Best Crypto Blackjack Sites 2023 & Guide: How to Play Blackjack

Welcome Bonus - 5 BTC
Welcome Bonus - 5 BTC
Bitcoin Blackjack card games are easy to learn, entertaining, and… rewarding! Yet, a Bitcoin Blackjack session will give you tangible rewards only when you choose crypto gambling sites with licenses, great games on offer, and mechanisms that guarantee fair play. ORDB is here to help you discover cryptocurrency Blackjack casinos and get practical action plans to ensure cryptocurrency payments and rewards for you are at least doubled. Here is everything to pinpoint regarding this eternal and amusing game!

10 Best Blackjack Crypto Gambling Sites: Tested and Trusted ?

Best Odds

Since 2017, not only does Stake Casino focus on Bitcoin gamblers, but it also provides the option to buy cryptos from its site in exchange for fiat currencies. The platform comes with an impressive variety of Bitcoin casino games, betting options, and lucrative deposit bonuses. The highlighting features include slot games, betting shows, card games, betting on a deal live, easy-to-withdraw payment options, etc.

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CloudBet is a one-stop-shop for gamblers in over 100 countries, as it caters to them with a myriad of casino games and other indispensable gaming activities, such as sports betting, live dealers, esports, innumerable titles, and many more. Cloudbet is a well-known Bitcoin casino that does not accept fiat currencies and promotes multiple cryptocurrencies only.

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Client's Choice

7BitCasino is a retro-themed, terrifically stylish Bitcoin casino with a perfectly discrete arcade feel. It holds a license from the Curacao iGaming Authority and is operated by Direx N.V., which owns several other highest-rated gambling sites. Instant-play 7BitCasino is also known for its great compatibility with all other devices and platforms.

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Client's Choice

Launched in 2014, this online crypto casino boosted to kick-start a new wave of crypto casinos. Before this game-changing brand hit the market, Bitcoin casinos were, in fact, on the fringes of the iGaming space. However, now BitStarz stands out as one of the top online crypto casinos, with a carefully nurtured reputation. It regularly welcomes thousands of gamblers and provides some of the best bonuses on the market.

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Published: 25 Oct 2022Updated: 10 Nov 2023

Top 10 Crypto Gambling Sites: Enjoy Bitcoin Blackjack with the Best Crypto Bonuses ?

Playing this game online can be a lot of fun if you have managed to find a trustworthy crypto casino site that offers a decent game assortment and fun promos. With keen gambling enthusiasts, ORDB researches the crypto gambling market and inspects online casinos for their legitimacy, game assortment, promos, and more. In particular, we have scanned hundreds of online gambling platforms to pinpoint those most suitable for playing!

Alas, not all Bitcoin Blackjack casinos ensure you can access high-quality entertainment titles, video games, and live Blackjack rooms. Moreover, not every BTC Blackjack casino will give you useful bonuses and boosts to enhance your gambling experience. 

So, ORDB focuses on Blackjack casinos with the highest-RTP games, skyrocketing win multipliers, and in-game features that help gamblers claim the maximum! The following top-ranked sites have high-quality Bitcoin Blackjack games perfect for all playstyles and gambling goal-achieving. The results might not surprise you, given that these blockchain-based sites have already appeared in multiple reviews. So, are these wagering hubs as good as reviewers and gamblers say? We have checked, examined, tested, used bonuses, claimed the exclusive Blackjack perks, etc. — and we answer: yes!

4,6 Rank
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Winners 76 /100
Rate 72 /100
4,3 Rank
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up to $5000

Winners 73 /100
Rate 74 /100
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up to $1000

Winners 73 /100
Rate 67 /100
4,0 Rank
Available in US

750 EUR and 75 FS

Winners 88 /100
Rate 86 /100
3,8 Rank
Available in US

280% slots bonus up to $14000

Winners 68 /100
Rate 66 /100
3,7 Rank
Available in US

up to $5000

Winners 79 /100
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Winners 86 /100
Rate 81 /100
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Winners 89 /100
Rate 68 /100

BTC Blackjack with Bitcoin: Rules and Must-Know Facts

A casino table for the 21 game 
Best of luck with your game! 

