Battle of Guardians Crypto Game: The WORST NFT Fighting?

by Ed Miller
26 Jul 2023

Ed had dived into the cryptocurrency market before everyone got on the bandwagon. Therefore, his blockchain & crypto expertise can boast of both retrospective and prospective analyses, as well as their level-headed and well-targeted peer reviews. Ed has long realized that the online crypto gambling market would soon evolve into another investment sector for those willing to not only have some fun playing but to scale up crypto assets, too. He did online gambling market research, tested tens of crypto casinos, got a fix on trends and target users’ feedback, and is ready with his insights and recommendations on how to combine crypto business with gambling pleasure.

A playable character from the game
Battle of Guardians Crypto Game: The WORST NFT Fighting?

NFT games are a seemingly easy way to make money while you enjoy your favorite hobby. Nevertheless, not all NFT games today are good, and playing some can be a barely enjoyable experience. 

Long story short: I tested the Battle of Guardians gaming product, so you do not have to. What place does it have among the other play-to-earn crypto games? Let’s see…

Overview of Battle of Guardians

Game's characters and the logo
Official art

The Battle of Guardians review starts right now! The NFT game’s whitepaper gave me much hope, and my tests revealed rather interesting features of this title. But first, let’s dive into an overview. 

The genre 

Battle of Guardians (BTW, created with the power of Solana) is the best fighting game in the crypto and NFT gaming plane since this is the FIRST legit product of this genre in this space. So, NFT enthusiasts who appreciate legends like Tekken, Mortal Kombat, Injustice, and Street Fighter seem to get the top play-to-earn PVP fighting in real time. 

It is also great that the NFT gaming industry explores new genres and creates more diverse offers. 

Storyline time 

One of the playable characters who looks like a humanoid lion
A portrait of Kinga, one of the playable characters 

According to its lore, the world was inhabited by people and those Guardians who were much more powerful than an average person. Guardians’ supernatural strength, legendary magic, and unbeatable durability made them gods in the eyes of regular folk. Still, technological revolutions and industrial advancement gave people what they used to need from the Guardians. 

The Guardians disappeared after humanity adapted to the new, more technological world order. Their protection was not needed anymore. Until…

People needed a new energy source and opened the gate to Hell (DOOM moment). Entities and creatures of the underworld unleashed terror and claimed lives, and the Guardians raised their weapons to protect humanity. 


Of all blockchain games, this is the only multichain AI-powered fighting game that has fights ONLY and no other activities. Like in Injustice, you pick a character, wait for your opponent, and then fight twice or thrice until one of you wins. 

Several combinations let you hit faster, use special moves, etc. You can see them and practice in the training room. Please note that you cannot use some attacks until upgrading your character by merging NFTs (I will elucidate this later). 

Regarding characters 

The Guardians NFT game has various playable characters serving as non-fungible tokens. Three races are: 

  • Guardians (best for DPS): Most powerful and well-trained, these battle-born protectors have high-damaging attacks, average health, and average intellect. 
  • Humans: Physically weaker, people of this universe are the smartest creatures, and their intelligence surpasses everyone else.
  • Demons: The beasts of the underworld and bloodthirsty vagabonds of Hell will not knock you out instantly since their damage is average; they are not the brightest regarding intellect, too. Still, they have more life force (HP) than anyone else. 

And also there are three tiers: 

Those characters have minimum skills and get low rewards for each play & earn round. 
These are more advanced ones with some special skills. They get average rewards for play & earn battles. 
God of War:
The top-tier picks are such characters with all skills and special moves unlocked. Only they can use the ultra skill. Their rewards for all play & earn sessions are the best. 

I must say that Battle of Guardians is one of those play-to-earn crypto games that only allow PVP battles between players of the same tier. So, you will not encounter someone much stronger or weaker than you, and all rounds remain competitive and make you rely on your skills only. 

And you can enter three game modes: 

The Guardians NFT game has a single-player that puts you into fights against AI demons. The stages get increasingly more challenging; in my experience, there is nothing too hard about them, especially if you have played at least one fighting game recently. As you proceed and encounter stronger entities, your rewards grow. You get those rewards in $FP. 
PVP matches on the Arena:
Entering the Arena, you match with a random person of your tier. Their chosen race can be anything, and you may choose any character from your collection. Like with the storyline mode, winning gets you rewards in $FP. 
Bout PVP:
That is the tournament mode you can only enter by paying $FP. The winner gets ALL those entrance fees, prizes, and additional $BGS coins. 

