Roobet Net Worth: A Complete Guide

by Stephen R. Tabone
14 Oct 2022

Stephen is a high roller. However, this was not always the case. First, he was a brick-and-mortar denizen. Then, he shifted to online gambling (and we all know why, don’t we?). With the rise of cryptocurrencies, Stephen realized how much more it could help him get the most out of his gambling experience. By trial and error, through multiple losses and seven-figure winnings, he finally has tremendous sway with high rollers. Learn wisdom by the follies of others as it will save lots of your time and thousands of your money.

Many gamblers are curious about the valuation of online casinos. The figure can disclose a lot about the popularity and reputation of the platform. It can tell them whether it is a good decision to gamble on the website. 

Today, we are going to find out Roobet net worth. We will also discover a few interesting facts about the portal to help you make an informed decision. 

What is Roobet?

It is a popular online casino with a Curacao gambling license. The site has wonderful games that include slots, table games, and even live dealers. The platform is also famous for crypto gambling using bitcoin and ethereum.

You can bet using top cryptocurrencies and receive your payouts in the same. The platform comes with responsive customer support to resolve your queries. 

You can also rely on the platform for its transparent terms and conditions. It has a privacy policy to keep your information safe. Plus, an anti-money laundering policy makes sure the funds are not used for illegal activities.

Most importantly, you can enjoy provably fair games for complete peace of mind. It ensures the outcomes of your gambling are random and not rigged in any way. 

Who Owns Roobet?

The online casino is registered under the brand name of Raw Entertainment B.V. Sources on the internet suggest that it is owned by the company TekHou5. 

The company is based in Belize and develops iGames. However, not much information is available about it. 

Some people have a different claim about the Roobet owner. They think the gambling establishment is owned by Allen Temiz. He is associated with the non-profit organization HANDY. It has a mission to support disadvantaged young people and build a stronger community.

Allen is also the owner of WIZZA, a charitable giveaway company. However, little is known apart from these few details about the owner. 

Roobet Net Worth

Are you wondering about the valuation of the website?

Unfortunately, there are no business reports or tax filings to find out the actual valuation of the company. We still tried to dig around the internet and found a few numbers to put up.

The valuation of the online casino is $90.7K, according to WebsiteOutlook. The figure is based on the number of daily visitors to the page. 

We will look at the insights of another website to present you with more information. As per StatShow, the portal’s valuation stands at $117,398.

Additionally, it earns a monthly revenue of $9,649.  

Interesting Facts About Roobet

The casino has quite a few interesting facts and events. Some of them are:

Responsible Gambling

The site allows gamblers to play safely and put a check on their activities. You can use several controls to limit your risk and avoid a gambling problem. 

Exciting Promotions

You can enjoy several bonuses as you spend your time at the casino. It gives you a welcome bonus of 70 free spins and $80.

Moreover, you can win $70,000 in cash drops that happen frequently. There are other ways to boost your funds with Roowards, tournaments, and more. 

You can even join the VIP program for awesome rewards.

Owner Conducts Giveaway for 100 Unprivileged Youth

Allen Temiz arranged a secret giveaway in December 2021 for 100 unprivileged young people. He sponsored the dinner for the children and gave them each a $500 gift card. 

The event was arranged together by Wizza and HANDY. Allen wanted to give back to society and make Christmas a happy time for everyone. 

Use of Fake Money for Promotion

We have a fair deal of negative facts about the casino of our topic. A YouTuber called out the portal for indulging in fake advertising.

As per the complaint, Twitch users promoted the platform to underage kids, which is against the law. Additionally, they used fake money to lure people into joining the alleged websites. 

Twitch reacted by banning such websites from their streaming.

The users of Twitch have also confirmed getting paid. They even got a trip to Mexico to promote the cause of the site. However, they don’t feel they did anything wrong by participating in the paid promotion.


Is Roobet a scam?

The casino has a license from the Curacao gambling authorities. It is a legit website and not part of a scam.

Does Roobet use real money?

You can play for real money and cryptocurrencies on the platform. 

Is the site allowed in the U.S.?

It is not allowed in the U.S. due to restrictions on online gambling. You can search for other legal casinos to place your bets.


The net worth of a casino is an important factor. It can help you evaluate the popularity of the casino and decide if it’s your money’s worth. We have given you all the information and possible figures to understand the valuation of the website. We hope you can decide wisely using our details. 

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