Shiba Eternity NFT Game Review

by David Patterson
15 Sep 2023

Being seasoned in computer science and having surfed the entire software development stack, David has something to say about how it all works. He’s also well aware of the gambling industry's best practices for turning client-customer concepts into workable models. Additionally, David's zest for cryptos makes him precisely that guy whose comprehensive expertise can save you from unnecessary (and costly!) mistakes.

Shiba Eternity game cover 
Discover the new NFT game from the Shiba gaming world! 

NFT games are gaining more and more popularity and gradually filling the gaming market. Ultimately, no one will ever mind enjoying the gameplay and getting an NFT out of thin air! 

Today, I will tell you about a new mobile card game that uses the Shiba Inu token. We will break down its history, graphics, features, and more. Get ready to dive into the updated world of Shiba Inu gaming!


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Game Overview

Game logo 
Cute doggie with two katanas on the background of the dojo

Let’s first figure out what kind of game it is. Looking ahead, I want to say that many mobile players are already enjoying its release. What made them so interested?

Players interested in NFT and mobile gaming had high expectations from this game, largely because true professionals worked on it. In 2021, it was announced as a trading card game by Shiba Inu Games or SHIB. Just in November 2021, this team was at the peak of its popularity. SHIB has skyrocketed in price and reached an all-time high, and the market capitalization of the project exceeded $40 billion.

And that is not all the developers decided to please the waiting players with. The team also recruited William Volk, a gaming industry veteran with over 25 years of experience in similar companies. He had a hand in creating successful projects like The Return to Zork, The Dark Eye, and Activision Anthology and participated in the Shiba Eternity project as a game consultant. No wonder knowledgeable gamers had high expectations for this Shiba crypto game right after it was announced. 

The game became available to players in September 2022, and the players were more than satisfied with the results. If you ask me, I would call this an achievement, given that the token’s price has significantly decreased by this point during the year of game development. Despite this, there are many more positive reviews than negative ones. In about a year of being on Google Play, it received a rating of 4.6, which shows us that the fall in the token’s price had almost no effect on the project’s success.

Graphics and Visuals

Game menu with the player's dog
Perfectly demonstrates the combination of 2D and 3D design

Animation in this product of Shiba Inu gaming is something you can talk about for hours. And at the same time, you will not even understand what exactly you were talking about during this whole hour! It uses 2D and 3D animation elements depending on the mode. If you follow the story and read the dialogue (yes, there is a story here), you will see the characters in 2D style. If you customize your doggie, you will see 3D animation and design. 

I would like to ask you to recall other games (especially mobile ones) with such design combinations. I am sure that in most cases, it was not done in the best way; it looked inharmonious and interfered with the atmosphere. Especially when it comes to play-to-earn crypto games, they often disappoint with the quality of their graphics, whether this game is on a PC or mobile device. I did not find such problems in this Shiba Inu token game. Moreover, I tried to find flaws, but it was impossible to find something completely missing. The animation is smooth, there are no lags (although I tested the game on a rather weak smartphone), and the color scheme creates a complete picture. 

The atmosphere of this game is somewhat reminiscent of Genshin Impact, namely the Komore tea house in the Inazuma region. It has a similar atmosphere and color scheme and also features a Shiba Inu named Taromaru dressed up in Japanese style. In addition, this Shiba crypto game can also customize your dog in a samurai style!

It is especially interesting to observe the process of the card game itself. Yes, just watch because, in this card arena, you will see an incredibly high-quality fusion of 2D and 3D. The background (table, details, doggies that symbolize the players) is made in 3D style. But the cards themselves, perks, and animations of the emotions of your dogs from winning or losing are made in 2D style. And despite such a contrast, it still looks harmonious and immerses you in the game. In short, the animation is something I cannot complain about in this Shiba Inu cryptocurrency game. 

