WildCasino Blackjack Games Review 2024

by Stephen R. Tabone
23 Feb 2023

Stephen is a high roller. However, this was not always the case. First, he was a brick-and-mortar denizen. Then, he shifted to online gambling (and we all know why, don’t we?). With the rise of cryptocurrencies, Stephen realized how much more it could help him get the most out of his gambling experience. By trial and error, through multiple losses and seven-figure winnings, he finally has tremendous sway with high rollers. Learn wisdom by the follies of others as it will save lots of your time and thousands of your money.

A person taking two cards: a Queen and a Ten of Spades
Wild Casino Blackjacks Card Game

The Wild casino is among those rewarding cryptocurrency gambling sites you can play on the go without issues. No wonder its popularity grows, despite it being focused on only some regions and having many country restrictions. Still, if you are lucky to have access to the Wild casino website, you might want to visit its Blackjack section. 

ORDB has already reviewed this gambling website. You can check the full Wild casino review by David Patterson. Without verbal overdoses, let us dive into the Wild casino online gambling opportunities regarding this popular game. 

A Concise List of Must-Know Facts about the Wild Casino Online Gambling Site

Here is a recap of David’s review in case you want it fast! 

  • The Panama Gaming Commission has licensed the Wild casino gambling website. Its license is still valid in 2024. 
  • This crypto casino is cryptocurrency-centered but remains fiat-friendly. The site works with BTC, LTC, Bitcoin Cash, ETH, USDT, XPR, Binance USD, AVAX, and many other cryptos. It still accepts American Express, VISA, MasterCard, and Discover. The alternative payments are Person-to-Person and BankWire. 
  • Does the Wild casino pay real money? Yes! We have tested its withdrawal options, and the cryptocurrency ones were fast (except for the BTC one because it took over a day). Some fiat withdrawals can be slow, but that is understandable. So, a Wild casino payout is guaranteed. 
  • The casino is restricted in over 35 countries. 
  • It has games from top providers like BetSoft and RTG. 
  • Game types include slots, Poker, Blackjack, and various table games. There are also some good live dealer rooms.  
  • The managers can provide support via secure live chat and email. 

Wild Casino Blackjack: What Does the Wild Casino App Offer?

Wild casino Blackjack gambling games
The Wild casino’s Blackjack game section has only fifteen titles

What are the Wild casino online gambling options? Is there a good Blackjack card game? I must highlight that this cryptocurrency casino has only some good options, and its game collection is rather scarce if we compare it to other crypto casinos we have tested. Nevertheless, that does not mean this gambling website has nothing to entertain you. Here are some of its Blackjack card game titles. 

Multi-Hand Blackjack 

That is the #1 game in all aspects, especially given that the RTP here is 99.5%. Its rules are standard, meaning there are no alternative card values and actions to take. Overall, that is an enjoyable game with a sleek, gambler-centered, and mobile-friendly design. 

Single-Deck Blackjack 

This is your best option for a lower house edge (because single-deck games are almost always like that until they are rigged). That is another provably fair title that you can play with minimized stress. Also, this game’s RTP is 99.62%. Of course, it can become much lower practically if a gambler is irrational. Yet, staying within limits and using basic decent human logic will carry even the greenest novice. 

Wild Casino Blackjack Deluxe 

That is a high-quality, maximally classic Blackjack game with a low house edge. Nothing is challenging about this title, and it can be a good alternative option if you seek novelties. There is nothing to criticize, which is more than sufficient for an enjoyable pastime. 

Other Blackjack game titles 

Of all fifteen games that this cryptocurrency casino offers, every title is at least good. Only some Blackjack games offer immersive experiences, while others are simple (like the game itself). We have not found rigged and unfair games in this section. 

Live casino Blackjack

The live section of this website is scarce. There are only six titles, and two are Blackjacks card games. You might want to switch to another casino for a realistic and interactive experience with professional entertainers. 

The dealers themselves are good! They are friendly, and they do their maximum to ensure positive emotions. Still, the live rooms are not so epic and entertaining, given that high-rollers and experienced gamblers do not use this casino for Blackjack in the multiplayer or live mode. 

The live Blackjack room here can be a good option for you if you are a novice and seek small rooms with a calm atmosphere. Yet, this gambling website needs more to become your priority if you are here for aggressive gameplay. 

Is the Wild casino app good for this game? 

It is not bad like bad-bad. The section is the definition of “okay.” There are great high-RTP titles with a reasonable house edge, but the scarcity makes this crypto gambling site one of the last considerations for this particular game. 

Although, it can be a great website if you are a learning gambler who sticks to the safest options. 

Can You Play Free Blackjack Online?

