VPN for Gambling: How to Use This Solution Safely and Rewardingly

by Ed Miller
11 Sep 2023

Ed had dived into the cryptocurrency market before everyone got on the bandwagon. Therefore, his blockchain & crypto expertise can boast of both retrospective and prospective analyses, as well as their level-headed and well-targeted peer reviews. Ed has long realized that the online crypto gambling market would soon evolve into another investment sector for those willing to not only have some fun playing but to scale up crypto assets, too. He did online gambling market research, tested tens of crypto casinos, got a fix on trends and target users’ feedback, and is ready with his insights and recommendations on how to combine crypto business with gambling pleasure.

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VPN for Gambling

Can I use VPN to gamble online? You sure can, but there are ma-a-any things to pinpoint, digest, and consider. Using a VPN for sports betting/casino gambling can be beneficial only in some aspects, while other factors can deteriorate your experience. I will guide you through VPN gambling so that you can guarantee your session is rewarding, and you stay safe! 

What a VPN for Gambling actually is

Alright, most users know that VPNs are virtual private networks that create secure connections and all that. Most users interpret VPN as a tool to bypass geographical restrictions; some people use it for enhanced security and other reasons.

A VPN for gambling is like any other regular tool of this kind. It extends your access to websites that might not be available in your country, but it also helps with data protection, digital fingerprint minimization, and anonymity. 

Why get a VPN gambling solution? 

Getting a VPN for gambling means: 

  • Boosted privacy: Your IP address and location will be “hidden” with alternative information, and that will prevent advertisers or services from collecting your data (at least some of it). 
  • Fewer geographical bans: Geo-restrictions often block really good casinos, and players cannot access the top games for real money. That might happen even if your country regulates gambling and allows such activities. A VPN solves this issue with most casinos, except for rare cases like mBit (review), which have the nastiest country restrictions. 
  • Governmental restrictions minimization: If you are from a country prohibiting gambling, you can still access rewarding gambling games using international VPN-friendly websites. Still, please read further for more explanation. 
  • Secure Wi-Fi (especially when it is a public Wi-Fi): Public Internet is often weak when it comes to security, and crackers or hackers can easily steal your data. Moreover, paid ads and trackers can gather information about you, and your geo position is among the most important facts they seek. Given that you gamble, you do not only wager money but also stake your banking information and other details. Having a VPN in your arsenal will minimize these risks. 
  • Better anonymity: Remaining incognito with a VPN for gambling is easier, although not entirely guaranteed. Some situations still might reveal information about you. For instance, that can happen if you use a free VPN for sports betting and gambling and the app lags, showing your details, or merely creates an illusion of data protection. Nevertheless, there should be no problems like that with legitimate service providers.
  • No ISP throttling: Internet service providers (abbreviated: ISPs) might limit your bandwidth for gambling activities. In the simplest terms, an online gambling VPN helps you bypass a restriction, stabilizing your speed. 

But what are the dangers and drawbacks? 

Such solutions for casino and sportsbook activities can be problematic in many ways. Some are more severe than others, but a rational gambler never wants to deal with any of them, which are…

Some regions ban this entertainment entirely, and you might face repercussions, including fines or imprisonment. 


? An example! One of the strictest countries regarding that is China, not having legalized gambling since 1949 when the Communist Party took power. Nevertheless, even there, people find their way to place bets and play casino games. According to Reuters, Internet traffic routed through VPNs lets bettors from the Mainland access such websites, and their annual amount bet through online gambling in 2019 was $145 billion (over a trillion Yuan). 

Still, even the best VPN for online gambling might not help when traveling to countries/states with strict gambling prohibitions. For instance, in China, you might end up in prison, and the fixed-term imprisonment is 1-3 years. You will get fined, too. 


