How to Bet on FIFA World Cup with Crypto

by Ed Miller
02 Dec 2022

Ed had dived into the cryptocurrency market before everyone got on the bandwagon. Therefore, his blockchain & crypto expertise can boast of both retrospective and prospective analyses, as well as their level-headed and well-targeted peer reviews. Ed has long realized that the online crypto gambling market would soon evolve into another investment sector for those willing to not only have some fun playing but to scale up crypto assets, too. He did online gambling market research, tested tens of crypto casinos, got a fix on trends and target users’ feedback, and is ready with his insights and recommendations on how to combine crypto business with gambling pleasure.

football world cup
Football world cup

The epicness of the tournament begins! Eventually, the long-awaited event in the world of sports has begun, uniting millions of fans worldwide. Qatar’s championship can be considered unique and distinctive in many ways. It is the first time it takes place in the Middle East, being so expensive and luxurious. That is also the first time a team from the Asian Confederation scored more than one goal against Argentina (this is about an incredible match between Argentina and Saudi Arabia). What to expect next is unclear, and this thrilling uncertainty makes it even more interesting.

Leading bookmakers are actively operating on the network, accepting World Cup bets on the games currently taking place in Qatar. Crypto-bookmakers are gaining particular popularity, as this type of operator provides greater anonymity and transparency. In this article, ORDB has prepared the most useful information about crypto betting in the World Cup 2022. Read on, find competitive odds, play big, and make winning bets!

Betting With Crypto: What You Need To Know

ball on the field

Betting is what you need to understand to have a solid guarantee of success. Crypto betting is something you need to understand twice. The main difference between traditional sports betting and bitcoin betting is the currency used by bettors to play. Let’s briefly go over the main aspects of how the crypto betting industry works, how safe it is, what it is based on, and which bookmakers offer high-quality and, most importantly, secure online crypto gambling services.


Transparency is the main feature of why gamblers prefer cryptocurrency to traditional financing options. Blockchain allows bettors to achieve complete anonymity of transactions and, to a large extent, ensures the player from manipulation by an intermediary represented by a bookmaker. 

The blockchain system encrypts each transaction, an interesting feature of data storage: information is stored on different servers, geographically distributed worldwide, and by no means in a single copy. Each transaction is linked to the person who made it only by the wallet number; no contact information is needed.


Security is directly related to transparency, no matter how ambiguous it may seem. Thanks to the blockchain system, deposits and withdrawals are invulnerable and protected from fraudsters. Laissez-faire makes crypto betting a safe method for an incredible gaming experience.

No fees

Another advantage of the blockchain for the gambling industry is the absence of bank fees – cryptocurrency transactions cost many times less than similar fiat transfers. Of course, some bookmakers, usually those with a mixed payment method, charge a small fee.

Advantages and disadvantages of crypto betting

We conclude this chapter with a list of the pros and cons of crypto gambling to make it easier for you to choose the type of operator for sports betting.

Anonymity of transactionsLocation restrictions
Privacy of customersCrypto volatility
No fees (as a rule)Increased scamming (for instance, bet slip manipulation)
Instant payments
More bet types for crypto bettors
The best odds for crypto bettors

Who Has a Realistic Chance of Winning the World Cup?

2022 FIFA world cup

We have already watched several matches in groups, and the results always amaze us. In the great country of Qatar, fabulous unexpected moments occur, but first things first.

Almost all sports analysts unanimously say that the favorite of this championship is Brazil, which plays with Serbia (G group).

In second place are Argentina and Spain, which is no longer so obvious since previous World Cup matches have already proved that there are few weak teams at this World Cup. No one doubts that Argentina will qualify for the group, but this sporting event promises to be exciting.

France, Germany, England, and Portugal claim third place. Harry Kane’s team has already shown English football in the match with Iran, but their other rivals are more complex than the Iranians, while the Germans, led by Manuel Neuer, did not show the best game against the Japanese team.

The AI robot Kashef of the official Middle East news broadcaster Al Jazeera has made its prediction for the championship. Of course, this is all just a game, but there is a certain pattern in that the robot bets on those most likely to reach the 1/8 finals. The robot makes quite predictable layouts for groups. For example, Brazil is first in group G (72%), in group B, it is England (87%), and in group H, it is Portugal (52%).