Gameplay Mechanics

The fight process in the game
You can see the cards and features that the player uses

One of the most interesting moments is that this game is available not only for owners of the Shiba token. Shiba Eternity is free-to-play (F2P) and can be played without investing money. I think this helped the game get more players at a time when the cryptocurrency fell in price. However, success is a success!

Each new player gets a starter deck and starts some kind of storyline. In the first stage, you will get acquainted with the doggie Ryoshi, who will keep you updated and help you navigate the game. It is quite an interesting solution that combines learning with getting to know a fairly well-developed new gaming world. This trick is used in many games but does not make its quality less, as it always works well.

The characters of Shiba Eternity are called Shiboshi. Each Shiboshi has six basic characteristics and can be trained in various martial arts. 

As characters develop, they acquire passive and special abilities. This Shiba Inu NFT game features a collection of 10,000 Shiboshi you can collect. Moreover, you can dress up your Shiboshi and thus improve them! Not only do your doggies get stronger, but they also become a hundred times cuter. 

In general, the gameplay is somewhat reminiscent of the well-known Hearthstone or Gwent in The Witcher 3. In principle, the Shiba Eternity gaming process can even be compared with the arcade game Sacred Call of the Seven in Genshin Impact. 

What do all these games have in common? Namely, you must correctly build your deck from the collected cards and use its perks against the enemy. This game can be relaxing, but you still need to use your brain in it. 

You must use different tactics to win; the enemy will be stronger in each new round. From this, the gameplay becomes more interesting and encourages players to collect more unique cards that will help them move to new levels. I cannot call this gameplay unique, but it has always been popular and had its fans. The gaming history shows that it does not become obsolete and only increases the number of interested players. 

Features and Rewards

Reward Chest
Getting new cards in the game is crucial for progress

Today, no mobile game can do without good rewards and interesting features. These are some of the main elements of mobile games that help players not to lose interest in the product. Let’s see what is in this Shiba Inu gaming product! 

Earning rewards

The reward system here is simple and, at the same time, able to attract players’ attention. We know you must collect new cards to increase your advantage against opponents. These new cards also represent rewards that you can receive for certain achievements. That is a good solution since getting just in-game currency for your achievements is often boring and leads to losing interest. 

Getting new cards encourages players to play more, as they are always curious about which new card they will get. You also earn XP points and Kibble to upgrade your Shiboshis. Some rewards are associated with the Shib cryptocurrency; however, you can play easily without them. This game is free to play, after all. However, it is an apt and unobtrusive element of NFT gaming.

Challenging gameplay

The idea of the gameplay is found in many online card games. Nevertheless, I will repeat that it has been popular for many years and will not lose fans soon. You can choose both AI and a live player as an opponent. The Shiba Inu token game allows you to challenge both your friends and random players who are online with you. However, to climb the Shiba rating and become a Dogjo Master, you must fight against AI. That is the only way to prove that you use tactics correctly and learn to play better because each new challenge will be a little more difficult than the previous one. The higher your rank, the stronger your opponents become and the better rewards you recieve. 

Interestingly, in this NFT game, players can also “join guilds.” That is something closer to innovation since this is not common (mostly because card games often act as arcade entertainment for full-fledged games). Such guilds are called Shiba Clans, communities of players with similar goals and interests. 

Expansive card collection

A great move is to create your ideal deck that will bring you victory. After you get your beginner deck, you must constantly improve it and choose those cards that will be most useful to you in battle. And the number of desks cannot fail to impress, as you will see more than 500 unique cards with special features here! You can build your deck based on six different disciplines, namely: 

  • Chewjitsu
  • Taikwondoje
  • Ryo Chi
  • Bite Thai
  • Woof Chun
  • Shyjitsu

New cards can be obtained by winning battles or opening chests with mysterious surprises. By the way, this brings an element of randomness into the game since you do not know which card is in the chest, which gives a feeling of anticipation. 