What Are $FP and $BGS? 

Many play-to-earn crypto games have two and more currencies where one is more valuable than another. FP and BGS are the two currencies that let you do… stuff. In brief: 

  • BGS is the more valuable cryptocurrency you can earn, stake, and use to buy other characters. This one’s main purpose is governance. 
  • FP is the lesser in-game currency that lets you purchase and merge your characters to strengthen them (aka synthesizing NFTs). It also lets you pay the tournament entrance fee. 

So, these coins are necessary for…

NFT synthesis

This play & earn game has a Pokemon-like system where you can merge two or more identical characters. For instance, you have several elite NFTs with the same Guardian/human/demon. You can combine them and get one character of a higher tier, which will be Legendary in this example. So, it is like getting constellations in Genshin Impact or upgrading your fighters in Pocket Mortys.

NFT marketplace

Bro does not work now, in case you are wondering. But there is a plan for creating it. Like any other NFT marketplace, it must be a unique hub to browse, analyze, and obtain characters. 

Renting an NFT for fights 

The gaming NFTs you do not use that much can become more effective tools for those players who want to play with them. Your friends or random gamers can rent those characters and earn rewards while paying you a fee. 


There is a program built into BOG smart contract. The system lets scholars and guilds get a share of leasing characters. The automatic system splits all rewards between the participants. 


First and foremost, yes, there is $BGS staking in the Battle of Guardians gaming product. Second, staking activities open the gate to special events and NFT drops. 

The visuals 

Battle of Guardians fight during development 
At first glance, it seems like a beautifully designed play-to-earn game 

That is the moment where our Battle of Guardians review can praise and criticize the game simultaneously. On the concept level, this is one of the best play-to-earn crypto games regarding visuals, graphics, and aesthetics. Yes, it looks great! 

A 2D character concept in Battle of Guardians 
The design of NFTs in this play-to-earn game has many cool details 

And the characters LOOK LIKE THIS when you enter the game. When I was testing it, I expected some lame low-poly versions of these concepts, but I got what I was promised. I mean, look at this one!

One of the newest characters added to the game, which looks like a human with a horse head 
This design is interesting, to say the very least! 

Nevertheless, it becomes worse when you get into action. This crypto game needs much better work on animations and smoothness. So far, the movements are rather abrupt. I would have zero arguments against it if this game was for mobiles only, but this is meant to be a PC experience. 

And also, must I highlight it looks like Street Fighter to a 99% extent? 

A contrast of two games: Street Fighter on the left and BOG on the right 
In such a contrast, BOG is Street Fighter with worse location details 

Alright, let us let this one slip. Battle of Guardians crypto game is not the first case when a game has SUSPICIOUS similarities with other products. There are even good cases, like Dead Space which is the old Resident Evil with a sci-fi world and another plot. But this case is more like Genshin Impact when we have The Legend of Zelda.

What about the soundtrack? 

After playing this game for the first time, I thought the soundtrack was alright. It is good music for a workout, and gamers can appreciate some powerful melodic metal. Still, the Battle of Guardians game’s soundtrack gets repetitive too soon. 

This Battle of Guardians review can only advise diversifying music in this project. 

Reception and Criticism

Steam Battle of Guardians reviews are negative 
I was not surprised 

This game is barely 3/10 for people on Steam since many more mainstream fightings are available, and gamers usually seek only entertainment here without prioritizing cryptocurrencies. This Battle of Guardians review pretty much summarizes my feelings after an hour of playing: 

A screenshot of a negative Steam review
Yes is everything I have to say, according to my experience 

The fact that this crypto game has many characters is appreciated. Nevertheless, many other negatives make it a boring experience. Yet again, it would be alright if the game was for mobile phones; the simplicity would make it a great casual fighting app with pretty charas to collect.

This Battle of Guardians review mentions many more lazily created things that deteriorate the gaming experience: 

 A long negative review taken from Steam 
For many players, the fact that you must use an external site might avert them from a product 

This person has great arguments about pay-to-win, and this game will be right about that when the marketplace is available. From a Steam gamer’s perspective, they are 100% correct. From a play-to-earn crypto game enjoyer’s perspective, the situation differs, but only a bit. 

