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ORDB is a community-driven website created by Jeffrey Moon from Halvorson Media Group and John Walts from Etheremon – who currently have launched the DOGE Project. It is meant to discover and monitor the top Dogecoin casinos and betting sites as well as attract gamblers from around the world to share their expertise. 

Being an ethical gambling project, ORDB has the following mission behind it:

  • Provide the value for the crypto gambling community: ORDB is created by gamblers for gamblers to share real insights and facilitate crypto gaming with all possible means. The popular Dogecoin casinos are researched, tested, and reviewed by independent crypto enthusiasts – just like you.
  • Assist, not advertise: we do not get paid for writing positive or neutral reviews, striving to provide an unbiased view to guide you through available options and caution against scam casino sites. Yet, we do provide exclusive promo codes but only from trusted and approved platforms
  • Spread the expertise: with 30+ Dogecoin enthusiasts around the world, we research, analyze, test, and review DOGE casinos. Every article is based on true insights; every strategy resulted from a real casino experience.
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Become a Gambling Pro in a Flash

If you want to boost your gambling expertise by 100% and drive your gaming experience, ORDB will become your perfect guide. What is it made of?

100% Effective Guidelines
All content is created with one thing in mind – to help you win your first Jackpot and upgrade your gaming experience. That is why the website is regularly updated and audited by experts, and all materials are based on thorough research, analysis, and testing.
Community behind the Expertise
ORDB currently collaborates with over 30 crypto experts passionate about investigating trusted Dogecoin casinos. Every top DOGE gambling site is tested based on the original methodology consisting of 100+ metrics handled manually and automatically.
Top Gambling Perks
Exclusive promo codes, bonuses available with links, free spins and bets along with crypto gambling hacks are all at your fingertips. Drive your DOGE gameplay without spending extra.
DOGE Casinos Investigated by Experts
Many Dogecoin casino sites used to lure you in with big promises of riches, only to leave you empty-handed and frustrated. But those days are gone. Currently, there are plenty of reputable casino platforms that accept Dogecoin, and they are not looking to fleece their customers. So if you are searching for a safe and fun place to gamble Dogecoins, check out our TOP 10 Dogecoin casinos in 2022: How to Win Big: Top 10 Perks to Look for in a Dogecoin Gambling Website Well, you are looking for a reliable place to play Dogecoin blackjack, dice, or other best dogecoin games. So, you probably search for a Dogecoin casino to play big. And here come various casino perks, bonuses, and exclusive offers tailored especially for you. They are created to encourage players to spend their money at DOGE casinos but do not jump to losing courage. You can always benefit from them without losing a dime as long as you deal with the reputable platforms above.
Deposit Bonuses
A deposit bonus is a form of incentive that gives gamblers an extra amount when they make a certain number of deposits – usually the first 3-4 ones. The percentage varies, but it’s generally between 50 and 200%. However, deposit bonuses may have certain limitations, either, that depend on a particular Dogecoin casino.
No Deposit Bonuses
No-deposit bonuses are free funds given out to players who have never played at a DOGE casino before. They are not as common as other types of casino promotions, yet, some platforms offer them. However, these incentives are frequently minor and intended to whet players’ appetites for the game. No wonder, a lot of conditions and restrictions are attached to them.
Sign Up Bonus
A certain bonus is given to you as soon as you meet all of the registration requirements. Bonuses of this sort are generally accessible on every Dogecoin gaming site, although their amounts are modest. Usually, a set amount of bets must be placed before your coins can be taken out.
Free Spins
Free spins are one of the most popular crypto bonuses, especially since they are free. These incentives allow players to take a spin on a few games on the site. Typically, a set of free spins is part of a welcome package that allows spinning slot machines a certain number of times free of charge.
Promo Codes
DOGE casinos rely heavily on promotional codes. You may not always be able to qualify for the welcome offer without one. So, before signing up, check out promo codes on ORDB or AskGamblers. Plus, crypto gambling sites may provide codes within seasonal promotions, allowing you to earn additional rewards.
Regular Promotions
The term “regular promotions” refers to incentives provided on a regular basis – every month, week, or day of the week (Friday, for example). When, how, and where these bonuses are given out depends on a particular DOGE gambling site. They are also designed differently – in the form of cashback, match-up percentage, or free spins/bets.
Reload Bonuses
Every time you make a deposit on a Dogecoin gambling site, you get a match-up percentage (up to 50%). Additional funds will help you extend your DOGE gambling experience but take into account that by far not every online casino offers this type of bonus. Reload bonuses are not just restricted to Fridays, and you are get notified via email when one is available.
Cashbacks can help you earn rewards even if you lose. The opportunity to reclaim what you’ve lost is included in this reward. Dogecoin sites providing daily cashbacks are rare – some prefer to gather all of your setbacks before paying you back. In certain cases, you will have to lose a particular sum to compensate it with cashback.
VIP Rewards
In some ways, VIP and loyalty bonuses are comparable. However, on some websites, you need to be invited to join a VIP program, whereas Loyalty ones are open to participating. The goal at each DOGE casino is the same: to earn the maximum possible number of points to advance to the desired VIP level. The higher you go, the better your chances of winning. You can win everything from free bets, free spins, and other incentives on each level.
Seasonal Promotions
As opposed to regular ones, seasonal promotions are time-limited and are usually offered throughout holidays such as New Year, Thanksgiving, Easter, etc. Seasonal promotions come in all shapes and sizes, including exclusive personalized offers, promo codes, additional cashback, cash prizes, etc. Meme Coins Standing Guard Over Your Crypto Fun Started as a joke, DOGE now is favored by crypto casino lovers worldwide – and for all good reasons.