You’ve registered an account on a legit site, but how exactly do you play? Here are a few glimpses into the game’s rules for you to feel more confident when getting started. This information will enable you to earn more cash as you enjoy BTC Blackjack in online casinos.

BTC Blackjack game objective

Blackjack casinos offer various card game variations, but they all set a goal for you: as a player, you must beat the dealer. The dealer in online Blackjack can be an AI (in all single-players) or a real-existing person (if we focus on the live Blackjack section). 

Regardless of the Bitcoin Blackjack mode, you have three scenarios of winning. 

Getting 21 points as soon as possible
The ideal scenario is receiving cards with a Ten/Face card with Ace. That is an automatic online Blackjack win! Your opponent must still have a worse combination than you. Yet, some online Blackjack games register you as a winner even if the dealer has the winning combo (but that is a rarity). 
Getting close to the ideal number
The cards must almost make it the winning number. In the meantime, the dealer’s card combination should give them fewer points. For instance, you get a Nine and a King — that is nineteen, and the “enemy” has a Six and a Queen — that is sixteen. You take the bank!
The dealer gets over twenty-one points
Regardless of your card combo, you win if the opponent exceeds the “capped” number. For instance, you have a bad combo: Four, Five, and Six (fifteen in total). Yet, the “rival” has Ten, Nine, and an unexpected Five (twenty-four). They lose, and you get the crown this round. 

Card value peculiarities 

Do you think Blackjack with Bitcoin has other values for all cards and suits? Do not worry about that! The cryptocurrency version of this game brings zero extra complexities and does not alter the rules. So, the card values remain identical to the traditional version.

We will still remind you…

All cards with numbers give you points as stated on their face. The suit does not change anything. Hence, a Two is two, a Three is three, etc., up to Tens. 
All cards with Faces (characters, heroes, people — whatever you want to call that) are equal to ten. So, Jacks, Queens, and Kings always add ten points. 
Aces are inconstant and mutable cards that switch their value to help you score the ideal result. So, every Ace is either one or eleven points. Getting a Face and an Ace is the guaranteed win in provably fair Blackjack!

The online Blackjack play

Zach Galifianakis Math meme 
TBH, there is nothing too complex about this game 

Each player must place bets within the set limits for the game to begin. When the deal starts, a player gets two cards face up, while the dealer gets one card face up and the other face down (in American style). The game begins, and one decides whether to…

This action means you do not want to take another card.
That is when you ask for a new card for the same hand. You might have to wave if you play in a land-based Blackjack casino, but the online version will likely have a button for that. 
Double down
Do this when you only need one card, and you are sure that the deck can give you what you want. Doubling down will require X2ing your bet. This is quite a risky move, but it can be rewarding. 
Splitting is possible when you have pair cards. For instance, the system gives you two Eights — split those immediately. You can do that will all cards, creating two hands (but note that this is done only when you have a pair. So, you can split two Jacks, but you cannot split a Ten and a Queen, even though their values are identical). A player who splits should wager on the two hands separately! Note that most Bitcoin Blackjack games ban hitting and doubling after that. Splitting again is not an option as well. 
This self-explanatory action is appropriate and rational when you see that the combination does not work and you are unlikely to receive better cards. Note that Blackjack websites might have game versions that ban surrendering after some actions. Yet, the classical scenario is when you get half of your bet back when backing with the unlucky hand. 

If the player already has a count over 21, they go “bust,” meaning the dealer takes their bet. The dealer, in turn, does not make any independent decisions but follows the prescribed rules. 

As a rule, players have more freedom regarding actions when they compete in Bitcoin casino Blackjack. Thus, they can hit, stand, surrender, double down, and do whatever they want, regardless of the card combo the system/dealer passes them. Rationality and basic game rules are the only two limitations for gamblers. 

In parallel, the dealer follows additional directives. For example, they must hit if the count is less than seventeen. The dealer must stand if the combo result is between seventeen and twenty-one. 

Crypto VS Traditional Blackjack

A Blackjack session screenshot taken from a YouTube video by DarkViperAU Clips
Blackjack games in casinos accepting Bitcoin can still be traditional, even though many are cryptocurrency-centered 

You will get entertained with cards and play Blackjack on popular betting sites such as Cloudbet or Stake. But which one should you choose, cryptocurrency Blackjack or a traditional one? 

