NFT-Powered Fantasy Basketball: What to Expect?

by David Patterson
10 Feb 2023

Being seasoned in computer science and having surfed the entire software development stack, David has something to say about how it all works. He’s also well aware of the gambling industry's best practices for turning client-customer concepts into workable models. Additionally, David's zest for cryptos makes him precisely that guy whose comprehensive expertise can save you from unnecessary (and costly!) mistakes.

NBA Fantasy players
NBA Fantasy players

The NBA and Sorare have just released the beta version of their one-of-a-kind fantasy basketball experience powered by Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). The game will allow fans to collect, trade, and compete with their favorite NBA players in a unique and fun way. 

Sorare x Nba landing page
A screenshot of the Sorare NBA homepage

That is an unprecedented move for both the NBA and Sorare, and it’s sure to be a hit with basketball fans worldwide. NFT fantasy basketball is the perfect way to combine the best sports and technology into one unforgettable experience.

What is an NFT?

Crypto coins with "NFT" text on them
Crypto coins with “NFT”

An NFT (the full term is “Non-Fungible Token”) is a digital asset that is unique and immutable. It represents ownership of something, such as an art piece, game asset, or collectible. The NFT ecosystem is growing rapidly in the sports world, and the NBA and Sorare have just announced their partnership to create an NFT fantasy basketball game. 

Some sports-related NFTs
Many marketplaces already let crypto enthusiasts buy sports-related NFTs. These are just some!

This new game combines the world of sports with blockchain technology and digital collectibles. Players can purchase NBA NFT cards of current and former players, build their fantasy teams, and compete against other players in tournaments for rewards. The cards are tokenized on the Ethereum blockchain, storing them securely, and cannot be replicated. Players will also be able to trade cards on the Sorare marketplace. 

The use of NFTs in sports is still relatively new, but it is becoming increasingly popular as it allows fans to become more connected to their favorite teams and players. With Sorare and the NBA working together to create a fantasy basketball game, we can expect to see more collaborations in the future.

How Does the Game Work?

Sorare game cards
Sorare game cards feature legendary sportspeople, and all cards have different value

The game will collect NFTs of NBA players, which are Sorare NFTs or Sport NFTs. These cards will be digital assets that represent real-world players and can be used in the game to create a fantasy basketball team. 

Players can purchase and collect different NFT NBA cards from Sorare, which can then be used to build their team. 

They will be able to select five players from a range of NBA teams and build a fantasy roster. Players can earn points based on their team’s performance in the game and compete against other players for rewards. Each week, the player’s performance in real life will determine the game’s results.

Those who participate in the Sorare/NBA Fantasy Basketball Game can enjoy some friendly competition and may even find themselves gaining some financial benefits due to their success in the game. Players can also trade their cards with other players or use them as collector’s items. That is a great way to get involved in NFTs and sports NFTs in general and earn rewards while having fun. It is a unique way to enjoy the world of sports, crypto basketball cards, and NFTs in sports. 

With this partnership between the NBA and Sorare, fans now have another way to show their support for their favorite teams with special Sports NFT Cards. Sorare has put together a set of rules and regulations to ensure fairness and accuracy within the game, so everyone knows what they are getting into before joining the league. 

Furthermore, because this is an officially licensed NBA product, it ensures everyone’s safety when trading and collecting these unique NBA NFT Cards.

The Game Is On!

Get ready for an exciting game! Sorare: NBA is no different from Sorare: MLB, offering 5,000 limited crypto basketball cards, 1,000 rares, 100 super rares, and a single unique card. 

Each card has a points value, called the ten-game average, which counts against the overall points cap for the competition. Roster up and compete as either a Contender or a Champion; both competitions require a five-player lineup, and the points cap helps to keep things fair for all players.

Competition types

As we stated earlier, there are two types of competition: Contender and Champion. Both competitions have a points cap which we will get into shortly. They have different rewards displayed on the page, so in common Contender, at the moment, 100 entrants will win another common card that will be tiered depending on how well you perform. 

The top 15 get a tier-one card; the best players on the platform, 15 to 30, will get tier 2 and so forth, down to the last 25 percent of entries coming away with the tier 5 Card.

However, in common Champion, you can win limited cards which are worth money and can be traded for free.

You can sign up and enter the common Champion, the top three players in this division every week will have a chance at the best cards on the platform. The top 125 players will get a tier two card, 126 to 400 Will Come Away with a tier 3, and so on.

When do competitions start? 

Competitions for Sorare NFT Basketball will begin 10 minutes before the first game, with both Common Contender and Common Champion competitions available. That gives players enough time to build their collections in anticipation of the other upcoming competition formats. 

The company is also releasing more competitions that will allow you to use the 

  • Limited
  • Rare
  • Super Rare
  • and Unique 

crypto basketball cards you have recently acquired. Every competition has the opportunity to earn rewards in the form of player cards, which will make each Game Week an exciting opportunity to play and grow your collection. 

Potential rewards 

The reward quality will depend on the competition and your team’s performance. The higher your score, the better rewards you will receive. 

Sorare has also reserved a large portion of the card population for game rewards; up to 40% of the cards released in the first season will be given as rewards. 

Other peculiarities 

Surprises are also in store for the Contender and Champion competitions. The company will host various weekly competitions, offering rewards such as jerseys, tickets, and other experiences, bridging the gap between fantasy and reality. 

Managers are only allowed to use a card once each game week and can only use the same player once in the same lineup — even if they have two of their cards. Players can compete in competitions on a semi-weekly basis: Monday to Thursday and Friday to Sunday.


In conclusion, crypto basketball cards offer a unique and exciting way to engage in basketball. By leveraging the power of blockchain technology, fantasy basketball players can now enjoy a more realistic experience when playing their favorite game. 

With the ability to trade, buy, and sell individual players, virtual teams, and entire leagues, these games provide a new level of control and customization that is not available in the traditional form of fantasy sports. 

With this new form of gaming, basketball fans can now immerse themselves in the excitement of their favorite sport while having the opportunity to make some real money in the process.

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