Playing for Fun VS Playing for Money: Which is Right for You?

by Stephen R. Tabone
23 Aug 2023

Stephen is a high roller. However, this was not always the case. First, he was a brick-and-mortar denizen. Then, he shifted to online gambling (and we all know why, don’t we?). With the rise of cryptocurrencies, Stephen realized how much more it could help him get the most out of his gambling experience. By trial and error, through multiple losses and seven-figure winnings, he finally has tremendous sway with high rollers. Learn wisdom by the follies of others as it will save lots of your time and thousands of your money.

A group of gamblers playing a card game
Fun VS Money in Gambling

Gambling is a unique entertainment that can cheer players up and help them fill their wallets! For this reason, each player has different motivations to be interested in such leisure. 

The popularity of such entertainment is growing as it provides various opportunities for gamblers that are improving almost every month. For players who prioritize fun, there are many cool games to play, and their number is growing almost daily. Bounty hunters can find many great bonus offers, generous prizes and get the amount they expect. But which players get the maximum pleasure from the gameplay and achieve their goal? Now let’s figure out why choosing between fun and money in gaming is important and what result awaits you!

Playing Games for Fun

Gamblers are enjoying their game
Some players do not think about the outcome of the game and just enjoy the moment 

Gambling for entertainment is one of the easiest casino gaming processes! First of all, let’s remember that this is, in principle, the goal of any casino game — to entertain the player and allow them to enjoy their free time. 

A casino game for fun implies that the players must drop any tension and enjoy the game process, as this is the most important thing. In this case, real money winnings are nothing more than a nice bonus that indicates the player’s victory (and they might even be optional). We can compare casino games with table games like Monopoly, where there is a win and a loss. 

The benefits of playing games for fun are that they can lead you to total relaxation and significantly enhance your mood. In this case, casino games perform the same function as reading books, knitting, video games, and other entertainment that can bring satisfaction and reduce stress. 

However, although it sounds simple, not every gambler can fully enjoy the game process when there is no money-making incentive. To get the most out of gambling, you need to be able to go with the flow and not pay attention to losses (emotionally, not financially). This motivation will suit you if you know how to ignore irritants and your goal is not to win in any form. 

Gambling for fun is suitable for beginners or casual players who do not aspire to become professionals. Games of luck do not require players to learn complex rules, mechanics, and techniques to win. For example, the best options are video slots with various themes, roulette, keno, craps, and other games of this kind.

The Importance of Mindset

The player knows his mindset
Mindset impacts how a game is perceived 

Your entire gameplay depends completely on how you perceive it. The mindset is uncontrollable; therefore, it depends on what kind of motivation is better for you to gamble. You can work on yourself to guide it in the right direction during the game and achieve the desired result.

It does not matter if you choose gaming for entertainment or gaming for financial rewards, but your mindset will always be important, and you should work on it. A positive gaming mindset can help you to get more pleasure from the game or get the desired cash prizes! 

For example, if you are more interested in fun games, you should focus specifically on fun, discarding any worries about the game. Relax, do not worry too much about the game’s outcome, and focus on the process. If you let go of the situation, you can feel the maximum pleasure from gaming for entertainment and truly relax.

Players more interested in making money playing games should have strategic thinking and be able to concentrate. By choosing various winning strategies and quickly navigating the game, you will be able to achieve victory thanks to luck and your quick reaction and intelligence. Such players should not let go of the situation but rather keep it under control. The most important thing is that the player must feel it and not endlessly force themself to delve into the game.

For it to remain positive and for you to play the game as you like, you should avoid participating in casino games when you feel you do not feel like it now or are not collected enough. Do not ignore your feelings; leaving this matter for the next day is better.

Playing Games for Money

A gambler plays for money
Money-making is more important for some gamblers than the game itself

Gaming for financial rewards is difficult, especially for beginners, since you need to learn and use a lot in the game to get the desired win. Especially if you prefer not games of chance but games in which you must use tactics and strategies. 

If you choose the right approach, this motivation can make you a skilled player. Players looking for big wins usually do not necessarily bet on casino games but also prefer to bet on sports or eSports. By choosing the right strategy and carefully studying all the necessary aspects of their bet, they have a high chance of winning, especially if they have a lot of experience in their arsenal. Unlike gaming for entertainment, this requires more concentration and attention since you cannot start getting big winnings immediately. 

Professional gamers and streamers can help you in this matter, especially if they write about their approaches to the game and post their strategies. At the beginning of your journey, you should look closely at professionals and experts and observe what kind of moves they approve. That will help you better understand the rules of various games and feel more confident in playing.

Of course, if you just started playing for the sake of big winnings, then you should not expect that you will conquer mountains of gold in one day. Where there is a chance to get money, there is a chance to lose it. That is why you should not lose control, and if you cannot get big wins at the beginning, you should not bet more and more in the hope that this will change. It is better to stop, consider your mistakes, choose a different strategy, and return to the game afterward. 

I also do not advise pursuing gaming as a career because gambling is never stable. It can become a great secondary income but not your main job. Only some gamblers can attain switching to gambling as a profession entirely, but that must be their #1 priority and a big part of their personality. 

Balancing Fun and Money in Gambling ⚖️

Balancing fun and profit in gaming can seem difficult, but you will get all the possible benefits from it. In any case, it may even be easier than just playing for money. That is quite possible to achieve. However, you should stick to certain professional gaming tips to join the ranks of professionals in the future. Why? Because future professionals usually choose this path.

