Sports Betting Smart Contract: The Pros and Cons of dApps for Gambling

by David Patterson
13 Oct 2022

Being seasoned in computer science and having surfed the entire software development stack, David has something to say about how it all works. He’s also well aware of the gambling industry's best practices for turning client-customer concepts into workable models. Additionally, David's zest for cryptos makes him precisely that guy whose comprehensive expertise can save you from unnecessary (and costly!) mistakes.

Blockchain technology has revolutionized a range of industries. It has also impacted sports betting significantly and led to a massive transformation. You can now use a betting dApp to place your bets more safely and reliably. However, what are dApps? How are they better than traditional gambling?

This blog will explore sports betting smarts contract and how it affects the practice. Additionally, you learn about the pros and cons of using a decentralized platform to bet. 

What are dApps?

Many of you might have heard about blockchain, the technology driving cryptocurrencies. It is a distributed ledger consisting of several nodes or machines. You can store data on the blockchain and carry out transactions without a central authority. In other words, the whole system works autonomously. 

The “d” in dApps refers to decentralized. It indicates the applications run without central supervision and uses smart contracts to execute functions. Smart contracts are pieces of code that dictate the rules for working these applications. 

Let us take an example to make things clear. When you make a payment using digital methods, you have to rely on your bank, a central authority. 

However, software that works autonomously will perform transactions without intermediaries, like banks. No gambling enthusiasts have to trust or rely on any centralized system for the purpose. As a result, there is also no single point of failure!

Are Blockchain dApp Solutions Good for Gamblers?

We will now take focus on some of the advantages of using these apps:

Trustless System

Many casinos have the ill reputation of not paying gamblers or holding their money. Sometimes, a casino also cancels accounts based on unsatisfactory or unfair reasons. As a result, many gamblers hesitate to trust a sportsbook. 

Decentralized applications don’t need you to trust any central system. They run on automated rules and pay winners automatically. Therefore, you can have more faith in your betting partner as intermediaries are missing. Codes always execute the way they are programmed without exceptions. So, the whole system becomes more reliable. 

Crypto Gambling

Blockchain is inherently linked to cryptocurrencies. It allows gamblers to leverage crypto gambling to earn better rewards and payouts. 

Similarly, a dApp lets you use different cryptocurrencies to wager on football, soccer, baseball, and more. You can bet using a coin of your choice and receive your funds. It offers more flexibility to bettors.

Low Fees and Commissions

Sportsbooks often charge hefty fees on deposits and withdrawals. These seemingly irrelevant charges add up to a substantial amount and lower your winnings. Gamblers must also lose some sums to pay a commission when they win big amounts, like hundreds or thousands of dollars. 

Fortunately, the same does not happen when you choose decentralized gambling. The website can run without the need for human intervention and effort. Moreover, every function is carried out by computer programming automatically. 

As a result, betting platforms can save on operating costs. They can also give back more to gamblers and charge lower fees. You can keep the majority of your earnings sans a small fee. 

Become a Bookmaker

dApps can help you become a bookmaker. You can create a sportsbook in your application to allow bettors to wager on the outcome of your chosen sport. It is also possible to earn a fee by creating your sportsbook for others. People can bid on your event while you collect a small fee for bidding.

Can All That Glitters Be Gold?

Decentralized gambling seems to be pretty advantageous. However, are there any drawbacks?

Even the #1 systems in the world have a few cons. Blockchain gambling offers several perks but can have a few downsides:

  • You cannot reverse payment on the blockchain. So, there is nothing to do if the wrong person is paid.
  • Many popular blockchains are becoming overloaded. They are getting slower, and the transactions are not happening that fast.
  • Some systems charge high gas fees and increase overall charges. You may have to pay more as the volume of transactions increases. 

5 Reasons to Use Smart Contracts for Betting

What are the pros of using smart contracts for gambling?

A Better Position for Gamblers

It is a known fact that casinos or sportsbooks try to limit the earning potential of gamblers. They rely on several mechanisms, like stacked bets or restricting the size of wagers. As a result, bettors cannot earn according to their potential. 

Things are completely different when smart contracts come into play. The entire sportsbook runs on self-executing programs that cannot be changed. So, bettors have better odds and privileges. They can hope to win based on their skills and experience, which is not always possible in traditional markets.

Less Downtime

Running an online gambling platform needs significant computing resources. Virtual casinos must invest in expensive central servers to account for the high number of users. 

Additionally, they must keep spare resources to support spikes in traffic. A gambling portal should always perform superbly to engage gamblers and provide a good experience. However, these platforms go down from time to time and face technical disruptions. As a result, gamblers may lose their money or experience difficulties placing their bets. 

Blockchain solves the downtime problem for sportsbooks. It does not need a central server to operate. Instead, the technology uses a network of machines distributed across the world. As a result, the whole system never goes down, as there is no single point of failure. 

You can enjoy optimum uptime and may gamble without interruptions!

Quick Transactions

Transactions on the blockchain are performed at lightning speed. You get your payouts instantly after the sporting event ends. Gamblers no longer wait for hours and days, as there are no unreasonable delays and extra procedures that postpone them from getting what they own. Similarly, you can expect fast deposits and withdrawals. 

Zero Risk of Fraud

Transactions recorded on the blockchain are permanent. There is no way to change or edit them. As a result, the risks of fraud come down to almost zero. The distributed ledger records all bidding activities, including winnings and losses. Hence, these records are immutable and irreversible. No one can manipulate the records or steal your funds!

Growth of the Ecosystem

Decentralized gambling can lead to the growth of the whole ecosystem. The market will become fairer and better-paying, along with improved transparency. Additionally, the introduction of cryptocurrency can offer more liquidity to betting pools. They can also guarantee assured returns in the currency of your choice.

As a result, expert predictors could feel encouraged to participate in the market for lucrative returns. The whole industry can become more profitable and achieve additional growth. 


What is a sports betting smart contract?

It is a technology that uses blockchain to wager on sporting events. There is no intermediary controlling the system. 

Do dApps use cryptocurrencies?

You can bet using different crypto coins on decentralized applications. Some of them also support fiat currency and cards. 

Can I lose my money using dApps?

It is far less likely to lose your money as the system runs without a central authority. Your funds are controlled by code instead of a website or bank.


dApps are the future of sports betting. They use blockchain and execute transactions and functions based on smart contracts. The system becomes more transparent, and the risks of fraud are minimized. Moreover, gamblers can hope to pay lower fees and keep most of their profits. Additionally, we can expect optimum uptime and lightning-fast transactions and payments. Blockchain will make a lasting impact on sports bidding and open new horizons in the coming days. 

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