Best Tether (USDT) Casinos in 2023

The group of casino estimators, ORDB, is at your service 24/7. We research, test, and pick the most secure and beneficial gambling options for those who appreciate casinos. And if you want to learn 100% about any casino type, lifehacks, and secrets — you have found the right hub of answers.
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Published: 2 Dec 2022Updated: 8 Jun 2023

ORDB Methodology to Pick the Best Tether Casino

Casino reviewing might sound like a dream job for an expert gambler with a lot to share. Nevertheless, casino estimation is rarely fun, and it demands neutrality and cold analysis. Thus, the ORDB team remains unbiased in providing clear and independent evaluation materials. And here is what we do to present systematized results for fellow gamblers:

Stage 1: General information gathering

Our first action is scanning what the superficiality shows. Of course, there is no room for conclusions now, as the journey only starts here. So, we note all facts every gambler may find without digging deep. For instance, we focus on the brand’s self-representation, website, bonus offers, software providers, etc. 

Stage 2: Focusing on reputation

Reputation is significant because it shows how self-representation corresponds to objective reality. Hence, the ORDB team analyzes all reviews from gamblers: happy, neutral, disappointed, and raged. Users’ thoughts are important, and we strive not to miss a comment. 

Stage 3: Legality details

This stage is more than merely scrolling through documents like Terms and Conditions. Here, our team answers the following questions: 

  • What is the casino’s registration number (and does it even have one)? 
  • What is the licensing authority that observes the casino’s work? 
  • Is the licensing authority diligent, or is it notorious for negligence? 
  • What are the restricted countries? 
  • Are there any scandals where the casino was the main antagonist? 

We provide answers to that and other questions that might prove a casino’s worthiness or dishonesty. Of course, many casinos, including Tether casinos, appear as scams after that analysis. As a rule, one out of thirteen Tether casinos deserves our attention further. 

Stage 4: Gameplay test

This part seems fun, but the practice is more laborious. We focus on all constituents of a good gaming product. So, we are attentive to controls, visuals, audio, and other product components. Moreover, ORDB tests various casino games in all sections, including unpopular ones. 

Stage 5: Provable fairness analysis

Unfortunately, Provably Fair games are not ubiquitous. A 100-game catalog will have from ten to twenty provably fair games. Rare excellent casinos, including Tether casinos, might have more tested titles. 

As a rule, casinos offer games that have undergone the RNG test. But there might also be blockchain technology that allows tracking the outcomes transparently. Either way, ORDB analyzes the results to pick only the best USDT casino. 

Stage 6: Transactions experiments

We highlight how it is significant to learn how the casino performs during transactions. Yet, the presented information might not be full. For instance, the casino might say that USDT withdrawals take an hour. ORDB team requests a withdrawal and fixes information about how long a gambler must wait to get their winnings. 

Of course, we must repeat multiple times to see the casino’s reaction. But we do not recommend doing that alone! Many casinos will not let you play even when you deposit! So, leave those risks to us. 

Stage 7: Customer support estimation

ORDB team reaches out to support via all communication channels, not only the live chat. Even when our tests show good results, we do not neglect to put the support under our trial. So, we will contact the managers regardless of what we have gathered. 

  • loyalty. You may expect better boosts solely because you like to use Tether for gambling. 

7 Tested Tether Casinos for Profitable Tether Gambling

Maybe, the goddesses of Fate and Fortune have already made you their favorite. Nevertheless, boosting your luck with practical and informed decisions brings more profits. ORDB recommends playing only at tested, trusted, and transparent USDT casinos. And here are ten USDT gambling options with valid licenses, good game assortments, and solid principles: 