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First of all, you must have a great interest in casino games and other types of gambling because this will open the way for you to the perfect balance. Interest is crucial, as you can increase your experience and skills over time. I also advise you to take an example from professional gamers and streamers since most started their journey thanks to a huge interest in gambling. You can adjust your path to achieve the same excellent result by watching their YouTube channels or reading their posts. Fortunately, this does not require additional expenses since useful information can be found on the Internet for free.

I also recommend not focusing on just one professional player or streamer, as their playstyle may not suit you. It is better to follow several professionals at once, as this will allow you to find those strategies that will be easier for you to learn. Also, if you want to create something new, studying different professionals will allow you to somehow combine their approaches to gambling and find the perfect path for yourself. Do not be afraid to experiment with strategies and find your own approach (just remember to keep an eye on your budget). If you aspire to create your blog, then this will allow you to find originality and remain interesting to readers or viewers.

If you want to get famous, you should play casino games for fun and win and participate in online gaming competitions. For example, participate in various tournaments in which you can see the actions of other players. It also contributes to your development as a successful player and points out certain winning techniques. Of course, you can find friends among experienced gamblers, as they can give you useful advice and help you at the beginning of your journey.

Factors to Consider in Your Choice

Deciding what motivation pushes you more towards gambling is quite simple. To do this, you should determine what you like about casino games or sports betting and what you expect from the gameplay. Is the game process more important to you than its outcome, or is it all equally important? Let’s figure it out together. To get started, gamble for the first time and watch how you behave and what you think during the game.

What are your brightest emotions during a casino game? 

What feelings do you experience while gambling? 

If you do not care about your wins and losses, enjoy the game, and focus on having fun, then you are playing for fun (obviously). Fortunately, this is the simplest motivation for choosing since you feel it almost immediately after you try to play a casino game or place a sports bet. In that case, just keep enjoying the game and play the way you like within reason. 

Over time, this can help you balance fun and monetary gain, but it depends on how much you enjoy gambling.

And what thoughts repeat themselves when you gamble?

First of all, you need to keep track of what thoughts are in your head during the game. What do you think about the most, the gameplay or the outcome of the game? If the result is much more important to you than the gameplay itself, then there is a chance that you are playing for financial gain. In this case, the desire to get a big prize outweighs any other aspirations, which means that this is the path that you should choose. 

If you do not have a sincere interest in gambling, then you are unlikely to be able to maintain a balance since the interest in this is more important than the desire to win.

Balancing fun AND profit in gambling

This motivation may not be easy to see after the first game, but it is directly related to playing for fun. If you show an undisguised interest in gambling, you have fun during the game, but if winnings also bring you joy, there is a chance that you can balance. You may notice that your game success pleases you not immediately but after some time. Thus, I would advise you to start playing for fun and see if you want to delve into this area or if fun is enough for you.

The Social Aspect of Gaming

Players make new friends
Socialization is an important part of gambling

The importance of gaming community engagement depends on your motivation. For example, if you are gaming for financial rewards and completely concentrate on this, then you are unlikely to be able to find friends and devote yourself to teamwork in full force. You are not here for communication and new friends but for victory, so why waste your time? 

Playing for entertainment, players are likelier to make new friends and participate in team games. Social aspects of gaming play an important role for such players, as it can help them enjoy gambling to the fullest thanks to pleasant communication. That is not a direct necessity but rather an opportunity to improve the quality of your gambling experience.

But for players who balance fun and profit in gaming, the social aspects can play an important role, as they can make useful contacts. Meeting new people can help you gain more experience and consider new tactics and strategies. Also, in this case, teamwork can be of great importance because if you are striving for professional gambling, you need to be able to concentrate under any conditions. It can also be helpful to make yourself known in the gaming community! The popularity of the name can gradually increase your level in the gaming society.

Responsible Gambling

Since gambling always involves wins and losses, you should never let your guard down or let the game take its course financially. Gamers and money management is something players should never ignore, as it can save their financial situation and avoid serious losses. To make it easier for you, I have prepared for you the most important responsible gaming practices that you need to rely on:

Avoiding addictive gaming behaviors
Pay attention to how often you want to play casino games. If this desire haunts you throughout the day and you cannot concentrate on anything else, you should seek help from trusted organizations. Gambling should not affect your daily life, relationships with family and friends, or your productivity at work.
Setting limits in gaming
Players should set limits on the finances they can invest in gambling. Set limits on how much money you can bet per day or week, and try not to exceed those limits. The amount you are ready to spend on gambling should not harm you. Limiting the time you can spend on casino games or sports betting would also be nice since it will help you avoid addiction. 
Gaming and mental well-being
Avoid playing casino games in a bad mood or under alcohol intoxication. Otherwise, it can lead to big financial losses and increased stress levels. If you feel that your mood is ruined by failure, it is better to postpone the game and return to it when you feel better.

For the full instruction, check this Responsible Gambling Guide.

Final Words

It does not matter what kind of motivation you are driven by, be it gaming for entertainment, gaming for financial rewards, or balancing fun and profit in gaming, because all gaming styles are quite right! Playing for fun, you get a good time, and playing for money, you can enjoy big wins. Both of these styles bring a certain pleasure to the player, which means everything on the right place.

Please do not forget that gambling must be enjoyed responsibly. You risk losing large sums of money if you do not follow certain rules. Avoid gaming activities that can lead to gambling addiction, stick to the advice outlined here, and always be careful with your budget, and you will be safe. Good luck playing!

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