Dogecoin  is commonly considered a gambling-friendly cryptocurrency due to not only its satirical nature but also its accelerated transaction processing that only takes 1 minute. Unlike Bitcoin and other major crypto market dominators, DOGE didn’t boast the lofty agenda but managed to become the seventh-largest digital currency.

What other features make casinos rank as the best Dogecoin casino sites?

SSL Encryption
Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is the first and foremost thing to bear in mind while playing at DOGE casinos. SSL secures financial and personal data and, therefore, safeguards all crypto transactions.
License Goes First
Before giving any Dogecoin gambling site a try, check out whether it has a license. This information can be found in the Terms and Conditions. Licensed casinos will take precautions to protect themselves and their clients, while unlicensed casino sites can turn out to be scams.
Trust Comes with Reputation
Preliminary research will never hurt when you consider the Dogecoin casino options you want to entrust your funds. Observe what people talk, what they highlight, and how they evaluate their gambling experience.
Top-notch Software
All of the games and transactions must be managed using modern software – it is a must for a Top DOGE casino. Software of this kind has two sides – it may make or break your gaming experience. Not only can software modify the game’s outcomes, but it may also take many other measures, such as withholding the rest of your money for any fraudulent purpose
Provably Fair Games
In provably fair games, the odds are not manipulated in favor of the house. To create a provably fair game, a random number generator is used. It is then hashed, and the hash is made available to the public. Players can then use this hash to verify that the game was fair.
RTP is the percentage of wagers that are paid out as winnings to players. The higher the RTP, the more money you can win. A good RTP rate is one that is above 95% – Dogecoin casinos with a comparable rate are in our ratings.

DOGE Gambling Secrets Disclosed

Dogecoin opens up new horizons in terms of gambling. That is why DOGE gambling sites are currently on the rise. However, to win a jackpot, you need to find out effective strategies and hacks – some of them are shared by the ORDB pros below:

Play Smart – Gamble with DOGE
Dogecoin is the top pick for gamblers as its price is comparatively stable though it can boast speedy transactions, a strong community, and mechanisms to compensate for lost coins. Opting for DOGE games, you neutralize certain risks.
Low House Edge Is the Key
House edge implies a percentage of the player’s original bet, representing the long-term expected profit of the casino. The higher the house edge, the worse the odds are for the player. If you want to maximize your chance of winning, observe games and pick the one with the minimum house edge.
Know Your Limits
Supposing you have never played in a casino tournament before, it looks like fun and the prize pool is pretty big. You decide to give it a try. At this point, you have to find out how much you can afford to lose and where you should stop if you are down on your luck. DOGE gambling goes both ways – one day you hit the jackpot, the other one you lose it all.
Try Demo Mode Where Possible
The best Doge casino often allows playing in a demo mode – never miss this chance! Thanks to the free gameplay, you can understand the rules of a particular crypto game as well as investigate patterns, discover tricks, and develop a winning strategy.
Turn the Casino Games to Your Advantage
Casino games where you can use your skill to win give you an advantage over the house. Such games as blackjack, poker, and even sports betting are all examples where your expertise shapes a victory. Stick to these kinds of games, and avoid the ones where the house edge is impossible to override.

Gamble with DOGE Safely

Alice was feeling lucky. She had just got her paycheck and was itching to try her luck at a crypto casino. She had always been a bit of a risk-taker, but she had never played in a DOGE casino before.