4,9 Rank
Available in US


Winners 91 /100
Rate 96 /100
4,5 Rank
Available in US

1st deposit bonus up to $750

Winners 89 /100
Rate 86 /100
3,8 Rank
Available in US

280% slots bonus up to $14000

Winners 68 /100
Rate 66 /100
4,8 Rank
Not available in US


Winners 86 /100
Rate 81 /100
4,6 Rank
Not available in US

1st deposit 100% up to 1 BTC+ 180 FS

Winners 80 /100
Rate 77 /100
4,4 Rank
Not available in US

up to 5 BTC + 300 FS

Winners 67 /100
Rate 69 /100
4,2 Rank
Not available in US

100% up to 1 BTC + 100 FS

Winners 89 /100
Rate 68 /100

USDT Gambling – Everything about USDT/Tether/TRС20 

The Principle of Tether Operation

What is USDT? First thing first, let’s figure out what Tether is. Stablecoin Tether is one of the most popular digital coins on the market. It can be linked to different fiat currencies in the ratio 1:1. For example, to the euro ― EURT, to the dollar ― USDT, and also to the yuan ― CNHT. The coins are issued by Tether Limited, which provides all coins with Tether reserves. Therefore, this stablecoin is considered less risky than other tokens existing on the market.

Popular blockchain networks include USDT TRC20 which belongs to the Tron blockchain. The network system is characterized by increased reliability of use. All this makes it possible to instantly perform operations at a high transaction speed. 

Initially, TRON existed as a USDT stablecoin created on the basis of Ethereum. Relatively recently, in 2018, it moved to its own separate network. ERC20 token holders exchanged this currency for the TRX chain in a separate TRON network. A little later, tokens based on Ethereum fell into disuse. At the same time, it is still possible to create smart contracts during the transition. The cryptocurrency transaction fee is paid in TRX chain stablecoin.

As a result, USDT TRC20 remained the standard that is used for smart contracts as well as in TRC20 casinos. As for TRC10 and TRC721, the first is the basic standard for network tokens, and the second is the standard that is used when interacting with NFT.

ERC20 or TRC20 – Which Is Better?

In 2018, USDT tokens were issued in the Ethereum blockchain, according to the ERC20 standard. It was done to make using Tether in decentralized applications as well as in various smart contracts possible. The issue of tokens affected the acceleration of the transaction process since previously all transactions taking place on the bitcoin network were too slow and took plenty of time and effort from users.

In 2019, USDT tokens were issued according to the USDT TRC20 standard in the Tron blockchain network. This procedure had a positive impact on the ecosystem and allowed it to take an important step toward development. Tron is a popular network and has a lower network commission.

So what is the difference between ERC and TRC? Firstly, there is a difference in commission sizes – TRC has lower fees compared to ERC. Besides, the release protocols and the time of transactions differ. Thus, we see TRC as the cheapest and most profitable coin with the lowest fees on the market. Hence, TRC20 casinos are more beneficial for players. 

What is Polygon? 

Polygon is a scaling solution with several tools that increase speed and reduce the price and complexity of transactions. This is a second-level network, and it works as an additional layer to Ethereum, which does not change the original structure of the blockchain. Like a geometric polygon, the platform has many sides, shapes, and uses. The structure for building interconnected networks in the Polygon cryptocurrency is simpler than its analogs.

Tether Benefits for Gamblers

  • Minimized transaction fees Yes, Tether equals one dollar, but it is more lucrative to use for casino gambling. Fiat fees tend to gorge a significant part of the sent sum. Tether transactions, in turn, are almost free from that.
  • Transactions are matters of minutes Blockchain technologies allow supersonic transactions, while fiat operations might take several days.
  • Boosted security Cryptos always mean another solid layer of security.
  • Stability USDT has 20% reserves from the USD. Moreover, it maintains its value due to its binding to the reserves. Hence, there will be no jump(scares) if the market surprises even BTC goes down.
  • Better Tether bonuses and rewards Tether casinos have yet to become conventional gaming hubs. Hence, they are competing for a gambler’s attention

Advantages and Disadvantages of Using USDT in Crypto Casinos 

Advantages Disadvantages 
Is fully backed up by a reverse of real assets.Is centralized. 
Low volatility – USDT correlates to USD in the ratio of 1 to 1.US residents have no right to purchase USDT on the official Tether casino. 
The lowest commission fees on the market. 
Instant transactions. 

