Star Atlas NFT Crypto Game: How to Play and Make Money 

by Ed Miller
17 May 2023

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A spaceship 
Star Atlas NFT Game Review

This game caught my attention as soon as I saw its trailer. The level of dynamism and design is INSANELY good. Fans of spaced-themed PC games like No Man’s Sky, Star Conflict, and, EverSpace will love this metaverse. It combines the best features of today’s gaming: interesting activities, great graphics, consistent theme, and money-making. Now, let us dive into this endless space with stellar opportunities. 

Everything to Pinpoint about Star Atlas

The game's logo 
This looks promising…

The Star Atlas NFT game has a lot to offer. So, brace yourself, and let us leap to the stars! Before stepping into the cosmic void, we will see the game’s plot, functioning principles, economic peculiarities, gameplay, and other features you must know.

The plot and setting

A screenshot of in-game species: aliens, humans, and robots 
Available races are Aliens, Humans, and Robots 

This metaverse teleports its players to the future, where they see the world of the 2620th years. Space exploration is the #1 “profession” in the universe, and three main groups — Aliens, Humans, and Robots — compete against each other to claim the best lands, build their perfect worlds, and ensure their beacons disperse cosmic darkness. 

Resources here are the priority. Only by claiming more and more resources can races establish solid dominance and guarantee their new home will not be attacked. So, players strive to stick to their group, combat, farm, and craft to survive, as only that lets them be safe in the endless black void of space.

How the game functions 

This universe uses the Solana blockchain due to the high speeds and perfect scalability of the latter. In addition, Solana allows low transaction costs, which is another positive for the game and its users. 

The game’s engine is Nanite, one of the top and most sophisticated game engines nowadays. Long story short and complex terms aside, this virtualized geometry system by Unreal Engine 5 allows us to enjoy detailed and well-compressed graphics with life-like effects. 

StarAtlas creature (alien) 
Unreal Engine 5’s work result in the Star Atlas NFT game 

Regarding the DeFi system, the Star Atlas NFT game relies on Serum Solana’s DEX. It has a convenient trading environment and a simplistic design, ensuring that gamers can trade their NFTs easily and safely. 

Serum logo looks like minimalistic water drops
Serum is the main tool for exchanging assets you acquire in the game 

Given the ultimate decentralization, this game gives its players 100% control over what they earn while exploring the world. Unlike centralized gaming projects that do not let players claim their in-game resources entirely and limit the opportunities to sell digital goods, the ATLAS project embraces the fact that whatever you have found/claimed belongs to you. Hence, you can sell and buy whatever you need in the game, experiencing trades with real money but in the digital plane. 

Star Atlas gameplay explained 

Staring, you get three options of who to play as your main character. This first choice will impact your journey greatly because each race has a distinctive set of skills and starting territories, which are 

MUD — for humans
Star Alta’s humans live in an industrial world and use their technology most effectively to produce tons of goods and sustain well-being. Offensively, humans stick to firepower. Their best strategy is to claim territories and build, build, and build what they will later protect from intruders. 
USTUR — for androids and robots
These robotic giants are the strongest sentient creatures you can meet in this world. Their physical abilities make them amazing explorers, and they have higher chances of surviving in aggressive environments. 
ONI — for alien species
Aliens might be physically weaker and not the best combat pals. Yet, the powers of their genius minds let them create technological solutions other races can only envy. Aliens are the best diplomats; you want to be sure you can handle a dialogue when you stumble on one! 

Also, each faction has lore, and you can check it while deciding on who you want to play with. Moreover, that lore piece will tell you which resources you can find on your territories! For instance, humans can grab a lot of diamonds and tenons, while robots have more access to lithium and viscovite; in turn, aliens have zero issues finding gold, jasphorus, and chisenic. 


Interesting fact! USTUR creatures, the robots, are spiritual! 


Human (MUD) lore explained in the game 
Be sure to read those lore pieces and pay attention to the info on the right! 

Also, note that this choice is PERMANENT. You cannot become a resident of ONI if you choose to play with robots, and you will not access MUD when you are an alien, etc. Hence, ensure you choose a faction that will fit your playstyle best. I recommend analyzing how you usually play RPG games before committing. For instance, USTUR is your best choice if you have a “heavy” and direct combat style. MUD is your top option when you usually play with archers and long-range combatants. ONI will be good if your RPG characters are usually smart and use magic. 

So, you find yourself in a safe place. The starting location is always 100% enemy-free because the system wants you to learn the basics. Still, many challenges await you; random comets are the least dangerous things you will see. 

The firs Star Atlas Gameplay – First day in the game t thing in your action plan is to find groups you will stick to. Your clan — faction, to be more precise — can become a decentralized autonomous organization, and you will access more tools to rove the space. Advancing, you can even build a whole city with your new-found friends. 

Like with Gold Fever, many items in this game serve as NFTs. The most epic ones, so far, are vehicles. 

But you can also earn additional ATLAS coins when completing numerous quests.

A-a-and you can walk to any object, building, and location. So, that is an open-world universe like Skyrim (my beloved), Fallout, Dark Souls, the Witcher, and Genshin Impact.

Star Atlas Marketplace and NFTs

As mentioned above, many objects in this game are NFTs. The main categories are the following: 


Ships on the Star Atlas marketplace
Vehicles in this game are so diverse! 

You can use those vehicles to explore or sell them to other adventurers. Those ships can be anything, from a floating bike with a metalhead design to something enormous and epic, like Cyclops in Subnautica. So, you can buy something useful, functional, and convenient like this: 

A blue-and-yellow colored spaceship
Beautiful, stark, and stylish! 

