuccessful sessions. ORDB recommends being most attentive to crypto dice website reviews from: 

  • AskGamblers; 
  • Reddit; 
  • Trustpilot; 
  • SiteJabber. 

Phase 3: Legitimacy check 

Illegal casinos have an unattractive image already. So, ensuring that an entertainment center performs under authoritative supervision is vital. Here, ORDB analyzes the published documents and facts about: 

  • Terms and conditions. Note that those documents might contain points that are unfair to gamblers. So, a mere presentation of that document is insufficient; 
  • A company’s registration information. Yet again, no registration equals no official control over the service; 
  • License details. Moreover, be attentive to who issues that seal of trust. Some authorities might be notorious for inconsistent work. And if there is no license, be alert; 
  • Scandalous stories. There might be episodes that demonstrate a casino’s unfairness towards players. The most common situation is when a gambler wins a jackpot, and the casino does “its best” to temperate the payout or invalidate it. But there might be other infamous cases; 
  • Other details

Phase 4: Gameplay testing 

While that seems like a fun part, expertise demands being attentive to many constituents analytically. So, ORDB tests various games from all categories, including unpopular ones. Furthermore, that test includes testing both desktop and mobile casino versions. Experts focus on controls, visual and audio components, title selection, and other details. Every gambler may test games independently by playing in demo modes. 

Phase 5: Provably fair games check 

Minimizing gambling risks is obligatory when you want to stay safe. Remember that no casino games should be predictable. Randomness is the best friend for gamblers here. There should be no way for a casino to cheat the outcome to hinder your session. Of course, gamers should not use the system loopholes for unfair gambling equally! So, the ORDB group analyzes the RNG results. Another way to state fairness is by confirming that casinos use blockchain technology that shows all outcomes. And while randomness does not guarantee a win, that is better than having your results cheated. 

Phase 6: Transaction test 

First and foremost, the casino must be transparent about processing deposits and withdrawals. Some casinos have separate sections with information about that, and many casinos neglect to create one. Either way, ORDB spends some sums on testing how the casino reacts. We do not recommend doing that alone if you are a novice! Leave this work to us because several casinos do not even let you play after depositing. 

Phase 7: Customer support evaluation 

As a rule, the top dice sites have 24/7 support. Nevertheless, that does not guarantee high-quality help in case of an issue. That is why ORDB calls to support every time, even if the dice gambling tests are successful. Our experts must ensure that the administration will not leave other players high and dry if there is a challenge. 

Benefits of Crypto Dice Sites 

A bitcoin dice website always has several peculiarities that make it stand out. Let us condense the essence of benefits a gambler may use for a better gambling experience: 

Instant transactions

Bitcoin dice gambling means getting your payouts immediately. Some casinos might give you a payout during one business day. Still, as a rule, bitcoin dice websites do not delay the payout.

Data encryption with extra layers of security

Blockchain technologies make any depositor untraceable. Of course, withdrawals remain anonymous in parallel. There are no ways for alien parties to dig data about a gambler’s transactions. 

Wiser withdrawal limits

Fiat casinos tend to restrict how much a player may get per withdrawal. There might be irrationally low withdrawal limits that make it extra inconvenient to obtain your money. Bitcoin dice sites usually make those limits high or non-existent. 

Action transparency

The record fixes all information, so it is impossible to cheat or intrude. No one can alter information about your transaction.

Boosted privacy

Gambling games with dice for crypto do not demand your information. Your crypto wallet address suffices (to send you money). Other informational pieces are not obligatory. So, every player determines the extent of their anonymity independently. 

Low or non-existent fees

If there is a fee, it is so small that gamblers do not notice it. But crypto dice websites tend to operate without coming up with fees for gamblers. 

Better promo options

Crypto dice gambling has yet to become conventional. That is why young projects strive to create lucrative promo offers to attract more enthusiasts to the new entertainment form. So, gamblers may expect: 

  • Vaster deposit bonuses (sometimes more than 200%); 
  • Undemanding tournaments with big prize pools; 
  • Better cashback (from five to twenty percent systemically); 
  • Reload bonuses; 
  • Unconventional bonuses that do not demand to wager but give players small rewards for free; 
  • Crypto dice with faucet opportunities (EOS, BTC, ETH, USDC, and other coins). 

