Meta in Gaming (Esports Realm) and Meta Games Guides 2024

by Stephen R. Tabone
09 Feb 2023

Stephen is a high roller. However, this was not always the case. First, he was a brick-and-mortar denizen. Then, he shifted to online gambling (and we all know why, don’t we?). With the rise of cryptocurrencies, Stephen realized how much more it could help him get the most out of his gambling experience. By trial and error, through multiple losses and seven-figure winnings, he finally has tremendous sway with high rollers. Learn wisdom by the follies of others as it will save lots of your time and thousands of your money.

What is meta gaming?
The term’s definition varies for different types of online games

If you are into playing online games, you probably should have already heard of meta gaming. Regardless of your preferred platform, this term is commonly used in almost all multiplayer games with a competitive component. Not only do seasoned players know the meta gaming meaning, but they also regularly and successfully apply their knowledge about it. However, if you are new to competitive gambling, this term may sound totally alien to you. So, what is meta in gaming?

What does Meta Mean in Gaming?

The abbreviation “meta” stands for “most effective tactic available.” Meta meaning in gaming denotes the most common tactic that works out invariably if you perform it impeccably. Countless metas emerge in every game, some of which stay while others dwindle. Since multiplayer games – trendy on top betting platforms, by the way – imply competing against others and winning, it’s all about tactics, teamwork, and strategies. Every team focuses on or enhances its own different tactics to get the better of opponents. That is why if you consider starting to play any competitive games, you must first discover their metas if you want to win.

To prevent misunderstandings, keep in mind that metagaming meaning covers precisely a common tactic, not a winning strategy. The latter denotes the entire plan with various tactics as its part. The shorter answer to the question “What is meta gaming?” may also sound like a tactic to do everything you need to do in a competitive game.

The initial purpose of meta in gaming is a no-brainer – to win in top online casinos. Of all the tactics out there, you certainly will resort to the most effective instead of a useless one, won’t you? Besides, none of the strong tactics is eternal; all of them change steadily. You may apply the tactic this season and find it outdated the next one. Multiplayer games change consistently and evolve constantly. Thus, you never know what gaming software providers have in mind for the next game update.

The best tactic’s types and their definitions
Find out how buffs and nerfs differ, what these types entail, and what they refer to

Meta Games Guides

Types of Meta in Esports

You can use various types of meta gaming in esports to compose new tactics. They can favor a steadily used hero or result in usually snubbed weapons being used once again. In esports, there are two types of this tactic:

1. Buff

This type is typically related to a weapon, a hero, or an item given a powerful incentive by the developers in each upgrade. As a rule, there is an attack bonus, supplemented health, and more stats put in favor of the weapon or hero. This benefits gamers to apply the said buffed hero for a renewed tactic that will be used within a specified time. 

2. Nerf

Nerfs are counterparts of the buffs, denoting subtractions. Metas alter not only due to a stat boost for particular weapons, heroes, and items but also for nerfs that imply huge deductions embedded in every new game version. This results in the affected hero or weapon being neglected in use for some time until further updates.

Meta Examples in Esports

The professional gambling space is all about metas, some of which are pretty common, while others are exceptional and offbeat. However, the catchy tactics don’t stay in the meta game for long as everybody learns or changes them. Here are some examples featured in the most popular multiplayer games.

CS: GO examples
Use metas in the following situations and win big

1. CS: GO

Apart from being extremely popular on the best crypto betting sites, Counter-Strike is the longest-lasting first-person shooter game that has firmly held its place in Tier 1 for a very long time.

Examples: Smoking mid doors in CT spawn in Dust II, applying boost to achieve high places, applying flash grenades, and so on.

Apex Legends examples
To succeed in your fav game, check out the following instances

2. Apex Legends

It is a well-known battle royale game developed by Respawn Entertainment. Unlike in PUBG, for instance, you can play with various characters featuring various powers. The list of metas here includes characters, weapons, etc.

Examples: Octane, Caustic, Wraith; VK-47 flatline, Mastiff, and so on.

PUBG examples
Review weapon of choice, health boost, and other metas


PUBG took on the top betting sites back in 2018 and, in an instant, drew thousands of new gamers to the battle royale genre. You fly to an island, loot some gear, and contend to become the last man standing against other gamers.

Examples: AKM is not the weapon of choice, preventing hot dropping, health boost in last rounds, playing near the edge of the circle, etc.

Rainbow Six: Siege examples
Meta meaning in gaming takes the following forms in this game

4. Rainbow Six: Siege

Even though it is a pretty well-known and demanded game, its pro scene hasn’t been able to reach great heights. The reason for that probably lies in its steep learning curve, provided that high graphics assume playing on a high-end computer. However, Rainbow Six: Siege is still known for its dedicated and inveterate fanbase. The better you become at playing it, the more fun it actually delivers!

Examples: employing a shotgun with mute and smoke to make rotating holes, playing long angles, locating flank drones, roaming clear while attacking, playing smoke to negate plants, etc. 

Meta Game Widely Used Terms

Metas are probably the most dynamic feature of today’s online gambling. Moreover, understanding them unambiguously affects betting on esports. Metas continuously alter with various games and deliver topics for discussion all over the industry. So, what does meta mean in gaming? From the bad stuff, it can abolish gambling creativity and make the game rudimentary and boring.

On the other hand, they can be brought about in so many varied ways that game providers, in order to react to it, must have an exceptional understanding of their product. One may find these tactics molesting or irritating, but the thing is that they’re unquestionably one of the most powerful forces influencing player interactions with games. Therefore, let’s not get frustrated and instead learn the most common terms in meta gaming because it is here to stay anyway.