Or-r-r save some ATLAS and go for this: 

A spaceship that looks like a mechanical flower in space 
I think I’m scared of this one

And you can customize these and many other objects! 

Many factors influence prices for these spaceships. They have physical parameters like width, height, etc. But also, you must consider your crew and how many people you want to fit in there. For instance, the last spaceship (Busan The Last Stand mk. VIII) can carry over twenty gunners, more than twenty engineers, many foremen, several captains, and many other crews, including rescuers, drone operators, co-pilots, etc. 

For starters, you need something like this: 

A cosmic motorbike 
That will suffice for the first several days

Such small vehicles do their job and have low prices. Many sellers offer options like this bike, and its price can range from one dollar to twenty dollars. You also have a panel where you can see how other players buy vehicles and how much they spend to acquire one. 

Fimbul Airbike prices range from one to twenty USDC
That is rather affordable! 

Sure, common vehicles are the cheapest. The price rises when you choose uncommon, rare, epic, legendary, and anomalous ships. 

An example of a Legendary ship 
Ogrika Jod Asteris spaceship from the Legendary category 

Browsing these Star Atlas vehicles is fun even when you do not want to buy anything. The diversity is amazing, and the spaceships can be a great inspiration. 


StarAtlas foods, ammunition, fuels, etc. 
Selling and buying resources can be your best daily trades

The three races exchange goods in their markets. You can obtain various consumables, from meals to power plants. Like with spaceships, resources you buy/sell can be common, uncommon, rare, legendary, etc. 


Examples of collectibles: posters, characters, etc. 
This section is quite messy because it contains many different items 

Crew gear, charms, posters, humans, animals, skins, trinkets, jewelry, and other collectibles are in this market’s section. Here, you can buy everything from patches to cute pets. 

A poster with two ONI aliens
You can buy cards, shinies, decorations, and many other items that can create a cool collection! 

Most offers here are affordable, and you may create a nice collection of thingies for your soul for around $100-500. Sure, some posters and cards might cost much more, but that all depends on the rarity level. 


Badges and licenses you can buy for ATLAS crypto 
Licenses and badges bought for ATLAS crypto are important access keys 

The “Access” category contains costly ATLAS crypto items that usually come in the form of badges. These function as licenses that let you participate in exclusive events and ensure you get more rewards. Given that this is a play-to-earn game, badges are must-haves because they give you great boosts for money-making. 

There are also VIP licenses that allow you to enter VIP facilities and play in limited-access events with greater rewards. 


Some bases in the game that work as NFTs 
Building and construction time! 

Players can acquire houses, storage, cargo, interior design tools, bigger power plants, mining drills, space stations, and stakes in this section. 

An ONI space station that looks like a geometric cosmic temple
That is a proper residence for a successful ONI! 

Those structures can be helpful when you mine resources and build your city. Furthermore, acquiring residential lots in one style can help your city look aesthetically pleasing. 


NFT books you can buy for ATLAS crypto 
ATLAS crypto can be useful to buy real NFT books 

This category offers comic books and visual novels for players who prioritize lore, stories, and legends. So far, all books are common and cost around $20-50. Although, some sellers put a much higher price of over 500 USDC. 

The two first episodes of "Magic Eden"
“Magic Eden” episodes 1-2 

There are two series you can read: “Star Atlas” and “Magic Eden.” The category will probably get many more updates soon. 

ATLAS Crypto Coin

The coin and outer space in the background 
ATLAS crypto coin

The game is magnificent and has done an amazing job of creating a high-quality metaverse with many activities and opportunities. So, the ATLAST crypto coin must be doing well. Right? 

ATLAS price in a year
… At least it is cheap to buy 

Left. Like many other cryptocurrencies, this crypto has lost its value and needs more time to become a successful asset. Nevertheless, there are some positives of such a price. At least you can buy ATLAST crypto without spending too much and access many perks in the game. Creating a solid NFT collection, in turn, can be your best option to sell it for USDC, and this profit should be high. 

Given the current market cap, which is $21,539,844, and the max supply of 36,000,000,000, we can predict that the cryptocurrency has many chances to become more valuable and bring greater profits for its holders. In addition, its circulating supply is only 27%, meaning that there are a lot of assets to acquire, and dedicated players/investors can claim more before the project goes super popular. 

Is ATLAS crypto a good investment? Yes. The project is magnificent and attracts more players. IMO, this is one of the best NFT games to play in 2024 and beyond. Furthermore, the game has a friendly and supportive community, which is another important factor for growth. 

I also recommend checking ATLAS crypto historical data

BTW, About the Community

Users commenting 
Comments on CoinMarketCap are mostly positive, but we should not ignore the negative thoughts 

This NFT game has a big and active community that helps developers move forward. As seen on the official social media pages, ATLAS crypto posts have many views, likes, and comments. That is a positive sign because this media noise plays a significant role in making this game more popular and, accordingly, more complex and successful. 

ATLAS crypto company's Twitter page 
The community on Twitter is rather active! 

Users receive updates through several communication channels, including Twitter, Discord, and Instagram

Company's Instagram post about recent updates 
The team provides updates to all players regularly 

The Verdict 


I am amazed by this project and sincerely hope it will grow into something truly stellar. This is a great opportunity for crypto and NFT enthusiasts to make real money using this high-quality entertainment product. 

Still, this game is for specific players. First, it has a consistent theme that might not be just interesting for you. Second, it is also a strategic and battling game, which can be challenging for some players. 

Overall, this game is perfect for crypto holders who are avid gamers and play regularly. You can still be a casual player and enjoy this game to the maximum. The issue is not with the difficulty level but with dedication. 

Regardless, the Star Atlas NFT game is among the must-plays of 2024. Enjoy your space adventures, and stay safe! 

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