Overall, playing both games in casinos online can be a pleasing and fun experience if you stick to licensed casinos. Rules-wise, the cryptocurrency component does not change anything on these sites. All standards, moves, combos, and other necessities stay the same. 

Nevertheless, remember that a crypto Blackjack site will always use extra technologies to provide decentralized, fair, and legit services! While those do not impact the gameplay, players still enjoy additional benefits of gambling dApps. Here is what happens when you pick a Blackjack casino that runs on blockchain software…

Enhanced security 

dApps always have immutability, encryption, and consensus mechanisms that boost their security component. Hence, blackjack casino sites can guarantee several additional protection layers. Plus, you have all information about transactions stored in blocks of blockchain, which is protected from hacker attacks. 


Bitcoin Blackjack sites can let you play without disclosing any details that identify you. That means you get access by providing the minimum facts which allow Bitcoin Blackjack sites to ensure they send your money to you. A player might have to clarify their age because Bitcoin Blackjack sites, like trad ones, do not accept gamblers under 18. But that is it! 

Provably fair Blackjack

Bitcoin Blackjack sites have new mechanisms that make all games transparent, unbiased, and trustworthy. The #1 tool Bitcoin Blackjack sites use to guarantee that is the RNG — Random Number Generator — which “comes up” with the result that determines the outcome. All gamblers can check that using forms or other means!

Withdrawals take minutes  

BTC Blackjack sites take the maximum of crypto decentralization, ensuring fast withdrawals with minimum commissions and bank shenanigans. Hence, users of such Blackjack casinos can get their money in around ten minutes. Sure, Ethereum, Tron, Avalanche, and other cryptos are faster. However, despite being a bit slower, BTC is still the top crypto (and is much better than Bank Transfer, Visa, and other conventional payment methods). 

Enhanced bonus offers 

BTC blackjack sites most often offer better deposit boosts! Since Bitcoin Blackjack casinos work with vaster financial volumes and have the benefits of decentralization, they can provide gamblers with more resources to test games or multiply their chances of winning. 

Best Crypto Coins for Playing Blackjack

Two BTC coins 
The choice of cryptos for casino games might influence your financial situation 

Top Blackjack casino sites such as mBit or Cloudbet normally work with digital assets and allow withdrawals in several crypto coins. Each asset has pros and cons; we will review some below. You normally find all related details in your casino account.

01— Bitcoin (BTC)

Bitcoin is, beyond any doubt, the top popular crypto coin. If an online casino allows you to deposit with cryptocurrencies, you can rest assured it accepts BTC deposits and performs BTC withdrawals. Some casino sites also have a separate section with BTC games which are only available for those who play with BTC. Also, Bitcoin Blackjack sites often present better crypto promotions for those who use novel assets as the main payment. 

Still, Bitcoin has downsides compared to other popular cryptocurrencies, such as Ethereum or Litecoin. Withdrawals in BTC are slower (up to 48 hours as opposed to instant withdrawals in other cryptos), and there might be transaction fees, too.

02 — Litecoin (LTC)

Litecoin is another popular option most casino sites accept today. Payouts in this coin are normally free and instant. In most casinos, such as Stake or Cloudbet, you can withdraw from 0.14 LTC to 100 LTC.

LTC transactions are at least four times faster compared to BTC. Litecoin is also a low-cost coin that might be better for money management. 

03 — Ethereum (ETH)

Ethereum is the second most popular crypto after Bitcoin: it has earned a reputation of being a fast, safe, and super reliable coin for deposit. Withdrawal limits for this cryptocurrency normally vary between 0.010 ETH and 100 ETH. If you play in a crypto casino online, be it Cloudbet, Stake, or any other gambling website, it is most likely that this site accepts Ethereum.

Note that Ethereum crypto is, first and foremost, an app-building innovation, and its encryption and technology give gamblers additional security. 

04 — Dogecoin (DOGE)

Dogecoin is a relatively young cryptocurrency in the meme coins category many sites accept. Among its cons is that the crypto is less widely used and is more problematic to buy. In the meantime, many casinos on our top 10 list allow you to deposit with Dogecoin and withdraw this crypto for free within the average limit of 115 DOGE 1,000,000 DOGE.