Yeah, but not here. The Wild casino app has no demos for this game. You cannot play live games in demos, too. Hence, you might need other casinos to play free Blackjack online. There are also free-to-play websites that are not actual casinos because they do not take real-money wagers. The latter is an amazing pick for players who want to learn and practice! 

Bonus: How to Play Blackjack

Cards on a white table 
Learn how to play Blackjack in two minutes! 

Do you know how to play Blackjack already, or are you a novice who wants some advice? I will be happy to explain the necessities in case you want to learn! (I also hope you will advance and score the next biggest win in casino history, fellow gambler!)

The game’s objective 

What is the objective of the Blackjacks card game? The concise answer is: beat the dealer (the real person or an AI). The more detailed explanation is that you get two cards, and each card has its value. You either 

  • Get twenty-one “points” of value — that is the ideal scenario. 
  • Get closer to twenty-one when the dealer has less value than you. For example, you get a Queen and a Nine. Together they count as nineteen because the Queen is ten, and the Nine is, well, nine. The dealer has a King and a Three, meaning they face you with a thirteen. Congratulations, that is your win! 
  • Get whatever is under twenty-one while the dealer has over twenty-one. That often happens when players take extra cards to get closer to the ideal number. The person who has over twenty-one loses. 
An ace of Diamonds, Queen Diamond, and some casino chips 
This is an example of a winning combination called “Blackjack”

Card values 

  • All cards with numbers have the same value as their faces. For example, the two of Spades are two points. Regardless of the suit, the card with two will be valued at two. Accordingly, all threes are three, fours are four, etc. 
  • Cards with faces (characters) — Jacks, Queens, and Kings — are ten. 
  • All aces are either one or eleven, depending on the combo. This card’s role is to help you score the ideal number. For example, if you have a Queen and an Ace, that means the Ace is valued at eleven for now. A-a-and that means you win. Another scenario is when you have two cards close to twenty points in the combo and an Ace. In that case, Ace is valued at one to give you the better score. 

The action begins 

  • Get chips. Chips have different values. That is the equivalent of real money you stake. 
  • Bet. Stake chips (money). All games have minimum and maximum bets, meaning that you cannot stake less or more. For instance, there is a $1000 cap, and you cannot make your wager bigger (meaning that your potential win is limited too). 
  • Get cards (the dealer/computer deals them). The automated system will give you random cards based on the RNG “decision,” or the dealer will give you cards. Depending on the game, you might get cards face up or down. Most of the time, the dealer has one card face up, and the second one faces the table. 

I have already said that, but I will remind you that the ideal case is when you have something that is valued as a ten and an ace. That is an automatic win. All other combinations mean you risk your stake. 

Play your hand! 

There are 5 moves you can make. 

Stand ✋

That is when your card combo seems good, and you do not need anything else. If you play in multiplayer mode, the dealer will notice that you have decided to stand and proceed with other players because they can make other decisions. 


That is when you want another card to get closer to the ideal result. The dealer gives you another card. You can stand after that or hit again until you either get the needed combo or “bust.” Bust is when you go over twenty-one.

Double Down

That is somewhat like Hit, but when you need only one card. You will have to double your wager to get that. That is a risky yet rational move when you know how to calculate cards properly and have a 99% guarantee that you receive the card you need to score. 

Split ✌️

Suppose you get two cards of identical value. For example, you get a Queen and a Jack who are not a pair but both count as ten. That is when you can split to get each card for your new hands. 


That is self-explanatory. You get half of your stake back if your combination is not optimal. Such a scenario is not the worst, especially if your initial bet is up to $10. 

Friendly reminder: please be attentive to alternative game rules! 

Those are the basics that can carry you through most games. Yet, note that you might also click on Blackjacks game variations! Their rules differ, and conventional play will not work. You might lose a lot of money if you have a blurry idea about what you play. 

For example, a game for more challenge is Super Fun 21 — a Blackjack “variation” with principally different rules. It has a misleading concept and might be best to avoid because ONLY Blackjacks win, meaning there must be a ten-valued card — tens or face cards — with an Ace. All other combos do not count. 

Hence, please always read the rules to ensure you are 100% certain about what you are getting into! 

Final Words

Should you play Blackjack at the Wild crypto casino? Yes, because it can be an enjoyable experience, and no, if your venturous soul craves diversity. The casino has fifteen high-quality games on offer and can be great for casual gambling or practice. You can also enjoy the mobile version of the Blackjacks game at Wild. 

For live casino Blackjack, this cryptocurrency gambling website can be good. Yet again, the diversity lack is its main disadvantage. 

A Wild casino payout might take time, but it is not detrimental. So far, this casino does not have serious problems with paying its players, and the delays are the worst things that might happen. 

May your next Blackjack game be profitable and fun! I hope that it brings you happiness and real money wins. Best of luck! 

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