After testing this product, I want to say that it will be a pay-to-win where the wealthier holders will purchase the most powerful NFT gaming offers and abuse the system. Those seeking a play-to-earn NFT game experience will have to start with more challenging conditions, and their wins will get them minimum because only God-of-War levels get good rewards. Given that the game is still in development, we can expect new systems with upgrades that might change how it is played, empowering its pay-to-win nature. If not, then the game will merely remain boring. Both scenarios are rather pessimistic. 

Yet! We can also find some positive comments on the project, like this: 

A BOG Review on Twitter
The game can be good for relaxing 

I can agree with this Battle of Guardians review. The game is unchallenging (for now), and you can easily enjoy it for mindless chill purposes. Still, it would be much better if this was primarily a game for mobile devices. 

NFT Integration Challenges

Another problem the developers face with this project is that Battle of Guardians NFTs have very limited use cases. 

The project does not have meaningful gameplay, and players do not own anything except a character. In contrast to crypto gaming projects like Gold Fever, where you can own lands, vehicles, pets, and many more non-fungible tokens that let you advance and evolve, BOG NFTs seem (and are) meaningless. 

As art pieces, they are cool, but the aesthetics are everything they have. Given that the game is unpopular and might fail, the value of BOG NFTs will also decrease. 

Furthermore, we already have a game but cannot access the marketplace, which will be in development for an uncertain period. 

Developer Efforts

The company that works on this project focuses on interactive and competitive experiences for players and creates more characters. I must say that their character concepts are STUNNING. While that is undebatable, the game does not seem to have any updates regarding the marketplace, lore improvements, and other necessary things that can make this game more meaningful. 

BGS Coin…

BGS coin's performance in one year 
The coin had its good and bad days. Mostly bad 

The data on the BGS coin is unclear, and reputable resources have not verified this asset’s supplies. There are no numbers on its market cap, circulating supply, and other significant metrics that can let us analyze it better. So far, the only verified fact is that its trading volume is under $100. 

No discussions or news are present as well. Recently, the BGS coin surprisingly leaped up and was X2.5 of its current price, but this success lasted for less than one day: 

BGS coin price in one week 
This is oddly depressing 

And these are somewhat mysterious circumstances because no posts, events, or information explains what made this happen. There haven’t been any significant partnerships, no burnings, no nothing. 

Lessons Learned ✏️

I will recap everything here based on my experience: 

Plagiarizing games can work only sometimes. Some plagiarized hits achieve success by prioritizing mobile experiences and offering many activities, like Genshin I’ve already mentioned. Being a mediocre game that has stolen 99% of its concept from a legendary gaming product, it has many features, events, and mini-games and works well on most devices (also, it is quite easy, while the Legend of Zelda has a more challenging world to conquer). Battle of Guardians pretends to be Street Fighter and fails, offering a worse experience.
NFT integration must be there when the game goes live. Being an NFT game without a marketplace and integrated systems that let people browse NFTs is not the best strategy. 
NFT gaming must be meaningful since this is contemporary ART. So far, BOG does not have to offer much to be a cherished game. While some projects make many NFT creation and collection opportunities, providing lands, skins, and special USEFUL items as NFTs, this one only has one activity that is not that entertaining after an hour. 
Unclear tokenomics and plans do not help. No investors will be interested in a crypto game without information on its ecosystem, plans, and financial solutions. This crypto game does not offer anti-inflation solutions and lacks clear facts about how it can be a good play-to-earn experience. 
Demonstrating what you have achieved in development is great, but making raw crypto gaming products go live will result in dissatisfaction. What the BOG team has achieved is cool. They have some great things in this project, but it needs more time and uniqueness to be successful. So far, a potentially good game can become a disaster. 

Final Words

Battle of Guardians gaming project can still be one of the more successful cryptocurrency games. The team has made a mistake by releasing the product too early and getting too much “inspiration” from other companies.

Amazingly and masterfully drawn characters are their strongest achievement for now. The NFT synthesis system is also interesting. Yet, everything else needs more work, especially the marketplace, which IS NOT THERE. 

I’m not discarding this game because it has a chance to improve. Maybe it will be better in 2024. 


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