Dogecoin is the #1 meme asset with a supportive community, including celebrities. Its fees are minimal, and transactions are X10 faster than what users usually experience with BTC. Nevertheless, DOGE has several negatives, such as the absence of a market cap (meaning this coin is weak against inflation and loses value). Plus, DOGE crypto falls behind in scalability. That is not the top option for long-term investment, but it can be a 10/10 choice for gambling if you also spare a minute to convert your winnings into a more stable and solid currency. 

05 — Tether (USDT)

Just like Dogecoin, Tether is less frequently accepted on Blackjack sites. For the rest, it offers all the pros other cryptocurrencies offer, from minimizing transaction fees to instant withdrawals. An average limit for Tether withdrawals is between 10 USDT and 4,000 USDT.

Also, Tether is a transparent asset and is secure. It has anti-inflationary mechanisms and stuff, but… This project was accused of market manipulation — here’s a study in case you want to learn more. 

Types of Crypto Blackjack

To fully appreciate the assortment of Blackjack games a particular website offers, you should be aware of different variations of this popular table game. To help you get started, we review four major types of crypto Blackjack which top casinos such as BitStarz, Cloudbet, Stake, and others normally have.

American Blackjack
American Blackjack is commonly referred to as the classic Blackjack game. In it, the dealer gets both their cards right when the deal begins. One of the cards comes face up, and the other comes face down.
European Blackjack
European Blackjack is another classic variation of the popular table game. Its major difference from classic Blackjack is that the dealer gets only one card at first. They get the second one only after the player decides on their first move. In everything else, European Blackjack is identical to the American style. 
Pirate 21
Pirate 21 is one of the most interesting game variations. Its central feature is that it is played with decks that contain 48 cards and do not contain ten cards. With the latter, it is easier for players to approach 21, and many rules and minor details are added to ensure the dealer’s advantage is not decisive.
Single-deck Blackjack
As the name implies, this game variation is played with one 52-card deck. The house edge for this variation is usually three or four times lower than it is for Blackjack games that use multiple decks.

How to Choose the Best Crypto Casino to Play Blackjack?

Choosing a good website to play blackjack is of utmost importance because it will inform the gambling experience as a whole. In this section, we will review the major information to consider before registering an account on a casino website:

  • License A trusted casino website is licensed by a legal regulating body such as Curacao eGaming or Malta Gaming Authority. A license is a security guarantee that your experience will be enjoyable and your account data will be safe. The license information will normally be provided on the website if a casino is licensed.
  • Game assortment Before registering on a casino website, scanning the games it offers might be useful. What Blackjack games does it have? Are there any titles besides the traditional American Blackjack? Is there live Blackjack? What game providers does the casino partner with? What bonuses are available? These questions can guide your assessment and help to choose the platform with the best betting offer.
  • Cryptocurrencies accepted Top platforms normally accept Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Tether, and at least a couple more (e.g., BCH or Cardano). Taking a closer look at withdrawal limits, speed, and any transaction fees involved is also a good idea.
  • Bonuses and promotions The best casinos are, among all else, those that offer generous perks. Some aspects worth considering are the platform’s regular bonuses, exclusive and seasonal promotions, and VIP program rewards.
  • Independent reviews Independent feedback is important when registering an account on a new casino site. Independent reviews can be found on many websites, such as AskGamblers or TrustPilot. Pay attention to what other players say about signing up, payouts, bonuses, and wagering requirements.

Playing Blackjack On The Go: 3 Best Crypto Casino Apps

Mobile gambling is the best for accessible fun as it lets you play your favorite games and control your bankroll on the go. So here are some great mobile apps that allow betting whenever and wherever!

01 — WildCasino mobile app

That is a user-friendly interface coupled with 10+ Blackjack games. It will also be the best option for novices, given that the app focuses on traditional gambling games. Here is more about the Wild casino’s Blackjack section.

02 — Stake mobile version

Although the site does not have a downloadable app, the mobile version of the casino website allows enjoying Blackjack and other crypto casino games on the go comfortably. We also double-tested this casino to see if Stake is a scam

03 — BitStarz app for Android & iOS

Among all sites, this one has dozens of Blackjack games from leading providers with top-notch graphics and live formats. 