How to Deposit and Withdraw Tether 

The transfer of cryptocurrencies does not pose any difficulty for experienced users. Even though you have already figured out how to perform cryptocurrency payments and have gained some experience, there is still a danger of making a mistake during the deposits and withdrawals. 

You can lose money for several reasons. Once you make a mistake in writing the address, you won’t return the digital assets. The same applies to tags that you can simply forget to put down. Let’s figure out what needs to be done to avoid such negative moments.

  • choose the cryptocurrency that you are going to transfer;
  • open the address where the funds should be transferred to;
  • copy the address;
  • insert it into a special field in your wallet or on the exchange from where you transfer digital assets;
  • make sure that the receiving network matches the sending network;
  • then enter the required amount;
  • make sure that there are no errors in writing the address, also carefully read all the points, clarify the correctness of entering the amount;
  • if everything is in order, confirm the withdrawal of funds;
  • when sending coins from the exchange, you will need to go to your email and click on the confirmation link of the operation.

The coins and the wallet should belong to the same cryptocurrency, as well as to the same network. For example, you cannot transfer Ethereum to a Bitcoin wallet, and you cannot transfer TRC20 tokens to a wallet on the ERC20 network. If you do this, the coins will disappear and you will not return them. Many exchanges have a function that warns of this error and highlights an incorrectly specified address. So, check twice your wallet address before you withdraw your funds from your casino account.

Copy and paste the address, not rewrite it manually. This will protect you from mistakes when depositing at casinos. Still, even in this case, you can not diminish your attention. Carefully check whether the address has been inserted in a proper way when you confirm payment in an online casino.

Avoid phishing sites. There are fake exchanges where scammers embezzle user funds. Externally, such sites are almost impossible to distinguish from the real ones. Initially, make bookmarks on verified sites so as not to drive to their address every time. Then you will not have a chance to go to the fraudulent page. That’s why it is very important to play at licensed casinos that have proved themselves as reliable platforms. 

Finally, do not forget about the currency rate – it is easy to make a mistake. Despite USDT being backed up with USD, its price can change. Before you start a transaction at the casino, check first the current USDT rate. Some casinos even provide the table with stats.   

The Legality of USDT Gaming 

USDT is a legal currency, that’s why using it as a payment option is not forbidden unless the government of your country forbids it. Online Tether casinos are also legit and hold licenses issued in Curacao, Montenegro, the UK, etc. Still, there are some unlicensed casinos. We strongly recommend you avoid such platforms but the choice is always yours. In case you decide to try a USDT casino without a license, check out its terms and conditions, casino bonuses, restrictions, and so on.

Select Your Best Tether Casino Independently — A Guide from Pro Gamblers 

You might scan new Tether casinos or apps alone. We know how challenging that might be. So, ORDB presents a condensed plan for selecting casino apps when you are an independent explorer of the best USDT casinos.

