What’s The Best Casino Game To Win Money While Using Strategy? 4 Great Options

by David Patterson
28 Feb 2023

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4 Best skill-based casino games

Playing online casino games is commonly associated with such concepts as luck and fortune. If you win — they say lady luck has smiled on you. If you lose — they ascribe it to stars having failed to align properly. While the element of chance underpins gambling excitement, sometimes, you just want more control over the outcomes. And there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be able to do so. 

In this article, we will discuss four top skill-based gambling games, those that require you to use strategy and wit to win.

4 Superb Skill-Based Gaming Options

An image of four cards that could turn into a straight hand. Four cards
Ace, King, Jack, and Queen 

What’s the best casino game to play, and know that you impact the outcome? While every gambler will have their answer to this question, here is our subjective selection of the four best casino games that offer a splendid skill-luck balance.

#1 Poker

Of all skill-based casino games, Poker is arguably the top favored one. Why is that? Well, for one thing, the fairly complicated Poker rules add to the game’s elitism. If you are playing it, you’ve learned about Poker hands, rake, and other details for newbies. 

Gamblers pick it among other skill gambling games because it has been widely popularized by different tournaments, from the World Series of Poker to Poker Stars. The minimum skillset that will help you out when playing this game in an online casino real money mode includes

  • A good memory to remember the hands as well as the playing cards;
  • A sharp focus to keep in mind your prospects as well as the possible scenarios that your rivals can play;
  • Discipline to keep a cold head and avoid hasty, impulsive decisions that may undermine your chances of winning;
  • Emotional intelligence to read the nonverbal clues perceived in other players.

Although none of these skills guarantee victory, they help you avoid common mistakes. Besides, you are likely to find Poker-skilled gambling more enjoyable and rewarding than chance-based games since you will play a role in determining the outcome.

#2 Craps

Of all popular skill-based games, craps are probably one of the most underestimated. Not all online casinos have it in their assortment. And while almost everyone has at least a vague idea of Poker, many people are unaware of what craps game is exactly. Even those who are aware of it would normally view it as a solely chance-based game. And in vain! 

Craps is a good casino game with a harmonious blend of skill and chance. Experienced gamblers know too well that no matter whether luck is on your side, some proven craps strategies can improve your chances of winning. Some essentials of this skill-based gaming option involve

  • Mathematics and specifically the knowledge of probability to calculate how likely different outcomes are and place bets accordingly;
  • Strategic thinking to make smart proposition bets.

Unlike Poker, craps are rather simple. You won’t have to learn complicated rules or memorize hands. It is sufficiently luck-based to provide a thrill and enough skill-based to give you a sense of achievement. That makes it the best game to play at the casino if you are a newbie.

#3 Slots

A skill-based slot machine, are you kidding me? If that’s what you think, don’t jump to conclusions. Yes, slot rules are much simpler than those in Poker and even in craps. And yes, chance plays a bigger role here than in those two skill-based gaming options. 

All this makes players view slots as the best casino game to win money and have fun but not as the one that requires any strategy. In the meantime, skilled gambling in slots is not a fantasy. Here are a few examples of those abilities that can contribute to your success:

  • Self-control enables you to stay within the set limits. You might say that slots are not unique here and that any game you play in the online casino real money mode requires you to stick with the budget. In the meantime, due to the incredibly fast-paced nature of slots, it might be difficult to track losses and easy to spend more than you planned.
  • Agility to take advantage of wild symbols, bonus rounds, and other added features modern slot games have to offer.

In this manner, although not obvious, slots are games of skill gambling. The more you practice, the better you learn to control your impulses and spot opportunities that pop up during the gameplay. 

#4 Blackjack

Classy and less mainstream than Poker, Blackjack is one of the best skill-based casino games in terms of thrill and by far the best game to play at a casino using logic and wit. Like Poker, the chance is secondary — as Blackjack pros explain, these are experience and tactics that come to the fore here. 

Many skills you develop while playing Poker can help you succeed in Blackjack. Those that might be particularly helpful are

  • Diligence to use the strategy card instead of following your impulsive ideas that might appear as a genius at first but always turn out to be erroneous in the end;
  • Strategic thinking to quickly identify the best decision in the given circumstances;
  • Memory to keep track of the played cards. Don’t confuse that with card counting, though, as casinos do not allow that.

Is Blackjack the best casino game to win money? Well, that’s hard to say. On the one hand, it would normally have a high RTP of 99% and more, but on the other hand, you certainly need solid skills to succeed. 

Last Thoughts

Two king cards
Two king cards; the hand is known as one pair

So what are the best casino games to play if you do not want to rely solely on chance? We hope that after reading this article, you have an answer. 

Each skill-based gambling game covered here offers great opportunities for mastering different abilities, from sharp memory and agility to self-control and discipline. Are such games better than those that are entirely luck-based? If you ask us, they are because if you win, you’ll know that your tactics and wit have made the difference!

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