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Being the second most popular cryptocurrency out there, Ethereum attracts sufficient investments. Thus, ETH gambling gets a lot of play. Wanna tempt fortune in the best Ethereum casinos? Discover ETH games and sportsbooks with ORDB experts!
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Top-Level Ethereum Casinos

On your way towards the best Ethereum betting sites, you may face a lot of doubts and concerns. Questioning every ETH gambling platform though is a good strategy since you don’t want to face the music when losing your funds. If this is your first time diving into the world of ETH gambling, some expert ratings and guidelines will come in handy. We will take you straight to the top Ethereum gambling and betting platforms – here is a rundown of the top deals:

Essential Steps to Consider When Assessing ETH Casinos

Being a project sponsored by crypto enthusiasts, ORDB collaborates with experts who follow a thorough methodology while assessing Ethereum casinos. Thus, we make every effort to maintain transparency and improve your gaming experience. If you come across a platform that we have not yet reviewed, you can apply our model to see if it is reliable:

    • Research stage

It begins with a thorough investigation of a specific ETH gambling site. Our experts examine all accessible data, including the Terms and Conditions, available bonuses, accepted cryptocurrencies, games offered, and gaming software companies represented.

    • ETH casino’s reputation

Ethereum casino reviews from customers who have already tried it are essential to get at the root of the matter. Although maintaining a spotless reputation is challenging in the gambling industry, there is no way we can approve and recommend any casino without discovering what people think about it. Thus, our researchers collect and analyze dozens of reviews before giving any ETH betting site a try.

    • Legality Verification

At this point, researchers look into whether a platform has been involved in any illegal activities or scandals. It allows determining whether or not it is a scam. Besides, we examine the legal provisions, attempting to find out information about the registration, licensing, restrictions, and other legal aspects.

    • Playtesting ETH games

Our ETH gaming experts give the casino a chance and send it to testing if it is legal and not a complete scam. They test various games in different categories, checking out both the desktop and mobile versions. At this point, we are focused on the user interface, game quality, and game selection.

    • RTP and Provably Fair Gaming

Finding out if gaming is provably fair is another aspect of testing. Some Ethereum casinos can only guarantee a few provably fair games; therefore, our specialists can determine whether or not the games are fair based on the thorough methodology. Furthermore, we calculate the approximate RTP using our own methods to find the best Ethereum betting and gambling site where you can try your luck free of risk.

    • Transactional Speed

The Top Ethereum Casinos are distinguished by their quick deposits and withdrawals. Instant transactions within a day or even an hour are possible if you choose wisely. A withdrawal check allows us to estimate how long it will take you to receive your winnings.

    • Customer Service Evaluation

What should you do if facing problems while gambling with ETH? If you deal with the best Ethereum betting sites, the only step you should take is contacting customer service. So, the support agents have to reply around the clock, 7 days a week, effectively addressing all kinds of issues. Thus, to evaluate this aspect, we contact customer service representatives and communicate with them using our checklist.

Top 5 Reasons to Give Ethereum Gambling a Chance

You may be asking why you would risk your money on Ethereum betting sites. Those who have already invested in crypto or are considering it has a variety of advantages.

Have Fun With Leftover Cash

You will typically have a wallet somewhere with a modest amount left after exchanging Ethereum and buying things. Transferring a small quantity of money to an Ethereum online casino can be entertaining, especially if you transform it back into a larger sum.


All cryptocurrencies have a great level of privacy. Although a casino may require you to confirm your identity, no financial insinuation will be aware that you are gaming or see how much money you spend.

Speed of Transfer

The typical transfer speed between traditional casinos and banks is substantially slower than that between crypto wallets.


Even though some countries do not require you to pay taxes on gaming winnings, those that do will not be aware of your cryptocurrency income unless you convert it to fiat and declare it as such. There are clear tax benefits to gambling with Ethereum if you have a significant investment in it and want to hold it for a long time.

Providing Assistance to the Crypto Community

If you believe in the notion of cryptocurrencies and want to see them become more widely used, then backing casinos as you would any other crypto venture is beneficial to the entire community.

Top 6 Ethereum Casinos

Are you looking for the best places that accept Ethereum or ETH betting sites? Then you have come to the right place. Every Ethereum gambling site that joins our list is licensed, fully legal, has top crypto bonuses and fair odds, accepts different coins, has a diverse game selection, and offers quick withdrawals. This is the bare minimum that a crypto casino must meet to be considered one of the finest. ORDB, unlike some other review platforms, is player-centric, meaning it was built by gamblers for gamblers. As a result, we never post paid reviews or allow a platform to join the rating solely to earn a big commission. The list of the leading Ethereum casinos and betting sites is updated on a regular basis, based on current events and user feedback. The latter helps you to be more secure when gaming with ETH. Here is a list of the leading cryptocurrency gambling sites that accept Ethereum:

4,9 Rank
Available in US


Winners 91 /100
Rate 96 /100
4,6 Rank
Available in US

100% up to $300 or 1.5 BTC + 100 FS

Winners 76 /100
Rate 72 /100
4,8 Rank
Not available in US


Winners 86 /100
Rate 81 /100
4,7 Rank
Not available in US

10% Rakeback Using Code 'GET10BACKBONUS'

Winners 90 /100
Rate 84 /100
4,6 Rank
Not available in US

1st deposit 100% up to 1 BTC+ 180 FS

Winners 80 /100
Rate 77 /100
4,5 Rank
Not available in US

1500 EUR + 200 FS

Winners 75 /100
Rate 71 /100
4,0 Rank
Not available in US

1st deposit 100% up to 1000 EUR + 100 FS

Winners 73 /100
Rate 70 /100

A Quick Guide On How To Identify The Best Ethereum Casino

 Ethereum casinos gradually take the lead on the crypto gambling market, becoming worthwhile suppliers who can help you get valuable experience only if specific criteria are met. Providers must be licensed, and all forms of gaming should be on offer – it goes without saying. We revealed a thorough methodology but is it enough? Not really. So, here are some more criteria you should take into account:

Data Protection & Security
Customers’ safety must be above all things for the best Ethereum apps, including betting sites. As a result, apart from licensing, you should observe Terms and Conditions, check out whether a website has the encryption, and find some Ethereum casino reviews. Remember, your security is within your hands. 
Variety of Games
Roulette, slots, and blackjack are just a few games available on the best ETH gambling sites. Today, top casino providers offer unique Ethereum games to amaze the players. So, before you opt for a particular platform, look through the games available and check out the list of providers – BetSoft, Evolution Gaming, NetEnt, and some other big names guarantee a top-notch gaming experience. 
ETH Casino Bonuses
It is worth taking advantage of a welcome bonus right away, especially for new players. You may also be eligible for free spins on a variety of slot machines from numerous providers. Some casinos even offer a no deposit bonus every now and again. Besides, you may test out a few other slots for free using the demo mode. 
Gaming on the Go
Ethereum betting sites and sportsbooks must include the possibility of gaming and depositing Ether on the go during a test. Both smartphones and tablets should be able to use the app. It is meant to make your gaming experience smoother and more straightforward, especially if you have wallets as an app on your phone.
Customer Support
There should always be the option of contacting a consultant if you have any issues about a payment method, security, or games of chance. Many online casinos, for example, provide the option of contacting a customer support agent immediately through the website’s live chat. The vast majority of providers also feature thorough FAQs. As a result, it is usually a good idea to check it first before contacting customer support.

Ethereum Casino Bonuses

Nowadays, almost all Ethereum online casinos offer various bonuses, lucrative special offers, and numerous promotions. Here are the top 3 you can use as a beginner: 

  • Casino Deposit-Related Bonuses This first group is all about deposit-related bonuses, which means that you get something extra if depositing some money into your account with the casino. For example, some ETH gambling platforms offer an up to 100% bonus on the first deposit and a 50% bonus on the second and the third.
  • Free Spins Sometimes, ETH casinos offer welcome packages, consisting of several free spins for certain games or slot machines. The other side of the coin is free bets. They are also known as a “no loss” promotion. Ethereum betting sites offering this kind of bonus allow placing a bet with no risk involved, and if a player loses it all, they get their stake back plus another bonus in return.
  • Casino Referral Programs Since many players like to tell their friends about some great gambling experiences, some casinos come with referral programs. Thus, you can invite your friends by sending them your unique referral link, and then you both get a certain percentage of every bet you make.

Things To Consider Before Trying Ethereum Gambling

When it comes to choosing the best Ethereum casino, there are various elements to consider, including some of the points we discuss in our Ethereum casino reviews.

While using ETH for a short period may be helpful, you may also desire the option of using other crypto or fiat currencies. Fortunately, the majority of the finest Ethereum betting and gambling sites accept a variety of coins, including Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, etc.