  • Step 1: Find the license The license icon is likely to be at the bottom of the casino page. Still, the information about the trust seal might hide somewhere in the documents. If you cannot find it in the casino, be alert but still roam the Internet for information from the reviewers. Furthermore, be attentive to who has issued the license! Some authorities are notorious for pickiness and strictness, which is good for gamblers. The control from such specialists will guarantee fairness. Yet, many casino authorities neglect the disputes and conflicts between players and crypto casinos. And some authorities are uncheckable. So, the presence of a license is never a guarantee of fairness and accountable control of the casino.
  • Step 2: Evaluate the software It is way easier than it might sound. Check the list of casino game providers and analyze if they are diverse and have rich portfolios. Try to prioritize casinos collaborating with industry giants like NetEnt, NoLimitCity, and Yggdrasil. As a rule, providers of such levels create only provably fair games with unique designs.
  • Step 3: See if there are Tether transaction details First and foremost, the casino of your choice must accept crypto. More narrowly focused, it must work with USDT. And there must be information about how long a Tether gambler will have to wait for transaction completion. Usually, USDT deposits are instant, and withdrawals take up to an hour. Sometimes waiting for one business day to withdraw is acceptable too. But the USDT casinos should not irrationally delay your payouts!
  • Step 4: Scroll through the bonus section Even if there are not many Tether casino bonuses, there might be other nice options. For instance, a gambler might find good cashback opportunities, daily multipliers, FS, and VIP programs. Some gamblers prefer challenges with vaster rewards. Either way, do not neglect to check what the casino bonus section presents.
  • Step 5: Read the comments to check the reputation Suppose a Tether casino looks astonishing and meets all your most circumspect demands. Do not rush to hit the register button and submit your phone number for verification. Read what other gamblers say about this USDT gambling hub for half an hour. ORDB recommends checking: AskGamblers, Reddit, SiteJabber, Trustpilot.

Tether Casino Games – What You Can Play Using  USDT 

USDT gambling sites have a wide selection of Provably Fair games with a Random Number Generator. Furthermore, they collaborate with the best software providers like Playtech, Evolution Gaming, Red Tiger Games, and so on. You can try basic table games, poker, blackjack, baccarat, and more. Here are some casino games you can play with USDT.

Tether Slots
This is one of the most preferred casino games in all blockchain casinos. The variety of slots is dizzying. At Tether casinos, you can play USDT slots of all types – from the classic 3-reel slots to the latest 5-reel video slot games that differ in themes, perks, and paylines.
Tether Roulette
Another game that has conquered the hearts of gamblers, is Roulette. It is a casino game of chance that has a wheel as the main attribute. The wheel is divided into 37 numbered spaces (38 in American Roulette).
Tether Poker
Poker is a gripping game that requires some skills and knowledge besides sheer luck. Still, it remains one of the most demanded games in the best USDT casinos. This game consists of several betting rounds where gamblers are dealt new cards. The winner is determined by the best card combination.
Tether Blackjack
This game also involves interaction with the casino dealer – players attempt to get closer to 21 than the dealer and meanwhile not go over it. The player can either accept or refuse the card but the overall amount of cards one player can have is 2.
Tether Dice
Finally, Dice. This game requires at least two participants and no special skills. Here you need to choose the number of dice you want to roll. Roll them and add up the numbers shown on the top. Players choose the bet and place chips on the board corresponding to these numbers. The dealer spins the wheel and waits for the ball to fall into one of the pockets.

Tether Casino Bonuses to Add or Ignore 

Remember that Tether casinos are new to the industry, even though they have been operating for some years. So, gamblers may anticipate amazing promo offers with minimum obligations. And let us clarify what casino bonuses to prioritize and which are the red flags.

Profitable promos 

The welcome bonus
As a rule, Tether gambling brands give gamblers more than 100% of their deposits. Some rare Tether casinos might even give players 200% and more. In addition, there might be free spins in a bundle. We encourage you to check the minimum withdrawals set for the bonus before confirming the USDT withdrawal.
FS days
Some crypto casinos give players packs of FS for minimum deposits on business days. Wagering for such bonuses tends to be minimal.
Cashback for Tether and other currencies
Cashback (as well as Rakeback at some Tether casinos) is the most trouble-free bonus that allows you to get your cash back keeping your Tether wallet fuller. This bonus should never demand to wager, but there might be some timing restrictions.
Game promotions from reputable providers
When well-esteemed providers issue a new game, there will be a promo. As a rule, those are FS for specific video slots. Such casino events have long timing limits, and you will not have to rush to play if you are not in the mood. Moreover, wagering for such bonuses is usually X30, which is not the lowest but not terrible.
Social bonuses
The bonus should give you free perks in a small amount, but that bonus should not require wagering and other actions. For instance, that might be a refer-a-friend gift that gives you 30 FS for recommending the casino
Some challenges and tournaments
The best Tether gambling sites come up with doable rules for such casino events. But ORDB recommends learning all rules before entering the battle for vast rewards. No tournament is identical!