Here are the best countries for convenient and safe gambling against the worse/worst options: 

Gambling is legal ✅Gambling is illegal/strictly regulated ❌
Australia allows foreign and off-shore gambling websites.Brazil — same as Australia.Most European countries allow casinos audited by local regulators.The UK allows casinos/sportsbooks licensed by UKGC.The US (some states) allows casinos/sportsbooks audited by local regulators.Ukraine — Gambling has been legal since 2020. Some African countries allow gambling 100%. Islamic countries (United Arab Emirates, Brunei, Qatar, etc.) — Gambling is considered a crime.Singapore — Most casino entertainment types are banned. Poland — Gambling is permitted, but there is a monopoly.Indonesia — Gambling is considered unsafe “negative” content.Russia — Gambling is legal only in some regions. China — Just no (3 years of prison). North Korea — No comments. 

I do not recommend trying to outsmart the law, even if you are in another country temporarily. 

⚡ Breach of casino T&Cs 

Many online gambling websites have not become VPN-friendly since KYC policies are still important. A-a-and a casino might just not want to allow VPNs to prevent fraudulent activities. 

Whatever the case, your account can be suspended if a casino with no VPN Terms and Conditions detects your activity. That often leads to confiscating winnings and deactivating all your bonuses (and your account as well). Some rare cases can lead to investigation and legal consequences, too. 

The best VPN-friendly online casino in 2024 is MetaSpins — check our MetasPins review here

⚡ Impossible to verify your account 

Confusing the data often results in problems with account verification. If a casino is legit, it will not be detrimental, but you can get frustrated because your winnings will be delayed. In my gambling experience with VPNs, big gambling websites deal with this, but you most often must switch IP rotators or the whole program off when it is a smaller gambling brand. 

⚡ Incompatibility

Even legit casino and betting apps may lag when you attempt to bypass restrictions with extra tools. In my gambling history, even really good sites like 7Bit take eons to load and may not let you play particular games if you use VPNs, especially if your server is far from you. 

⚡ Insufficient support from gambling VPN service providers 

Facing technical problems using your casino or sports betting VPN, you may discover that your service provider’s support is not knowledgeable enough to resolve your problem. That can result in delayed solutions or leaving you without an answer overall. 

⚡ Still no foolproof protection 

No virtual private network will save you when you neglect the basics like strong passwords and not telling your details to third parties. Remember that proxies and VPN solutions are additional tools, and you must still keep your device “clean” from malware and ensure your data is secure to the maximum, even without extra apps.

⚡ Slow connection 

Given that your traffic is routed and encrypted through (most often) remote servers, you can notice that your Internet speeds drop. Depending on how close your server is, you might have minor problems with speed or get disconnected occasionally. The latter can be terrible when you play casino games with an emphasis on timing (for instance, jackpot slots or live dealer games). 

⚡ Withdrawal problems (due to geolocation)

Some payment and withdrawal methods might not be available in a specific region. Even if you install an app that lets you mask your IP, receiving winnings can be a challenge you cannot possibly handle because the authorities will “see” that you’ve got money from an unidentified source eventually. The sole solution here is using cryptocurrency as a payment method — here are the top casinos by accepted coins ORDB has reviewed. 

VPN for Online Gambling in Single-Player

Playing online casino games against a computer/RNG should not be inconvenient, especially when playing casino games for free. In that case, you only boost your security measures and ensure that hackers will have a tougher time cracking your account. 

Playing for real money with a VPN is more dangerous because you must stay connected during the whole session. Losing speed means losing money because you can lag or even disconnect from a casino, erasing your progress. 

VPN for Online Gambling in Live Games

Live dealer casino games are not the best pick when you want to use a VPN to gamble online. First, you will most likely have delays, which can lead to poor-quality video streams. Another major problem is, of course, disconnection, and that can stop you from placing a critical bet. Some other problems include technical issues (lags and frozen screens), problems with keeping your records, and limited access to region-specific tables. 

VPN for Sports Betting ⚽

Using a VPN for sports betting is the worst idea in my experience. Experiencing lags or dealing with unresponsive pages is the worst when you must place an immediate bet, especially when it is a big event. Frustration is 5% of what I usually feel when placing live sports bets with such tools. Plus, bonus abuse control and detection are stricter when it comes to sportsbooks. 

Another irritating thing is the varying odds. Given that a server can make you appear as if you are from another country, you will have to deal with inconsistencies in odds, which may often result in smaller winnings. 