Supported Locations 
Due to legalities and individual casino restrictions, not every ETH gambling site will be available in your area. You may even be barred from accessing a particular platform. Thus, double-check the list of countries where a casino can be legally used.
The Ethereum casino reviews on this website are for well-known, trustworthy operators. Each has a recognized gaming license, and the majority will conduct genuine financial transactions in fiat currency, allowing you to use crypto as a means of trade. Always double-check licensing information at the bottom of a casino homepage or on the about page. The license of Curaçao is the most common in the eGaming industry, though some platforms may be based in Malta and even regulated in the United Kingdom.
Extra Currencies
While using ETH for a short period may be helpful, you may also desire the option of using other crypto or fiat currencies. Fortunately, the majority of the finest Ethereum betting and gambling sites accept a variety of coins, including Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, etc.
Several Ethereum casinos do not charge any fees at all. However, you will have to pay a small network charge, which applies to all crypto transactions and ensures a quick withdrawal. Other sites will charge a premium for exclusive access. You might wish to avoid it unless there are other perks, such as an excellent welcome bonus or a VIP program.
Speed of Deposits/Withdrawals
One advantage of cryptocurrency is the speed with which deposits and withdrawals may be made. While withdrawals take longer than deposits in fiat currencies, they rarely take more than a few hours. It is possible thanks to the nature of Blockchain technology that is the basis of most cryptocurrencies. Still, it is worth double-checking for any speed difficulties, such as being forced to withdraw in fiat.
Check out the minimum and maximum sums that can be withdrawn. Some casinos allow depositing without limitations while putting limits on withdrawals. Thus, the possible restrictions may include the $10 000 (or equivalent in crypto) weekly limit or even less. 

5 Benefits of Decent Ethereum Casinos

License, bonuses, premium customer service, absence of fees, and a chance to play on the go are great. But are these all enough to start playing ETH games? If you need some extra indicators of a trustworthy casino to get the best of Ethereum gambling, here are some more benefits to look for. 

This is a type of gaming reward, implying that players can get back a percentage of the rake (money spent on wagers or tournaments). On the best platforms, you can find an up to 15% Rakeback along with a top-notch Ethereum sportsbook.
VIP program
Premium ETH gambling platforms offer a variety of perks such as bonuses, promotions, free spins, or free bets. But on top of that, you can benefit from VIP and loyalty programs that will allow you to win big with smaller investments.
Two Factor Authentication
Remember about additional security measures to improve your gaming experience? 2FA is one of them. This tool will help you protect your identity, funds, and personal data from unauthorized access. 
Multilingual customer service
Crypto gamblers come from all over the world to enjoy gaming with ETH. So, the reputable crypto casinos pull out all the stops to create a multilingual environment that helps address all users’ problems regardless of the language they speak. 
Hundreds of crypto variations
You can deposit and withdraw your funds on the best ETH betting and gambling sites whenever you want, using up to 100 different cryptocurrencies. Although by far, not every crypto casino can boast such an extensive selection of accepted coins, the best platforms mentioned above offer at least 3-10 variations apart from ETH. 


Are There Any Country Restrictions?

The first and most crucial consideration while looking for the best Ethereum casino is whether or not you will be able to utilize it. If you are a customer from the United States or the UK, you may face difficulties selecting an appropriate option. Ethereum-accepting casinos can be assessed from most locations around the globe; just make sure your preferred option has no limitations for players from your region. Otherwise, check out some alternatives in the rating above. 

Is It Possible To Bet With Ethereum?

Yes, numerous betting sites and sportsbooks currently accept ETH and other cryptocurrencies for wagering. Some of these also accept fiat money. Due to the difficulty in recognizing the fiat value of ETH, even when playing with the crypto coin, your balance may be shown in dollars or another fiat currency. While laws vary, as long as online gambling is lawful in the jurisdiction where the casino is located, and cryptocurrency is legal in your jurisdiction, everything should be fine.

Is Ethereum Capable Of Making You Wealthy?

Few people become wealthy by playing with fiat currency, which is also true for Ethereum fans. Poker has the best odds of winning big if you are talented, but even then, only a tiny fraction of excellent players will succeed.

Similarly, Ethereum has earned and continues to generate good returns for investors, but it has not made the typical holder wealthy. Treat it all as a game, and never risk money you cannot afford to lose.

Is It Possible To Withdraw Ethereum?

Yes, most ETH casinos allow Ethereum withdrawals. It is kept in a wallet on the casino site while playing. Then, you just transmit it to another wallet you own to withdraw it. This may be subject to charges and restrictions. At some ETH gambling sites with a sportsbook, cashing out as a betting strategy during an in-play game is also possible.

Is It Possible For Ethereum to Hit $100,000?

Ethereum’s worth, according to some analysts, might reach $100,000 in the next few years. It does not rule out the possibility of using the finest Ethereum casino alternatives on our list to try to amass 100K in Ethereum on your own.

Are Casino Games Likely To Be Fair?

Fair casinos will most likely demonstrate how they utilize a cryptographic approach to ensure that neither the casino nor the player knows the game’s outcome until it begins. Then, once the game is complete, you can check if everything was fair. Fair games are probably a crucial component of ensuring that you are not defrauded out of your money.

What Is The Best Way To Transfer Ethers To The Mobile Casino?

A player must select Ethereum as their preferred deposit method in the mobile casino’s banking section. Once the casino has been selected, a player can link it to their wallet via a secure pass, thereby establishing a channel for ETH to be transferred to the casino at the user’s discretion. The direct link is completely safe and ensures that cash is transferred quickly.

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