Red flags to avoid

High wagering promotions
Having an X30–50 requirement is unpleasant, but it is tolerable. But when the casino hangs X70 on you as a burden, think thrice before claiming the bonus.
Bonuses with tight deadlines
The welcome bonus should be valid for several weeks, up to one month. If the welcome bonus with X50 wagering is valid for one week, that is not the best option for your Tether wallet.
Confusingly “trouble-free” promotions
If the offer has minimum demands and bestows you X10 Tethers your deposits, that might be a scam. Such sites usually block you instantly after a transaction.

Consider This Before Registering in Tether Casinos

  • Country restrictions Do not bypass restrictions if the USDT casinos do not function in your country. There might be many inconveniences, from bonus deactivation to legal issues!
  • How the bonuses work after deposits Sometimes bonuses do not activate if you deposit with some payment tools. As a rule, Neteller and Skrill depositors encounter that problem. But the casino might malfunction when you deposit with crypto as well.
  • Your anonymity extent Gamblers always have the right to determine their anonymity extent. Tether casinos should not be demanding your personal information!
  • Security features A Tether casino must have an office with a facility that stores sensitive information. Moreover, the site must guarantee that there are no onlookers from third parties. But note that the service provider is the third party that might get your data because they must guarantee you can use the casino.
  • Depositing/withdrawing speeds and conditions Scan the section that explains if you can deposit/withdraw with Tether and how much time that takes.
  • VIP programs Tether casinos may offer comprehensive memberships that will boost your sessions constantly. But ORDB recommends becoming a VIP after some time when you have already gotten used to the casino and plan to stick to it.

 10 Components of a Good Tether Gambling Hub 

  • A valid license from a checkable authority;
  • Undemanding registration with rational information requirements;
  • A well-systematized bonus section with adequate rewards;
  • Tether-focused promotions, or an opportunity to get the equivalent in Tether;
  • Instant or fast deposits and withdrawals;
  • Constant support via numerous communication channels (chat plus email and phone);
  • Posted documentation with clear explanations of the terms and conditions;
  • Crystalline policies with a reader-friendly design;
  • Balanced feedback with an incline to positivity (a Tether casino cannot be a favorite for everyone! So be alert when there are 100% positive comments but negative professional reviews);
  • Systemic updates of the gambling portfolio.


What is USDT?

USDT or Tether is one of the most popular digital coins on the market fully backed up by a reverse of real assets of USD.

How to win in Tether casinos?

Unfortunately, there is no versatile answer to that question. All casino games have their rules, controls, and variations. We recommend being attentive to all principles of casino games until you become a pro at them. But note that even experienced gamblers cannot win more than five times in a row.

Is playing at Tether casinos legit?

It 100% is legit if your country allows casino entertainment. A Tether casino must undergo long verification and many tests before entering the business field. Many gambling brands operate under supervision and can prove their legality.

Should I play at the new Tether casinos?

The new Tether casino might have already passed all tests. If that is the case, you may play with certainty about your safety and game fairness. But if the casino has yet to obtain a license and prove its accountability, we recommend delaying playing there.

Do Tether casinos have many games?

Some crypto casinos have immense gambling assortments. For instance, there are industry colossuses that have thousands of casino games. The most diversified sections tend to be the USDT slots. But there are also mid-sized and small gambling centers that have a couple of hundreds of casino games. So, that depends on the scale of each gaming hub, not on the Tether casino options.

What are the best bonuses for Tether gamblers?

ORDB recommends claiming cashback whenever possible. There might also be smart free spins offers and bearable welcome bonuses provided by the casino. Also, do not miss tournaments if you like a bit of competitiveness in your routine.

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