How, Why, And Where to Buy Sports NFTs? Your Simple Guide to Sport NFT Sites

by David Patterson
13 Feb 2023

Being seasoned in computer science and having surfed the entire software development stack, David has something to say about how it all works. He’s also well aware of the gambling industry's best practices for turning client-customer concepts into workable models. Additionally, David's zest for cryptos makes him precisely that guy whose comprehensive expertise can save you from unnecessary (and costly!) mistakes.

NFT and sport
A Simple Introduction to Sports NFT

Wondering what’s all that sport NFTs buzz has been about lately? Or maybe you are already familiar with sporting digital collectibles and are looking for the top marketplaces for trading? So make yourself comfortable, and let’s begin our journey! For newbies and knowledgeable enthusiasts alike, this guide will cover all there is to know about NFT and sports.

What Are NFT Platforms Exactly?

An AI-generated image of a football ball and a sportsman covered by a virtual net
The novel technology alters how we perceive and acquire art pieces 

Before discussing what NFT and sports have to do with one another, let’s say a few words about what an NFT platform is. Put simply, non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are blockchain-based assets that are unique and can’t be replaced. What makes them unique is a digital signature assigned to each token by the blockchain system.

The tokens can be created through minting, and one can set limits on the number of items that will be minted. These limits are important because, thanks to them, NFT creators ensure scarcity which is one of the essential characteristics of physical assets. While the latter are scarce due to the limited resources from which they are produced, NFTs are scarce due to the artificially imposed restrictions.

You can thus think of NFTs as digital assets representing real ones. These can be

  • artworks;
  • comic books;
  • games;
  • event tickets;
  • sports;
  • metaverse assets, to name but a few.

Just like real assets, non-fungible tokens can be traded and exchanged. The value of each token is set by the market, with the most expensive ones reaching tens of millions of dollars. NFTs are traded on specialized marketplaces. They can be opened and closed. The former welcome anyone, while the latter is only available to artists and other celebrities. The NFT market is high-risk: high volatility, unpredictability, and no regulations — just how we like it!

What’s In Common Between Sports and NFTs? ⚾

An AI-generated image of a sportsperson rushing forward against the background of colored dots and lines
An abstract sportsperson moving through virtual reality

Now, what’s that buzz about sports NFT markets? Well, along with online sports betting, the idea of sports NFT for sale is yet another step towards the sporting industry’s transition to virtual reality. From trading cards to digital memorabilia, specialized marketplaces provide fans with new ways of interacting with their favs, be it teams or individual athletes.

For sportsmen and clubs, the growing popularity of sporting NFT markets is a promising avenue for generating more income. By enhancing their presence on popular NFT websites, industry stakeholders can

  • Establish new sources of revenue: they can organize metaverse events and tokenize tickets to those events;
  • Increase brand awareness: clubs and individual athletes may launch custom NFT collections and provide their owners with personalized perks;
  • Grow the audience: sport NFTs can appeal to both traditional sporting fans and crypto enthusiasts.

The size of the sports NFT market exceeds $26 billion today and is expected to grow by 36% in the next decade. Not only will more people begin participating in sports NFT exchanges, but the trend will keep developing in new forms. Thus, for instance, a promising direction is the so-called “before they got famous” tokens. These feature young sports stars, usually high-school or college players. The idea behind purchasing such NFTs is that their cost might potentially skyrocket when the minor league player turns into the top scorer.

While this is only one example of how the trend might evolve in the nearest future, it illustrates well that the powerful alliance of sports and NFTs is here to stay.

Examples of Sport NFTs

An AI-generated image of a football ball hitting a virtual net
Football-related NFTs are among the most popular tokens 

Now, what kind of non-fungible tokens are there available when it comes to the sports industry? Let’s take a look at the four most popular ones!


Remember collecting Pokemon cards (just skip this question if you were born after 1998) during your school years? The idea behind sport NFT collectibles is much alike — you buy digital tokens that feature players, videos with game highlights, or whatever else. The tokens can be purchased individually or in bundles and can have different rarity statuses, from common to legendary. The rarer the token, the more valuable asset it is for your collection.

Access tokens/tickets

Besides collectibles, NFTs have been predictably adjusted to tokenize all sorts of invitations that provide access to exclusive content. The latter might include videos from stadium cameras to conversations between coaches and players. Plus, there are standard NFT tickets that enable fans to visit a sporting event in any part of the world from the comfort of their homes.

Gaming NFTs

Much like eSports that turn games into sports, gaming NFTs suggest doing the opposite: turning sports into a game. For example, those involved in fantasy football buy tokens with players from world-class clubs to gather a team and participate in tournaments. Needless to explain, the better the player, the more expensive the token.