The difficulty level

This Shiba crypto game is simple as it is easy to navigate during the battle. You can quickly understand how to make a move, how to skip it, and so on. However, if you downloaded this game to win, you should not skip the training mode. Little Ryoshi will explain to you the abilities of the cards and in which cases you should use them during the training battle. That is not just a stupid throwing of cards at the opponent, but the correct application of strategy and the ability to calculate the opponent’s next move. 

Of course, it will be possible to figure it out independently, but I think it is better to enter such games with an understanding of what needs to be done. Luckily, if you miss the tutorial and cannot figure it out, you can visit the game’s official website and open the Player’s Guide there. That is a great decision from the developers, as players can sometimes skip the tutorial by accident or get distracted by something missing an important moment. 

Development and Updates

A cute doggie with a katana carries a game guide
Official website of the game

This game had the same pre-release path as most other play-to-earn NFT games. Before releasing the final product, PlaySide Studios took it through development stages such as prototyping, alpha testing, and gameplay improvements. 

Since this Shiba Inu cryptocurrency game is very young, it will naturally be updated often. Given that the game developers are experienced and have a real guru as a game consultant, they will not ignore their players’ wishes. For example, the last update was 1.1.7 (April 2024) and carried a new messaging system, bug fixes, performance, and memory optimization. It is not much, but it is honest work. 

In addition, quite large-scale improvements have already been made, so now it remains only to correct minor errors. The developers have released several updates that improved the gameplay. For example, patch 1.2.1 added two major changes:

  • Stat Cards and the new login rewards feature
  • Attribute cards that did not save in decks have been updated to be usable

A feature that allows players to receive login rewards during promotions has also been added. I won’t be surprised if, in about 6 months, the game can please the players with special events with unique rewards that will be one-time or tied to a specific date.

The developers of this Shiba Inu token game said they always listen to their fans’ opinions and try to improve it following their desires. Now, new patches are rarely released, but to be fair, this may depend on player feedback. In Google Play it has an incredible amount of reviews marked with 5 stars and only a few reviews from players who rated the game lower. Such many positive reviews indicate that, in principle, nothing needs to be changed ASAP. 

The developers still created a special game website where you can find all its information. Perhaps, thanks to this, they will be able to draw out of the players what kind of innovations they want to see in their favorite game. They are also active on social media, where users can discuss the game and share their opinions.

Pros and Cons ➕➖

Screenshot from the game
Ryoshi will explain everything 

If we talk about the pros, then this Shiba Inu token game entered the world of mobile games very successfully. It has an interesting reward system, excellent and truly unique design, and storytelling. The gameplay could be called ordinary if not for the collection of cards, which makes the game much more interesting and draws you into the gaming process. It is truly high quality, not only because it seems so to me but because the fans confirm it. 

However, new projects always have something to improve. Some players have complained about:

Unfair balance of maps and disciplines
Issues with adjusting decks and saving changes
Errors in calculating strength and attack
Game freeze or connection loss.

Most of the problems have been fixed with previous patches. However, the most significant problem is that the desire to draw attention to the cryptocurrency did not go exactly as the SHIB team would like. Yes, they succeeded in attracting attention to the currency but failed to increase the number of cryptocurrency holders. People paid more attention specifically to the meme than to the cryptocurrency because the game does not require you to use it in the game (it is optional). Therefore, the game turned out to be excellent, but it was only half successful as an advertising of a crypto project. 


This Shiba Inu cryptocurrency game will interest those who love interactive card games. Even though this is a card game, the gameplay is not monotonous, and it is interesting to explore it. As for NFT, the game is far from the last place in the Shiba NFT marketplace, but not the first. Owners of this crypto coin will be pleased to take part in the game in which they have the opportunity to replenish their collection. But way more players do not use crypto/NFTs and just play for fun. 

Although the product attracts attention and is already of sufficient quality, I think it will continue to develop. I bet that in the future, we will see many innovations that make the gameplay even more interesting and expand the possibilities of NFT players. I hope this information was useful for you and helped you understand if this NFT game is right for you. Best of luck!

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