However, the Championship in Qatar is rich in unpredictability, so who knows, we may witness a change of champions by new talents in world football. You can track all alterations, chances, and surprises in the live ORDB FIFA 2022 guide — be the #1 to get all news and updates for free! 

Should You Use Bitcoin On 2022 FIFA World Cup Betting Sites?

Cloudbet best odds image
Cloudbet best odds

Crypto betting is a fairly promising direction in gambling with its perks in the form of bonuses, free bets, VIP programs, and winnings. If you understand blockchain, you should place bets in bitcoin. We can highlight the best sites working with crypto regarding reliability, security, and expertise. Here are the top websites: each is the outright winner for this or that crypto betting fan. 

  • Stake is the choice of many high rollers around the world. That is a great combination of above-average stakes, optimal betting limits, the best odds, cool bonuses, World Cup 2022 contests, and fast payouts without betting limits. In addition, players from the United States can place World Cup bets on this platform, so take a closer look at this sportsbook!
  • CloudBet is a pioneer in crypto betting, proving its reliability and expertise for 10 years in the sports betting market. The best odds, the most generous bonuses, and the most diverse markets are all about Cloudbet. This operator is one of the few operating on a fixed margin of 2%.
  • Another bookmaker that deserves to be talked about is BC.GAME, a young but promising bookmaker with a diverse line-up of 40 sports, an official license, and an impeccable reputation. It cannot boast low margins, but the operator has issued its own JB token and BSD stable token to brighten up the game.

2022 FIFA World Cup Bet Types Explained

football world cup match

Success is independent of the team you bet on but on how well you understand the markets and their features. Let’s take a look at the main World Cup betting markets. We will analyze how they work on real odds from the best crypto bookmakers.


It is hard to find the simplest market in the gambling niche to bet on. This type suits newcomers who have yet to learn how the betting industry functions. The nature of the market is rudimentary. Let’s catch up on the essence by considering a match between Portugal and Ghana. For example, Stake gives us the following betting odds:

  • 1 (Portugal) – 1.38
  • X (Draw) – 5.00
  • 2 (Ghana) – 8.60.

That is a market for three possible outcomes of the match. If both teams are very likely to demonstrate predictable results, this type of market doesn’t consider any peculiarities, risks, and uncertainty. However, it doesn’t entail enormous winnings. Many modern bookies also allow one to bet on the game’s first or second half.

Draw No Bet

Being among the simplest World Cup betting markets, it is extremely popular among gamblers with no experience in sports betting. There are two outcomes: either Portugal wins (1.13) or Ghana takes the win (6.80). This market doesn’t consider a draw, so if both teams turn out to be of a good level, your stake returns to your betting balance. This market is perfect for a match where the score needs to be clarified. You should bet on matches of approximately equal teams: in this case, the odds should be at 1.60-1.80, which is quite decent.

Total Over/Under

This market is one of the World Cup betting markets in various understandable types. Total involves predicting the total number of goals in a match, no matter how many goals are scored by teams A or B. For example, let’s take the match between England and the USA as an example. The operator offers us a variety of Asian totals with a large selection of betting odds. Let’s look at the total over 3.75 at 4.10 odds for England. 

The bet is divided into two equal parts with endings 0.5 and 1.0. In different scenarios, the better can win or lose in full and in part. For example, you bet $100. It turns out to be two bets, 3.5 and 4.0. Depending on the result of the football match, the following betting options are possible:

  • Five or more balls – winnings on both parts of the bet for $375.
  • Four balls – the bet wins partially and is $175.
  • less than three balls – the bet loses.

Double Chance Bet

That is a good market with insurance when you want to bet on the victory of one of the teams, but there is an option that there will be a draw. So here’s a double chance bet, aka a bet on a win or a draw simultaneously. Thus, in choosing the outcome, the player ensures himself as much as possible.

This market provides the following outcomes, and we will analyze them again in the match between England and the USA.