As soon as something in a video game becomes powerful due to changes in it, this is considered a “power creep.” Put simply, if the element is not altered outright yet somehow becomes more powerful, it denotes that the element has experienced “power creep.” This constantly challenges gaming providers to ensure that all game components remain well-balanced. Big enough developers specifically hire a team to check what effect a buff/nerf to an element will have on the game in general.

Meta slave” is also widely used and refers to a gamer applying solely metas, i.e., playing the same thing the same way.

Meta abuser” duplicates this term yet is more frequently used as a form of trash talk or insult. For example, one player can claim that another one can only win by “abusing” the best strategy.

Viable” is used to characterize something that is not definitely the strongest tactic (yet, probably) but is still good enough to apply in a game (“unviable” is the opposite, though).

Check out the glossary
Do you know what “power creep” or “viable/unviable” refer to? 

Effective Meta Meaning in Gaming

First and foremost, meta in gaming changes due to some players who purposefully explore the game’s strengths and weaknesses for particular weapons, heroes, items, etc. Simply put, it is a trial-and-error plan that makes the process of changes in meta gaming continuous.

However, not all changes in stats lead to new metas in each esports title. Every meta game change in RPG titles requires time to be acknowledged as the new one. That is why it takes time to check whether a particular strong tactic actually works and can be considered effective. Yet, how do you decide? Here are several factors to take into account:

1. Winning in Games

Metas are meant to provide gamers with a chance at winning. Therefore, the win rate and the relevant result of the new tactic should be profitable.  

2. Gamer Performance

Gamblers using a new strong tactic must be skilled and effective in terms of implementing a new strategy. Meanwhile, the tactic itself must be easy to use and applicable to other gamers. In other words, the new strong tactic results in perfect player stats, featuring more assists and kills, ultimately leading up to wins.

3. Smooth Gameplay

Smooth gameplay implies that the tactic is quick and can be applied in a snap. For example, choosing a new hero using meta in gaming should make the gamer’s life easier than usual.

The PRO Scene calls the tune
Professional gamblers indeed run this show, and here’s why

Meta Definition Gaming for the Esports PRO Scene

Playing every single online game entails lots of different tactics. All online shooters have numerous maps, each of which opens up room for multiple strategies. All tactics of every strategy depend on a playstyle, game mode, map layout, and so on. Moreover, it depends on a gamer’s current rank, given that each rank requires a different skill set.

On the same map, different gamblers use different tactics. Low-rank gamers use one tactic, high-rank gamblers fall back on another, and professional players’ tactics are beyond comparison. So, the latter – i.e., the most effective – goes into metas.

In esports, meta game entertainment mainly involves professional gamers. Since pro gaming brings with it a lot of restrictions, multiplayer games normally entail two game modes – casual and ranked. However, when the same game is played at a pro level, some settings are changed to guarantee the highest level of competition. Hence, this is precisely the pro scene of any game that determines metas.

Due to the difference in competition level, even the highest-ranked gamers may seem like novices to professional players. Normal game modes contain many things that are unavailable in professional gaming. Therefore, the availability of meta in gaming directly depends on the professional scene, as the majority of developers focus more on the pro level. That way, the professional scene affects and foreordains the regular changes and updates of the game.

Meta Meaning Gaming for Other Online Games

Whether metas are legitimate or specifically targeted by developers depends on the context they are used in. For example, if we address highly competitive video gaming like eSports, metas there imply the peak of performance, where professional gamers apply the newest strategies to contend. However, when it comes to other online games, some answers to “What does meta mean in gaming?” may induce negative reactions from players.

In particular, they resent stream sniping as a major form of manipulation. It denotes watching another player’s live stream, acquiring related applicable knowledge, and using it against them in-game. A gamer can live stream their competitor’s Twitch stream and get a head start on their in-game actions and positions. That is why stream sniping in competitive gambling environments can lead to banning such computed and insidious players from some games.

On the other hand, though, there are situations in which bugs can inadvertently rear heads in-game. Of course, bugs are mundane in video game development. Nevertheless, there are instances where players managed to detect the bugs ahead of the developers. Even though most glitches and bugs were discovered by chance, it still allowed gamers to get the edge on certain glitches. Of course, some gamblers do their best in an attempt to think more like video game developers. That way, they search for some exploits to add to their meta game.

All in all, it depends on who, how, and for what purpose uses meta in gaming. And even though it can be a mark of excellence in eSports, it can also entail the plethora of chances to misuse game mechanics in striving to obtain an in-game advantage.

Do metas make or break the game?
What is stream sniping, and how do such manipulations affect the gameplay and the community?


The gambling industry is an ever-increasing crowded marketplace. The more games are created for players to choose from, the more developers feel the need for fair, strong tactics as they want their titles to stand out from the crowd. To our mind, legitimate meta game options can help lead to greater value from your paid-for, as well as free-to-play, picked titles. In addition, gamblers become more involved and invested in their favorite titles due to the new layers of gameplay and commitment.

Despite the game genre you prefer, diverse metas make it fun and more exciting for both spectators and gamers. You might be curious how such games as DOTA 2, CS: GO, and League of Legends keep running and attracting so many fans year after year and still remain super thrilling. Now you know the answer – it’s the ever-shifting metas that pre-determine how gamblers play it. Having found out the meta meaning in gaming, you can decide how to play your favorite game and make it more captivating.

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