David Patterson

Being seasoned in computer science and having surfed the entire software development stack, David has something to say about how it all works. He’s also well aware of the gambling industry's best practices for turning client-customer concepts into workable models. Additionally, David's zest for cryptos makes him precisely that guy whose comprehensive expertise can save you from unnecessary (and costly!) mistakes.
Core competencies & Expertise:
Information Gathering
Data Analysis & Statistics
Technology Standards & Procedures
Quality Assurance
Systematic Thinking
Hardware Architecture
Process Reengineering Techniques
Software Architecture
Analysis of Alternatives (cost/benefit)
Technical Writing
Social Implications of Technology
Technology Evaluation & Selection
Risk Management
User Orientation

Until you’re unaware of how things work, you’ll rely on chance, circumstances, or blame something else for your failures. However, I do have expertise in software development and did take part in versatile business development processes. Hence, I can help you rely on your own knowledge rather than mere luck. And ORDB encompasses brainiacs and smart-asses, doesn’t it? So, I’m in the right place.

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