No inflation risks

Trusted dice sites allow withdrawing with crypto to avoid inflation problems. So, crypto gamblers can ensure they do not lose a cent because their resources are in a form that is not subject to traditional economic issues. 

10 Trusted Dice Websites ORDB Found  

If a gambler needs a casino’s profile, ORDB will present a systemized report with all details. Our team is player-oriented, as we are gambling enthusiasts like you. Hence, all materials here are from gamblers for gamblers. 

We will update the lists as soon as there is fresh news, reviews, and instances. But currently, our research shows that some of the finest crypto dice game hubs are: 

4,6 Rank
Available in US

Welcome Bonus: 100% Bonus + 100 FREE SPINS

Winners 76 /100
Rate 72 /100
4,5 Rank
Available in US

$250 sports welcome bonus or $3,000 welcome casino bonus

Winners 0 /100
Rate 0 /100
4,5 Rank
Available in US

250% welcome deposit bonus up to $8250

Winners 0 /100
Rate 0 /100
4,3 Rank
Available in US

Welcome Bonus $5000

Winners 73 /100
Rate 74 /100
4,7 Rank
Not available in US

Welcome Bonus: 10% Rakeback Using Code ‘GET10BACKBONUS’

Winners 90 /100
Rate 84 /100
4,6 Rank
Not available in US

100% Welcome Bonus Up to 5 BTC

Winners 86 /100
Rate 81 /100
4,6 Rank
Not available in US

Welcome bonus: Double Deposit + 180 FREE SPINS

Winners 80 /100
Rate 77 /100
4,4 Rank
Not available in US

Welcome Bonus: Up to 5 BTC + 300 FREE SPINS

Winners 67 /100
Rate 69 /100
4,4 Rank
Not available in US

Daily CashBack Up to 20%

Winners 0 /100
Rate 0 /100
4,1 Rank
Not available in US

Verify your phone (10 free spins)

Winners 0 /100
Rate 0 /100

Steps to Selecting the Best Bitcoin Dice Site 

An experienced gambler may see if the website is legit in fifteen minutes. A less adept casino lover might need more time to assess if a casino is worth their time. Here is how one does that: 

Step 1: Find the license 

As a rule, the license icon is at the bottom of the website. But there might be extra information in the terms and conditions or other documents. Be alert when you cannot see a license! Also, do not suppose that licensing means the casino is 100% safe. 

Step 2: Look at the game providers

Good crypto dice casinos collaborate with many reputable software creators with elaborate projects. So, note if there are some industry giants like Spinomenal, ViG, and Yggdrasil. Do not neglect to search if there were any scandals with the provider! 

Step 3: Be attentive to promotions 

Some promo offers might scream convenience and minimum obligations. Yet, the next thing the player sees, there is 70X wagering. So, please read all promo instructions and ensure they are doable. 

Step 4: Check what gamblers tell 

Analyzing reviews is one of the most significant actions when researching a casino with crypto dice games. There must be a balanced elucidation of how the casino functions. Also, remember to read materials from professional estimators who do not bring emotions into reviewing. 

Step 5: Test games in demos 

Suppose that the theoretical constituent of a casino is 10/10. Do not rush to register! Have some fun in demo modes to test if the game pays out often and if you like the controls. Moreover, many components might make you love or dislike a game. 

Crypto Dice Bonuses 

Bonuses are a significant factor that might alter your session. Of course, there are standard boosts like deposit bonuses and cashback. Nevertheless, crypto dice games have their narrowly-focused bonus a gambler may claim for free. 

That is what we call crypto dice with faucets. Trust dice games with a faucet mean you can play for free but still earn. For instance, a trust dice gambler claims 0.000001 BTC. The game will not pay out a ton, but every player has a chance to double what they have claimed. Those freebies will bring a moderate profit, which is still better than null results. But note that not all websites provide crypto dice faucet opportunities. Thus, it might be wise to consider general boosts, like VIP membership, to enhance your dice sessions. 