  • 1X – first team win or draw (England or draw at odds 1.13)
  • 2X – a victory of the second team or a draw (draw or USA at a rate of 2.70)
  • 12 – a victory of the first team or victory of the second team (USA or England supply 1.23)

The disadvantages of the bet are low odds. Due to the high probability of winning on this type of bet, the bookmaker reduces the betting odds significantly compared to those that are put on the main outcomes.

Outright bet

This is a long-term bet on the winner of a tournament or the winner of a group. In our case, this is the World Cup 2022. Stake offers bettors 409 outrights. Long-term bets are rarely used because the money stays in the game for a very long time and is not available for other bets or withdrawals. The prospective outright winner of all bookies is Brazil (3.55).

Depending on what type of odds you prefer, you can choose between decimal odds and American odds. Before choosing a market, explore more sites for competitive odds.

Live betting on the 2022 FIFA World Cup

football field

Live betting during the World Cup is preferred by professional players, as this betting mode is associated with many risks. A beginner may be interested in the opportunity to get money quickly but most often, those who do not understand the features of in-play betting burn out. Let’s focus on the benefits of in-play betting.

More experience – less risk

In experienced hands, live betting is a tool to reduce the risk of losing. It may seem that pre-match sports betting is less risky. However, it happens that the game of a strong team has not worked from the very beginning, as happened in the match between Argentina and Saudi Arabia. You can always make adjustments and stay ahead.

Fun gaming experience

Live mode is about emotions. Being able to place World Cup bets while watching a match is an incredible experience. Therefore, choosing sites with a live stream and displaying statistics is worth choosing. This moment especially concerns the World Cup. It is not every year that we witness this sporting event.

Increased odds

This is one of the main perks of live bets. Sports betting odds in an in-play mode change at an incredible speed. To play big, you need to study the statistics and predictions of the match even before the start of the event to be aware of all internal and external factors that can affect the result. However, increased rates are not about all bookmakers. You should continue your search if the operator sets a margin of 8-15%.

2022 FIFA World Cup Correct Score Betting

ball in play

A fairly popular bet among gamblers is a bet on the correct score. As part of the Qatar World Cup, this market is especially popular. Sports betting odds for the correct score of a match or half are always high since the strategies for playing football are varied: some players tend to go for the minimum score, and others score three goals per match. In addition, it is worth considering other factors, such as weather, team composition, injuries, substitutions, and much more.

To bet on the correct score for the World Cup 2022 match, you should study the team statistics for previous championships. It is worth betting on teams that often play, which are relatively predictable in the game and have not undergone changes in the first team. Such a game was the match between Brazil and Serbia. Both teams are well known, their strengths are approximately clear, and accordingly, it is easier to guess the score.

FIFA World Cup Group Types: Balanced, Weak, and Strong

World Cup 2022 groups
World Cup 2022 groups

The draw is the most controversial stage of the World Cup, which determines which groups – strong, weak or balanced – will be represented at the event and how interesting World Cup matches the fans can expect. This year, the Italian team did not qualify for the championship, and this is sad, considering how the players manifest themselves in the sports field. Thus, the following layout from eight groups was formed:

Strong groups (2 strong teams)

  • Group E (Spain, Germany, Japan, Costa Rica)

Balanced groups (2 good team+1 strong team+1 weak team)

  • Group A (Netherlands, Senegal, Ecuador, Qatar)
  • Group B (England, USA, Wales, Iran)
  • Group C (Argentina, Poland, Mexico, Saudi Arabia)
  • Group G (Brazil, Switzerland, Serbia, Cameroon)

Weak groups (2 bad teams+1 good team+1strong teams)

  • Group D (France, Denmark, Australia, Tunisia)
  • Group F (Belgium, Croatia, Morocco, Canada)
  • Group H (Portugal, Uruguay, Ghana, South Korea)

This list is formed on the basis of the performance of the teams in general. However, the World Cup matches taking place in Qatar reveal more and more new sides of less famous teams.

Final Words ✨

Every day, the national teams surprise their fans, set new records, and demonstrate incredible success. Crypto betting is a nice addition to this grand event in the world of sports to diversify your gaming experience, raise money, and keep cool memories. The gambling market is filled with professional crypto-betting sites. Look for the highest odds, check operators for reliability, and choose bookmakers that meet your expectations! May your bet slip have only winning bets! 

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