What Sports Are Presented On Top NFT Marketplaces? ⚽

An AI-generated image of red and blue boxing gloves 
Two virtual boxing gloves

The scope of sports that go virtual and try to get their piece in the NFT pie is large. In effect, whatever sports you are into, top marketplaces are most likely to get you covered. Here are some examples of what you may find there:

  • Basketball: e.g., NBA’s game highlight video clips;
  • Baseball: e.g., anniversary collections with and without signatures;
  • Football: e.g., fantasy football gaming NFTs;
  • Hockey: e.g., hockey legends collectibles;
  • Boxing: e.g., boxing characters for Metaverse games;
  • Horse racing: e.g., virtual NFT horsing cards.

Best NFT Marketplaces with Sporting NFTs

An AI-generated image of a dark background with names of the best NFT marketplaces where you can buy sports NFTs
NFT marketplaces specializing in sports

You might be thinking, “OK, got it, just tell me what sports NFT websites to use!” While sporting tokens can be found on various NFT platforms, here is our selection of the top seven.

1️⃣ NBA Top Shot

A basketball-focused marketplace where you can buy short video clips featuring the amazing moments that took place in basketball games throughout their history. The clips are sold individually and in packs and have different rarity tiers. The more exclusive the featured moment is, the higher the clip’s rarity.

2️⃣ OpenSea

A huge NFT platform that does not specialize in sports solely but has many sporting tokens on offer. You can use the filters to find those relevant to your needs. You will choose between the two types of offers here: auctions and “buy now” ones.

3️⃣ Sorare

That is by far the best NFT marketplace for any football fan. Visit it to buy (or trade) original licensed cards for gathering your dream fantasy team and participating in tournaments. Besides football, you can manage your teams in basketball and baseball.

4️⃣ Enjin

Created as a platform that would enable athletes to engage with their fans in new meaningful ways, Enjin has now turned into an immense NFT ecosystem. In addition to buying memorabilia and collectibles, you can use the platform to mint your tokens or exchange assets with other participants.

5️⃣ Aetsoft

This sport NFT platform is perfect for making your first steps in trading non-fungible tokens. Its simple, intuitive design and supportive guidance enable you to convert your collectibles into NFTs in just a few clicks. You will receive a lucrative commission of up to 15% from any sale you make here.

6️⃣ Dibbs

Another popular NFT marketplace website, Dibbs, boasts an impressive collection of non-fungible tokens in different sports, from rugby to baseball. As a nice bonus, they give you a free three-card pack after you register on the platform so that you can make your first sale right away,

7️⃣ Rarible

From football cards to exclusive event passes, Rarible has a ton to offer when it comes to non-fungible tokens related to sports. Besides the rich selection of items, it likewise boasts a good collection of guides and how-to articles, making it a perfect pick for NFT newbies.

4 Benefits Of Being An Owner Of Sport NFTs

An AI-generated image of a football ball in the fire with translucent dollar signs
NFTs are fire! 

And now the most important question: What are the benefits of engaging with sports NFT marketplaces? In practice, you never know if your experience will be rewarding, but here are a few possible gains to expect. 

Another fun way to engage with your favorite team or player

Most importantly, sporting NFT platforms are created to bring your interaction with your favorite teams and players to a new level. Purchasing related collectibles might be an excellent way to celebrate your loyalty if you are a fan of a particular club or athlete. Plus, you’ll access some exclusive content about your favorites, too.

New virtual experience

On the other side, if you are keen on virtual reality and its possibilities, sporting NFTs are just another facet of this reality worth exploring. That might be relevant to trading tokens on sports NFT markets and using NFTs to participate in metaverse games.

Exclusive perks

Sporting NFTs are, among all else, your tickets to exclusive (or simply overseas) events, interesting content, and all sorts of exciting promos. Just like physical invitation cards in real life, they provide access to the most interesting sporting events online.

Promising investment

Under an optimistic scenario, your non-fungible tokens might be a beneficial investment. If you are lucky, they may bring you thousands (or even millions!) of dollars. But the operative word here is “if,” so don’t forget about it when trading. 

Final Thoughts

In summary, engaging with sports-related NFT markets is not without risks, but it’s certainly exciting. If virtual and e-sports are your cup of tea, sporting non-fungible tokens will help to enrich your online experience. Similarly, if you take an interest in the potential of blockchain technology, exploring sports NFT marketplaces will be at least curious.

Are sport NFTs beneficial as an investment? They might be so, but you’d better not account for that. Simply put, if you plan to step into sports NFT markets, it should be wiser to treat it as entertainment, not a source of income. Stay safe and good luck!


Is it safe to buy NFTs in general and sports ones in particular?

Generally, yes, but like with any volatile asset, the risks of losing your money are rather high.

How do I know an NFT trading platform is not a scam?

For one thing, you can use our selection of the best sports NFT websites: they are trusted ones. Beyond that, examine the site’s interface, study the terms and conditions, check the necessary licenses, and don’t forget to read other clients’ reviews.

Are sporting NFTs a good investment?

They certainly might be. The issue is that you never know for sure. That is why it’s better to set some budget limits and only spend the money you can afford when buying non-fungible tokens. 

Are there NFTs in fantasy sports other than football?

Of course! Some great examples are boxing, basketball, horse racing, and baseball.

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