Consider This Before Starting Your Crypto Dice Session 

Restricted countries

The casino might function when you use a VPN, but we do not recommend interacting with casinos that cannot work in your region. There might be inconveniences, from invalid bonuses to issues with the law. As a rule, gamblers want none of those challenges. 


No gambler must tell their name, age, or other details when playing trusted dice games. Of course, casinos need some information to identify you. But there might be privacy issues like third parties profiling you. Hence, you want to be certain that you control the disclosure of your information and remain anonymous to the maximum. 

Deposits and withdrawals rules 

Search for a section that explains how gamblers may deposit to play trust dice games. There must be information on how long a gambler must wait for the transaction to complete. Note that crypto deposits are instant in 90% of cases, or they might take around fifteen minutes. Withdrawals, in turn, must be instant or take up to one hour. Some rare cases allow waiting for one business day. But if the casino sends your 0.0002 BTC for a whole week, that is suspicious. 

Bonuses after some deposits 

Note that many gamblers experience issues with bonuses when they choose a particular deposit method. We can see that it usually happens when the gamer uses Skrill or Neteller. Nevertheless, you might encounter that issue while using crypto. Ensure that there are no complaints about faulty bonuses when you use this or that coin! 

VIP membership opportunities 

Gambling dice games might be your priority, but remember that there is a whole world of entertainment. And a VIP membership might be the key to trouble-free gambling whenever you want to play. So, analyze the VIP offer and consider it if you plan to stick to one casino. ORDB team recommends doing that only when you have already been a member for at least two weeks. 

12 Features of a Good Trusted Dice Website 

The best dice games are not the only thing that signifies a website is a wise option. Let ORDB show what features a top dice site must demonstrate. 

  • Game variety. First, pay attention to how many trust dice game types a gambler may find. There are crypto dice variations, Sic Bo, Craps, and sometimes rarities like Drop Dead. Note the number of providers that have designed those games; 
  • Clear dice gambling rules. A casino must strive for 100% transparency in presenting all information. The administration should not conceal rules about a game or present games from suspicious sources;
  • A valid license from an authority a gambler can check; 
  • Anonymity right protection
  • Up-to-date security system
  • Systemic game assortment updates; 
  • Practical bonuses with adequate conditions; 
  • Non-stop support
  • Various support communication channels (chat, email, phone); 
  • A detailed explanation of depositing/withdrawing methods
  • Several cryptocurrencies depositing/withdrawing options; 
  • Positive feedback


Where can I find dice games on crypto casino websites? 

Some top crypto casinos have separate sections with dice, Sic Bo, and Craps. But you might need to scan the table games section. That happens because casinos do not get many dice games. So, they get lost in other categories. 

Are there Litecoin dice games? 

The answer is positive! The game will not likely focus on a specific currency. Nevertheless, the casino might accept Litecoin, Dogecoin, and other assets. So, there will be no issues with the fact you prioritize Litecoin dice betting. 

Is gambling with dice always random?

Unfortunately, no. Many casinos use systems that alter the outcome in the casino’s favor. That is why playing crypto dice only at lawful and transparent casinos is vital. 

What is a dice faucet? 

A dice faucet is a type of bonus gamblers may get for free. You obtain a small number of crypto resources and play with a perspective to earn. The rewards are never immense. So, do not expect to snatch a dice jackpot and fly to Miami to buy a grand palace. Dice faucets allow getting a moderate reward. That is still nice. Moreover, you do not lose a cent even if you are on an unlucky streak. 

Should I play bitcoin dice games when there is no license?

Technically, you can do that. Notwithstanding, we recommend ignoring the existence of crypto casinos without control from a third party. Gamblers might give it a chance if a casino used to have a license and is refreshing it. Still, we strongly advise you to play dice games only when there is a seal of trust from an authority!

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