Blackjack Strategies

A meme created by a Reddit user (the Virgin VS Chad template)
Choose your fighter (this is obv a meme, not strategy advice!!!) Meme author: NoMaskTilReparations on Reddit 

Whatever you find on these sites, you must have a surefire strategy to carry you through a game. Some gamblers enter the play kicking the digital door out, and others stick to the basics and feel nervous whenever they are advised to split something other than Eights. 

Blackjack strategy #1: Know the basics

If you have a hard hand (2 cards, no ace), you make your decision according to the table below!


The dealer

Your action
8 or lesshit
122 or 3hit

If you have a soft hand (2 cards, one of which is an ace), you decide as follows:

YouThe dealerYour action
ace-2 or ace-35 or 6double
ace-4 or ace-54-6double
ace-72, 7, 8stand
ace-8 or ace-9stand

If you play with pairs, you decide accordingly!

YouThe dealerYour action
aces or 8ssplit

Blackjack strategy #2: Doubling down

You can double your bet if you believe your hand is more promising than the dealer’s. Remember that if you do so, you won’t be able to take one more card. We recommend doubling down if you

  • have a hard hand involving 8-11
  • have a soft hand of 13-18 (from A-2 to A-7)

Blackjack strategy #3: Splitting

You can split it and play with two different hands if you get a pair. Keep in mind that you will, then, need to make two separate bets for each hand. We recommend splitting if you

  • have a pair of aces
  • have a pair of 8s

To ensure your experience is 100% legit, consider the following aspects when choosing a Blackjack casino:

Do the banking options offered by the casino work in your region?
Do you meet the age requirements?
Is gambling with crypto restricted in your country?
Does a credible regulating body license the selected casino?
Does the casino accept players from your country?
Do the crypto banking options offered by the casino work in your region?

David Patterson
Written by:
David Patterson
Being seasoned in computer science and having surfed the entire software development stack, David has something to say about how it all works. He’s also well aware of the gambling industry’s best practices for turning client-customer concepts into workable models. Additionally, David’s zest for cryptos makes him precisely that guy whose comprehensive expertise can save you from unnecessary (and costly!) mistakes.


How do I find crypto sites with the best blackjack game selection?

If you are after the best crypto sites and casinos to play blackjack with crypto, it might be a good idea to check ORDB’s global and regional rankings. Another way to find out more about the sites to play blackjack with crypto is by vising platforms such as AskGamblers and TrustPilot. The platforms offer reviews of the top crypto casinos, their pros and cons, bonuses, promotions, transaction fees, and more.

What are the major pros and cons of gambling with crypto?

Betting at sites accepting digital money such as Ethereum, Bitcoin, BCH, and others comes with a lot of benefits. First, such casinos provide the best bonuses. Second, they ask for minimal personal details such as an email address so their players can remain anonymous. Third, deposits and payouts are faster and more secure. As to the cons, not all players are comfortable with the use of digital funds. Besides, chances are the target casinos do not accept your crypto coin and so you will have to visit web exchanges to get some widely accepted currencies such as BCH or Ethereum.

Why do most welcome packages include free spins? Can I only use them on slots?

Indeed, free spins are the number one bonus when it comes to casinos online. And yes, the spins can only be used on slots. One reason why the spins bonus is so popular is that most casinos compose their game assortment in such a manner that it mainly consists of slots. Spins are more popular among players than cards or roulette. If you get a free spins bonus, be sure to check the wagering requirements before accepting it. It is always useful to weigh all pros and cons before using any casino bonuses.

What are the pros and cons of being a member of a casino’s VIP program? What benefits does it imply for players?

The best thing about any VIP program is that it opens access to more bonuses, perks, and promos for players. Besides, in the case with the VIP program, these bonuses are normally customized. This means that if you love live dealer games and specifically poker, chances are you will get a bonus that can be used to play them.
The limitation of a VIP program is that there might be some requirements for you to become a member. For example, you can be required to make several deposits of a certain size or prove that your account is an active one by engaging with the casino’s events and offers.

Is it a good idea to make deposits with Ethereum crypto coins?

Gambling with crypto, be it Ethereum, Litecoin, or any other digital coin, comes with many benefits, such as staying anonymous and enjoying fast account verification. A casino often provides a special bonus if you use Ethereum to make deposits. Many players choose to do so because, in this case, they only have to provide their email addresses.

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