How to Ensure a VPN Does Not Disrupt Your Gambling Experience?

After over 400 tests of casinos using virtual private networks, I have developed a strategy for using these solutions. So, here is what my team and I usually do when we access online casinos with additional IP masking tools. 

Nothing will work properly if your country/state prohibits casino and sports betting entertainment. It is better NEVER to risk your information and legal status to play. Using IP changing and rotation solutions in regions that ban certain entertainment types can be harmful and lead to legal problems. I emphasize: PLEASE DO NOT RISK IT. Check your local law to be 1000% sure you can gamble safely. 

Choosing the top server provider 

Pick a legitimate service provider:
Use solutions from developers who have been in the market for a long time and have a transparent business history. I will not recommend a particular solution, though — that is up to you. 
Prioritize VPNs with strong security features:
My #1 priority when choosing a server is if it has things like a Kill Switch (kill switches are Internet traffic blockers that close you from the web automatically when your speed drops critically, saving you from accidental data exposure). Other things I like in a VPN are malicious website blocking features, ad blocks, and tracking protection.
Find a solution with fast tunneling protocols:
Advanced tunneling protocols are must-haves because virtual private networks often slow you down a lot. Faster tunneling = better speeds. 
No logs = no problems:
Check your solution’s terms and conditions to see if this VPN for gambling has a “no log” policy. That is 10/10 for anonymity and privacy. 

Choose a server that is close to your location 

Data always travels and will take longer if your server is remote. Suppose you are in France and want some extra security for your session. Picking a server somewhere in Japan or the US would be the worst idea. A smarter option is to choose a Swiss or Spanish server because they are close to France. Of course, you may also go for servers in nearby cities; for instance, you get a Parisian IP while staying in Bordeaux. That will work perfectly fine, and you will enjoy consistent speeds while having your data 100% protected.

Connect to a server that is not overloaded 

This one is easy: merely pick an option that is not being used by too many users. Check the load to ensure you can achieve consistent speeds. I sometimes test 3-5 servers before choosing one. 

Test several protocols 

Definition time: A protocol is instructions between your chosen VPN application (mobile or desktop) and servers with their own set of rules for protecting your information. As a rule, in my experience, better speeds always mean that the security component will be worse, but that still suffices when you have protected accounts with good passwords and 2FA

Enable split tunneling (if that is possible) 

Before getting to gambling, check if you can split how your data travels. Split tunneling means that you will only send a part of your data to a VPN server while some unencrypted information still goes through your Internet connection. 

That can be helpful in many cases; for instance, while streaming, you can send your casino traffic through the VPN tunnel but let the streaming traffic remain unrouted so that it does not burden your bandwidth. 

Close all apps you do not need right now 

Many apps start themselves automatically when you connect your device to the Internet. Those can be running in the background, like Skype, Discord, Steam, etc., eating up your device’s resources. Just close them for the time you enjoy casino games or betting, and your speed can get better. 

Restart your Wi-Fi/Internet after switching VPN on 

Sometimes, the easiest solution is the best one. Whenever you are ready to gamble and set your IP masking tool to work, take those 30 seconds to restart the Internet. That can potentially enhance your speeds and ensure lower latency, giving you a reliable connection. 

Free VPN for Online Gambling: Is It a Good Idea?

Getting a free VPN for online gambling only sounds like a good idea, but practice shows different results. 

Free servers are “crowded” and usually have the worst speeds — and that is the best you can expect from them. It worsens when you realize the server does not practically help your data protection and anonymity. Moreover, $0 solutions tend to offer the bare minimum in features, meaning you cannot use kill switches, performance testers, and other tools necessary for a guaranteed good experience. 

Final Words

So, can you use a VPN to gamble online safely? Yes. Nevertheless, casino and betting entertainment must be legal in your country, and bypassing restrictions or ignoring the law is never a good idea. 

A gambler’s priority is to use virtual private networks smartly and carefully to guarantee gambling success and only enhance their security measures. Remember that drawbacks can happen anytime; go for a VPN provider that guarantees helpful support. 

May your next gambling session be rewarding, safe, and enjoyable! Best of luck! 

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