She did some research online and found that one crypto gambling site offered a 100% match on the first deposit. She decided to go for it. She deposited 100 DOGE and received an additional 100 coins as a bonus from the casino.

Alice was excited! She immediately began playing Dogecoin casino slots, and after a few hours, she managed to win back her original deposit plus the bonus amount. She was feeling really lucky and decided to gamble bigger amounts. Unfortunately, she lost all of her winnings and ended up being completely discouraged. 

What went wrong? Alice didn’t know when to stop. Gambling with Dogecoin becomes problematic when you don’t know your limits and get completely captured by a new hobby. That is why you should never allow this kind of entertainment to turn into an addiction. 

And here is some advice for this:

  • Avoid gaming when being anxious or frustrated;
  • When playing casino games, limit yourself to two drinks and less or no cannabis;
  • Find out the rules and features of a particular game before trying it;
  • Restrict your gameplay by setting time and money limitations (some of them are accessible on the top Dogecoin gambling sites);
  • Avoid longer than 2 hours of gambling – take breaks over time;
  • If you don’t have additional funds you can afford to lose – avoid gaming. Do not spend the money saved for rent, food, living;
  • Don’t go out of your way to regain what you’ve lost;
  • Gamble for fun – not for income;
  • Combine gameplay with other leisure activities;
  • Don’t rely on “luck” tactics to improve your chances of winning;
  • Know when it’s time to stop – you cannot win all the time.


Are DOGE gambling sites legal?

There is no easy answer to this question as it depends on the specific casino platform and your jurisdiction. If you are considering gaming at the best DOGE gambling sites, it is vital to research the site and your local laws to ensure that you are not breaking any of them.

How fast can I withdraw DOGE?

When withdrawing DOGE from a casino website, the speed at which you can receive your funds will depend on the casino’s withdrawal policies. Some platforms may process withdrawals instantly, while others may take a few hours or days. If you are concerned about the speed of your withdrawal, we recommend contacting the customer support team to inquire about their policies.

How many Dogecoins can I win?

The answer to this question depends on the DOGE gambling site you are using. Some platforms offer a set amount of Dogecoins that you can win, while others base the amount you can win off of the odds of your bet. Be sure to check the terms and conditions of a casino before placing any bets to ensure that you understand how much you could potentially win.

How to check if a DOGE casino is provably fair?

To ensure that a casino is provably fair, you will need to check a few key things. First, look for the provably fair logo on the site. This logo is a guarantee that the casino is using a provably fair system. Second, check out if the casino offers provably fair games. These are games that have been tested and verified to be fair. Finally, find out if the casino has a good reputation.

How to find out the RTP?

To find out the RTP of a platform, you will need to look at its website or contact customer support. The RTP is usually listed in the terms and conditions or on the FAQ page. Plus, you can check out review sites such as AskGamblers or TrustPilot to get an idea of the platform’s RTP. If you still can’t find the information you’re looking for, then you can always ask customer support.

How to address the gambling addiction?

If you or someone you know has a gambling problem, there are a few things that can be done to get help. The first step is to reach out to a professional for help and guidance. There are many resources available to those struggling with gambling addiction, and seeking help is the best way to start on the path to recovery. 
Some resources you can use to get guidance and treatment:

What games can I play on Dogecoin gambling sites?

There are a variety of games that can be played on Dogecoin gambling sites. These include games such as Dogecoin blackjack, slots, roulette, and baccarat. There are sports betting options available on some of these platforms. And finally, there are also dice games where players can bet on the outcome of the roll of a dice. So, there are plenty of options available for those looking to gamble with DOGE.

How to find out whether a DOGE gambling site is safe?

To find out whether a website is safe, you should check out if it has a license, SSL encryption, and whether it provides provably fair games. You can find all relevant information in the terms and conditions. Plus, it’s always recommended to check out customer feedback on such platforms as AskGamblers, TrustPilot, Reddit, or SiteJabber.

What types of bonuses do crypto casinos offer?

Welcome packs, free spins, reload bonuses, loyalty/VIP programs, referral bonuses, specific offers, temporary incentives, giveaways, and other promotions are among the most popular forms of Dogecoin casino perks.

What cryptocurrencies apart from DOGE can I use on Dogecoin gambling sites?

Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, and Dash are all accepted on most Dogecoin gambling sites. However, there may be some sites that only accept DOGE. Make sure to check the terms and conditions of each site before making a deposit.

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